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Wednesday Advice Smackdown

OK, enough with all the social awareness and global perspective crap. Let's get back to the brattiness and the whining. But first... Today is De-lurking Day, the brainchild of the fabulous Sheryl of Paper Napkin, who orders you to stop lurking and leave a damn comment already. And believe me, you don't want to cross Sheryl. And for real: I check my stats. I know y'all are out there. Many, many, many of you who are apparently really bored at work. You just aren't commenting like all the cool kids. So please, step up and introduce yo'selves today. I won't... Read more →

A Big Huge Wave of Guiltification

The tsunami, y'all. It's very, very hard to be funny right now. It's hard to figure out what to write about. Because it's hard to bitch and moan about any of the following: 1) Our condo still has no heat. Well LA DEE FRICKING DAH. We still have water and electricity and our $200 sheepskin boots. The heating guys are coming back today to wage a full-scale war on our pipes and may have to pound holes into our lovely painted walls to find the elusive clog, which is not our fault, but the fault of a half-assed repair job... Read more →

The 2005 Amalah Hot List

In lieu of resolutions, I present my predictions for the people, places and things that will rock and/or fuck with my world this year... XM Radio Carpet on stairs that Max suddenly likes to pee on The Next Grilleration George Foreman Grill with removable grill plates The word "grilleration" TOO CLOSE TO CALL Sanity Hangovers The word "bling" Fuzzy slipper Ceiba is currently destroying Miniature Pinscher skin slippers Snoop Dogg (Thanks to my ho Granola Spice, bizzitch) Volcano phobia Gym membership Hateration Bitchitude Warm fuzzies TOO CLOSE TOO CALL Condo's heat ever working again Jason Bateman Wil Wheaton Number of... Read more →