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Holy Crap, Y'all

Dear Jelus H8ters,

Please send me hate mail about my baby registry more often.


Special warm gooey thanks to Nola, Jomama, Kirsten, Jennifer, Todd and Allie. Your generosity and nice wishes just made my whole damn week. Thank-you cards will be sent out all Miss-Manners-promptly-like, just as soon as I stop snuffling over the kindness of strangers and whatnot.

Also when I find the damn stamps.

(A Note From the Management: This is in no way a solicitation of baby-related goods or an insinuation that presents will make everything better for poor, poor little put-upon me, but merely a demonstration that damn, you guys are amazingly great, and I'm beyond touched. But as you can see, we're totally good now, so if anyone else would like to do something, I think it would be extremely excellent if some donations were made to the Susan G. Komen Foundation in honor of Babalah's grandmother.)



I feel oh so cheap. Please forgive me.


Look at Ceiba! She's like, "WTF, people?"


It looks as if the tower of happy smiling Amazon boxes supported by the large unsmiling Amazon box might topple over and squash the wee Ceiba!


Ah, The Internet is very good to pregnant wimmins. I remember getting boxes from Amazon every freaking day and the NICEST notes inside from people I didn't even know.

It totally made the hate mail and the "WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE BUYING PRESENTS FOR A FAT WHORE YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW" comments SO worth it.


now that is a really cool idea. the donations.

and ohmygod the tower of boxes makes it almost seem worthwhile to get pregnant. ;) heee

mean people suck.


the one on the bottom, the sad face one, methinks it is upside down and you better right side up it because what if it's one of those things that can NEVER be upside down? what if that?

the people who begrudge you this only do so because they fear no one would ever be so kind to them and so no one must ever be kind to anyone. hell with them.


Oh, you think I would actually take the time to photograph the boxes BEFORE ripping into them like a kid on Christmas morning? Ha!

Those are the EMPTY boxes. The contents of which are now scattered around my living room, in a passive-aggressive attempt to get Jason to paint the baby's room already.


Wait—Amalah! I thought you already had a plan of action (literally) for getting Jason to paint the room? And if so, what the heck is he waiting for? :)

By the way, I love the fact that the boxes are empty. Cracks me up.


Hey honestyrain - the box on the bottom is sad b/c he has to hold all the other boxes. :)

Ceiba's all: Where'd the floor go? This better not be a recurring event. I'M the baby around here. I'll go pee on the floor to prove it!


Well, since I already give to Relay for Life...


I'll bet you still have more coming. ;-)

Bonanza Jellybean

For painting: Buy the paint if you haven't already and place the cans (preferably closed) on Jason's side of the bed EVERY NIGHT (so that he has to movethem to sleep) until he cracks and does it. Moving them when tired for a night or two should do it. Works around here!

Don't go to this extreme until youhave nagged him for at least 1 week, or you might be considered hormonal and be ignored. After 1 week, it's more of a "shut up already and do it."

It's a miracle I'm not divorced. :)


Eventually, the nesting instinct will get you to paint it yourself, then Jason will see you preparing to paint it yourself and guilt will cause him to stop you and to paint it HIMSELF. Don't worry, it will get done!


hmmm, I'm jealous, It never occured to me to do such. Go you.


Geesh, I wish I had a blog. I hope my babandy gets lots of gifts like yours. Babies are nice, they deserve lots of gifts. Or money, money is good too.


Geesh, I wish I had a blog. I hope my babandy gets lots of gifts like yours. Babies are nice, they deserve lots of gifts. Or money, money is good too.


You're very welcome for the gift.

Do you know how many people came to my site from that little link you have for me? A whole lot more than I'm used to, I'll tell you what. Too bad none of them commented (damn lurkers).

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