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Cheez Whiz Inc.

Update: Pants stayed up. Pizza stayed down.

Took me long enough to tell you that, didn't it? Damn, I'm so lazy.

Actually, TypePad locked me out of my blog this week because of some boring credit card thing that is so boring I'm not even going to bore you with the boringness.

But I am indeed, so lazy.

Tonight I am sitting at home alone, spooning Pepto Bismol to my poor dog who is still shitting foul black sludge at every possible occasion and watching Monk. Jason is out drinking.

Do you know you can't take Pepto Bismol when you're pregnant? And that you can't go out drinking? All you can do is sit at home and watch Monk. And eat string cheese.

Mmmm. String cheese.

Anyway. I meant to write this whole hilarious entry about our whirlwind weekend in Philadelphia, but it really wasn't very whirlwind at all. It was mostly about napping in expensive hotel rooms, not drinking at rock concerts while your blogging friends pity you, getting handed small bricks of hash on random sidewalks, and eating various kinds of food drenched in cheese.

Like...cheesesteaks! Whee.


Behold, the glory.


A Whiz Wit Onions for Jason. (Whiz Witout for me, because GAH, ONIONS.)

Any cheese on a cheesesteak that is not Cheez Whiz is a crime against nature.


We're just trying to be responsible parents here. The baby needs Cheez Whizzified calcium.





9 weeks???? How many of them are in there?


All I've got to say is that YES, YOU CAN have Pepto while your pregnant - trust me - in about 12 weeks, you be drinking it and water. and nothing else.



Amy- Do you know the name of that lipstick that looks good on everyone? It is a fancy brand that you would buy at The Best Store on Earth (aka Sephora) and I can't rememeber it, thus I cannot buy it. You are so smart, so you must know. If you tell me I will loave you forever. Someone (who I also can't remember, but maybe Martha, or someone else who you read) wrote about it and said she forces people to try it out. Ring any bells? Please email me if you know.


Look at the BABY! we finally got to see the baby!

Am so happy. :D


Soo happy to see belly picture! Yay!

Zoots Mom

Whooo....Got to see the baby..!!!


Wow great belly! Yup..you're so tiny a mosquito bite would be cause for maternity wear but that looks like a good sized baby or three...


Okay, girlie, I just gotta say, WHY IS YOUR HUBBY OUT DRINKING WHEN YOU CANNOT??? When I was preggie, esp. with my first, hubby actually gave up booze for the duration of my pregnancy. now, how sweet is that??


Ah, Amalah, I have been reading your darling blog for a while now--must comment because after seeing your popped-out pregnant belly, I think we must be related, as my entire family becomes Instantly Pregnant as well. Bellies appear mere moments after conception. My husband saw a cute pregnant lady once and said, 'how pregnant is she? cuz that's cute" and I said, "um, probably about 5 months. In my family, that's what you look like in 5 *minutes*"
And all our kids are round, delicious and gorgeous. Yours will be too!!!

And I I feel I must answer Kelly and say that while she asked Amy, not me, I do believe the infamous "looks good on everyone lipstick" is Clinique's Black Honey.

type a

look at the sweet baby! she's sooo pretty!


There is also Clinique's Surprise - looks different and great on everyone.
Nice belly! Tell Jason he'll get one reprieve since he is generally a fantabulous husband that puts many others to shame - but out drinking while you are home with diarrhea dog??? I think not.


Y'all! Calm down! Jason was just out with his friends! Which, um, is totally okay with me, believe it or not.

Especially since he's been the one getting his ass out of bed to clean up dog shit at 4 a.m. while he let me sleep in all week. The man deserves a couple beers, okay?


Damn girl. You are preggers times two or three. It's so cute! You are going to be one of those pregnant women who look totally normal except for that bulging, pregnant belly. I hope I am so lucky when I get knocked up :)


OK that's gotta be twins. Right? RIGHT?

Have people started to want to randomly touch your belly yet? I've never been pregnant but I always thought that would be annoying as all get out. :-/

bond girl

I'm with you--dude deserves a drink with friends every now and again.

Cute bellay! So glad to see the babette is growing well.


AWWW, look at the cute little pooch.


OH MY GOSH, YOU'RE PREGNANT!!!! I haven't checked out your blog in a million years, and now I'm so glad I did. Wow! Wonderful! I'm sooooo happy for you! Congrats! (OK, do you think I used enough exclamation points here?)


Nope, not Clinique. It was a less commmon brand. Maybe Nars? Maybe something else. It looked a little beige in the tube, too.


Are you sure you didn't stuff a cheesesteak under your shirt? I swear it took me at LEAST six months to look that pregnant!


Oh, it's a boy. Definitely, positively a boy. I could be wrong....but I doubt it.

Lisa B

The Belly is so adoreable.

I could have sworn I was carrying five children when I was pregnant - One on each thigh, one on each butt cheek and one in the belly. And I was in pregnancy clothes by 3 months. I went from a size four pre-prego to an extra large in pregnancy clothes -- not because of The Belly, but because of the horrific hips and thighs. (Shudder, shudder, and shudder some more.)

Sarcastic Journalist

are you serious?????????????


Girl, you must have three or four little chitlins in there, I swear. You are so going to be the perfectly proportioned pregnant girl with the big round belly. Too cute.


Good grief! Have strangers started touching your belly yet?


That is about the cutest belly ever. Therefore, it must contain the cutest baby ever, right?


Cute belly. I looked like that when I was about 9 days pregnant, though, so I don't want to hear you moaning about being big.

Although you might not be able to take Pepto (ask your doc, some are OK with it and some are not) you can take Kaopectate. I got a stomach bug while we were on vacation when I was in my first trimester w/DS1 and DH did not want to listen to me that I did not need medicine for it. He wanted me to take the Imodium or Pepto that we had in our luggage, and he and my dad insisted upon going out to find something that did not have a pregnancy warning. Kaopectate made me want to puke as bad as the being sick, though.


Holy Crap Woman! Are you sure you're just 9 weeks?! (I bet you wish you had a quarter for everytime someone has asked you that)

You look GREAT!


OH my God! THanks for posting a belly pic! YOu look adorable! I cant beleive that is 9 weeks!!!!


Okay, now none of your co-workers can look at you like you're crazy when you tell them you're pregnant. And wow, nine weeks? I don't really know the "normal" belly size per weeks, but looks like your little Eraserhead is leaning out to hear things better. ;)
And mmmmm, string cheese.


you look beautiful.

i don't know if i loave you or hate you for this.

i'll go with loave. hope you find more food you can keep down.


Oh man, I really want one of those cheesesteaks now. Whiz witout. How can I get one of those besides going back to Philly?

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