Voting Is More Fun Than Reading This Site
Morning After



Hi, am drunk. Election Day Drunk, an American tradition or whatever. Jason and I left work around 3:30 to go vote, and there was no line so we voted and then got margaritas. And have been drinking ever since. WHEEEE.

Jason is fuckinhg watching STAR TREK y'all. And he voted for BUSH. And is watching STAR TREK. And is making fun of me for voting for kerry and reminding me that I am registered Republican which is true but shhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


I just got off the phone qwith Coleeen who is also drunk and also yelling at Jason to shut the fuck up about Bush leading in Florida. I told her I was going to drunkpost as I was falling off the bed so she says hi and you all look pretty.

My dog is wearing a Livestrong bracelet around her neck and an "I VOTED" sticker on her butt., It is cute. Haaaa.

Jason just says he is drunk. Am shocked. Shocked!

And now hje's going to play a Star Wars Playstation game becasue he is a LAME DRUNK REPUBLICAN. And yet I would still totally have sex with him right now because he is so hot.

b ah bah bah bah bah bah bah bha

(That's the Star Wars music.)

Oh my god, y;all, my dog! Is so cute. And I don;t. Like. Dogs. Even now. I meet other dog owners and they're all, "Oh my god your dog is so cuuuute! Squeeeeee!" And I'm all, "Yeah, your dog smells and his fur is all pee stained near his ass. Ew."

But I love Ceiba. SAY-bah. That's how you say it. Like A-MA-LAh. Long A, like Amy. MUH. LAh. Not ahMAAAlah like I know all of you say it. Even my mom says it wrong! Wah. So come ON, you stupid people with the pronunciation issues. aaaaaaaa- muh-laaaaa, bizzitch.

(Jason sucks at video games when drunk. hehhhhh.)

But! My dog! Is so bad. She's horrible. She's like barking right now which is like yip yip yip huff huff and I can't get her to stop because she doesn't respexct my authoritaaay. She also has a rash and eats cat poo at every occascion. But! So wee.

Shit, she has dragged a pair of my underwear into the living room and is chewing on them. They are the Sunday Care Bears days of the week thongs with Cheer Bear on them. That is gross but also funny.

Ok, Jason is all about his video game so I have to go upstair to check if our country is going to hell in a handbasket or if it's going to hell in a handbasket.

Because there is no fucking difference y';all,/ there I said it! cRUcify me. Bah. Everybody sucks. Jon Stewart for President. Like, for real.



Amy, I also am drinking. Because you know, I simply cannot face this election without the sweet sweet embrace of alcohol. Good God. Go blue!


omg! i am dying! DY-ING!

you are so funny! i wish i was drunk election-watching right now. it would be so much more fun. wheeeee.

i think your dog is pretty. also, i think you write just great when drunk and also sober.

and i also would love to see a pic of ceiba with the sticker on her ass. heehee.

lovvve, melissa


Yeeaahhhhh - the election night wine drunk, am so there! Also, Griffin once drug out my tazmanian devil thong while I had company...

Rebublican trekie - hehehehehehe


HAHAHAHAHHA you are fun when drunk.


Best. Post. Ever.


Thank You. You made my night. Damn republicans. hehe


Reading this post is depressing me because, why the hell am I sober??


Yep, I agree...hell in a handbasket no matter what. I should have gotten drunk, too!


I feel ill now. Taking sick day. Uff da.


This post was just what I needed to put a smile on my face this morning after the "supposed" results of last night's election. Thank you!


Damn freaking fucking Ohio, I knew I hated Ohio for a reason. I am not so much drunk now but I wish I were. And I would totally vote for Jon Stewart. Seriously.


At least kerry took our state yah! love the drunken post it reads like a Ted Kennedy Diary.


I'm reading this wednesday morning, and DAYUM I wish I was drunk with you watching your dog eat a carebear thong (who knew they made them? not me) while your drunk, hot, and republican boyfriend plays playstation star wars.

Instead? I'm drinking coffee and avoiding work and FUCKING SOBER.

Damn republicans. It's all their fault somehow. That and the care bears.


Aaaa-mah-lah, you said drunk what I've been thinking all along but have been to sober to articulate - hell in a hand basket, no matter what!! (And my husband voted for Bush and I voted for Kerry... I'm finding out we're not all that unique!!)


Ack, I can't believe I put to instead of too. Hate that. I always make fun of that. Dang!

Scarlett Cyn

I wish I were drunk, but. am.not.

But I guess it's ok, cause it seems that you are drunk enough for the both of us bay-beeeee.

Fuck it, I'm gonna go to my friends barbeque tomorrow and get piss - oh-my-GOD- another-Ffing-4-years-of-that-lackwit-fffing-OHIO drunk on wine tomorrow night since they are total ffing wine connisseurs (sp, bad, f-it)so, will get pissed tomorrow instead. Better late than never, right?

Oh, Amy? I loave you, even when you drunk post. ESPECIALLY when you drunk post!

Fraulein N

Loooove the drunk posts, Aaaaaaaa- muh-laaaaa!


I love Drunk Amy.


Waah. Just Waah. I'm so sad today.
I didnt even get to do drunken election watching because of medication.

You still need an assistant? How about one who telecommutes? I lived in Delaware County and moved yonder south too, to Maryland.

I wonder if it counts if I drink tonight and yell boo at the television, one day late?


Yah for drunken Amy! It is a good thing. Particularly this morning, when I kind of want to run away to a place furthest from this country. Cause fuck Ohio. For real, tho.


i was totally holding out for Kong as our new leader.


You were just upholding an old "Bush" tradition. When in DC...

That was bad, so very very bad.

Only jealous because I live in dry village and can't freely consume all the alcohol I want.

Gee-dee village.


Oh Amy with the most beautifulest name ever..

FUNNIEST. POST. EVAH. Cause in my cough syrup induced trip I am on right now--it totally made sense.

And? My friends and I are plotting to join together the blue states with a series of chutes, ladders and tubes. So none of us ever have to go near a nasty red state.


Wine, tylenol PM and Ny Quil-- a recipie for a good night's sleep and respite from bronchitis...


Coma Inducing?

Oh great and all knowing Amalah, please render your verdict, as I've only slept 3 hours in 2 days and am hacking up a lung as we speak.

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