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Baby furniture is here!

Remembered the $70 CASH at 6 am this morning, took Ceiba on a detour during her morning walk to ATM, reaffirming my love of city living despite small condo and lots of stairs because having an ATM a block from your house is just so beautiful.

Contractors are here!

And making a godawful racket. I'm so sorry, neighbors-who-smell-like-cats. And also sorry to your cats, who are probably freaking the righteous fuck out, like mine. If it makes you feel any better, my darling cat dug his claws into my belly while I was attempting to corral him into the baby's room when I left for my doctor's appointment. I didn't realize the damage he'd done until I got to the office and the nurse shrieked at the site of my bloodied t-shirt.

Or maybe it was the sweaty pit stains, because CHRIST, it's hot.

The baby has dropped!

But is measuring completely average and is not huge! But again! He's dropped! At 34 weeks! This seems early to me, as the whole "baby dropping into the pelvis" thing always seems to get mentioned in the same conversation as "and then I went into labor 10 minutes later."

But let's not talk about that right now. Let's focus on YOUR problems. Your many, many problems.

Dearest Amalah,

I need help.  Well, that’s an obvious one or I wouldn’t be e-mailing you! But first I want to tell you how lovely you are and that I love your site and read it every day and think you are hilarious!

My sister is getting married in November, so I have been instructed to grow my hair out so its past my shoulders.  My hair is finally at that point where it is right AT my shoulders, so I still have some growing to do.  But all of a sudden, it has become greasy and oily feeling, and it is kind of annoying.

I take that back, it is very annoying.  I wash it once a day and use conditioner only on the ends (I use Treseme) , and then I blow dry it.  I don’t ever put any products in my hair, frankly because I’m too lazy. It has been dyed before, but not since October, and is very fine, but I have lots of it, so it still looks like I don’t have any of it.

I am a college student, working only in the summers, so I can’t go all out on super expensive shampoo and conditioner, but I don’t know what to do!!  I like to wear my hair down, but when it feels greasy and oily, I am just pulling it up and this makes me sad. Can you help me Amalah?  Pretty please?


Ugh. First of all, BOOOO to any bride who "instructs" her bridal party as to what to do with their own hair. Grow it out, cut it off, dye it to match hers, anything. That's absolute bridezilla crap, plain and simple. BOO AND UGH I SAY.

If someone asked me to grow my hair longer or (gah forbid) cut it off for her wedding? I would refuse. I'm sorry, but "your special day" is just one day, and I have to live with my hair for many, many more days than that. Get over yourself.

And besides using baby powder or talc in your hair to control the oil, or carrying around a mini-blowdryer all the time, there's not much else you can do about greasy hair -- other than to buy a better shampoo. I've got an oily scalp myself, and trust me, I've tried every cheap brand out there and only saw results with good, salon-quality clarifying shampoos.

So I think your sister should buy you some shampoo. Tell her you'll have to cut your hair to your preferred length if you can't get the oil problem under control, and while you have product recommendations (Halo Clarifying, Pureology Purify, Redken Solve Purifying, Aveda Scalp Benefits), you can't afford them.

Seriously. Feel free to guilt her into it. She's DICTATING WHAT YOU SHOULD DO WITH YOUR OWN HEAD. She should already feel guilty. If she refuses or just doesn't get it? Cut your hair. Whatever.

Hi Amalah,

I'm from Canada and my local drugstore chain just started carrying Dior and Chanel perfumes and makeup.  Does this make these cheap ass drugstore products now?  Or are they still sorta fancy?

Curious in Ottawa

As far as I can tell, neither Dior nor Chanel has begun a low-end drugstore line, and their products are still primarily sold in ultra-fancy department stores. While expensive perfumes regularly show up at outlets and drugstores, I've never seen Dior or Chanel makeup sold at a CVS or Rite Aid or whatever. I think you've just gotten lucky.

And it happens sometimes -- one time Diana walked into her local Philadelphia drugstore to find an entire bin of Alterna Caviar Shampoo (retails around $24) on clearance for $1 a bottle. She immediately bought several bottles (while suspiciously quizzing a clueless salesclerk who clearly had no clue why this girl was so damn excited about a shampoo purchase and whether there was something wrong with these bottles), and then immediately rushed to the computer to IM me about it, and lo, I was so excited for her. (She forgot to buy me some, but you know, I acted pretty adult about it.)

So you know, if anyone happens to see Chanel lip gloss in Glaze on the cheap and wants to be my friend?

