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Noah's Birth Story, Part One


I'm currently working on part one (part ONE!) of the Birth Story. It's taking forever.

God, I'm so melodramatic and talky.

In the meantime, photos! Which are lazy and easy.

Ceiba has still not left her Pillow of Recouperation...


Noah still sleeps 99.9999% of the time...


But he looks damn cute doing it...


And I was going to wait until my tummy was nice and flat to post one of these "final belly shot" photos, but I don't think that's going to happen until sometime in 2007. So, here it is...


(No, I'm not quite sure how that all fit in there either.)



Ceiba is cute, but Noah is precious. And after reading your entries these past months (especially this past week), I have a serious nesting urge.

Hurry up and write the delivery story, and if it's dramatic enough, my husband may find himself off the hook. :)


Oh, they are both so cute with their sleeping and being cute!


So adorable! He kinda looks like he's turning into a redhead in that third photo... y'all would just be too cute for words with the brown and the blonde and the redheaded delicious bebe.

Linda B

Oh poor Ceiba!

Noah is so sweet.


He is absolutely precious. I love that last photo.


OMG so cute! And we'll all love your birth story, no matter how you write it. You know we all eagerly and happily devour every word you write on here. Hope you're enjoying your maternity leave and getting plenty of rest.


I can't believe he just lays there! And sleeps! Best baby ever.


Oh, that last photo is fantastic!! I can kind of see how he fitted in there... :-) Very, very cute!

Miss W

I was fine...until that last photo! Holy hell Amy -- the size of that boy scares the crap out of me! Am now convinced my son will be that big (my husband was bigger, over 10 lbs; his younger sister even bigger -- 12; and it keeps getting worse back to his FOURTEEN POUND grandmother!)

Will return to the fetal position, rocking in the corner crying in fear. ;)


Very sweet!

It is scary to think that all 9+ lbs of that little guy was inside your teeny, tiny petite frame. DAMN STRAIGHT - the human body is a miraculous thing.


What a sweet picture...which one? All of them. He is just goreous. Are you tired of hearing that yet?? BabyJuJu slept for the first month and a half...all the time. Then she woke up with a vengence. Just sayin. Watch out.


Aaaand...that's the cutest picture I've ever seen.


i can NOT get over ceiba's little heart-cast. aww.

now, let's get to that kid of yours...woman, he is SO adorable. and all that sleeping? ENJOY IT. while you still can. do you just love it? he's so sweet, i wish i could look that cute when i sleep. ;)


I heart that last photo! :)


Thats a adorable baby right there, and I still am amazed that my kid came out of me..


The human body is amazing! How can something that appears to be so giant fit inside of us??? The pictures are great! Thanks for sharing :)


It's amazing to see that all that baby was tucked up inside you (I like how you posed the last pic). He's beautiful. well done you guys. Congratulations!


poor ceiba. i hope he is warming up to the new darling storch...


just happy for the filler! and your baby is precious, precious i say! And ceiba? Well she just might be the cutest dog ever with her little cast.


I would just like to know how you hold that big boy with one hand!!

The belly will fade away, quicker than you think!

Precious pics........


In your notifylist email you mentioned the pacifier. Thought you might want to know that, according to this story in today's Washington Post, you should put the baby to bed with a pacifier! They don't know why, but studies have shown it lessens the risk of SIDS. So there! You have been validated by science!


Noah is the cutest ever. And Cieba. I am so jealous of the cuteness.


Amy, your photos of Noah make me want to have a cute baby to dress up in pretty clothes. He's yummy! And poor Ceiba.... You look fantabulous!


that last picture is THE CUTEST picture! I love the idea of seeing him right there on your belly where he spent so much time. He is truly precious!


Can't wait for the birth story, but take your time- you have your hands full!

Ceiba- how is she doing mentalling? Does she down and frustrated with teh cast, or is she handling it all well? I know it would drive my pups crazy and I would have a heck of a time getting them to stay put.


I love pictures like the last one. It just reminds me how amazing the whole pregnancy/birthing process is. You made that. Isn't it beautiful? *sniffle, sniffle*


Such a nice baby! The grandparents must be thrilled! And how adorable is that jumper?! Do they make those is adult sizes?


You have got some adorable babies there lady :)I'm so looking forward to the birth story--and don't you know we all love the melodrama?? That's what we keep coming back for! You wouldn't be our Amalah without the talkiness!


So sweet!

Enjoy all that sleepy time now to recouperate!

Can't wait for the birth story, I love reading those!


My goodness! I don't know he fit in there either. Poor thing, it's a good thing we don't remember things when we are that young. Although, I am sure it's quite comfy to be with your Mommy all the time when you are that small.

He is so cute... :)


How cute is Noah? Oh my goodness. Just wait until he's 2, you'll wish he slept all day. LOL!

It is amazing how those babies grow inside their mothers. Thanks for sharing the pics with us!


In the last one, Noah's got this look on his face like, "Now see, do we gotta start with the embarassing stuff already?" Either that, or he's really concentrating on something.

But darling, darling darling!

Real Girl

Noah, we know you loved the belly so much you had to be dragged out, but it's nice to see you hanging out on the other side!

Did we ever hear the final verdict in cloth vs. disposable diapers? I can't quite tell which ones are covering his wee tush.

Wicked Stepmom (a.k.a. Cathy)

The last photo is my fave and, if you don't mind, I think I may steal that idea after my baby is born (next month). :) Is that a GlamourMom nursing tank you're wearing? I picked one up for me and hope it's as good as they say they are!

