Wednesday Advice Smackdown

Venting Prevents Explos-ion

So. The third trimester. It's normal to be a little freaked out, no? What with the hormones and all?

Here's a list of things that I am freaking out about. Please tell me if this all sounds about right:

1. The Nursery.
Not painted. Not cleared out. Furniture not ordered. I know the kid will be in a bassinet in our room for the first few months and doesn't need a pretty room with a diaper stacker that coordinates with the curtains, but I would VERY MUCH BE HAPPIER IF THE ROOM WAS DONE, DESPITE THE POINTLESSNESS. Please do not argue with me over this point. Am crazy pregnant lady, give me some candy.

Also, we really do need at least a dresser, because all the baby clothes we've received thus far are sitting in shopping bags on the floor and are periodically flung around the room by Ceiba. She has already eaten at least one pom-pom off a family heirloom-type sweater.

2. Diapers. I bought a package of diapers and some wipes at the grocery store this weekend so I could feel like I'd accomplished something.

Now I'm concerned that I only bought the little-bitty newborn-sized diapers and this baby is going to be humungous and I won't have the right-sized diapers and Jason thinks we should do cloth diapers at home, mostly because the man has never changed a diaper in his life and doesn't understand that baby poop is a little different than the twee little turds we pick up after Ceiba and Max but also, he's making me feel guilty for not even considering cloth diapers and now there will be no parks or rainforests or clean air for my child to enjoy because I personally destroyed the planet for my own selfish diaper purposes.

3. Pediatricians. As in, I don't have one picked out yet. No sane person has children in the DC area without packing it in and moving to the suburbs first. Thus, I know no one to get a local recommendation from and am just staring at my insurance provider directory in a state of overwhelmed bafflement. (Readers? Upper-NW-DC? General vicinity of Cleveland Park/Cathedral/American University/Sibley Hospital?)

Yesterday, the other OB at my doctor's practice told me that I really "need to get on that" when I told her I hadn't chosen a pediatrician yet. THANK YOU. AM AWARE. HATE YOU. (Dr. Corky St. Clair was off delivering a baby or something, and I SWEAR TO GOD, I loathe this other doctor SO MUCH that if Dr. Corky is unavailable when I go into labor I am seriously crossing my legs and holding it in before I let her near me.)

4. It comes out of where? I'm getting this creeping realization that I am going to actually have to give birth to this child at some point.

5. Baby showers. I have a work shower and a small friends-and-family shower scheduled over the next few weeks. I'm terrified that no one will come to either because nobody likes me very much. You don't have to buy me anything! Just show up for cake and make me look popular! Please?

6. Work. So much to do. SO. MUCH. If I ignore my Inbox for five minutes there are suddenly 400 million fires to be put out and decisions to be made and then the phone rings and I hide under my desk because I CANNOT HANDLE THIS AND WANT TO LIE DOWN. I'm tired and getting sort of swollen and cranky.

I'm finding myself sort of hoping that my doctor will tell me to go on bedrest for some non-dangerous reason, like because I'm pretty and I deserve to not have to do anything for 10 weeks or so. At yesterday's visit I was kind of gunning for a slightly elevated BP level, or something. But nooo, both Dr. Corky AND Dr. Cold Dead Fish say I'm doing "great" and can work until my due date and ISN'T THAT FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC.

7. Money. Some people, got to have it. Some people, really need it. Dollah dollah bills, y'all.

8. Cancer-causing household toxins. I forgot to vaccuum this weekend and I swear I heard the cat making funny breathing noises in his sleep last night, probably because of all the carpet dust bunnies that are giving him kitty lung cancer.

9. The Money Pit. THE CONTRACTORS ARE NEVER, EVER GOING TO START WORK ON OUR HOUSE. Which means they will never, ever finish, and that spare kitchen table will never, ever get the hell out of my bedroom.

10. My Mom. Well. Yeah. Cancer. SO NOT COOL, UNIVERSE. SO VERY NOT COOL.

11. Katie Holmes. Seriously. Won't somebody help her?    

12. Daycare. We're on the waiting list at five places. Of those five, I like three. Of those three, we have a decent shot at getting into one. We just won't know until the end of the year, which means I have many more months of lying awake in a cold sweat while I worry about this issue. Yay!