Am just saying.

Dear Queen of Everything:

What do you think is an appropriate age to have an eyelid lift?  I'm in my mid-thirties and wonder if having the surgery now means that in ten years I'll need it again, and by the time I'm in my sixties I'll have had three of them and my eyebrows will blend in with my hairline.  My droop level is about a 6 on the Asian-Looking Eye Scale (ALES) and I've wanted this since I was in my twenties. Thanks in advance.


If it's simply a question of "when" you should get a procedure done and not "if" you should get a procedure done, I'd say go ahead and get the damn procedure done.

However, I hear you on the Michael Jackson aspect of it. Don't get the same procedure done over and over because hell yes, you'll look like a freak sooner or later. Realize that no matter what you do, at some point, you WILL AGE and your eyes WILL SHOW IT. And that's okay.

So fix the droop factor you've got now so you can stop obsessing in the mirror and start enjoying your youth. Just promise me that when the real aging and wrinkle process starts to happen, you'll try to embrace it.

Dear Amalah,

As you may already know, I am 7 months pregnant. My question for you is whether you are taking any classes such as lamaze and what are your reasons for choosing to take or not take them? My husband just brought up lamaze classes yesterday and my mind just froze because I had completely forgot about this customary part of a pregnancy. Way back in the early stages of my pregnancy, I had full intentions on going to a support group for pregnant women which may have given me all the information I would ever need right up to my ninth month, but my laziness got the better of me and I never signed up. I feel like this pregnancy is missing some important steps or information because I haven't even considered birthing classes and my monthly prenatal appointments consist of a weigh-in, a heart monitor on my belly and a pat on the ass out the door (military insurance, bleh).

So, lamaze-- yes or no? Also, is there anything else that I need to do in preparation for the labor/baby?

One last thing, do you plan on breastfeeding? I'm just curious because I do plan on it and I was wondering whether you have any resources or whether you planned on joining one of those groups or classes or whatever they are. Currently this is my only breastfeeding resource.

Any insight is appreciated,

Hello Apathy! Meet Laziness! And say hello to Good Intentions. Now kill him.

Yeah, I really meant to sign up for a class or something. And it was going to be helpful and wonderful and Jason and I would be bonded forever and meet a million new best friends there. And then...I didn't. My doctor didn't really give them a big ringing endorsement so I kind of felt supported in my malaise. (Amy: So should we sign up for a childbirth class? Doctor: Eh. If you want.) Plus the only classes we both could have attended were on Saturday mornings for six weeks. Six weeks? Lord, according to my junk mail, I can get a Master's degree in less time than that.

So we didn't sign up for one. We've read a lot, if that means anything, which I doubt, and we adore scaring the crap out of each other with those When Childbirth Attacks! shows on TLC and the Discovery Channel.

Does this mean I think other people shouldn't sign up for classes? Hell no. Because in case you haven't noticed, I haven't actually given birth yet. So I have no idea how screwed we are. I'll let you know next month whether I survived the ordeal without classes or whether the nurses had to tell me which hole my vagina was, or something.

As for breastfeeding, yes, I do plan to breastfeed. And no, I have not attended a class for that either. However, I chose a pediatrician practice that has a full-time lactation consultant on staff, and made friends with a neighbor who makes and sells breastfeeding pillows and seems to know an awful lot about how to nourish your very own child with your very own boobs.

So basically, I feel like I have a pretty good support network in place and would rather not attend a class full of freaked-out alpha-yuppies who plan to breastfeed for the next 10 years or something.

Not that I would ever stereotype people who attend La Leche League meetings, EVER. That would  be catty and wrong. Me? Just lazy. Only slightly catty.

And probably doomed to months of thrush and bleeding nipples and latching problems.

(And of course, everyone is free to tell me how wrong and stupid I am re: childbirth and breastfeeding classes. And I am free to roll my eyes mightily at you, because meeeeehhhhhh.)


My wife and I had our child a little bit earlier than expected; she was about 3 weeks ahead of you but delivered last Thurs.  Given how hot it has been down here (and, apparently where you are), she was more than happy to get her out.  We are now trying a little experiment with the blog and we would like to get mad shout outs and props for our little one.  What we would like to do is get as many comments as possible (cross our fingers) for the little one to read about how cute everyone thought she was.  Total experiment and we'll see what happens. 

Any suggestions?


