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The 2005 Amalah Hot List

In lieu of resolutions, I present my predictions for the people, places and things that will rock and/or fuck with my world this year...

Up XM Radio

Down Carpet on stairs that Max suddenly likes to pee on

Up The Next Grilleration George Foreman Grill with removable grill plates

Down The word "grilleration"


Up Hangovers

Down The word "bling"

Down Fuzzy slipper Ceiba is currently destroying

Up Miniature Pinscher skin slippers

Up Snoop Dogg (Thanks to my ho Granola Spice, bizzitch)

Up Volcano phobia

Down Gym membership

Up Hateration

Up Bitchitude

Down Warm fuzzies

TOO CLOSE TOO CALL Condo's heat ever working again

Up Jason Bateman

Down Wil Wheaton

Up Number of unread email messages (currently 299)

Up Burt's Bees Carrot Nutritive Body Lotion

Down Up with people

Up Down with asshats

Up Bosom Buddies

Down Reality TV

Down Thanksgiving leftovers still in fridge


Up Stock options

Up A diversified Roth IRA and a fully funded 401(k)

Down  Wondering what happened to the Amy with the pink hair and Doc Martens

Up Chipotle

Up Pizza places where everybody knows your name

Down This entry



Trust me, Chipotle with most definitely rock your world!

Scarlett Cyn

Happy New Year Amy and Jason! (and Max and Ceiba too!)

Thats really too bad about the fuzzy slippers.


Down with asshats, indeed!


Wait, I got it:

"And they call them Puppy Gloves"

Katie B.

Down with Asshats needs to be on a t-shirt....

sarcastic journalist

correct about wil wheaton and chipolte. unless it is a wil wheaton on a burrito.

Real Girl

Will you hate me terribly if I add an up arrow for Seth Meyers of SNL, who is my absolute celebrity crush, and who was coming off the subway on New Years when Real Boy and I were getting on--and who is even cuter and taller in real life? And for whom I then wanted to jump up and down while yelling "he's even cuter and taller in real life" but could not because a) do I really need to be the crazy person on the subway? and b) the boyfriend was right there. Sigh.


Well good luck with the down arrows. Now the Up arrow on the XM radio I must agree with, oh yeah. I've listened all day. I love it..
Happy New Year............


The hub and I were in DC for New Years (Cashion's...a place we usually love, but let us down for dinner). We were driving through town and I spied Ceiba (the restaurant) and thought of you.

Happy New Year!

Fraulein N

Love this entry. Happy New Year!


So I was just flippin' through your archives, yo, cuz I need to catch up and not be so outsidish, and I found your link to My new ghetto name is WANKMASTER WEED. Say what?

I am totally offended - but am now going to call myself this when drinking. Which is often, yo.

Love, Wankmaster "Wanky" Weed


Ain't no thizzle, my bizzle! Fo rizzle.


Hee. Down with asshats. Right on, sister.


I'm sorry, are you saying that hangovers will ROCK your world? If so, I would definitely like YOUR hangovers more than my own.

Busy Mom

LOVE my new XM radio!

Burrito Girl

Doesn't everybody know that Chipotle is owned by McDonald's?!


Yes, yes, we are all aware of that. But I really don't care, because there are just some days when I can't thank the Baby Jesus enough for inventing the Egg McMuffin.

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