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Look! The child does in fact have eyeballs!


(Yes, this post is going to be nothing but scrumptious baby photos. And I will not apologize, because THE SCRUMPTIOUS BABY, HE MUST BE PHOTOGRAPHED.)


Smiles! For Daddy, of course. Grr.


(Do you see that receding hairline? Everyday he wakes up with less and less actual hair and more downy blond peach fuzz. Yet he still has a full head of hair from his ears on back, which makes it hard to overlook the passing resemblance to Clint Howard.)

(Also, he is SUCH a mini-Jason it is not even funny.)


"You know, if I have to look like a big, lopsided beached whale for months on end, I better get a baby who looks like me, the one WHO DID ALL THE DAMN WORK."


Noah ponders his sneaking suspicion that his mom sometimes goes a little nuts with dressing him to coordinate with his surroundings.


"Go on, Mom. Tell the Internet what in sam hill I'm doing in the bathroom and improperly restrained on the bouncy seat. Tell them how you let me sleep here for hours last night with the water running at full blast because I would not tolerate being in any room that did not have a faucet."


"Also, get a pedicure."


He has officially suckered in the entire household.



HA! I'm finally first!!! And that last pic is about hte cutest thing EVER.


That is almost too much cuteness to bear! Honestly, he is a very handsome young man. LOVE the last pic! :)

Heather B.

Ummm how upset would you all be if I kept him forever due to how freaking adorable he is???
I'm assuming sad...damn.


That last picture is too great! He is such a beauty! I hope the whole family is doing well.

And, I hear ya about the babies not looking likr the mommy thing. It is the cross we must bear, as all men are a little bit concerned that it's not actually their child, regardless of everything!


*falls over and dies from the sheer cuteness of it all*


I so want to tell you he looks like you but you know I'd be lying . . . he's proof of your fidelity to the foodie-man . . but hey! he's a blonde version of Jason! So he did inherit your lovely locks . . .


Awww. . .I love when they first start smiling! Gosh, as if I needed baby fever any more! He truly is scrumptious & I totally understand the need to take mega pictures.



He really IS a mini jason (for now -- I'm sure he'll be Amalah-fied as he gets older.) He is just precious - feel free to bring on as many baby pics as you want!

Now do we still call you Amalah ...or is it Mama-lah now? ;)

NE Mom

He is so cute!! I have a seven month old and I remember the days of using the water to get them to sleep. We liked to call it her bathroom nap!!! It is amazing what a faucet will do. We still use it in the morning sometime to put her back to sleep (her room is right by the bathroom). Love the pictures!

Real Girl


The whole office just swiveled their heads my way when I exhaled, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Yeah, all babies are cute, yada ya. This baby is just pinchable, snuggly cuteness.

That last photo? I might just have to copy it to my computer so I can look at it in the future when I need a smile.

Is that weird?

(And as to resemblance, check back a couple entries ago to that profile pic, where you can see both his and your profile. I *can't* be the only one who thinks that's a carbon copy.)

Lisa B

I think that baby looks ALOT like YOU, Amalah! LOVE the pics. Keep on posting them. PLEASE!


Oh God and Baby Jesus, he is the most adorable little thing! I love that first picture, hes so alert! And the last picture, I could just stare at that sweetness forever!


Oh.My.Gosh. He has got to be the cutest baby I have EVER see.... That first picture!? made me weepy... I hope my son looks so adorable!!!


Everyone all together now:


He is so handsome. I see a big resemblance to you, especially when compared to your childhood pic here on the front page.

Love the coordination of the bouncy seat & the outfit. Excellent.


Anyone other than me think he looks like "Mini-Me" on the Coordinating with Surroundings pic?

He is soooooo cute!


Oh. My. God - that kid is too freaking cute. you should give him to me so you aren't totally blinded by his cuteness...but I have a feeling you're willing to go blind :o)

he's amazingly precious. Congrats!!!

Jenn (MDH)

I totally understand the not-so-happiness of the little man not looking like Mama. I suffer from this as well, after all that'd think the kid could at least resemble Mom in some manner. But no such luck *sigh*.

And, of course, awesome pics of a super cute kiddo. Great job!


