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Mine. All mine. Thank you, Internet. Specifically, thanks to Anyabeth, who abused her work priviledges in a reckless and glorious manner in order to track these wiley boots down for me.

Anyabeth: Shh. There's a pair of size 7 Sundance Uggs at this exact latitude and longitude. Go now, but make sure no one follows you. Ask for Charlie and tell him that the green chicken has entered the nunnery and he'll know what to do. Hurry! There's precious little time! This email will self-destruct in seven seconds.

Amybeth: I love you. Let's make out!

Anyabeth knows all sorts of insider shopping seekrits and ways to spend all your money. Which I did, as these boots were the very last purchase our credit card was able to handle, and it self-destructed in a puff of maxxed-out smoke soon afterwards.

Specifically, at the restaurant I made Jason take me to for the express purpose of showing off my butt-ugly boots.


"Hi, I'm a total snowbunny poseur. You can't see it because I can't hold the camera still for three solid seconds but my sweater is a hoodie that's trimmed in rabbit fur and even has two little furry pom-poms. Alert PETA, for I deserve to be smacked very hard."

Anyway. I heart my boots. They are orgasm-caliber comfy and obnoxiously trendy. I would now like the Internet to find me the matching messenger bag in Chestnut, but for free, as I have no money left at all.


"So does this mean I can take off the snowbunny sweater now? Also, please send me food, Mr. Internet, because my mom thinks fashionable footwear is more important than eating. Or shoes for Daddy, who gets nothing but faded old socks. I'm so going to take a crap in those boots."



I can't believe you went through with it...


Wow. You totally bought them. I will not judge you, because I think you're awesome.


See? Hypnosis for your feet. You end up feeling so comfortable, you could care less about the ugliness.


Wait, are there boots in those pictures? I guess I better look again.

/typical male but damn I can't help it


They're uh, cute. Sort of.
Sorry, I still don't see the point of them unless you're in a snowy climate. Forgive my fashion ignorance!

Real Girl

Very cute on you! I appreciate especially the slight, flattering slouchiness. And this from a non-Ugg fan. A good purchase, indeed.

Although...are you hoping the warmth of your calves will shimmy up and attend to the rest of your legs? Because, hi, brrrr.


I love the pup's addendum. She's a smart one!


hee hee. Uggs. and they sell.

congrats on having the sekrit police of fashion. you should start a CIA or something. ;)


Is your name Amy Beth? That's my name too. I have only ever met one other Amy Beth in my life. Most Amys are Amy Jo, Amy Lynn, or Amy Ann. Amy Beths are best.

Scarlett Cyn

Congrats Amy! They look cute on you. I can't belive you finally caved in and bought em!


Why all the hate for Uggs? I love me some Uggs. Ugg slippers, Ugg boots, Ugg mules, Ugg flip flops, Ugg hightops, Ugg Deck Shoes . . . I'm just kidding about the deck shoes, natch.


OK, I never thought I would say this, Ceiba, but SHUT IT. You EAT POO. Stop whining.

And red ain't your colour. Try winter white. For real.

Great boots Amalah. You are purdy in them.


Rabbit Fur???EEEK!!


At least you admit they are ugly.

You do look like a snow bunny! Cute!

Peeved Michelle

Uggs just make me think of high school. They weren't trendy nearly to the extent that they are now, but from maybe '88-'92 in suburban SoCal, every girl had a pair of Uggs to keep her toes toasty while waiting for the early bus. I am afraid to buy a pair now lest I give in to the irrestible urge to tease my bangs to new heights, start wearing turtlenecks under buttondowns again and develop on unrequited crush on a varsity football player.

type a

stop being cute and getting your christmas cards out. bitch.


UGG's are so trendy they're already out, atleast here anyway.

Comfy as shit though.


Wicked cute boots! I love. I'm in Boston, so the warmth of my Uggs is perfect. I don't see why people are so against them. They look better than other snow boots.

I can't wait for my digital camera, so I can take pictures of all of my shoes!


I like them..Right now I wouldn't minda a pair for my very cold feet............


I love them , but only on you...maybe Kelly can pull them off. Scott and I missed you tonight. It was really slow with the arctic wind and all. I kept hoping to see your frost-bitten faces come around the bar. If you aren't working at "the office" tomorrow, Sara and I are going shopping - shut up Jason - White Flint or Potomac Mills. I won't be leaving my house until 10:00 ish.

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