13. Daycare, Part 2. As I drove in to work this morning, I briefly daydreamed that it was January and I had a small infant in the backseat and was on my way to a daycare center. The mere thought of actually having to drop my gorgeous boy off at daycare reduced me to crazy, crazy tears.

14. Daycare, Part 3, The Revenge. Typing that just now made me think about it again and I cried. Again.

15. Then again, a postcard from my salon telling me that my hairdresser has left for another salon also made me cry. So I may possibly just be a little insane.

16. Am dirty sell-out whore and nobody will read me anymore and people will send me emails about how I used to be cool but am now just some shill who will do anything for a buck.

Yes, the ads. I hate them. I don't want them. I feel very dirty. Hopefully, in a week or two, there will only be ads that have specifically bought space (with my approval) at instead of the generic feed of Fabulous Work-From-Home Opportunities and Low-Cost Linux Hosting. And maybe there will be some craptastic swag. But the wall, it has been hit, and this site needs to start pulling its financial weight a little better.

Honestly, I'm just shooting for break-even at this point, and I promise to keep it all to a minimum. Really. Because I do really hate that shit.


P.S. I'm really doing okay. Really. Do not feel the need to rush to offer comfort and/or assvice because hey, I've been a drama queen since I was three years old and now have the banner image to prove it. I'm forging ahead with some promising freelance ideas and new book pitches and have about five hundred solutions to the maternity leave issue to choose from. Am actually feeling quite excited about all the opportunities that quite literally sprang up overnight. I just need to get my fat ass in gear, and now that I've vented and freaked out in a nice, orderly list form, I feel just fine.

P.P.S. Except that I really am concerned about Katie Holmes.



You could try for pediatrician recommendations. Once you register you can search their archives and sometimes someone has put together a question of answers to a particular question.


I totally do not judge you for the ads, and the pretty new site design detracts away from them. Hell, if it helps you make money, I have no problem clicking on them a few times.

Also? Pregnancy warrants as much ranting as possible, I'm sure all will turn out to be fine. Sit down and have a cookie. You're pretty.

But damn, Katie Holmes. That girl seems to be a lost cause. Scientology as a religion just baffles (heh, baffles) me, and I especially can't understand why a catholic person would convert. I was just reading that Tom Cruise flew out 3, yes, three, chefs to his yacht, the Floating Palace Of Scientology or something, just to cook him pasta. I am not joking.


I am doing my part as an american and as faithful reader and clicking the ads. Yadda yadda yadda. No sympathy about the other stuff, but if you need it will console all that other shit away.


Also, cherry picture thingy next to the URL? Pretty (well done to Chris). Am Firefox user, like all the cool kids.


We tried cloth diapers ( a baby shower gift service) for a while and they sucked! Every time she peed, we had to change her clothes. All of them! But that was more than 16 years ago so they may be better now.

Good luck with everything. Perhaps you can get some pediatrician referrals from your OB?


Sending positive vibes your way Amy! Everything will be ok. Now Katie? Not so sure.Don't worry girl- we all have them! Mine include moving into a new apartment this week while long distance boyfriend comes and visits for ten days. eeek! Hugs to you and baby!


hey!! i never write comments on these blogs i read but i felt compelled to today. reason #1: the new design looks great!! i love the pink and i love the baby amalah picture! reason #2: awwww... you'll be fine, you'll be the best mommy!! reason #3: who cares about the ads? f it. and p.s. i love exclamation points!!! i really, really do!!!


From one crazy preggo to another...Although it will not make you feel better, all the baby-related things you are worried about end not mattering (my mommy brain thinks that's a word?). When I gave birth 6 months ago, we had no pediatrician, the house resembeled an inner ring of hell, and I had 1 pack of diapers. Oh, and about the diapers? They lie, as do clothing tags. My son was also a huge monster baby and I had to go buy preemie sizes because the newborn sizes are made for like, newborn hippos, or something. Much, much bigger than they say. Newborn diapers will last for months (Swaddlers are the best). I too had the same vision of droppping the boy off at daycare, and here I am 6 months later (knocked up again), working nights at Target just so I don't have to leave him. And I have my Master's. Talk about selling out. It's just a whole new level of crazy.


