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Hi. My dad has diabetes and I have the flu. Wah.

Any advice? Bueller?



Thanks for all the advice questions. I'll get to them, promise.



Eeeeeeeek! Does this explain your dad's fall from earlier this year, though?

You have to be so precocious as to have the flu before it's even flu season? Silly.


ack, that sucks. my mom, stepdad, and my dad's parents all have/had diabetes. good luck to your dad with that, and i hope you get unsick soon. :) the flu sucks.


That be sucky. Hope your Dad gets everything under control, and you drink lots of fluids and get better soon.


hmmm. Probably too late for a flu shot, so I'm out of ideas.


Make your hubby get you some awesome chicken soup!


Oh, Baby, I'm so sorry. My honey has diabetes, too. Your dad can live very well. Honest.

You: stay in bed and rent Anne of Green Gables. Make fun of it. And cry when Matthew dies. Take vitamin C. (Be careful to not forget the "other" meds when yer sick.)

Then: Give your dad internet hugs. Get some diabetic training/education and love love LOVE your dad. He will be all right.


Oh, man, that sucks! Tell your dad not to mess around with it. Diabetes doesn't have to be a nightmare. Also, the flu! boooo! go away, flu!


Gah, if you have the flu strain I picked up this week, I feel for you. I wouldn't wish this on anyone, not even Lisa Welchel. Orange sherbet has been the only thing that makes me feel better at all.

Thinking good thoughts for your dad. The fun part is, now you get to turn it around and lecture him about taking care of himself, just like I'm sure he does you.


My dad was diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago and all it seems to have done was cause him to lose maybe 25 pounds and give him an excuse to geek out happily with blood-sugar-testing gadgetry and computer programs to track his sugar levels and nutritional intake &c. He makes graphs. He loves his graphs. DORK DORK DORK. Also, healthy.

Flu? Grapefruit juice? That is my answer to everything, though, so I don't know.


My father and brother have diabetes they have managed to learn to live with it.I have to constantly be checked in case I get it.(knocking donut out of my hand)

I'm shocked you didn't boot a few geezers out of the way to get a flu shot.


i am super sorry for both of you! but like everyone has said, he can DEFINITELY keep having a great life. but i know it sucks to get that kind of news.

also, your flu will be MUCH easier to get through if your hubby agrees to become your servant until it is gone. movies, soup, and backrubs on command are due the queen even on a NORMAL day, right?


Sleep is a wonderful restorative. I assume you're staying at home and not working. You should just camp out on the couch or in your bed and sleep, sleep, sleep. And be sure to keep yourself hydrated.

As for your dad, they have many, many wonderful drugs out there for diabetes. Good luck to him!


There's a weight range that you should be within if you have diabetes or are pre-diabetic, so your dad should find out if he's in the healthy weight range and if not, get there. But he should be fine, diabetes is become easier and easier to live with.
As for you, get some zinc and some vitamin c pronto. Sleep is absolutely necessary and Vicks can be very helpful in letting you sleep.
Hope you feel better soon!


Blech. Sorry about the flu. This too shall pass! Nevermind -- that is exactly the kind of comment that makes me want to bitch slap someone when I feel like shit. I retract. Sleep. Saltines. Ginger ale (or Coke). More sleep. John Hughes movies. Personally I think flu calls for Weird Science and maybe Sixteen Candles.
My grandfather and uncle were also diagnosed with diabetes -- both are actually healthier now than before. Healthier weight and eating habits. Hang in there!


Okay, please don't kill me, but here is the silver lining:

Now your dad is totally first in line for a flu shot this year.

Wow that's not silver at all, is it? I'm sorry, hon.

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