I Never Told You This, But the Photographer Asked If I Was Sort Of Like JenniCam

Attack of the Blog Babies!

Or, Too Much Cuteness For Just One Lap:


Today I had lunch with the gorgeous Cagey and Arun, The Child With All That Hair.

Arun screamed, Noah puked, Cagey and I maybe possibly managed to eat an entire piece of pizza between the two of us, and then we chugged our wine and got the hell out of Dodge in a terrifying display of Why Single Mothers Deserve Medals, what with the carseats and the diaper bags and the leftover pizza boxes and the blocking of the fire exits.

It was a SMASHING SUCCESS, I'd say, since I did not seem to alarm Cagey with my complete and utter loserness, like when she asked me what Jason and I do "for fun" and I just stared at her and thought about telling her about my many TiVo Season Passes.

But holy crap, y'all. I got to hold TWO BABIES today. Two! Why didn't I ever think of having two?


The small ones, they conspire against us, and we like it.

EDITED TO ADD: You know what?

Never mind. Let's just forget the whole sad, stupid thing. I'm irritated with myself for even wasting keystrokes on it, because again: Sad. Stupid. Whatever.

Instead? I present The Turtle in Winter.


(Accompanied by The Mother in No Makeup.)



Heh. Noah looks like he's about to say, "Eeexcellent", Mr Burns style.


ha! i do whatever i can to avoid the "so what do you do for fun?" question. ;)

btw, love the pink jacket, Mommalah. LOVE.

that child DOES have a large amount of glorious hair, doesn't he? cute. but noah says "i'll give you the points for the hair, but have you SEEN my cheeks?"


Wow. Bloggers are meeting left and right these days. Anyone want to consider a Midwest gathering?


When did Noah start on steroids? When?!

What gorgeous little boys--polar opposites, but both so handsome! It's a great world, filled with great babies and the moms who love them.


Two very cute kids! I have twin nephews...and two at a time is really hard and I only have them for 24 hours at the outside.


They are so adorable.


You're back! Yay! (ADDICTION. NEEDS. TO STOP.)

(My name is Lilliana, and I'm an Amalaholic)

May I just say (again!) how gorgeous Noah is? And little Arun is sooo cute too!

And look at you holding to babies at once. you're a natural!


The babies are cute, but that jacket is CUTER.

Well, wait. I mean, maybe it's not. I take it back. So let's say that those are the two cutest babies along with the cutest jacket.

There, I feel better.


Oh, the cheeks!! My youngest baby is almost 30 (years) but I can still feel the tug of those yummy cheeks!!

Lisa V

They are sooo cute. That second picture is wonderful.

See babies ? They are crafty little bastards. The first one is always so cute and so easy. They trick into thinking you should have more. Kind of like martinis or potato chips. Then you get more and realize "I was tricked damn it!"

All subsequent children are never are easy as that first. But they are still just as cute, because they too are crafty little bastards. I know, I have four. Some of us just don't learn.

Anne Glamore

I'm seconding your remark about single moms-- NO ONE has a harder job. I'm reminded of that everytime my husband travels.

And yes, with twins, no kid ever gets to sit in the middle of your lap. The answer is "That's why God gave me 2 knees."


Awww... so cute! And later, when they both pledge the same fraternity, their moms can drag out these pictures and say "See? See when they were babies? Oh, how cute they were!" and they'll be all sheepish and say "Mo-om! Not those old pictures again...."

Two adorable babies... I need to go have lunch with some other blogger, but I don't know if I'd be brave enough to bring any of the miscreants that call me MOM. ha!


Aaahhhh! My ovaries just exploded! Or imploded. Whatever they did, it wasn't fun.

By the way, when did Noah become a little boy instead of an infant?


Gah, So Cute! Besides the screaming and puking they look like 2 very content little boys.


Look at that smirk Noah has. Like he is up to something.

Now, you are holding two and wondering why you never thought of having two....will we one day find out that you are that lady that has 17 kids?