Do you know that when I had LilZ I was on medicaid so I only had like ONE doctor to choose from and do you know THAT WAS EASIER?

And also - amalah - seriously - I found a daycare here, and I am NOT lying when I say this: My guilt? Almost gone. SERIOUSLY. This place is so awesome and there are so many of them in town they have NO WAITING LIST and ONLY FOUR BABIES PER TEACHER and you know what else? THE ARE ALL TRAINED IN INFANT SIGN LANGUAGE and my god...the guilt is seriously GONE. Because I have come to the sad realization that our baby will be BETTER there than with me. Because I do NOT have the cool facilities OR chocolate chip cooke smell that these ladies have.

So, send babalah here.


I have never uesd my son's dresser - I like all his stuff hanging so I can see it, thus am never surprised when we run out of something (like PJs) because I can see that we're using them all (ok, well we do run out because then I forget that we were running low and got disctracted by something downstairs and only at bedtime do I realize it's "naked night" once again!


I dont mind the ads, but I miss the old layout with the cherries....

Real Girl

Well, here's at least one thing to make you feel better. The cloth-diapers-being-better-for-the-environment thing is a myth!! The extra detergent needed to wash and the extra water usage is just as bad as the extra garbage. I don't quite understand how that makes sense myself, but I've heard it from more than one crunchy food co-op belonging it must be true, right? (And I'm as surprised as anyone that I actually have any crunchy friends...)

As for pediatricians, could your Dr. Corky recommend anyone? I've always found doctors by asking other doctors.


1. Regarding the may think you have all this "free time" after the baby is born but this is not true. Plan on whatever is left undone when you head in for your labor to remain undone for a good 4-6 months after your baby is born. Seriously, you're going to find about enough time to wipe the toilet seat, and that's it. Of course, maybe you'll be SuperMom and be able to finish things off...I wish you luck on that!

2. Cloth diapers definitely suck. If you went with them, you'd spend all day doing laundry, not just the wet/dirty diapers, but all the clothes that the diapers leaked on. All your cute little outfits would be stained. Now don't you feel better about bowing down to the commercial diaper god?

By the way, you'll have time while you're hanging out in the hospital to figure out what size diaper you need. Newborn size'll normally work for the first weeks but you can always have the helpful hubby run out and get a pack of size 1s as soon as it looks like they won't cut it. I found Luvs were cheaper but the Huggies tended to fit the baby's shape better, which led to less leaks. It doesn't matter for the first few weeks though, because you're literally changing diapers every couple of hours, which is nature's way of making sure you know how to do it right before you leave the hospital and have to take care of the kid unsupervised! :-)


I've heard the cloth diapers cleaning stuff ruins the environment too! So its the lesser of two evils thing. Do you want clean water? Or smaller landfills. Its a toss up, I say.

I think you have every right to be freaking because you do have serious things to freak about. I am glad that you are surviving, though. And I am totally fine with the ads! I feel like I am contributing to the babalah and the joy that is my amalah reading by clicking.


Dr. Corky is in Maryland, and only recommends Maryland doctors -- all of which are a good 20 to 30 minutes away from my house. I really, really want a doctor close to home so I'm not schlepping out to the burbs at 7 am with a howling kid with an ear infection.

When I asked Dr. Cold Dead Fish yesterday if she knew any doctors in our neighborhood she said, "No. You're on your own."


Also, the cherries? Are gone. Let them go, people. It'll be okay.


Wow. That Dr. Cold Fish really is a bitch. WTF? Someone should send her an anonynous link to this post. And as for Katie Holmes? Just THINK about the book she's going to write in about, hmm, 5 years. Or maybe 15 minutes.


Will be fine. You will find a doc and find a daycare and find baby furniture and find zen and happiness and all that shit.

Glad to hear you have the freelance opps and whatnot. All will work out. You just need a drink!


Just made the neon pink sticky titled, "Click ads"

You will be a fine mother, I promise. Your little one's room will come together, you will find a Dr. for him and this hormone crap will all be over soon.

As for Katy (Kate) Holmes...there is no hope. How stupid can one person be?

Pi.nk Stil.etto

I did love the cherries. That takes nothing away from the current design, of course... I just liked them.

