Merry Christmas to Everyone Except the United States Postal Service
Happy Birthday, You Huge Freaking Pain in the Ass

The Post-Christmas Pre-Birthday Drunkening

Merry Day After.

I can't give details on our Christmas Day right now, mostly because I'm a littloe bit drnuk. But tomorrow is my birthday! Like, in an hour! Happy birthday meeeeee. I will be 27. Which means I am still young and youthful, so suck it, older people. And younger people? Well, I probably make more money than you, so you can suck it too.


OKay, enough typing about me rationalizing my birthday as being not that old even though, ogh my God, I am so in my late 20s and not totally world-famous yet, which blows.

HERE ARE (wHOOPs) some Christmas-y-ish photos to fill up some space. I am going to get more wine now. Or maybe some like, extra dry sherry, because I'm FUCKING OLD.


Amy's Mom + Craftiness - Real and Actual Grandchildren = Stockings For Pets

Allpics205 All_pics_206 Allpics208

Cat + Catnip + Wee Stocking = We could help him get his head unstuck, but we'd rather just laugh and take pictures.

Img_1708 Img_1710 Img_1716

Christmas Tree + Wine + Tripod = The last time I'll do this damn mathematical-type photo caption, I promise


I got a My Little Pony for Christmas. Did you? I was going to keep it in the box for display purposes, but was overcome with desire to comb its hair within five minutes.

(I got lots more than this, though. Like Coach bags! Many things Coach! And Tiffany's! Because I am loved and spoiled.)


Good God, I fucking hate you. So very, very much.

Allpics214Allpics220 Allpics218

I would hate you, but I'm too stupid to grasp the concept. Instead? I will just poop on the upstairs carpet.


Ceiba: I will save you!

Max: Hey HamsterDog, I hate this hat, but I hate you more, so fuck the fuck off, mm'kay?


Christmas is hard work. And I totally cashed Max's bag of catnip. Sweeet.

(I started this post at 11 p.m. on December 26th. It is now 12:38 a.m. on December 27th. So Happy Birthday to me, and also, photo essays are hell damn time consuming. Am too old to be wasting my life like this.)


bond girl

Happy birthday, drunk girl!!!
I hope it's all kinds of fabulous. Also, I wanna see pictures of the Coach purse(s) and stuff from Tiffany's, because I'm a shallow, materialistic bitch like that too.


HAAAAAAAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I heart you! I hope you have a most fantabulous day, my dear! :)


Happy Birthday your majesty....
Have a wonderful drunken day Amalah!

Anne A.

Awww, those pics were GREAT!!! And, My Little Pony? What a lucky girl! Happy BDay Amalah!!!!

Scarlett Cyn

Happy Birthday Darling Amy!!!! Much LOAVE for you on your birthday.

Wonderful pics. I laughed my ass off (captions? Killed me, but in a good way!)

Also? Um. Cut line with the old crap, willya? Cause last time I checked, I'm older than you, now aren't I? Hmmmm?????

Happy B-day again sweetie! Mwah!


That picture of Max and Ceiba may be the funniest picture I have ever seen. I cannot stop laughing.



Happy Birthday! I hope you're just as merry & drunk today as you were yesterday! :) Have a great time!


Happy Birthday! Max's expression is priceless in that hat. You might want to sleep with the door locked, in case there is revenge being plotted.


Happy Birthday, Amy! May 2005 bring you more stuff from Coach and Tiffany.


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Amalah!!! I hope you have a great year!


Happy Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday- I love the picture of Max- I laughed out loud. Happy 2005- you are world famous!


Yea! Happy birthday!

(...and please don't drink and climb ladders...)


Happy Happy Birthday to YOU! :)


Happy birthday Ms. Amy!

We got tons of My Little Ponies for Christmas, but they were ALL for my daughter. Uh-huh, I totally did NOT hold one up in the air so she couldn't get it and screech, "JUST A MINUTE, I'M COMBING HER HAIR!!!"

type a

* happy birthday *

i'm off to go suck it now . . .


Happy, happy birthday! I, too, am off to go suck it.


Happy Happy birthday, Amalah!

(sucking it now)


you are too too TOOOOOO cute and your tree is pretty and your pets are squishy.

and you are younger than me, so yay! for you, and sucky blech for me. Happy Birthday!

and tiffany's? you are one spoiled beeyatch.



Happy Birthday! And your tree is really pretty! Congrats on that. I never got ours up this year. Course, last year? I left it up until August. So probably a good thing not to assemble again so soon.


Happy Birthday Amalah! Drunk near-holiday birthdays really are more fun!


Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you're having a ball...

Dr. Johnny Fever

Your dog makes me want to go to Taco Bell.


Happy Biiiirthday! Whoop it up and have a great one, 'cause Max? Is totally gonna git you.


We have a birthday girl in the house too but she is not drunk because she is 4. Give her some time.

(I usually don't comment but it's your special day and, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)


happy birthday, your highness! :)


Happy Birthday, a bit to late but it still counts anyway. I hope.

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