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The Many Loves of Amalah, Part Fin

You Will Never Ever Guess Who Bought Herself A Scanner This Weekend


No, really. Just TRY and guess.

I am now scanning photos like a crazy photo-scanning fiend for no particular reason, except that I CAN and it's EASY and LOOK HOW CUTE I WAS ONCE.

(Also, HELLO. Look at that nose, and look at this one. Hmm? You see it?)

What makes the whole scanner acquisition even more delicious is the fact that I recently organized EVERY PHOTO IN MY HOUSE into a variety of photo boxes and albums. The baby's room is not painted, we have not ordered furniture, actual food products are still not allowed in my kitchen cabinets, and for reasons too bizarre to explain there is a spare kitchen table sitting in the middle of my bedroom. BUT AS GOD IS MY WITNESS, OUR PHOTOS ARE ORGANIZED.

So would you like to see some photos of my life? Too bad! That's what you're getting, and will probably get all week, until I get bored.


Baby Amalah, who looks an awfully lot like her little bald grandpa in this picture.

Also, the 70s, they were a very yellow time.


Long-time readers may recall the story of Allison Last-Name-Withheld-Because-She-Was-And-May-Still-Be-Evil, my first-grade archenemy. That's her, right in front of my bowl-cut, gapped-tooth self. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE ANGEL COSTUME, PEOPLE, SHE IS CLEARLY UP TO NO GOOD.

Approximately five minutes after that photo was taken, I entered my "awkward stage," which would continue until college, so very little photographic evidence exists during that time.


Well, no more angel costume for me, that's for sure.


(That's a poster of Leonardo DiCaprio on my door, people. It was a very weird time in my life.)


A photo from the horrific Dharma-from-Dharma-and-Greg-Haircut-and-Those-Fuzzy-
Mules-I-Wore-Everywhere Period. GAH.

(I remember those cut-off shorts, too. I wore them until they very literally disintegrated off my body.)


It was around this time that I met this one guy. I think his name was Jason, or something.

This is us on St. Patrick's Day in Philadelphia. I do not remember ever agreeing to wear a hat, especially a hat that seems to be missing a substantial chunk of itself, but I definitely remember that I was no longer wearing the hat when I was puking in the parking garage a short while later.

I do remember Jason holding my hair though.


It wasn't all drunken debauchery, of course. Here I am on Christmas morning (exact year unknown, because there is only so much organizing a girl can do after years and years of photo neglect), surrounded by my loving family. (Or at least my dad and the top of my sister's head.) I am holding up the battery-operated nose-hair trimmer that my older brother thoughtfully purchased for me.


Another Christmas (some years later, judging by the hair growth). I believe this may have been one of the holidays AFTER my parents decided to allow wine back into the house. Am just guessing though.


Meanwhile, I was still pretty darn crazy about this Jason character.


We got engaged, and I had a bridal shower and got lots and lots of casserole dishes.

Here I go for a demure, bride-like pose with my big ribbon bouquet, but I think the effect is a little ruined by the fact that you can see up my dress.


We were married on August 8, 1998. I was 20, Jason was 21.

If this photo had those little thought-balloon things, I'm betting about half the people in this photo are thinking, "It won't last, and I wonder if anyone's running a divorce pool. I could hit the ATM before the reception."



Jason: (through gritted teeth) Do we really have to go to the reception?

Amy: (hisses) Shh. Just smile for the camera, and then I'll tackle the limo driver, steal the keys and we'll drive to Atlantic City.


We didn't do the garter toss, so I did the classy thing and put it on Jason's head for some reason.

But can we just talk about how skinny I am? Please, let's all talk about how skinny I am.

(This is what happens when you get married before the full onset of puberty. Also before you are allowed to buy your own beer.)


And then we bought a cat, who may or may not be posessed by the devil.

(Had enough? You've probably had enough. I'll stop now. But I cannot promise to stop for good, because like I said, all my photos are organized by category and subject into half a dozen adorable little photo boxes, and it is so, so satisfying to take a picture out, scan it, and then PUT IT BACK IN ITS PROPER PLACE. HOLY GOD, IT IS BETTER THAN SEX.)

P.S. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to everybody who commented on my last entry. Your words and prayers and stories were just what my mom and I needed to read. We both really appreciate it. And for everyone currently fighting breast cancer or supporting somebody who is (and DAMN, there are a lot of you), we're praying/hoping/positive-vibe-sending right back at you.



The pictures are adorable and Squishy totally has your nose!!


Listen, do you still have that cat? Because I am sure you love that little thing, but you better keep it away from that baby. I would not want that feline pissed off at me.


yes of course we want more! and...what child of the 80's didnt have a bowl cut! thanks for the memories. wedding dress=gorgeous, wedding dress wearer, gorgeous and skinny!!!!


Of COURSE we still have that cat. That's Max, who is now huge and fat and very rarely moves from his favorite comfy chair.

Except for that one time he bit Ceiba's eyeball.

But other than that, he's basically a big ol' dustbunny that we keep around to cuddle with.