Bad Penguin

Look at your sweet little dog and even sweeter little boy. You're killing me with the cuteness.


Noah looks like he's pooping. I still make a face like that when I do.


Awww, Ceiba is so cute curled up on the pillow!

Noah is adorable in that outfit, with his sweet face and perfect ears! Smooch!

Great belly picture, I'll have to remember to take one of those!


haha...that last one is AWESOME!


Ceiba? Adorable. Love the cast. Makes me want to make her some hot soup or something. :)

And Noah? PRECIOUS. I love the "arms over the head" sleeping position. My son used to do that too.


oh, also, let me share something with you. babies ARENT that big inside your belly. they are like those little foam capsule toys..the kind that expand when they hit water. *nods* yup, except babies dont expand until they hit the air. oh wait, i didnt just pop a 9lb 15 oz pumpkin out of my netherregions. maybe i'm not the best person to give scientific theory on this whole thing :P


Awww, Ceiba. I hope she gets back to her usual self soon.
That's great news that Noah sleeps so much - better than a baby who won't go to sleep! He does look precious. :)


Even though it has probably been said 50 bazillion times, that last picture is absolutely adorable.


Ohmygosh! How adorable! I've never seen anyone hold the baby up to see how it could have fit. Thanks for the inspiration! I'm going to take a "last belly pictures" after mine is born too.


Of course the last picture is great, but I had to comment on the others of Noah, because it was the first thing I thought when I saw them:

OMG -- HOW does her newborn sleep without swaddling!?!?!?

- who has no pictures of her 6-week-old baby just lying sleeping like that, but only has pictures of her baby sleeping swaddled TIGHT because Otherwise, the baby would be awake...


Amazing what our bodies are capable of!


According to my computer monitor, Noah is just a tad longer as my pinky and a tad shorter than my index finger but adorably cute in both scenarios.

Obviously I have a very exciting job.

Washington Cube

Noah is a very dapper gent. He's got some great outfits he's been "working." Poor Ceiba. What a start to her role as "protector of baby."


Also inspired by that last photo.

I love the photo entries.


OMG... Noah is so cute I'm getting baby fever! My littlest is 2 years old and I'm thinking it may be time to have another!!


Yes, Ceiba is adorable and Noah is the Cutest Baby EVAH but can we stop the cuteness for a moment to mention how fabulous you're looking? Your first child was 2 ounces heavier than my second child and you look that good? And Captain Destructo asks me yesterday if I "have a baby in my tummy?"

Not. Fair.

Since when are pictures filler? I thought that was what memes were for...

Bonanza Jellybean

OK, your sense of style even now is STAGGERING. I can't believe you could manage to have the baby's outfit and the puppy's cast match- Both light blue with red accents!

How precious.

Lisa B

Love that last photo. He is growing more beautiful each day. And I am jealous your little man sleeps alot. Mine just screamed alot. Three years later.... And he still screams alot. I think he's going to grow up to be a protester. :-)


oh, the gorgeousness! never ending, there!


Ame, I am sooooo digging that last photo!! And I'm still sooo impressed about Noah sleeping so much!


What a gorgeous little man. Mines only five months, and your making me want another one already!
Seriously, I'm impressed that you can post at all, much less type up a birth story for us. It took me at least six weeks to remember how to even turn on the computer.
Good luck to you all.


Gawd, he's just the cutest little thing, with those long toesies and wee little fingers. And he must be destined for a life of stardom, as apparently the camera flash doesn't faze him a bit? My kid used to wake up if I BREATHED too hard in the next room! ::sigh:: You are sooo lucky to have birthed such a good-natured sweetie-pie!


He is totally sleeping in that last photo, isn't he? So cute. So friggin' cute. Oh, and I love your pants. (They're too cute to be maternity, or are they? If they are, I must know where you got them... I might be needing some!)

Anyways, I'm highly impressed at the frequency of you posts with such adorable-ness around you. Between sweet, sad, Ceiba and scrumptious Noah I'd be completely distracted.

Can't wait to hear the birth story in all of it's wordiness. :)


What a cute baby! Delicious!
I like the belly-photo, too.
You have a great family.


The cuteness is too much to handle and now I am doubled over in pain from the aching of the ovaries!

You did so good with that one! He's a little angel, isn't he?


ok you gotta stop posting such CUTE BABY PHOTOS (scream last part in high pitched giddy voice) my ovaries are about to burst with desire.
anxiously awaiting birthing story as to quell my biological drumming.


Humongoid congrats! Noah is absolutely adorable. I am glad that Ceiba is okay. I can't imagine the emotional strain of her accident on top of birth and taking care of a newborn. What a trooper you are. You are scaring me a little with the whole breastfeeding adventure, but the reality is good for me. It will hopefully prepare me for what is to come. Can't wait to hear the birth story. Take care! Hope you have a no-cry day today!


You? Are beautiful. Get sleep and love this time.

Jason? Rocks da hows. He is so good to you.


Ceiba? Probably a bit of a suck.

Max? His world is so different he's kinda liking the dog.

Bless you, Storches!

Heather B.

Whoa. How did he fit in there??


My dear Big Gay Sam sent me...oh yeah...and so did Jesus. Hope you are well. You sure seem like you have a lot to deal with right now: Baby, Booboo doggie...


Kathy P.

The adorable baby pictures once again make me thankful that I am safely in my fifties and no longer able to do that natural childbirth thing (yeah, I read the birth story first). He's so cute... I nearly wish I were young enough to do it again. Then I eremember the natural childbirth thing....

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