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Shatner To the Rescue

I think everything is going to be all right. Jason sent this to my office yesterday:



The thing is? While this album is, of course, COMPLETELY hysterical, it's also way better than it should be. For real. I'm like, ENJOYING it. Credit to Ben Folds, who arranged it and got all sorts of cool-enough-to-appear-on-a-William-Shatner-album-and-have-it-make-sense artists like Aimee Mann and Joe Jackson to play along. I'm not sure what this says about me, but I heart this CD so much. Jason also sent me these:


I know, right? I suck. At least that's what my new therapist told me yesterday.

No, not really. But I kind of felt that way after pouring out all my assorted Crazy to the sweetest, gentlest person I have ever met, only to be told, essentially, to grow the fuck up.

No, not really. But also yes. And then my hands stopped trembling for the first time in weeks and I was suddenly aware that there was absolutely no chance that I would drop dead of massive-internal-organ-explosion-itis while sitting there on her couch. Huh.

So see? This Shatner album really IS good, and that's not just The Crazy talking.



Progress, even in the form of William Shatner, is good. ;)


Shatner and Ben Folds have worked together before ..A few years ago they did a song together on Ben's first solo cd. It was called "In Love"-pretty cool song. With Ben Folds aboard this should be a good cd.


LOVE the flowers.. and. Awww.. :) How cute is that?? I'm even more pumped for the new therapist...bravo to your courage, resilience and determination to beat the heck out of this thing!!

type a

are you SURE it's not the crazy talking? you might have to send me a copy as proof.


I love Ben Folds. My eyes actually zeroed in on his name in the picture before I read anything, and I'm glad the music is helping. Or in Shanter speak: May the...crazy...go away.


Shatner heals! Yah for you, yah for pretty flowers, and yah for new therapist.


Been traipsing around in the dumps myself the last few days...I have one of those "Its" too...I hate IT...maybe I should go out and get that Captain Kirk album. How can anyone stay down when they have Shatner in their collection? HOW?

Thanks may have healed me for this go round. (Oh, and sorry about the volcano story the other day...I take it you never built one out of plaster and poured baking soda, vinegar and red food coloring for a school science project eh? My bad.)


I said it once and I'll say it again: Jason, get yourself to a cloning station STAT, just for me. We'll just give you lighter brown hair and really blue eyes and a cleft. Easy peasy.


I just read about that cd last week and have been wanting to go buy it! Now I'll have to do that straightaway after work....thanks for the review.


I've actually heard it said-- "When ITs about? Shat(ner) it out"


Must have. A definite MUST HAVE.


I got tons of flowers the other night, and now I think that will fill my quota for the next few years, cuz I never get flowers.


Is he better than VolcanoCAM?


oh, yay! i do not like it when the queen is sad. boo. plus, i want you to feel as good being around yourself as we do reading you!

flowers are da bomb.

also, if i could visit you right now i would (in a purely un-stalker way) and give you a BIG hug.


Ooh! Does he talk-sing? I think I'm going to have to check that album out -

The utter power you wield, inducing otherwise sane people to Shatneresque depths.


Shatner: He soothes the soul.


Finally, after all these years, Shatner has redeemed himself for decades of scenery-chewing. Kudos to Bill for helping the Queen of Everything. Oh yeah...and he thinks you're pretty, too! :-)


I HEART AMALAH. You funny.

I'll be so glad when I'm home and can get back to the blogging life. Miss you, Amalah.

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