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This Is Your Brain On Infertility

(At some point I believe I shall have something else to talk about besides pregnancy. Unfortunately for you, that point is not now.) Jason is picking out baby names and looking into college savings plans. My mom sent the first baby gift with a tag made out to "Our Newest Little Angel" and is gathering up mementos of my babyhood to pass along. Jason's mom is planning the nursery design. My friends are gathering up their old maternity clothes for me. Other friends have already started knitting. My sister is planning to fly across the country for the baby shower.... Read more →

The Irony & The Ecstacy

Okay, okay. Now that y'all know the Great Untellable News That Dare Not Speak Its Name, let me rewind and give you a full timeline of all the shit I couldn't blog about before. MONDAY, PERIOD WATCH 2005 BEGINS I decide to take a hiatus, because I'm busy at work. But also because I'm tired, soooo tired, and crying over EVERY BLOOMING LITTLE THING. Runs in my stockings, whiskers on kittens, other people's pregnancies and the dread that only comes when you're preparing to go back on Clomid, the fertility pill of Satan. THURSDAY, DAY 1 OF PHANTOM PREGNANCY I... Read more →

Wednesday Advice Smackdown

Amy: Hey, remember the Wednesday Advice Smackdown? You: No, not really. Was it like wrestling? Amy: The thing! With the advice! On Wednesdays! I used to do it every week. Until two weeks ago-ish. You: Yes. Two whole weeks have gone by. It is forgotten. Over. We have moved on to bigger and better and more frequently-updated weblogs. Amy: Fine then. Fuck all y'all. I will just give out advice to my own damn self then and I hope you and your new favorite weblog will be very happy together. You: Nooooo! Amy! I'm kidding! I could never love anyone... Read more →