The Great Office Packing Diary
Blah De Bloo Blah Crap Entry

I've Arrived

Well, I'm here.


I've mostly unpacked and have surveyed my kingdom. Which is mostly a parking garage.


My coat hook is up.


The sun is going down and giving my computer the holy glare of burning death.


And my blinds totally hate me. But still. Love. Also never, ever want to move again, because zzzzzzzzzzzzz.



Blind hate (hah) is a small price to pay for the window. At least you have a door, which is more than I can say!


I like your shoes.

type a

i like that you can keep plants alive.


I want a door and a window and your shoes. You can keep the parking garage, okay?


Hooray, enjoy your new office!


welcome to the world of one more distraction!


cute shoes. :) also? at least on my computer, the pictures don't look that dark :)


Are you going to park under your window so you can look at your car all day? (Or am I the only one who thinks that'd be cool?)


I'm impressed! you have so many plants! and they're alive...I cant do that.


I get the glare of burning death every evening too - except mine is from my wife. Yet another reason why I envy you.


i want a job where i get a window office. or, any office, really. yeah. yay for you!


ignore the URL in my previous post...i had the auto fill-in-the-blank thingy on, and it copied a link i had used for a research paper on women in society. lol. oops!


I love that you're already kicking up your feet!


What!? No mention of my visit?


Rockin' place you got there. Should have used the looooooong hall for the crate races, though. You can do more damage that way.


Mmmmmm... nice window. I have a cubicle for when I actually do come into the office. It's got fuzzy walls. They're good for sticking stuff on. You can't stick things on windows. Except for maybe spit-balls. Oooh! Now there's a fun game to play!


I didn't get along with my blinds either, until birds started to fly into my window. Not cool. I'd be at my desk, typing ever so happily along and WHAM! a bird would hit my window. Scared the crap out of me. I've learned to use the blinds for the sake of the birds and my sanity.

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