Reason #4671251 Why I Need This Vacation
Pussy (Cat)

Back, Jack, Ack

I'm back. Sort of. At work now, is crazy, am tired, outgrew another round of clothing midway through vacation. Look pregnant enough for fellow plane passengers to eye me suspiciously on ride home, as if I was about to give birth in the bathroom line to a screaming child who would kick their seat for the remainder of the flight, just like that three-year-old up in the third row with the weird hippie parents who never even once SHUSHED her or TRIED to stop the whining and screaming and whom I totally would have left behind in the airport's lost-and-found if she were mine.

What? Oh right. Real update and photos coming soon, just as soon as I come to grips with the reality of no longer being in Aruba.



Welcome Back...


Looking forward to hearing about your trip!

Miss W

Welcome back!

Lisa V

You can't do that when they are three. They can talk, they might even remember your name. The cut off for abandoning a badly behaved child is 18 months to 2 years. Otherwise, they find you.


See, it's like a poorly trained large dog. I'm irritated with (ok, scared to death of) the dog, but it's the owner's fault.


welcome back!! post lots of pictures so that I can see the wonderfulness that I will enjoy at the end of this excrutiatingly long month!!!


Coming down from being in Aruba must be hard!


Coming home from vacation is always SO depressing. But welcome back!


Welcome back! Can't wait to see the pics!

suzanna danna

Are you sun-kissed and happy from days of being lazy on the beach, wearing sarongs and flipflops... drinking pineapple juice and having fresh food and good music at your every whim?

Welcome back!


Yaay, Amalah's back! I'm sure Max & Ceiba were so happy to see you! :)


It SNOWED here this weekend. You'd better have a damned tan for me in that bag.


Welcome back! Did you bring me some freckles?


Good to have you back!


Um, hello? I'm having withdrawl.

Lady Bug

Gah! Thank Tim-tams you're back! I've been checking every day but no Amalah! Hope the trip was groovy bananas :)


Welcome Back!


Thank God you're back.. I can now stop writing about my own life and get back to the much more exciting job of reading about yours..


i'm betting the parents had given up. a person can only shush for so long before doing so becomes a torture far worse than just letting the child be. it is very hard to control a child who is contained on an airplane. it's a lot to ask of a three year old to sit quiet for so long. however, there would be some things that are absolute like no kicking the e=seat in front of you.

now MY kids are excellent on airplanes so you wouldn't have a care in the world if you were flying with them. but they are excellent on airplanes because they choose to be and not because of my excellent parenting skills.

welcome home.


Welcome back! I hope the trip provided much rest and relaxation.


Glad you're back!! But, I didn't get a notice from your Notify on this one! Whats up with that?

Real Girl

Well, I'd be feeling sorrier for you if you hadn't just come back from ARUBA, but I do want to hear all, and I'm glad Baby enjoyed enough to pop the belly out more. He/She's raring to go!

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