A Letter to the Editor
The Time I Could Have Died But Didn't

Suck. Just...Suck.

I should have tons to write about. I should have tales of turkey and thankfulness and perhaps some wacky kitchen hijinks. But I don't. Because...



The victim: One Charles David boot.

The assailant: A rogue city curb with nothing left to lose.


A small dog was held for questioning when the broken heel went missing. She was later charged with evidence tampering and given a good stern talking to. A raspberry was then blown into her belly and she was released.

So yeah. I tripped on a curb and my heel fell off, and I had to walk like, six blocks on my tippy toes, trying to not think about how much these boots cost and how this is the second shoe-related tragedy I've suffered this month, and also trying to convince myself that I am actually a very good heel-walker. And seriously: both shoe tragedies occurred when I was stone-cold sober. Perhaps I'm a better heel-walker when I've had wine?

Either way, it was upsetting. So I went and bought myself something to ease the pain.


Audrey Hepburn had it right. Tiffany's makes everything all better.

(And yes. I bought it my own self. For myself. Because why not?)

(And here are more parentheses, followed by more random out-of-order pictures. Because why not?)


Thanksgiving with the Amalahs! Jason, Amy, Amy's Dad, Amy's Mom and Amy's Mom's Surrogate Grandchild Who Almost Ended Up In Her Luggage.

Also turkey, cheesy potato casserole, asparagus, challah bread stuffing, wine and a big ass pepper grinder.

Again: I feel like I should have interesting stories. I should have set something on fire or sliced off a finger or...or...forgotten the rolls at least. I didn't.

I need to start lying.

Tomorrow, I'll start lying. Crazified fictionalized adventures! Fires! Vampires!

(Actually, why wait? Forget what I told you earlier about Shoe Tragedy Redux, because I really broke the heel while kickboxing a gang of motorcycle vampires who stole our dinner reservation.)


CEIBA: Oh Mom, shut up! This is just embarassing.

TOMORROW: I promise to do better. Stories! Humor! Less one-word exclamations!

And vampires!



Ceibaaaaaa. So cute.

(I couldn't help myself. Puppyheads make me melt.)

Miss W

OHMYFREAKINGOD! I don't remember anything about this post except that puppy picture at the end. Because holy cuteness! Also, I think I'm blocking that horrid shoe tragedy. The things curbs do to beautiful boots. And what did the boots ever do that was so bad as to deserve that?

Real Girl

Must be said: Cute dog! Cuuuuuute dog!
Are those the same boots you got wonderously for 50% off way back when the cashier mistakenly halved your *other* shoes too? Oh God. Is there some sort of shoe kharma in this world that we've got to worry about?


So sorry for your terrible boot tragedy! But also crazy jealous of your adorable tiny dog, and your challah bread, because there is exactly ONE place in my neck of the woods (otherwise known as the land of the Shiz) to get good challah and it is far, far from me.


So terribly sorry about the Charles Davids, but you know, there's Ceiba, so it's not all bad, right?


Man, do you think it's possible to fix that?

And also, at least you knew the Tiffany remedy. It never fails!


Did you know that "suck" in Swedish means "sigh" because you used it so correctly in that headline. You rock, and Ceiba is way too cute for her own good.


that last pictures of ceiba is THE CUTEST THING EVER! i miss my mini doberman's like crazy (ok, well they're really my mother's, but...still.) gracie and misty both enjoy crawling under blankets and then sticking just their teeny tiny heads out and falling asleep. it's the sweetest thing. :)


That's horrible about the shoe, but such a cute little dog has to help, right. Hope someone can fix it for you..


Two shoe tragedies in a month? That's just plain wrong. That means you need to console yourself with four pairs -- you will wear them out less if you have more to choose from. ;)


Take that boot to a shoe cobbler, STAT! You can still save her.


Cuuuuute dog.

And? This entry is so not what I thought it would be, based on the title alone. Ummm...

Bond Girl

I broke a heel off a brand new pair of slightly less expensive I'm sure Franco Sarto boots last month. I was damn pissed off. $250 should guarantee at least a season's worth of wear.


A good shoe repair shop can fix that boot up lickety split!

Looks like fun, Amalah!

I hope you have locks on all your doors and windows.


Challah with Thanksgiving dinner? I might have to incorporate that into ours next year. I love me som challah. Ceiba looks a little guilty in that first picture.


why does jason have so much wine still in his glass? hurry up and drink, j! you have to keep up with the amalahs.
also, was just about to write an entry about all the things people need to buy for me from Tiffany. wuv. twue, wuv!


Poor Boots.
Edibly cute dog.

Is that a Jade Plant in your window? It gorgeous whatever it is. I have arbor-envy because all of your photos have pretty plants in them and I kill all I touch.

Fraulein N

Oh, no. What is wrong with me, that I literally cringed and gasped when I saw the broken boot? Like it was, you know, ALIVE or something. And then I started thinking about how that lady in the Mentos ad got out of a similar jam. I like your solution better.


I am weeping for your boot. And also for poor Ceiba, who seems to have inherited your B&B tilted neck disorder. ;)


Pretty shiny things from Tiffany & Co can always make me feel better. My honey just got me the mesh ring and bracelet for my effin'30-something birthday today.

Save the boot! You need to put up a paypal donate link to a Save Amalah's Shoes Fund. Pennies really do add up! Good luck.


Gee I just realized I have not posted a comment in eons, but I just wanted you to know that I hang on your every fabulous word.


Also, I'm thinking of getting a dog to help me overcome this hell. a. .shus depression.


bd, the mesh ring is my absolute favorite posession EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

You are one mucho lucky gal!


grieving for you Bee-u-tee-ful boot. Please please please take it to the boot doctor.


mmm...I know I've mentioned it before, but ooh I do love vampires!



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