I am stopping at 4, that is my limit. Unless the last pregnancy is twins. Then I'll let that 5th one slide. (I just got that Goo Goo Dolls song in my head now.)


The ovaries! They are KILLING ME from the CUTENESS! And the HAIR! And the BALDNESS!


mmmm...delicious babies... [sluuurp]


holy crap those two are adorable!!!
i swear some days im tempted to drive up from canada just to pinch those chubby cheeks! [take that as a compliment, not in the quasi creepy way it came out].

btw, love the name arun [im indian].


how adorable


Two very lucky mums - both gorgeous. :)


um, thanks ame, i'm now lacatating...


I know I'm meant to comment about the babes, but whoohoo! I just bought a jacket just like yours.


OMG could Noah be any cuter in that last picture?

Damn my husband for wanting to space our second and third child farther apart. Damn him. Ovulation women should not be looking at this blog!

Nicole P

Noah Storch - Little Big Head Extraordinaire! How freakin' adorable!


Cute babies. They look so happy to be together, totally like they are plotting. Truly adorable.

But God, at the risk of sounding so weird, so are you. Obviously the Noah apple did not fall far...

Has anyone ever told you you look like Dar Williams?


oh and - gah - Terzo was born three days before Noah and is not rolling over yet! I shouldn't worry? : )


What cute little men! I just want to touch all that hair and then kiss Noah's little chubby cheeks. Your kid just keeps getting cuter and cuter. Could be a medical condition.

Amanda Cowan

I agree with the too-much-cuteness comment!


Their CHEEKS! Their adorable CHEEKS!

They're so plotting what to do next in the second picture. Just look at Noah's evil little grin.


Love the season pass. Be one with the season pass.


I want my medal. And a pedicure, dammit.

RockStar Mommy

Why didn't you think of having two? Because you are a smart woman.


Gah, the cuteness has sucked me in. Maybe I'll have a third.


don't you know this is how you get sucked in to having the second? just by holding that second, adorable baby, you've already forgotten about all the pain, the long hours of labor... all you can think is: I want another one!

it gets us everytime!


Holy crap...thats a whole lotta hair!


That's too much baby cuteness on one computer screen. I think you've violated some internet cuteness quotient.


The squeee-ometer just broke. Seriously - between the eyebrows/hair of Arun (is that pronounced Air-in or A-roon or ?? I like it) and the Cheeks and sly baby smirk of Noah...the world might may never be the same. Imagine when they're like 21 and out for a night of fun. Mothers of baby girls everywhere in the DC area, beware!


1) Babies are cute.
2) Your jacket matches your website's border. Nicely done.


I think I may have first seen Arun on an SNL commercial for baby toupees a couple of weeks ago...that HAIR is simply remarkable. Very, very cute. But alas, much like kittens, kid cuteness has a finite shelf life, lasting approximately 13.5 years. Then the stealth evil mode kicks in.

Big Gay Sam

Put the babies down and step away slowly. When in close proximity to the "baby smell," mothers tend to lose all reason and sense of proportion. The start to hatch diabolical plots for future impregnation.

Take a soiled diaper and inhale deeply. That should restore sanity.


I throw sweet potato diapers at the blog haters! Perhaps Noah and Arun can be in a Hair Club for Babies commercial as the before and after shots.


Screw those who don't like your site. Nobody forces them to read-don't dwell. I think you are very funny and entertaining and I love hearing about your little guy. Enjoy the snow and don't even give "them" a second thought.




I think the people who complain about blogs are the same ones that complain about what's on tv. They tend to forget there is a nifty device called the remote and they have the power. POWER TO THE PEOPLE! If you don't like it..don't look.

But they probably look at porn and complain about the degradation of women and society and my, look how big her boobies are!!

Amalah...don't go there. Don't read the bs, don't entertain the bs...or even acknowlege the bs. You're better than that.

Enjoy Noah and the snowstorm. I'm in Minnesota and kind of jealous. We don't have any snow.


I love your annoying site. ;)

Big Gay Sam

Amazing what jealousy brings out in people.