He may be a mini-Jason, but he still definitely has your nose!


He does look a lot like Jason, but when I saw that first picture I was struck by his resemblance to you. So don't worry.


Agh... my eyes! My poor ovaries! So fucking cute i cannot STAAAND it! Oh, and? You take great pictures!


He so--------- looks like Jason.
Sweet lookin little thang, yep, he sure is.


Babies that look just like Dad when Mom did all the work = Dooce Effect.

Seriously, Noah is uber-cute, and that last pic? Required insulin.


oh GAWD that was cute. he's got quite a bit of little expressions already, hasn't he?

that one of him and ceiba made my heart twitter. ;)


Oh God, my uterus hurts! Just when I thought maybe I din't want to have a baby.

Well, thanks for ruining that idea, Amalah!

I love the Noah/Ceiba one at the end. My pets probably try to kill any baby of mine!


that last picture -slayed- me.

I am dead. Dead from Cuteness.


Ceiba knows where Noah keeps all the food he's storing for the winter. That is the cutest picture ever.


In the first couple of pics, he looks like a mini-Jason, but in the last few he looks EXACTLY like you... tell me I'm not the only one that sees it?


little boys often are mini-mes of their dads. adorable!


Who needs leftover Halloween candy with all of this sweetness?! (am thrilled to have both, to be honest)
Too adorable!


Seriously your baby is the cutest baby ever! Makes me want to have one of my own and THAT is no easy feat!


Noah and Ceiba together. Adorable!


He is darling! I love that last picture.


Jesus, Mary and Joseph...
He's just...SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! unbearably scrum-diddly-dumptious.
And that last picture? I actually had to squeeze my eyes shut tight to re-adjust my eyes from the sight of it.
Seriously. Could your life be any more enviable?!

Damn, sister. Between your too-good-to-be-true husband, the Washingtonian full-page, all-Amalah-all-the-time article, the beautiful Babalah boy, Max & Ceiba ("saaaaaay-buh!") and the blog that can't be beat...? A girl could seriously learn to hate you. But...alas, we all know that we loves us some Amy. Keep it ALL comin', girlfriend!

Lt. Woman

In the long run, it's better to have a daughter that looks like you, than a son that looks like you. In 15 years time, you don't want to be yelling from the kitchen "NOAH! Get your butt down to the kitchen for breakfast NOW! And I want my lipgloss* back right NOW! I know the colour suits you, but it's MINE!"

* Yes, in 15 years, gloss will be on its second comeback.


Oh. So cute. Unbearably cute. Makes me want another...almost!

If it's any consolation, Jamie was a total daddy-mini me, but now at 12 months, there are people that swear he is in fact my son. Besides the whole carrying him part, of course.


He is so adorable! At least you have a boy that "looks just like your husband." Me? I have a daughter that EVERYONE (no really, everyone!) has to tell me looks "JUST LIKE my husband!" He's Italian though so she got killer, big, brown eyes, perfect lips, nicely shaped eyebrows, and some beautiful curly hair (and a lot of it). So, I can't really complain! I LOVE Noah's peach fuzz. Oh, and your feet look fabulous!


The toes, why do I count them? I know there are 10, yet I can't help it. Love the toes.


aww! puppy love.
speaking of, how's her paw??


You know, I was doing just fine until that last picture...when I saw that, my uterus double-high-fived my ovaries and yelled in a booming voice, "Get thyself a baby!"

So cute - keep 'em comin'

Lisa V

I think his eyes and nose look like yours. Love Ceiba. We had a Boston Terrier that used to shake whenever Mallory cried. She would cuddle up next to her when she took a nap. Yes she used to lick her too. Call health and welfare.


After lapping up all that cuteness, my left ovary burst in a fiery display.

He's Beautiful with a capital B.


How to describe the cuteness?? Words just don't suffice. I'm giving my dentist your phone number. He is A STUNNAH.


maybe I'll go through with the whole labor and delivery thing after all.
Such a lovely boy. sighhhhh.....


maybe I'll go through with the whole labor and delivery thing after all.
Such a lovely boy. sighhhhh.....


I love that last picture most of all! He is so adorable - I'm continually so happy for you and Jason.