Yes! I do have a suggestion! I suggest you submit your request to a popular online advice column and see if she'll ask her readers to stop by and leave you a comment.

Why, it's just so crazy it just might work!

(Translation: Everybody head over to Brandon's and ooh and aah over his delicious new baby girl. I command it! Go! Go!)

Real Life Non-Advice Update: OH MY GOD, IT IS SO LOUD HERE WITH THE BANGING AND THE SAWING AND EVERYTHING. And I currently have a laptop, a dog AND a cat on my lap, not to mention about 23 pounds of baby and baby-related bloating. So if this post is riddled with typos, it's because it's really hard to type with two terrified pets laying on your arms and blocking your view of the screen with their big fat pet asses. (Okay, just Max's ass. Ceiba is kind of balanced on my wrist like a fuzzy little bracelet and isn't really in the way at all.)

Got a question that you would like some half-assed advice for? Send it to



Glazing over when I got to the part about vaginas and breast-feeding, I found myself stuck on the phrase "freaking the righteous fuck out". That is sweeet.


Something else for Erin to have her sister fund would be HIGHLIGHTS! My hair is super fine, oily and has no body whatsoever...unless I have color in it. Then it does some mysterious thing that my hairdresser describes but I always tune out because I am too busy admiring how much better my hair looks with highlights. It gives it lift, and volume and it doesn't look so droopy and oily. So I say if she's going to hit the sister up for shampoo, why stop there! Get some highlights which will make your hair more bearable until the big day, but will also give you a nicer look on the day itself. So there, bossy sister. Take that!


OMG! I'm new and so addicted that I'm leaving the first post?! Really?! Re:childbirth classes...I had a baby a year ago and never took ANY class b/c I knew it would terrify the ever living shit out of me and I would panic and stress until I had the baby. End result: I did fine! Just fine! Breathe in, breathe out, hold your legs, push push push, pop BABY!!!! Damn, I CAN NOT WAIT to read your "holy shit I made it through labor" post! It's going to be hilarious! I LOVE YOUR SITE!


Okay, the third post! Damn, I knew that would happen! Yes, it took me 20 minutes to read and post. Hey, I'm trying to work too!


The baby classes were a COMPLETE waste of time. So was the breastfeeding class, which was as you described, full of a bunch of Type-A yuppies. (Not that I'm not one myself) ;-) Seriously, women have been doing this for all of eternity without "practicing". You both will be fine!


An expat's note on Canadian drugstores - Shopper's and London Drugs, two big chains in Canada, both kick the crap out of CVS and Rite Aid. They have department store-like sections with fancy cosmetics. So chances are the Canadian poster is lucky and Dior and Chanel aren't doing cheapo drugstore lines.


By all means pass on the childbirth classes (ours included such useful assvice as don't eat too many chips or you'll get fat, and coke is not nutritious for the baby- who knew!). Seriously, between the moms to be who insist that they are going au natural no matter what (yeah, say no to the drugs when the baby is coming out ass first, I dare you) to the couples where the male half would clearly rather be riding his harley than in that room and who announces rather loudly that "he will not be changing no diapers!", its a safe bet that if you have read a book or two (or 11, if you are me), you have all the info you need.

And you will be fine.


Baby birthing classes are not needed unless you don't intend to make use of the wonderfulness that is the epidural. Then they might be slightly helpful in teaching you how to think past the agonizing pain of natural childbirth.

But...if you DO plan to use the epidural all you really need to know is that until they give it to you...those little fire sprinkler faucets that stick out of the ceiling make excellent focal points during contractions.

Also, ice chips are really yummy when you've been in labor for a really long time and aren't able to eat.


From my previous experience: birthing class? Not necessary and ANNOYING.

Having the teacher teach, then 30 women try, the funky breathing drove me insane. I told hubby that if anyone suggested I do that in labor I would punch them in the mouth.

I didn't learn anything I wouldn't have learned by reading a lot. I didn't goto "lamaze" class, it was a "birthing" class with breathing exercises to help you relax. It was for like 6 weeks, 3 hours a class after work. Man did that suck.

HOWEVER, the baby CARE class was actually helpful. They have dolls that are about the right size and give you and hubby some practice diapering and bathing. Plus they do a bit of baby CPR, etc. That was only one class for like 4 hours, much more tolerable.


OMG, whatever on the childbirthing classes. I totally didn't get around to it and, meh. All the deep breathing tricks in the effing world fly right out of your head. "Breathe! Breathe sweetie!" That's when you grab the nearest person in scrubs and insult them colorfully. Trust, it works better than ANY g-damn lamaze class.