You were totally skinny at your wedding. I am jealous. I was skinny when I was twenty as well, but at 25 when I got married, not quite. I learned to scan this past weekend, so I also spent my weekend scanning and organizing photos. It is so much fun!

suzanna danna

heh... I need to see the large bangs of the 90's phase... please.
c'mon... you promised on one of my posts where i embarassed myself... or something.

and yes, the squish totally has your nose!


Great pictures! That book that you have in the first picture, "Amy's Long Night," was my favorite book EVER and I thought it was soooooo neat because I? am named Amy (Amy Beth in fact!)


You were a super cute kid, and you still look a lot like you did as a wee one.

If Squishy looks like you, he'll have a mock-free childhood.


I always forget that you were a Penn Stater, too (and a skinny little minx of one, at that!)

Such cute pictures--you almost inspire me to dig out the numerous shoe boxes full of random pictures that live under my bed...But then I remember--how very many there are, and how very little I like organizing.

And yes, Squishy totally has your weird that is to know, before he's born, who he looks like!


You were and adorable baby and a gorgeous bride! And now? Super-cute momma. :D

I'm totally laughing because just the other day I declared the 70s orange, which totally goes with yellow - in the 70s.


You should totally keep on posting old pictures, because today I am ill and spent this morning looking at my old photos (such a consuming thing to do, they were like crack), and I love looking at other people's photos. I totally feel like I know you better now, even though I feel slightly stalkerish.

Also, you were totally skinny at your wedding and made a gorgeous bride, but you still seem pretty skinny now apart from the cute pregnancy belly. With you and Jason as parents, this kid has some wonderful genes.


I love this entry! You were the cutest of all cuteness!!!! Even your awkward stage was cuter than mine.


Side note: What was the drink? MD 20/20? Heh. Takes me back...


Dharma? That's nothing--when I was 12, my aunt's best friend/Fantastic Sam's hair stylist thought long layers stopped at your eyebrows. I was called Shredder by the entire seventh grade for two weeks. My solution? Wear a headband, so that instead of a Shredder crown, I had Shredder wings on each side of my head.

I was a very sad child.


I believe it was Bacardi and Ocean Spray cranberry juice from the vending machine, dawg.


Holy Svelteness, were you skinny!

Real Girl

Love the wedding dress! So Audrey Hepburn!

Also love the toddler-with-cupcake photo. (Erm...should I be worried that the latest photo of me with cupcake icing all over my face was taken...last week?)


ADORABLE pics. :)

Hey! You have the EXACT same anniversary as me! That's wild. :) Great day to get married, wasn't it? Congrats on the approaching 7 year extravaganza. :)


HA! I told you he has your nose! I think I was channeling you this weekend as I found three more shoeboxes full of photos that I spent an hour going through and picking out ones I could scan and post on my blog. I still have pics of sixth grade camp. They are yellow, too, and I don't remember anyone in them and yet I can't bring myself to throw them out...


I really need to scan my picture of my third birthday. The resemblance is freaking uncanny. Now, not so much. But holy crap, we had the same haircut and everthing.

The photo collage was beautiful. Love your wedding dress.


VERY cute. I just recently bought a scanner, too and I also have grand ambitions to organize my photos. Nurseries are over-rated, right?? haha

I am sad to read that D.C. is still freakin' hot. Sigh. We are headed there this afternoon.


Oh my goodness. You were really skinny at your wedding. But hey. I think that, aside from the babalah, you're still pretty skinny now.

What cute pictures! More, please.


Did you go to Penn State? I have a MILLION pictures of me and me with family and me with friends at that statue! I used to live in the dorms right across the street...


My name's Amy (ignore the name used below, I use it b/c there are so many damn Amys here!) and I never got that book!! I was 21 when I got married two years ago so I know what getting married super young is like. Yay for you and Jason! I love the old pics and won't get bored so keep 'em coming; you're fantastic!


Did you have to prove you were over 18 when you got your marriage license, because you look about 16 and I would totally card you!


Why no pictures of Ceiba???? Clearly there is discrimination here. Our cat is named Max, but he looks like the cat in the Christmas picture with the bows on his butt.

We need to see pictures of the mall bangs (that's what we called them in Wisconsin). We all had 'em so fess up...


I was a child bride too, married at 20. Woohoo! (gag)

But seriously, I'm very proud of our union.

10 years going strong! Woohoo!

No, seriously.



We also share the same anniversary. Is it just me, or are couples who got married that date somehow better than other couples? No?

I am a bit annoyed, however, that you have beat me at my own "child-bride" game, as I was a whopping 22 on that day. Harrumph.


Child Brides Unite!

Amys Unite!

Mall Bangs Unite!

And, so on.

Oh, and since Ceiba was born in the Digital Camera Age, there aren't any pictures of her that need scanning. These photos all come from the Days of Actual Film.

My son will probably never own an Actual Film camera. I feel old.


Hey, I'm an Amy, too. I also went to Penn State (1994, fall semester). I left after one semester to get married at the age of 19 + 2 mos, so another child bride here.

