Wednesday Advice Smackdown


December 2, 2005: Noah sleeps through the night.

In his crib.

(So much for the lamest co-sleeping assvice smackdown ever, right?)

Of course, I did not sleep through the night. I was too busy doing the following:


2) Fudging around with the baby monitor batteries and volume, because clearly, I should be hearing hysterical screams by now.

3) With each passing hour, whispering excitedly to Jason: "I think he's going to sleep through the night! Look at the time!"

4) Ignoring Jason's Glaring Looks of Glarey Death.

5) Sneaking downstairs repeatedly to poke and prod the sleeping baby to make sure he was still alive.

He was still alive. He was just very tired.




I did the same thing the first time my son slept thru the night... congrats on getting him to do that...tonight, YOU practice sleeping thru the night!


Wow, congratulations!!! Eventually it'll become easier to not poke the baby and easier to discern his breathing over the monitor. :P


Yay! Congrats! That's awesome. What a good boy he is. Hopefully he'll sleep through the night today so you (and Jason) can actually benefit from it. :)


Congratulations! And I bet Max was thrilled to have his place of honor back as well.


Congrats! Hopefully it will repeat and you will get to enjoy a full night's sleep as well. Good luck!


Yea for sleeping through the night babies! I have absolutly no experience in this area, but I am sure you will get used to it. That, or you will just be ssoooo tired that you wil have no choice but sleep the night through.


Spoken like a true mother. But did you wake up in a giant sopping poool of your own breastmilk?? Because that was the cherry on top for me.


That's GREAT! And I swear, he's cuter every day. He looks so happy in that picture, what a little angel!

Lisa V

The night we brought Mallory home from the hospital she cried on and off until 3:00 am. Then she went to sleep. When we woke up the next morning at 9:00 and saw her still asleep between us were sure we had killed her. But nope, just asleep. Some day you will be waking up with every creak you hear. Not because you think the baby is awake, but because you are worried the teenager is sneaking out. Parenthood; one big sleep deprivation experiment.


God, I remember that first time. Unfortunately for me, it took me some time to stop doing the breathing checks--I would wake up, look at the clock, freak out and go make sure Dylan was still alive. Which he always was. Thank God.

Now, I hardly bother with the monitor anymore. I figure if he really needs me, he can scream loud enough to wake me up in the next room. (and he can. OH YES, he can.)

I'm such a bad mommy. ;-)


Congrats! Your post gives me hope that my boy will soon be sleeping through the night. They are 5 days apart and it seems whenever you post a milestone or new thing Noah is doing, sure enough, within a couple days, Alex follows suit. *crossing fingers*

Naturally, the one night he slept for 5 hours straight - I was up. And the nights where he has skipped a feeding or two, I wake up anyway. You just can't win.

On another note - I was determined not to let Alex sleep with us...well, he does anyway. He's gone from sleeping with us all night to me just bringing him in the bed at 5:30 am for a couple hours.


God, I remember the first time each of our sons slept through the night! I awoke in a cold sweat just KNOWING that the baby had joined the choir eternal while I was unconscious.

I hear you!


Amanda: Oh GOD, the bed was a SWAMPLAND of milky bedclothes this morning. Ick.


SOOOOOO many people are going to be jealous of you if this turns out to be a regular thing. Good luck!!!

spammit/ anne nahm

I remember when my child first slept through the night... at 8 friggin' months old. Curses on your new mom luck! You are getting off waaayyy too easy.


Another Noah milestone down and only 1,245,553 to go!


Congrats!!! I'm completely green-eyed with envy. It took Ella 11 months to sleep through the night. Savor this sleep yourself, that's awesome!


Brittani was two years and 3 weeks before she slept through the night... I thought I clearly wasn't doing something right, Brooke was also two years and 2 months when she slept through the night.... come to find out, husband was also two years old... perhaps it's a family thing, hell if I know, but I am totally envious of the sleep you're getting with a newborn -- on the other hand, now that my girls are 10 and 6, they allow mommy to sleep all night and sleep in on the weekends while they watch cartoons, so I guess I should shut up and quit complaining :)


My son finally went BACK to his crib last night!
I will not celebrate too much for fear he will return to my bed in days...
Congrats to you!


Hooray! And congrats! My niece is almost two and still not sleeping through the night. SHe has also recently decided that she is not going to take naps anymore, either. Hope your good luck continues!


Hooray! And congrats! My niece is almost two and still not sleeping through the night. She has also recently decided that she is not going to take naps anymore, either. Hope your good luck continues!


Ok, THAT is the cutest picutre yet. Ahh, so yummy, yay for sleeping babies!


