Of Shoes and Duncity
Wednesday Advice Smackdown!

Duncity in a Time of Boredom

A collection of completely random and mostly unrelated observations/complaints/kvetchings for Tuesday because I cannot be bothered and also my new shoes are pinchy:

Oh right. The new shoes. I don't know why the Internet cares so much, but pictures were demanded of the new shoes. Whatever. Y'all need a hobby. I hear knitting is pretty fun!


The new shoes are from BCBG, just like the Sparkly Stilettos of Death, because I have learned Nothing.

Also, it is very hard to take a flattering picture of your own feet that doesn't make your calves look elephantish and overly stout.


The Notify message for yesterday's entry arrived in my Inbox at 10 a.m. this morning. That would be (for those of you playing along at home) more than 19 hours after I actually sent it via the NotifyList site. This beats the previous NotifyList Record for Slow As Shitness by a good 11 hours. So congratulations, Fucking Notify (tm Doxie), you have risen to new levels of Suck. Let's see how long this record holds.


The bathroom at work smells like oranges. And not like orange air freshener or tile cleaner. Actual oranges. Like someone peeled and ate an orange while on the toilet. This is disturbing me.

Continuing with the smelly theme, the elevator I rode down on at lunch smelled like cigarette smoke, and the elevator on the way up smelled like green onions.  My office smells like white-out, and I smell like flowers. Pretty ones.


I would also like to brag that I am wearing a SIZE TWO skirt today. SIZE TWO. Which is only two letters off from twee, which is how I feel. And I am really only barely sucking in and the mark the waistband is leaving on my skin is really not that noticable at all.

As a reward for my tweeness I am eating a cheeseburger for lunch. I will neither confirm nor deny the presence of french fries. I will simply use more white-out to mask any scent of golden crunchy deliciousness.


Speaking of the Diarist Awards, did you know that the finalists have been announced? No? Well. They have. That's all I'm going to say about them, and I will provide links to both the site award finalists and the individual entry award finalists as a public service only and for no other reason at all.

(But seriously, there are some great sites and entries that you should check out and vote for them because I really heart them all and I have nothing but blind hate for myself and my bloated french-fry-eating ass.)

Diarist Site Awards Finalists

Diarist Entry Awards Finalists

So go vote! Because if you don't? P. Diddy will kill you.

(And thanks for nominating me, yo. And for nominating my truly deserving and brilliant peeps Miss DoxieColeen, Mir, Chiara, and Snarkywood.)

(And all praise for Snarkywood must go to Martha and Lauren who are really the funny ones and have been carrying me for months because they are too nice to tell me that I suck.)



Can you please quit being so fucking cool? It's ruining my productivity (or causing my Productivity Suckiness Rating (PSR) to soar, your pick) since I have to stop and stifle laughter and clean my keyboard and such every time you post a new entry.

I covet your calves, btw. But don't tell anyone. Shhh. And P. Diddy made me eat that orange.

Fraulein N

Congrats! You guys completely deserve it. And you, with your tiny ass and pretty shoes.

type a

lookie! i can comment!

gimmie shoes. and yes, i'll take fries with that.


Good shoes. Size 2? What's that like? I re-read your entry that's nominated, and it totally made me tear up all over again. Awww.


OK, the shoes? Totally cute. And I have a pair of Prada pointy-heeled pumps that I bought (ON SALE) that are a size and a half too small for me and totally pinch my toes till I can feel them no more but they were ON SALE and they're oh so cute! I think we may be Shoe Sisters.

And I'm clicking over now to read your award-nominated writing but I'm sure, based on what I know of you here, it's fabulous and so deserving. And anyway, it's an honor just being nominted, right?


Hi ho! Just back from voting...and O.M.G. That love in the time of madness thing? Christ on a cracker, you had me near tears. Maybe b/c I've been in that place, but I wasn't so lucky as to marry a man quite that understanding. I don't know. I'm all verclempt.


Size TWO?? Size freakin' two???!!! I haven't been size two since, well, since a long damn time! Size Two! For crying out loud. *grumble, grumble* Lucky you're really cool and nice have kick ass shoes. I had nice shoes too once. I also had a size two waist-line once as well, but that's all gone now. Thanks a LOT 7-Eleven and your ever-so-temping nachos and Slurpees and my over-night job that killed my figure. Oh well, at least the chips were good and I can always live through Amy's updates and pictures of her cool shoes.


Oh, pretty, pretty shoes! Clever Amalah!


Amy your shoes look very ouch...

anywho just saying hi! come visit my journal/blog/headcase stuff when you a have a second.

ps you rock


hooray for amalah. hooray for size two. hooray for those kick-ass, everyone-will-watch-you-walk-down-the-street-shoes. but the biggest, bestest, loudest, most heartfelt hooray for cheeseburgers. gonna have one today too, just for you. (and a cheeseburger getting the hooray of the day over THOSE shoes from me, the original shoe whore? - THAT is saying something).


Hey! Congrats for the shoes and the diarist nomination thingy!


Geeez, I'd break my friggin neck in those shoes. I'm shoe retarded though, I usually wear flip flops so I can kick them off and go barefoot at work, and in the winter I wear hiking boots and combat boots. Yep. I'm a fasion victim beyond all repair. :)

But you? Are a class act in every way.


i couldn't care less about on popularity voting contest thingys...but in my opinion...you my little crazy girl are one of the best writers, albeit...uh sometimes dicombobulated...on the internet...
you really should harness your talent and do something grand...like maybe write fliers for the carwash, or something...hahaha.
just kidding! for real. you be so funny and witty and i'm not even a stalker or anything.


have the exact same shoes! or had. because the heel broke while i was at work. had to go home and get other shoes. bah. but until then they were comfortable but mostly really cute.


i (heart) your site. and i (heart) you! so very, very funny you are.


Amy, I'm not even gay but I've gotta say...those shoes are FABULOUS! Wait, maybe it'd sound more hetero to say they're hot! Yeah, hot! That's it! ;-)


...and by the way, I don't know why but people like to see people's shoes...and feet.

You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes.

-Forest Gump


hookay. Just finished reading each and every one of your archives. We need to talk soon. Now on favorites. so. Learn something with these shoes, yo.

your adoring handmaiden for ever and every

Well it's about damn time the Diarist awards caught up with you. Felicitations! And Snarkywood! Everything's coming up roses, yo.

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