That's it basically. The haters are jealous because they don't have the traffic nor the intelligence of Miss Amalah. So what do they do? Tear her down. Only they do this to make themselves feel better about their mediocrity. Dear Amalah. Honorary gay man. As my momma always says, "The opinions of worthless people are worthless." Put that saying in your head and you'll be just fine. I love your site. I love your family and I love you. Look at how many people do love your site and comment regularly. You have the traffic and statistics to prove it.

The ugly post about you (whatever it may be) reflects on the ugliness of their own soul. It has nothing to do with you other than you're a target. It's their damage.

Love ya Amalah. :)


I absolutely LOVE that last pic - it is amazing! I am a scrapbooker and I don't even know you but I would love to scrap a page with that pic. The possibilities are amazing. Keep on with what you're doing. I'm enjoying it.


if it makes you feel anybetter the offending blog took it down. even on the secert site, so she says.

People are just stupid, don't let these horrible bother you. I read all of your entries, including the archives and sometimes they don't interest me that much. but when that happens i use the pretty little X on my screen. I'm really sorry that people are acting like that. just remember that you aren't doing these things and that makes you a better person for it.

Noah is so cute in his little snow suit!


At the risk of sounding like one who emulates and worships their webmistress...relax and remember that you need not stoop to notice the crap that some dish out...

Now, go take care of that sweet turtle boy.


~Beginning ass kissing comment~

I say just be one with Angelina Jolie--some people love her, some people hate her, but she doesn't give a rats ass because she knows she's hottt with about 5,000 t's and just does her thing ;)

You know we love you, Amy, otherwise you wouldn't have hundreds of people taking the time out of their day EVERY DAY to check in on you and your gorgeous family.

~End of ass kissing comment~


as we so often said in the 70's (and 80's and 90's...) Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke. Your baby is 10,000 kinds of adorable and your sense of humor makes my day...every day.

bless you, amalah...


What happened? I was gone all day and it seems that some other blog was being offensive. Nobody need to answer if you all want to move on, but I am curious.
Turtle is very very cute. Would he like to meet OWL who made me yet again wash the onesie with the owl on it so she could wear it to bed. If I tell her it's really a bad picture of a fox and not an owl on the onesie, would that be equivalent to telling her there is no Santa?


Oh! Love that last pic. Today the baby did a funny face and i realized, "OMG, it's the turtle face!" and DH agreed. Turtle boys unite!


You can not believe how much I love your site. I read it several times a day. I don't know what happened, I don't know who said what, but seriously, I want you to be my best friend. I feel like you already are! I also live in DC and really, really want to meet you. I have an 11 month old son, and have had many of the same issues as you, and our husbands are way similair.

So, now I sound like a delirious stalker. I'm not, although I really would love to meet you. I just want you to know, whatever was said, it doesn't matter. Your readers love you.

And Noah is way cute, not as cute as my guy, but almost!


I just wanted to tell you that you are truely a gifted and halarious writer! My friend ran across and I took it from there, I clicked on your page and found myself reading every single bit of your life from when you first found out that you were pregnant. Great stories, fabulous pictures, and most of all a gorgeous bundle-o-baby and a healed purse dog! Congrats!!!


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heather b

The cheeks on that baby are possible the sweetest, chunkiest, cutest baby cheeks I've ever seen, including baby pictures of myself and various cousins.


OMG! Noah is huge. I didn't realize how big he was until I saw a picture with some perspective. Holy moly!

for Joke!

Judging from that last picture, its going to be about ten more minutes until Noah has grown to be as tall as you. :)


Whoa, what happened w/ the blog hater? We are, of course entitled to our own opinions, but why are you on a blog, in someone else's little world, if you don't like it? Amalah, I think you kick ass and the only time I've not thought so was when you considered 86ing the smackdown (and that was just pure selfishness on my part.) The babies are gorgeous and I am jealous of the snow...on the upside, here in South Louisiana, we did get to put on our winter coats and pretend like we are getting our money's worth by wearing them approx. 3x/yr.
That's all, you are awesome, love your blog, F the haters.

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