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Wednesday Advice Smackdown

Our office Christmas party was yesterday, and I had such high entry-related hopes for it. But alas, it was very tame, and no one fell down, not even me. Although there was a very dangerously slippery-looking dance floor, and my friend Sprocketeer kept daring me to go sliding across it on my knees while singing, "LET'S GET THIS STAR-AR-TED." I declined, but am still laughing at that mental image today. But today is Wednesday, which means it's time to smack some advice down. So let's get this star-ar-ted with a question from Tonya: Dearest Queen Amalah – I have been... Read more →

Stupid Girl

I think I may need to follow Doxie's lead and create a category like her "Times I Fell Down." My category can be "Times I Did Stupid Things That Resulted In Injury to Myself, Or Else Just Public Embarrassment." With that in mind, let's recap the weekend. Stupid Thing #1 Friday night, I fell out of a cab. On the WAY to dinner, pre-wine, pre-anything. I do not know how or what or why. I just did. Stupid Thing #2 We went to see The Incredibles on Saturday. A matinee, because we are trying to pretend that we like children.... Read more →

One Week

Amy’s week, as told through a series of vignettes, sentence fragments and exclamation points. MONDAY Hello, this is , we just love your site and think it would be awesome cool if you submitted an essay or two. We will pay you actual money. Let us know. Amy: SQUEE! Amy: Amy: SHIT! Hello, this is , where are you? Why haven’t you written anything? Why don’t you love us? Fucking lazy bitch. Hello, this is . You really need to get a move on those eleventy hundred Special Reports that print... Read more →

Wednesday Advice Smackdown

Gah! Work! Excuses! Long lines at Nordstrom's when I went out to buy socks for the poor children that my office collects socks for and I'm not even going to go into that! Anyway! The Smackdown is late, and as of this moment it is incomplete. Jason is whacking me with the TV remote and whining and waving his hand in front of the computer screen because he wants to go out for dinner. NOW. NOWNOWNOWNOW. So here are two questions. Two or three more to come later, AFTER dinner, AFTER wine. So check back! (Unless there are already four... Read more →