Childbirth classes are super for people who don't have a boatload of readers offering a gazillion pieces of experience-tinged advice. My class (wtih baby #1) was the same info you are getting from all the books and comments. Although the lady did give us a good tidbit about how good a snowcone is as an early labor treat, because it's basically the traditional ice chips, but with some flavor and sugar for energy. I also dropped a few weeks (OK, like 4 or 6 weeks) before I went into labor with baby #1. I think babies #2 and 3 hung out as low as they could be without falling out as soon as they started growing, so there was no place to drop!


I have two kids, and there's not too much you need to know.

You can go to a birthing class if you want, but you're body is going to know how to cope the best way for you. And remember: and epidural is the only "medicine" that will NOT effect the baby during delivery (everything else they have to take the baby away and monitor for a little while for reactions).

As for breast feeding, just remember to make the baby yawn (tickle under his chin) and SHOVE THAT NIPPLE IN QUICKLY. Also keep some nursing-safe lanolin around to put on everytime after nursing to prevent and/or help cracked nipples and blisters. Use a super-hot washcloth on any area of your breast that hurts. And if you find a white blister on your nipple -- that would be a clogged milk duct. Pop it with a sterile needle and hand-express.

There -- birthing class and breast feeding completed.


sterile needle??? Nipple??? Waaaugh. I will take your word on that, but ow ow ow.
My experience, the childbirth class wasn't that helpful if you have read alot and know what you want (eg, epidural, or nothing, or "wait-and-see" which was my approach. I wait and saw for 3 hours of active labor and then said EPIDURAL NOW. Breastfeeding class is handy only in that it makes you feel ok with the fact that things often don't go smoothly in the beginning. My baby didn't latch on for almost 24 hours, and this is NORMAL. If I hadn't taken a class and had nurses that were pro breast feeding I might have freaked out and given up and gone to formula.


God/Buddha/Allah/Whomever bless all you people and your sane advice! Cuz, hello? 35, nearly 36 weeks prego here, and I'm paddling that same boat. We've been dropping babies in rice paddies for eons, so why have women been convinced that you need an advanced degree to do this? Or even that there's a "right" way to do it?

Me? I'm reading one book. And then I'm chillin' the f-k out (as much as is possible in Texas in August when 9 mos pregnant)


re: Melanie-eyelid lift

There is a medical condition called ptosis that is a weakening of the muscles in the eyelid, which I have been diagnosed with. (I'm 38), I've had it for a few years but over the past year it's gotten worse. Melanie should visit her eye doctor first for a field of vision test. If the eyelid droop is interferring with your vision, your insurance will pay for the eyelid lift. I go next week for tests to see if my insurance will pay.....


Lisa: That is awesome. (Your input and the insurance info, not the medical condition. That sucks.) Thanks for that.

And yay for everyone reaffirming my belief that the classes are bullshit. My doctor also mentioned the part about forgetting everything you learn the minute the pain really kicks in, and since I tend to forget things I've learned the minute I'm distracted by something shiny, I figured we'd skip them.

Also: Needles? Nipples? GAAAAH. Mother Nature kind of sucks.


I'm the ONLY one here who REALLY enjoyed my childbirth classes, arent I? But my teacher was FUNNY. And talked about POOP. A Lot!

(this is kinda feeling like when I used to get excited about word problems in school. I realize the geek I really am.)


I'm with the "meh" on childbirth classes. Bear was induced and all the breathing in the world would not have helped me with the pain, pain, pain that the picotin was causing (I was literally not in labor at all. Not dialated, etc. and my water broke. Picotion = Devil's drug, but necessary.) And I hear taht if the contractions come on naturally you can kinda get used to them (if you want) but that the Lamaze stuff is still for the birds (from 3 OBs and a few CNMs).

As for lactation, it was a bitch. It took us about a week and a half to get it right (yes, including some formula supplements, for she was *starving* and ill and I am evil) BUt after that we were fine and dandy and she returned to her anti-formula ways. THe first LC I saw was pure evil, but the second (at the children's hospital, not the one I delivered at) was much, much better, so feel free to shop around if you need.

Sarcastic Journalist

I prepared for my child's birth by watching "A Baby Story." But I don't suggest watching the shows on hermaphrodites because, man, that's not something you need to worry about right now.