I'll agree I see the resemblence to Jason...HOWEVER, in that first pic? He looks JUST like YOU!

He's adorable any which way you look at it!


He is so adorable!! He does look like his dad, but that doesn't mean he'll grow out of it after he gets a little older and look more like you. My son is a good mix between my husband and I...although if I had to say, I think he looks more like me than him!! I understand about the hair thing too...stinks sometimes, but he'll grow some real hair other than peach fuzz some day soon :)


LOVIN that pic of Ceiba with Noah. I have to admit, the graviational pull around that baby must be awesome. I'm irresistably drawn to the pictures, and that's just over the comptuer! Adorable. :)


I am so surprised you said that about looking just like Jason, because when he is looking over daddy's shoulder all I could thank was, oh my goodness, he is a mini-Amy. Funny, no?

Ceiba with him is the sweetest thing ever. I about died with the smiles. So cute, I am worried for my ability to not want to get pregnant right now. Resolve fading...


Our son loved the sound of running water too - try a water fountain (like one you could get cheap at Kohl's!


Nothing but cuteness! I have that green blankie for my babe, but am considering stealing it to roll around in the supreme softness....


I'd kiss and lick his neck too!!!


A student of mine just walked by my computer and commented on Noah's cuteness. :)

Big Gay Sam

awwww... that's so cute I'm going to need insulin. :p


OMFG!!! He's freakin' adorable.


I think he looks like you in the first picture - at least the eyes/nose are like yours in your childhood photo. But the coordinating dressing photo- yeah, just like your husband. I have a 2 year old son who everyone says looks exactly like my husband and I know how you feel about the mini-me jokes! Wonderful pictures, take care.


Okay, the baby? with the pooch? If posting something that cute isn't illegal, it should be...

It's a good thing I'm fixed, or I'd be plotting another pregnancy as we speak.


Cuteness one: that BABY face!!!!

Cuteness two: those freshly manicured toenails.


Cutest last pic. Ever.

To Do List--

1. Find unsuspecting male to help me make adorable Noah-like baby.
2. Find dog good for snuggling with said baby.


I adore that last picture. That is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time! More, Amy, more!


Look at those pictures you just posted and compare them with some of his newborn photos. Look at how much he's changed, already. There's no telling WHO he's really gonna look like, although I see both of you in him for sure.

(Also... pssssssst... little boys have a very special love for their mommies... I promise you will be well-rewarded for your work!) ;)


He really is an absolutely adorable baby! That last picture is just too precious for words! :)

Different Laura

Your eyes! Your nose! OMG!!!


f'in-A (from a mom who can't stop cussing like a fish-wife). Tooo cute! Love those limp sleeper photos. They just make me all melty!

Have you heard there's some kind of genetic, cave-man, thing where first babies tend to look like the daddy so the daddy falls in love quick and sticks around? Of course, our super-amazing men don't need it, but it never got bred out. Maybe it's an urban legend, but it's the story that makes the rounds. My son is a daddy clone too, but a TOTAL momma's boy. So it all works out in the end.


He's so beautiful!!

He does look a lot like Jason, but in some of the pictures, that upper lip? It's all you.

Miss Ann Thrope

He's smiling! That is way too sweet.


Delurking to say your son is beautiful and how much I adore that last picture! It's what I call turtle neck with my 8 week old little guy. Most of the time the head sits squarely on the shoulders and then every so often the head starts to lift and the neck gets longer and longer...


Dudes, the kid is so totally a mini-Amy. REALLY. Tell the people.


First thing I checked after my big move to Baltimore? You're website. Just to see the yes, scrumptious pics of Noah.


Hehe, he is so cute. My cousin's hair did the same thing until eventually he was a like an old man ...bald on top, with that small ring of hair around the back. He was born with so much hair, and it just fell out within the first month to be replaced with the fuzz. Then it moved to the Bruce Willis phase, and finally back to baby hair. It was so adorable.


That last picture is sickingly sweet! I thought he looked like you though. Not that I've seen either of you in person! He's beautiful. Our son's receeding hairline ended up going all the way around his head so he had a bald ring w/hair on top and bottom. Not a great look. and just when it all grew back, we're now on round 2 of hair loss which I was NOT expecting!