As to the ads... meh. I actually just wondered if they were moved from somewhere more obscure on the site, as opposed to being new. No worries. Not a sell-out.


To back up the comments saying that cloth diapers aren't necessarily better for the environment, I have a link.


I'm new here so that means I'm going against popular opinion and am definately in favor of cloth diapers. I began using them when my son was 15 months old because for his entire life, no matter what brand we used, his scrotum would blister and eventually bleed (this will lead to much worse guilt than daycare, trust me.) Eventually, out of desperation, I tried cloth diapers, and if you get the GOOD cloth diapers ie: off the internet made by people who know how to sew and not the cheesy burp cloth ones from BabiesRUs they don't leak. Seriously. Even when your adorable toddler son drinks a half gallon of juice a day and pees enough to have invisible urine, if you buy the right ones and pay attention when you put them on, they don't leak.

Oh, and as for the laundry part, I only did diapers every 3 days and it was just one load. The argument on the phosphates from detergent in the environment didn't make sense to me, considering that while I was diapering my newborn with Huggies, his big brother's Huggies from 17 years before were still in a landfill in Ohio.

Anyway, great blog, keep your feet up and you have a gorgeous baby already btw.


YES!! Poor Katie Holmes! I read that she wants to be called "Kate" sad is that? she wants to be mono-syllabic just because of tom's vitamins and "church" and non-doctor-believing-in-ness?

poor poor katie.


I think you are right on-track with all of your worries. Really. Totally normal.

I would, though, order the furniture. It will take longer than you ever thought possible to arrive.

And if you need good pediatrician recs, you could call your local La Leche League (even if your aren't planning on nursing) and they will give you some good tips.

And just adding my two cents, I cloth diaper, and we have no leaks. But I don't do it for the environment, although I guess it helps.


All this diaper talk must be SCINTILLATING to our non-preggo or non-parent readers, and I'm going to fan the flames:

We have to use disposables for daycare, but Jason's proposed cloth for home, because he thinks they're cheaper. (Environment, Shivironment.) I'm not sure, since everyone recommends the expensive kind, plus the little leak-guard pants and the inserts, plus the fact that we'll be paying for disposables five days a week anyway.

However, our condo assoc. pays our water bill, so the extra laundry loads won't factor in. I could wash each diaper individually if I wanted to, just to really eff with the earth.

So tell me, Internet. Do we stand to save hundreds of millions of dollars by cloth diapering in the evenings and on weekends? Or should we save ourselves the hassle and just buy the big huge economy gigundo-pack of disposables and be done with it?


I don't know nuthin bout no cloth diapers, but this lady does:

She's purty, and knocked up like you.



I have a friend who wanted to use the cloth diapers also. It lasted about 2 days. They are REALLY disgusting.

Cafepress shirts and schwag'll sell them like hotcakes. And so so easy! Even I could do it...see?


Why is it always the men who are so gung-ho to use cloth diapers? I tell you- it's because they are not the ones doing the bulk of the laundry. Same reason they are always so gung-ho about breastfeeding - they don't have to do it (before people freak, I BF both my sons for a year each and plan to BF this one as well). But my husband was a BFing freak, more than likely because it meant he got to sleep more. But no I am not bitter. Stupid, yes, bitter, no.

As for peds, there is generally a ped or group of peds who check your baby at the hospital - you can always go to them for a while until you track down the perfect ped. Just a thought. And I am praying Dr Wenchy does not deliver your baby, she sounds EVIL.


Just to make you feel better, I am due two days after you and am in the same boat. I frequently have panic attacks about it. All I can manage to get done is dust and then take a three hour nap.

Also, I didn't even consider cloth diapering. Those damn things are expensive.


I admit I know nothing about diapers. So I Googled it and a lot of the articles debating the issue were on scary Go Cloth! websites that probably belong to those Boob Nazi organisations. However, I did find a link from Yahoo provided by, which I think sounds more reasonable and objective.


Um, with no offspring, I can't weigh in on much.

Katie will have to work it out. She is an adult, sort of.

But nonetheless, rant away and pay for it however you need to. Rock on and keep the funny coming!