YAY! I still remember when my nephew slept through the night. My brother was so worried that he called the emergency room at 4:30 am to talk to the nurses because his son was still sleeping. After determining the baby was actually sleeping the nurse told my brother to "Count his blessings and get some sleep for Christs' sake!"


Congratulations! Now you just have to relax enough to enjoy it.

Sarcastic Journalist

Ellie is 16 months and each time she sleeps for a decent amount of time, I'm sure she's dead.

But I don't go in there. Nope.


Hooray! I hope he keeps it up!


You would be a bad mommy if you didn't freak out the first few times he lets you get some good sleep. My daughter is 5 months old, and is sleeping on an average from 10pm-9am with no peeps out of her, and I freak whenever I haven't heard from her in a few hours. I have done the creepquietlytocribsideandpokebabyforreaction more than I can say. You will eventually get used to it.

Also, we have a small house, so no baby monitor for us. If we had one, I would wake up every 2 mins because my girl sounds like a sumo wrestler with asthma half the time while sleeping. Now, if she wakes up and needs me, she lets out a holler that will wake the dead. Noah will let you know if your presence is me.


Bwahahaha! I did the same thing with my second child because I did NOT want to have two kids in my bed. I don't know what it is with 9 pound babies, maybe they're so used to being snug in a too-small uterus and they just can't handle sleeping in the cavernous depths of a crib? Not sure but both of my kids wanted to sleep attached to me. Sleep while you can, their sleeping habits tend to change as they grow.


I am sympathetic to Jason here. ;-)


I think you are probably a great mom and all, but have you noticed that advertisement on your page for craftsburykids?
Crafts bury kids? Is that the message you want to be sending?
Love the blog.

Silly Hily

Well that is fabulous darling. Just fabulous!


Holy CRAP that baby is cute.


Heh. I was known for delivering the Glarey Looks of Glaring Death through closed eyelids.


Good for you, Jason, and Noah. Don't worry, soon you'll be down to waking up every two hours to listen for him, then every three -- and in a week or so YOU'll be sleeping through the night too! :-)

Real Girl



Most darling baby picture yet!

Congrats for having the most adorable member of the family sleep through the night =)


"Glaring Looks of Glarey Death"... HA!

yay for noah sleeping through the night! hopefully soon mommy can join him. :-) you deserve the rest!

Big Gay Sam

Next time you get the glarey death looks? Point a mirror at his face. Let him look at it for awhile. :P


When our son was 5 months old, my husband said, "Do you think he's ever going to use that expensive crib we bought him?" Don't think so, Babe. Well, we did try to "Ferberize" him in it one night (and only one night), but he was one and could say a few words by then -- you can only imagine our complete and hideous horrible agony, standing outside his bedroom door with out eyes squeezed shut (because this is OUR BABY, and life must CEASE until he is FINE), listening to his pitiful wails of "Mommy! Daddy! Pweeeeeeze! Pweeeeeeze, Mommy! Pweeeeeeze, Daddy!" Oh my God, it's nine years later and it still huts my heart to remember that. So screw the crib. Nine years later he still wants one of us to "put him down" at night. And we're good with it, so long as he can sleep by himself by the time he goes off to college. (We were sure for a while that he'd be taking his pacifier with him to college, but he left that behind when he turned four, so we think there's hope for the sleep-alone thing, too.


Forgive my ignorance, for I have no Noahlah...but waking up in breastmilk??? How/why, I mean, sounds awesome. Had to delurk b/c I am confused..


I am SOOOOOO jealous! I have a four month old litlle boy (Jacob) who wakes up all night long and refuses to even take a cat nap in his crib! PPLLLEEAASSEEE share with us how you managed to get him to preform this miracle!


Oh boy, am I jealous! :)


oh man, that is the funniest expression ever.

caption: If she comes in to check if I'm sleeping one more time, I'm gonna open the poop floodgates and GIVE her something to check.


Jes: The Noahlah slept through TWO of his usual nursing sessions last night, but my boobs didn't know about the change in schedule.

So the milk he'd usually eat? Just sort of...leaked out anyway. This is why SMART nursing mamas sleep with a bra and absorbant nursing pads in place.

As I'm sure you've figured out by now, I am not smart.

And Kerry? I don't think I had anything to do with it -- the boy just decided he wanted to SLEEP without my annoying self cramping his style. I put him in the crib after he dozed off while eating during The Apprentice so we could eat dinner. He woke up about 10 minutes later, I turned on his beloved mobile, and boom -- down for the count until morning.

So it may be that he was sick to death of my reality TV obsession. Which means after the season finales in two weeks, he'll never sleep again.




I totally did the same thing when Grace slept through the night for the first time. I still wake up in a fright sometimes, 8 months later, and think that even though she's been sleeping so well up until now THIS is the time that she'll have died in her sleep. I am an idiot.