Yeah, my preparation was watching endless episodes of that show "tramua in real life: maternity:. I don't suggest that approach, but I never took a childbirth class and managed to deliver both of my babies appropriately. I see no reason why one should know more than one really has to. Especially when the subject matter is kind of gross.


thank you amalah on the hair advice! and i'm going to get it highlighted tomorrow and see what my hairdresser says and then guess whos getting the bill?
well, not my sister, but my mom...but at least i'm not paying for it?


Brandon's baby is beautiful!!

I can't wait to see yours! I am sure he will be so handsome. :)

Real Girl

Hairrrrr. Love commenting on hairrrrr. Two good drugstore options are 1) Head & Shoulders--I don't know why a dandruff shampoo actually rocks so much, and 2) Garnier Fructis volumizing for Fine Hair. Make sure you get the one for Fine Hair. It has less detangler, which--sad--but that's often a culprit in hair oiliness.

Laura GF

From my comments lately you are going to think I am very very lazy, which is really true. However, I decided to opt out of classes after talking to my sister and truly did not miss them. It was fine. Just read something that teaches you about stages of labor blah blah blah and you will get where you would have been after a class.

Also, about nursing: I had one 30 second lesson before the first nursing session and then another two minute lesson when there was a wee latching problem the next day. That was it. I just did not find nursing difficult and certainly did not need actual classes or consultants. However, I firmly believe this is something that the baby needs to "get" just as much as you do, and my baby was born a good nurser. Also: use lots of Lansinoh. Also: your husband may be surprisingly helpful in determining correct positioning. It looks a lot different from his perspective, so if he sees how it ought to be once he can help you move the baby around subsequent times to get it back to the right spot. That is all :) Good luck!


I am one of the rare few who actually enjoyed the pre natal classes- though ours went for 6 weeks as well (they totally could have made it shorter!). I found it way easier to have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss what I was expecting etc with the teacher (a midwife) and the other couples. A lot of it does go out the window- but it went a long way to reassuring me during my labour. I used a lot of the techniques we'd learned as well- though as the other posters mentioned, lots of it does go out the window when the contractions hit.


It's all coming together! You will be fine re: birthing/breastfeeding and all that. And I predict that once you have little Squishy and so generously share him with us, our traffic and thunderous response will shut down the Internet.


Glad you got your furniture! You are SO much better of a mommy than I am. I glance every now and then into the baby's room and think "wow, MUST clear out that junk soon". Gulp. If I don't get on it soon, we may have a little Co-Sleeper on our hands, regardless if we like it or not!


Haven't had a babalah yet, but I can't imagine what a childbirth class could teach you that a few eps of "A Baby Story" couldn't (or much more importantly, blogs.) Step One: Demand drugs. Step Two: Curse out everyone in room especially one who gave you demon seed in the first place. Step Three: Expel small human from hoo-hoo. Step Four: Immediately demand martini.


One word: Epidural. Don't wait, ask to see the Anesthesiologist when you check-in. Kick back and enjoy.


Cool! Thanks everybody for supporting my laziness. Now how do I explain to my husband that I'm not signing up for lamaze because the bloggers told me I don't have to? He doesn't believe any pregnancy information I tell him if I tell him I found it on the internet. Yet, he believes all electronic and video game reviews :P


Ooo, comment 2 for me. I will definitely second the recommendation for asking to see the anesthesiologist (sp?) as soon as you check in if that's what you want to do. I decided to be "brave" and tough it out as long as I could so I wouldn't "stall" labor. I was fully 5 cm before I asked for it, and by the time I got it and it kicked in, 8 cm. That pretty much completely sucked. So if you're like me and hate pain, go for the epidural early! I know I will "next time".


RE: Needles? Nipples?

Oh trust me, popping that sucker will be a lot easier than living with it!

I had mine for days, we read everything and couldn't figure out what it was -- it took going to the ER, (doctors couldn't figure it out), waiting 28 hours (literally!) for a lactaction consultant to say "oh honey, that's a clogged milk duct. pop it with a needle".

There is no relief like that of a clogged milk duct re-opened. Its been over three years and I can still remember the sigh of relief.

Seriously, if you can handle the internet you can handle birthing and lactating.

And if your milk supply doesn't come in, don't feel awful about supplimenting (which, of course, I did. I had a lot of guilt issues about everything I didn't do "right" or according to my Birth Plan).

If there is one thing I have learned about having two kids, is that the universe has a COMPLETELY different idea of how its all going to go. Roll with it the best you can.