Did you stay in South Halls, too? It kinda looks like it - that's no East Halls room, now, is it?

Humor Girl

NO...we called them "doo-doo rolls" lol...the bangs that we all love and hate. :)

PS...SO cute wedding pics!! :)


when I was a child in the 70s, I had the bowl cut. My mom called it a "pageboy" and rolled it under with a curling iron that she PUT WATER INTO TO CREATE STEAM.


Egads, I feel so...old. I was 28 when I got married and 30 when I had my first child.

If I had a nickel for every time I heard the phrase "at your age" during my pregnancies I'd be richer than Bill Gates.


hello, you were a toothpick and still are.
am jealous!

i love all the pictures, keep them coming - the scanner is so addicting!


i can tell that little angel allison was so clearly NOT an angel. you can see it in the eyes. she is, at the moment this photo was taken, plotting to do something quite sinister. it's obvious. just look at her evilness. she oozes evil. archenemy indeed.


HOW cute are you? You've been cute from birth till now. Totally not fair. Ok. You're really nice and Queen of Everything, so it's expected.

But SHEESH, how cute?


Yes, keeping photos organized in cute little boxes is better than sex! My "boxes" of organized photos date back to 1989! I even have two separate white boxes for my wedding photos - the date of which was exactly a week before your wedding!

Dr. Johnny Fever

Wait. You mean you drank before you were legal of age to do so? Um, I don't think I can come back here anymore if that's the kind of person you are, Amalah.

Shameful. Absolutely shameful.


You have the same wedding day as me 2!!! We got married when we were just above under age...hahhaha...just enough old enough to buy wine...

You look fabulous!!!


Cute Pics! I think I have you ALL beat though, I got married at the tender age of 18 (No, I wasn't pregnant and no, it wasn't arranged by our parents). We've been married for two years and we are still going strong (whoever said that young love can't survive?)! Congrats on your upcoming anniversary!!


Love the photos - especially cute wee Amalah with the delighted 'I have a cupcake' smile!


Hurrah for photos and transatlantic voyuerism! My favourite is the passport photo type ones of you and Jason. And the wedding ones. And the sheer unadulterated glee of the alcohol-hat combination. Oh, and the rest. Keep them coming, please!

Jermajesty O'Douls

Is that a cupcake, or is that ice cream?

*can't tell, is confused*

Sarah Holland

Amalah, on an un-scanner related note, SO GLAD you are reading Harry Potter b/c I've really become attached to you and your blog and would hate to stop reading b/c you are not a Potter less thing to worry about I suppose. ;) I don't know how far you've gotten but I hope you post when you're done.


I finished Harry Potter last night, after three whole days of ATTEMPTING to read slowly and make the book last.

AND DUDE. I literally shrieked out loud at that one part, and anybody who has read it knows what part I'm talking about, because WHOA.

Then I smacked myself in the head with the book for not seeing it coming in the first place.

That kind of hurt. It's a heavy ass book.


P.S. It's an ice cream cone. You cupcake people need better snack-identification skills.


YOU, Missy, are just absolutely, positively WAYYY too f'ing cute. (I censored myself because I don't want to curse in front of Squishy.)

All hail the Queen of Scanners!



Love the pictures! And hey, if you want to go one step further, you could get Photoshop and touch up the old pictures to make them less yellow-y. Because then they'd look even better than your originals in your organized box!

Oh, and add one more child bride to the club - I was 21. 'Course, I may not count b/c I've only been married for almost 2 years. You guys have all been married longer than me.

Jermajesty O'Douls

HA! I knew it was ice cream.

I should not have let Camp Cupcake sway me.

Humor Girl

Ooh! Haven't read it yet! :) Still on 4. But, i bought it. By the time I read the it...It should be available in papreback....

Laura B

OK, you were (and still are) seriously cute! And that is so obviously an ice cream cone, people. Please keep posting this pictures. I love seeing people's childhood pictures.

I'm another child bride. I was one month shy of being 20. We just celebrated our 8th year anniversary in March!


Eek! That IS a heavy ass book! Poor Amalah's head!

Anyway, I know what part you're talking about...and while I was pretty much expecting that to happen, that is NOT the way I thought it would be going down. And yet? I think there's more to it than what was written in this book, and I think the next book will show that it was all part of a plan..

DYING to discuss the book b/c my husband STILL isn't done with it... boo.


As a male, I do not fully understand the devestation of breast cancer. My wife is a urvivor for 4 years now. If you or your mother needs anyone to speak with, she is available on the phone or by email. Just ask. Her support group is from Alaska to New York. They all speak together, they coped with the surgery, the chemo, the radiation and now, the Tamoxifen. My best thoughts....


My favorite? The flowers in your hair! I love them! Bring on the scanner pics! You are inspiring me to put some on myself.


I had the exact same dorm furniture as you. Must be like that at all PSU campuses?


Naaaaa Max is not possessed by the devil.

He is just his pawn.

I have a snowshoe siamese as well. While he's my "little boy", I still think that he's a little shit 1/2 of the time. Evil, I tell you. E...viiillllll.

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