I tried cloth diapers for about 2 months or so until I nearly had a complete break down and my husband said, "Yeah, I know, the money...the environment...but how much is your TIME and SANITY worth?" It was pampers from then on.


If it's any comfort, i didn't even notice the AdWords until I read the thing, and had to scroll back up to see what you were talking about.


Washingtonian magazine puts out an annual list of Top Doctors. Cross-reference this year's list with the book you get from your insurance company, and you'll magically have two or three (tops) to choose from.

I'm not sure when the issue comes out, but your library will have it. It may even be online. If I really had it together, I'd post a link. But I have two kids (6 and 1) and lost a great deal of thinking ability over the years.

I can recommend an outstanding pediatrics practice here in NoVa, but you're right about schlepping a screaming kid to a far-away doctor in D.C. traffic. (I used to live at the behemoth that is 4201 Mass., so I know where you're coming from.)

Try to relax. It will all come together.



Oh! Sorry!

*Wiping up pool of drool off desk from unintended nap brought on by diaper discussion*

What cherries?

I like Amalah Queen of the Universe!
Is she related to Xena, Warrior Princess?


Feeling your pain.

I was cranky pants last week and making the same lists over and over and, yeeeaaaa...

laura floyd

About the diapers: the disposable ones are unbelievably absorbent which means I do not have to change them as often (I am lazy) and also no diaper rash (hurray). I am not sure this is everyone's experience, and I have only been diapering for five months. But that is still a lot of diapers. Also: do not buy many right now at all. One pack is the most you need, because you can bring home all of the ones on the cart at the hospital. Free, and you've tried them out (we had different kinds) to see what seems to work the best. Personally I think the Pampers Swaddlers are just perfect, but what they don't tell you is that different brands and types within a brand fit different babies differently. So you really won't know what you want until you're in it, and you don't want a case of the wrong kind. We have whole packages of Huggies that we will never use, at least on this baby.

Second, on finding a pediatrician. You could post on asking moms who delivered a year ago ( or in the DC area ( who they used. Or you could use a local online bulletin board targeting people right in DC -- I found my pediatrician finding one for my part of New Jersey. If you are very brave you could ask moms in a park or something, but I am not that brave.

Good luck! It feels like an awful lot right now, and it's not that it necessarily gets less stressful later but it is much easier when you've got the baby right in front of you. Easier on your mind, anyway. Physically, possibly tougher because you are going to have to learn how to do everything one handed. You are amazing and I am sure you will be great at this, too.

Dr. Johnny Fever

Jason, if you're reading this, you lucked out having a boy because when you change his diaper, all you have to do is wipe the Happy Bag and the tushie and off you go.

With girls, all kinds of direction imperatives come into play with the wiping. I had to retake geometry when my daughter was born and I harbored this secret paralyzing fear that if I wiped her the wrong way, shitake mushrooms would start growing out of her girl parts and everyone would know it was my fault.


hee! "shitake mushrooms!" (Am very immature.)

Ads? Not a problem for this girl...You keep bringing the funny, and I'll keep stopping by.

(But if you have room? Totally adored the "Loving," "Hating," and "Reading" sections...count my vote for bringing them back)


Oh My! Ok, First things first... dont worry about the baby's room! The kid wont care, trust me.

The newborn diapers will fit, but you wont need much more than 2 average sized packs of them. ;)

Baby clothes are much easier to go through and find what you want when they are in a closet. Baby size clothes + baby size drawers = Mommy Sized breakdown.

and lastly, relax! Its your third trimester, enjoy the brethlessness, the swelling and the feet in your ribs, because once you have that baby, you'll miss that stuff.

oh, and don't worry...the baby will fit through there.;)


Cloth diapers are a nice idea. However that is the only thing nice about them. Liquid poop does not wash out by itself. If I were you I would only agree to cloth diapers if he promised to wash them daily himself -it won't last long.

A diaper service will bring you perfectly clean diapers however you still have to wash out the poop before you send them back for fresh ones. Also you will have to wash a ton of clothes because EVERY thing gets soiled.

Take it from a seasoned professional (oldest dau. 18 yrs old, currently pg with #4) cloth diapers suck. Use disposable.


Just wanted to comment on the diaper stuff as I've diapered 5 kids in my time!

