An Open Letter to the J.Crew Dressing Rooms, Also, Amy's Got A Brand New Bag

The Lazy Crazy

You knew this was coming, right? Come on now.

I got myself a little notify action goin' on:


So there's like, shit happening in mah life. Drama and whatnot. So the every day posting? Of a brilliant, long, hysterical, classic (and did I mention long?) entry? Every damn day? Are you kidding me?

And since y'all yelled at me for taking a few days off around Labor Day, I'm scared to NOT post every day, lest you get all worried and call the blog authorities or something. So here. Join the little listy thing and I will email you whenever I update. PERSONALLY. Only not!

I'll still update a lot. I have much to bitch about. I also got a new purse this weekend. So I'll be writing about that. Aren't you so excited? Can you just not hide it?

I've got a NotifyList and I think I like it. Sign up, bitches.

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Oh my god, I am never going to be able to write another entry because I cannot STOP OBSESSIVELY CHECKING TO SEE WHO HAS JOINED MY DAMN NOTIFY.

"Who loves me? Who loves me? Anyone? Bueller?"

type a

me, me! i do, i do!


Ams, totally do not listen to the bitchin'. You take care of yo' shit.



So, notify me already! I'm so busy running all of television that perhaps the notify is the best way to let me know! Do you think that four episodes of The Facts Of Life is too many for Nick-at-Nite EVERY night?

Also? You look totally pretty today.


Oh thank GOD, now I can stop being such a stalker with the reload and the checking 10 gatrillion times a day because hello, must be distracted from my PILES OF WORK that are threatening to eat me.


What the...? An Amalah notify list? But I signed up for a timeshare in the Florida Keys..how did I get here? Huh? wha? What year is this? hee hee...thanks for the notify notification it is notifantastic.


Boo!!! Not working for me. It says error 566.
:( Why???

Boo hoo.


Oh, so it only SAID there was an error processing but actually it's like I signed up TWICE! Humph.

Well I guess I may be hearing about your posts two times each time then. Ah, more Amalah goodness.



did you get my email? I hope so...


Woohoo...notify! I have been a little stalker-esque in the past,checking to see if you've updated. I'll try and stop doing that now that you're a super cool notifier.

Anne A.

Yay, yay, yay for amalah-notify! Wheeeee!


I WOULD sign up but Bloglines already notifies me when you update.

It's not that I don't love you; it's just that I already know!


Okay. I joined your notify list, but not for my OWN satisfaction, mind you. I did it for your peace of mind... so when you go check to see if anybody else has joined, you can see at least one more name. ;) Because that's how much I adore coming here ... even if I never ever ever ever ever ever comment.

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