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A Big Huge Wave of Guiltification

The tsunami, y'all.

It's very, very hard to be funny right now. It's hard to figure out what to write about. Because it's hard to bitch and moan about any of the following:

1) Our condo still has no heat. Well LA DEE FRICKING DAH. We still have water and electricity and our $200 sheepskin boots.

The heating guys are coming back today to wage a full-scale war on our pipes and may have to pound holes into our lovely painted walls to find the elusive clog, which is not our fault, but the fault of a half-assed repair job on a water pipe down the street. Poor, poor me, who will have to repair a small hole in my wall and repaint. THE. TRAGEDY.

2) Max has destroyed the carpet on our stairs by peeing all over it. In six years this cat has never, ever had a single litter box accident. (Not counting one time we accidentally closed the closet door where his box was and went out for the day so the poor confused guy went and peed in his water bowl). Now we bring home a puppy and he's all, "Fuck you, your entire house is now my toilet."

So we have to get hardwoods on our stairs. Weep for me. But mostly weep because the expense means less money I can send to Indonesia, where nobody has any carpet or stairs left anywere, and probably no cats either.

3) No heat has given me a cold or something. I feel like shit. I take a whole week off work and then come back sick. But do I have dysentary? Typhoid? No. I did not spend an entire week clinging to a palm tree or searching makeshift morgues for my family. I'm just sniffly and headachy.

So anyway. It's hard to write funny things. It's hard to lament the small inconveniences of my sheltered, spoiled life. The ocean did not eat me. The end.

The ocean didn't eat you either. So if you haven't been guilted enough by another blogger, here's a list of places to send money. And if you already sent money before December 31, I bet you were only doing it for tax purposes so I think maybe you should give a little more.



we have pretty high-end problems, don't we?


Instead of taking more expensive anxiety medications, I have chosen to be choosy about the news I hear/read. (Sorry NPR - you stressed me OUT!) I get all upset and worryful - thus the Paxil (9/11 put me over). So it's taken me awhile to really understand the scope of things. Lately, major natural disasters have been blending in with exploding nightclubs and suicide bombers.


I finally sat down to read about it when I saw a cute headline about a couple naming their baby born during the crisis "Tsunami." This is unbelievable. I don't know what to do - I don't have any extra money (I'm not just saying that). All I can do is keep talking about it to people who can help.

And you are right, Amalah, it puts things in perspective.


You are a wonderful person. Wonderful. Much hugs and feel better soon.


Well said, and so very true.


Just wondering if Max cat could have a bladder infection? You are probably right that he is just pissed about the puppy, but UTIs are really common in neutered male cats. It might be worth a check...


Ain't perspective wonderful?? Especially at a time of year when we are typically reflecting on the past and making grand plans for the future. It's got me thinking, that's for sure.


I'm glad you have warm sheepskin boots. (Think of the sheep, who now have no skin!) I could guilt myself to death if I spent enough time on it.
I did spend 5 1/2 hours ringing a bell for the Salvation Army this Christmas. That kind of makes me feel better. Then, to lessen the guilt that I still had because I have more material goods than others, I brought my own bell. (Less wear and tear on the Salvation Army's bell.)
Now, it all feels so unimportant. I must do something for this tsunami disaster. But what? It's all so overwhelming. Maybe I can just contribute to your hardwood stairs fund instead.


I understand how you feel. To feel helpless in a situation like this is normal, very normal. Thank you for posting the list of charities.

Fraulein N

No one lays down the guilt like you, Amalah. Perspective is something we could all probably use a little more of.


I'm saying this completely serious - thanks, Amy. We all need perspective for our problems, and you're exactly right.

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