Lt. Woman

That's just from rubbing on the crib sheets. It'll grow back eventually.


AMALAH! This requires shouting:
You may already know about this, but I can imagine you are busy enough that you might not have seen. From one Coach-whore to another.


OMG! What serendipity! I used the phrase "sam hill" for the first time in my very own post tonight. What are the odds??

He is a BEAUTIFUL baby.


he has officially suckered everyone in the entire family and the entire internet. could he be any cuter?


I think that last photo made my day.
He is so GORGEOUS>


Oh man! I'm sitting here just wishing I had one! He's soooo cute! What's just a little scary is that I DO! She's only five months old (well, not even yet), and here I am already wanting another one! What a total beauty!


All the photos are beyond precious. But the last one? Indescribably delicious. If I print it and hang up next to my computer will people think I'm weird?

And about Ceiba ... Damn smart pooch to get in good with the kid.

Jody W.

I'm pregnant and sick as crap, but these pictures make me glad I'm so ill. Thanks, I needed that reminder!


'suckered entire household'? try entire internet. the kid is a cutie. criminally cute. put that baby in baby jail for the crime of excessive cuteness.


what a cutie! I love your blog, and I think your little guy is the cutest baby I've ever seen:-)


Hey just delurking to say that I had my son Joseph on 10/04/05 and he has the same hair thing, tons in back blond fuzz up front! Its cute tho! Noah is beautiful. :0)


I read somewhere that all babies more closely resemble their daddy's in the first year. . . goes back to the caveman days so men would know what babies were theirs. I think he's a good combo.


Is he adorable??

Does a fat puppy hate a fast car?!

Love your blog, and your contributions to snarkitude crack me up constantly.


My God, does he get any more precious? He looks a lot like Jason but he DEFINITELY has your nose! (just comparing his pic to your young pic) Sorry Ceiba, though you are a beautiful little pup, I do not see any resemblence, but thanks for offering a comparison. :-)


Awww, he's so cute. Lovely site, by the way.


What an adorable baby!!!!!! He was definitely worth the wait - right?


Oh, God, I am tearing up. I forgot they were so terribly adorable. That is thecutestfuckingbaby in the world (since mine was born 2.5 years ago anyway...)

And your dog loves him, too. We have 2 cats- one hates the little guy and avoids him like the plague. The other one thinks that Noah (yeah, it's a great name!) is HIS baby, and has followed him since I brought him home from the hospital. I used to get reproachful looks from this cat when my Noah would cry and I couldn't make him stop. Damndest thing is, I would put him down, and this cat would come over and lay next to him, and Noah would shut up and go to sleep. Then the cat would give me this, "Ha. I guess we all know who's the master mom in this house," look. Damn cat.

Glad things are going swimmingly! :)


Oh my god, that last photo with Ceiba is the cutest thing I've seen all day! Soooo cute!



He is too cute for words!!!!

As an aside...I found your site by accident and really enjoy your writing. I've just caught up on the entire archive. See how devoted and special I am?!?! Sheesh...that sounded kind of scary and stalker-esque, which I'm not.


Adorable lil' boy you have there. An audible awwwww did escape from my lips as I viewed your pics!


Amy, how's the kitty handling baby Noah? No jealousy issues? My biggest worry is that when we have a baby (a longggg ways away anyway), our two cats will freak out.


My Kid's first smile totally came for his dad...while I ran for the camera to comemorate the moment.

And as my MIL says, "We do all the work and they get all the credit."


Absolutely, positively the most adorable pics -- what a sweetie! Downright de-lic-ious!!!


that baby has a dang cute neck!! look at the long graceful neck on that boy!! lovely! (and i of course mean that in the most masculine, rugged way imaginable...) it is a lovely neck though...


What a pricelss picture of Noah and Ceiba, I imagine you'll have many of those to come!

Wacky Mommy

He looks very all-knowing. Alert guy, huh?


That baby holds true beauty.

Just gorgeous.



I think he looks a lot like you when you were a kid. Especially his nose. I am just comparing his pictures with your toddler picture on the left, otherwise I have no idea what I am talking about.

Heather B.

I already commented on this, but the pictures really do him no justice. He's such a cutie.

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