HA! Just wait until Babalah gets old enough to reach for the keyboard and smack at it. Try typing then! LOL


Ok, 6 WEKS of class to learn how to breathe during 'natural' childbirth....but only 4 HOURS of baby care class to learn how to care for the little one and like, CPR TO SAVE ITS LIFE ????

Is it just me or are these class schedulers priorities completely upside down?


Amalah, call me pathetic but this morning in the shower I was wondering what kind of back up system you have for when you go into labor. Will us poor minions endure silence for several days and then just know BoyBabalah is here? Will someone take over the controls? I know you have enough Stress as it is... just asking (as she slinks off)
PS I now own Coach purses, Avaha and Halo products because of you.


Oh oh oh...I almost forgot. My birthing class teacher told everyone that you can't get an epidural until you are 4 c.m. because it will stall labor! Gasp!

So I didn't even ask for mine when we arrived. When i was three cm the nurse inquired as to whether I would like mine, laughed when i told her what the teacher said, and said they don't stall labor, actually help you RELAX so labor can progress more quickly! yay! I got mine at 3 cm and will get it IMMEDIATELY upon walking thru the door this next time (this was at Fairfax Hospital, one of the best units in our area).


Yeah, actually I think the US is really one of the only Western Civilized Nations where they DON'T sell brands like Dior and Chanel in drugstores--in the UK, Ireland, Italy, France, etc. you can find what you need at most major pharmacies. Of course, the prices are usually lots better in the US, but when you live abroad, you take what you can get.


Hey there - only posted a couple times, as I found your blog just a few weeks before my little girl made her debut on 8/3, but wanted to reiterate and second the opinions from above that a) birth classes are a total lack, and b) keep that tube of Lansinoh by your nursing pillow because it will give you the strenth to go on breastfeeding!

Also, I was a total coward about labor - and then ended up almost having her at home because I didn't know what it was when it was happening! Had a wicked backache, walked into the hospital @ 8cm and had her 65 mins later with 11 mins of pushing - no time for drugs for me, how sad. But while it does hurt like a bitch, no kidding - it is COMPLETELY HANDLEABLE. You will make it, TRY not to worry too much.

PS - Your advice for fine hair has been a miracle for me, grazi!


Happy house-renos, Amalah! And fingers still crossed for your mommahlah.


Pegomh: I don't have an official plan quite yet, but seeing as I have at least half a dozen Internet friends on my "call from the hospital" list, I'm sure I'll be able to convince SOMEONE to post something on my behalf.

And Coach, Ahava and Halo people? Are you listening to this? Will you send me some free things already?


Advance congrats on your baby boy. You are about to embark on the greatest adventure ever--motherhood. (Okay, that sounded like something off a Lifetime movie of the week, but it's true.) That said, you will be asking yourself at various times during the next few years, "I decided to procreate why?"

I took classes with my first preg, nine years ago, and read everything I could. Classes were a big waste since I ended up having a c-section..I didn't take any classes with my 2nd preg, and just delivered her 8 wks ago today, and I did fine. Of course, it was another c-sect, but I don't feel like I missed anything.

About the breastfeeding, it will be hard sometimes, and inconvenient sometimes, and if you are like me, you will sometimes get irritated at your husband when he looks all nice and rested in the morning while you had to get up about 17 times during the night because even though Baby wasn't really hungry, he wanted to use you as a human pacifier, so you got about 26 minutes of sleep all night. (how ya like that for a run-on sentence?) And don't be afraid to supplement formula at night. Holy crap! Finally got my Princess Nursalot to take a bottle at 6 wks and she started sleeping 5 hours at a time at night, thus allowing me to finally sleep. Thank you, God! I feel human again. Don't listen to any of the BreastNazis who think you should ONLY b-feed until the child is studying for the SATs. Do what's right for your family and your situation and let everyone else go pound sand, sista!


My OB called the LaLeche people "Tits for Teenagers." Just wanted to share that.


Can I just say that I'll be having the epidural installed in the sixth month of gestation?


About the bridezilla who wants her sister to keep her hair long - I agree that the only worthwhile shampoo will probably be out of her budget, and that she should just get her hair cut. If it were me, and if any bride told me to keep my hair at a certain length, I'd run right out and get it cut.

Also, in my experience, the bride who tells her 'maids to grow out their hair will probably also tell them not to get pregnant/get fat/lose too much weight, etc. In other words - RUN!

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