Uhhhh no on the cloth diapers. Just let your husband be in charge of washing them and he will get over that idea quick.

As for newborn diapers, they will definitely fit your baby, maybe even with some room to spare. Babies are even smaller than you imagine :) My 9 lb. son even wore the newborn diapers.

However, if you want to stock up, the mediums are the longest used size. I mean seriously, they wear them forever and then maybe a short while in the next size up before you potty train.

Ok, just wanted to tell you about my diaper experiences.


One other thing...........
As for the expensive diapers, they seem to be best in the beginning as those little babies seem to wet their diapers more often and they got that senstiive little new baby skin :) I found that I could get away with the cheap ones as my kids got a little bigger. Or cheapies by day, expensive for night, etc.


Cloth diapers in actual use? Eeek. That will last until the first man-sized super-poop baby 1 month, and just wait until solids enter the scene! *shudder* What they are really great for? Burp clothes, snot rags, comfort rags (they smell really nice after being washed a few times). Our kids couldn't sleep without them :)


Also, love love love the new banner and design. You're pretty!


Nothing to add on the diaper front(or the daycare or pediatrician, since I live an hour or so north of you so I cannot make any recommendations,) but want to lend my support in your ranting. Oh, and the weight gain mentioned in your sidebar? Totally do not count those 10 pounds. If you lose it at any time, it is gone and forgotten.

RockStar Mommy

I'm so with you on 3rd trimesters sucking total ass. I'm freaking out about everything and have 2 pinched nerves in my back from the baby all ignorantly lounging around on them and my bladder - my God - is it humanly possible to pee 59,000 times in one day? I'm proof that yes, it in fact is.

Our nursery isn't done either. Luckily, we have my daughter's old furniture which we're using 'cause I got her new furniture when we moved over the summer - so I don't have to worry about that. But there is not a drop of paint on the walls, not a carpet on the floor, we do have a bedding set, but it's all butterflies and girlie and I know I'm lazy and cheap and all, but jeeeze, I don't want to do that to the poor boy. Gah. So much to do.

And that shit about your mom? Not cool at all. WTF? I'm gonna kick some major universe ass, if I can ever get my hands on it...


I used cloth diapers at home and at daycare for both kids and they never got diaper rash OR leaked. The crucial component was the vinyl pant thing we put over them. And we used a diaper service that only required us to dump the solid waste; we didn't have to rinse anything. It worked out the same as disposables financially, but let me tell you, the supermarket brand disposables that we bought for trips to Grandma's worked better than the national brands, so you might want to consider them.
The recommendation that you call Tits for Teenagers (the La Leche Ladies) for a pediatrician is on target.
My friend's husband invited about five of us over to their home before my friend had her first baby, and we got their nursery organized in an afternoon. Almost like an Amish barn-raising. Make it a party. Make Jason provide snackies. And lots o' wine.

Matt in London

Go for disposable nappies - you'll be changing them every 2 seconds....and they're not so ecologically unsound you know? Think about how many more times you will use a washing machine if you're constantly washing nappies and how much more energy that uses and where that energy comes from...phew long sentence...

I have a 7 month old son and it is the best thing in the world....altho I was slightly freaked out when aged 2 weeks and 'erect' whilst I was changing him he managed to pee in his right ear... I'll be sure to tell all his girlfriends as soon as I meet them...


Let Jason change the first really big poopy diapie and the thought of actually having to WASH that and reuse it will solve your problem. DISPOSABLE, people. It's a non-ick, hygiene thing.
Washingtonian recently had their Best Doctors issue and there are many pediatricians listed.
The venting is good. Look how beautifully you multi-tasked!! You will be a great mom.

Bonanza Jellybean

I know you didn't ask for advice, but...

1) Buy some cloth diapers anyway. Definitely.
They come in REAL handy for so many things. After mine was out of all of that, we fould they were great for washing cars, household cleaning, etc. The many years of being washed after cleaning up something vile that came out of my daughter rendered them perfectly soft and fit for cleaning things that shouldn't get scratched.

2) Buy diapers EVERY TIME you go to the store. Believe me, you'll run out anyway, but it won't be as bad. And the newborn ones will fit unless your son is like, 15 pounds.

3) THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH MONEY. We went through that too. Bad. But I learned that when you really need it, something usually works out and it shows up.

Now that I have been Ms. Bossy Busy-Body, I just want to let you know that I like the new layout and I am working on a real problem for you for the Advice Smackdown- I just haven't gotten a bad enough photo to accompany yet.

Enjoy the smoothies!!


Amy, darling...DO NOT,under any circumstances, get yourself suckered into the old cloth diaper scam!! I foolishly allowed myself to be swayed by all the environmental goodness and how wonderful for the baby they are and blah diddy blah blah blah....The very first soaked to the skin, full of piss and shit diaper THAT NEEDED TO GO INTO A PAIL TO WAIT FOR THE SERVICE GUY TO PICK UP AND JUST SAT THERE AND STUNK UNLESS I WANTED TO SCRAPE THE SHIT OUT MYSELF convinced me. Pampers all the way, baby! the way, the cloth ones make lovely over the shoulder baby spit up catchers! Or dust rags! Ah....the joys of motherhood!


I highly recommend the peds practice over at Georgetown, if they take your insurance. I saw Dr. Richmond until I was (mumble mumble 22) and they kicked me out of the practice and, well, I'm 30 now.


Coming back to note that my brother and I saw both Dr. Dorothy Richmond and Dr. Miriam Toporowicz pretty frequently in the 80s and 90s and loved them both. So there are *two* names at Georgetown.


You're nesting dear, it's perfectly normal. A dresser and a changing table should be all you need at first. Also, do not open the diapers until after the baby is born and you know how much he weighs. That way you can exchange them for a bigger size if you need to. We chose our pediatrician the easy way: whoever was on call the night I gave birth. Ta-DAAAA!! And just so you know, disposable diapers only take up about 1% of the landfills so don't beat yourself up too much. Unless you plan on staying home and doing nothing but washing cloth diapers then relax and use the damn Huggies.

And for the final and most important piece of assvice: do what works for YOU. DO NOT compare youself to others.


We dumped the poo out of the disposable diapers and flushed before we trashed the diaper. That just seemed more ecologically/environmentally responsible.
Did you ever in a million years think that diapers would occupy even a tiny corner of your brain??!
You're going to be a great mom.


In the new Washingtonian magazine they have a list of the area's best doctor's broken down into fields. They're chosen by the area's doctors something like if you or a loved one were sick/needed medical attention/looking for a physician, what doctor would you see. Maybe you could use that as a reference guide.


Hi!! I'm a D.C. Mommy, too. I WILL give you a recommendation for a pediatrician - Georgetown University's peds are great. My daughter (9 months old now) sees Dr. Nelson and his resident, Dr. Maricello. We've seen a few others, and they've all been nice. Plus, it's a great hospital for that. Where are you giving birth?

Re: cloth v. disposable diapers, go with disposable. I can't even comprehend working and having to deal with cloth diapers. Pampers Swaddlers are awesome - I second the previous recommendations.

I think that's about it. Good luck, you'll be a fantastic Mommy!


Oh yeah, I forgot...the generic baby wipes at The Evil Empire are great, I think they are called Parent's Choice. Don't be afraid to experiment with generic diapers and different brand names. My friends swore by Luvs yet the first time I put them on my baby it leaked. I don't think it absorbed a single drop of urine. And don't forget to sign up at their websites; they'll send you lots of coupons!

Okay, I'm done now for real.


Somehow I can't picture the Queen Of Everything washing poopy diapers...just sayin'(you have to dunk them in the toilet to get the initial excess poopage off first).

Ask the nice OB for a pediatrician recommendation, that's how I found mine, and I loaved him.


Freaking out about the little things happens. Hell, it happens to me and I'm not pregnant.

Also, I too am scared for Katie Holmes. Did you read the article that said she disappeared for 16 days after meeting Tom? 16 DAYS! I think she was brainwashed. He's so creepy.

jet phillips

As a mother of three.. heed my advice! You are forever going to panick and feel as if you are completely losing your mind. Wish you well!

p.s.: Where the HELL are the stretch marks... ugh, can't stand the woman without the stretch marks... no fair, no fair, no fair.


The stretch marks, they are on the ass. Yes.

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