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Happy Memorial Day, y'all!

Wish you were here, as I would totally put you to work.

Upstairs1 Upstairs2 Upstairs3

That's my bedroom, along with every single thing from our storage area crawlspace things, dragged out and strewn around the room. We pulled everything out so we'd be forced to ask the tough questions, like why are we saving empty wrapping paper tubes and the TiVo box, and what IS IT with me and the saving of shopping bags from upscale stores?

FYI: Jason did all the actual dragging and strewing. I supervised.


It's really easy to get out of doing things when you look this pregnant.

In between pondering the mysteries of my selective packrattiness (box from Thomas Pink = save, extra wedding photo prints = trash) and 300 trips to The Container Store (which is like CRACK for nesting pregnant women), we also kind of bought a new car.


(What? You were maybe expecting a station wagon or an SUV something? Ha. Like hell.)

But oh, CALM DOWN, it has a backseat that is fully LATCH-compatible and freestyle rear doors. And we already have a sort-of-wagon for primary child transport purposes blah blah blah.


It also has a 238-horsepower engine for which to get Squishy to playgroup very, very quickly. Corners like it's on fucking rails, y'all.



MrZ says that's HIS car. Him, with the less than two-year old vehicle says thats HIS car. While I'm driving a sedan with 80K miles and no a.c.

Signed, Bitter Betty.


Mmmm...container store. Mmmm...new car. It has that cool back door just like my Saturn. Yeah, JUST like my Saturn. Humph.

Loving your official oh-she's-definatly-pregnant-and-not-just-drinking-waaaay-too-much-beer bump!


That is my 12 year old kid's DREAM CAR. You're living the dream, baby!


I personally enjoyed seeing the shopping bag from Coach in the messy room.

lease tell me that stayed on the "save" list.

Mrs S.


Lisa B

Awww. Your little bump looks so adoreable! Congrats on the car. It is good to have a car that you take out because you want an adult evening filled with drinks and adult-kinda fun and don't want to take the "kiddie krate on wheels".


Nice cat turds in the corner!!!
I've got 'em too ;)
You are too funny!


LOVE the bump. Love it.


what kind of car is that? SO CUTE!

and your walls in your bedroom, very pretty!!!


Someone on my way to work has that car and every time I drive past it, I'm all "Want!". Lucky Amy, with the adorable bump and new car.


I save the shopping bags from the good stores too!!! It's a disease, really it is.

And what kind of car IS that? It is incredible. And it fits you to a T m'dear. LOVE IT!


Congratulations on the car! You look great!

What kind of car is that?

Lady Bug

Hot car!

And you and Zoot are the THINnest pregnant women I've ever seen! It's awesome!


That is so crazy because I have been reading your site for thepast few months. (Love it by the way) And as I sit here reading it now I am surounded by three shiny new RX8s. I just happen to be a warranty administrator at a Mazda Dealership. Funny!!! Enjoy it!!!

bond girl

Shiny, pretty!


Nice Ride!


Corners like it's on rails? SOMEONE watched Pretty Woman on TBS this weekend, I think.


I am auto impaired. What type of car is that? It's prettys.


COOL CAR. At least you bought something USEFUL, don't feel too bad. Yesterday, we purchased a mongo plasma TV with surround sound, Bose speakers, blah blah. Yeah, The Kid needs it for his future Wiggles DVDs, right??

I am so embarrassed about the whole thing, I don't think I can bring myself to even blog about it. Kudos to you for 'fessing up! :-)


OMG I do the same thing with saving the shopping bags. They are too pretty to throw away and sometimes you just have to tote stuff in fancy, pretty bags.

LOVE the car; I feel the same way about minivans. I'm hoping that by the time the boys outgrow the sensible sedan I'm driving now (Hubby is 6' 7") I'll be able to get a decent hybrid SUV at a reasonable price. Oh, and pregnant women who ONLY gain weight in their tummies? So. Jealous.


LOVE the Container Store! I went there once the summer before my freshman year in college and am amazed at how much of that stuff is still in tip-top shape.


Yes, I save bags from upscale stores. Ans USE them afterwards...

And that car is HAHT! I'm sure Babalah has the good taste to expect nothing less to be driven to daycare in.


Aww...so cute! I love the car!


Who is that cute pregnant lady with the awesome car? That is the world-famous blogger Amalah!! Congratulations!


Yowza. Nice ride, chicky!

Nice belly, too. Hi Squishy!!


Very nice ride. And if you don't get thing cleaned out you can always nap in it!


OK...you must confess! Where are you getting maternity clothes? Esp. work ones...the ones I can find around here (northern va) make me want to PUKE. PLEASE! With pudding on top??!!


(just discovered your site and have read the whole thing. Will you be my new BFF?)

You are so adorable with your little belly, and that car is FAB.U.LOUS! I have a coupon for thecontainerstore.com, and with a move coming up, am planning on using it big-time.

I must know, what kind of paint is that in your bedroom and your living room? I'm totally loving it.


ditto all the others. cute bump and cute car.


Cool car, however you are SO going to hate it after squishy comes along. How long is your remodel "supposed" to take? Good Luck!


Squee! Belly! Squee! Car!

Lucky lucky

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