I hope that you are able to let yourself get some sleep now that Noah is trying to let you sleep. :)


Congratulations!!!!! My kid merely took a NAP this morning in his crib and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. So, GOOD GRAVY - I can only imagine YOUR orgasmic state of ecstacy. Here's hoping for a 2nd night for you........


Awesome progress.

I was wondering if the breastfeeding continued. Glad to hear it's working out.

Hopefully he will keep this up after the holidays so you won't have to sleep under your desk and post the picture of you giving everyone the finger.


i was amused at the entry, and then i read all the comments. so now the only thing i'm going to say is this....

whats funny is, if you turn that picture of noah vertical, it looks like he's listening through the walls to ya'll talking about him :P


Spoon, please. I will commence eating yummy baby boy, starting with those little fingers!


That first night is a rough one. Our girl was so particular about where she slept that after 2 sleep deprived weeks we tried her in the crib we thought she was two little for. What do you know? She's been quite comfy in it ever since. She's 8 months old and the monitor is still on loud enough so that I can hear her breathing.


Poor Amalah. And sweet little tired Noah! I'm glad he got some sleep, and I totally understand why you didn't, but I hope you get used to it and take some time to enjoy it!


lucky!! hope it sticks... e faked us out when he was about that age, slept through the night in the crib, and hasn't done it since...and is 7 months old.


See and if you would have smothered him in your sleep like most co sleeping parents tend to do, you never would have leaked all over your mattress. [/sarcasm]

Doesn't every woman want to wake up in cold smelly breast milk?


rock on, super baby!


The BEST is when you spend a week up all night listening to the baby sleep through the night, then finally figure out that it's OK! that your baby isn't wailing at 2am and finally settle down enough to sleep yourself, only to be woken up by wailing at 2am.


My husband also gives me glaring looks of glarey death. For waking him up at night. But I wake him up to tell him I'm still mad that he ate one of the cookies I made to bring to work.


Yep! Your a mom! Remember the days when you weren't afraid? Then you have a baby, and all of a sudden you become worried about every-little-thing. No matter how big or small, you worry for that baby of yours forever. I guess that's because we love them so much!
And, BTW I am so glad that sweet, beautiful Noah is sleeping through the night. Now you go get a little shut-eye too!


The first rule of Sleep Thru The Night CLub, don't blog about Sleep Thru The Night Club because you can jinx yourself something awful...

Congrats on the milestone. He couldn't be any cuter...



I usually just lurk, but have to comment on Noah's scrumptiousness. That is all.

Lisa B

I am SO JEALOUS! My child was still waking up every other hour on the hour for four months. Or maybe five. I was so sleep-deprived, its all pretty hazy now.

But congrats! And I know tons of people who have done the same thing you did -- checking on the baby the make sure he's still breathing. I STILL do it if my 3 yr-old takes a long nap!

Kiss that sweet little man for me. :-)


My daughter, born 10/4/05 has been sleeping through the night since 3.5 weeks. She still sleeps in our bed and I still wake up every hour to make sure I see that little belly rising and falling. Welcome to motherhood, and congrats!


Almost forgot: If he continues to sleep though the night you'll need Lansinoh nursing pads. They can hold the Hoover Dam!



I'd be interested to hear more about your anti-attachment parenting stance. Because after nine months of motherhood (little girl, Miriam, thanx for asking), I've pretty much concluded that Dr. Sears can bite me.

It all started when Miriam hated the sling and I hated nursing, and just generally found myself unable to live up to the attachment parenting way of life. But we're SO bonded anyway. So there.

Just curious to hear more. Rant on.

P.S. She has a crib, and she will sleep there for about 4 hours at night. Then it's in with Mom and Dad.


gaahh, that could be the sweetest damn thing I heard all day. O' how I remember that first time my lil one slept in her own room, it feels so long ago and she is only 3!!

Erin O'Brien

One thing motherhood taught me is that you CAN be awake and asleep at the same time. It's that place where you're sorty of in a hazy quasi-dream sleep, but there is still one part of your conciousness that remains aware of your toddler.




That is all. :)


Glad you liked my comment. I am really amused by your journal, and love those sweet baby pics! :-)


You sound exactly like me! My son is 8 weeks and starting his first day of daycare tomorrow :( I'm so not ready for work but he's been sleeping through the night for a few weeks or so now. I was exactly like that at first and still am to a point, but it's much better and I'm getting some much needed rest. You will too once you get use to him being in the other room/floor of your house. Good luck!!


Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! Hope he continues!


Amy you aren't stupid at all - just your BOOBS are. When Alex first slept through the night, I was wearing breast shells, breast pads AND an absorbant nursing bra. I still woke up in a puddle.

Rubber sheets aren't just for perverts anymore!


This is too cute. You sound like such a great mom. :)

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