She's Come Undone and Also Unhinged
Not Ha Ha Funny, But I Tried

In the Pink. Again.

So I called my mom last night, mostly to bore someone besides Jason with a very long diatribe about work, about daycare, about staying home, about money, about spending the majority of my precious moments with Noah getting crapped on, and about whatever else was bugging me out yesterday.

I took a breath after 20 minutes or so, and finally got around to asking how she was doing.

I figured we'd talk some more about Amber, our sweet old dog, who was put to sleep last week after a long battle with Everything, and I didn't tell you guys about that because I'm just too damn sad to talk about it.

She was a good dog, and I never got to say goodbye, unless you count last Christmas when I really, really hope I remembered to pet her.


Goodbye, Old Paint.

But we didn't talk about Amber last night, at least not right away.

They found a lump. Another goddamn lump. In her other breast. Her only breast.

We're starting all over again. And I have no words.

I do, however, have an appropriate onesie (which you can find here). And a bunch of Very Good Links You Should Click On, Preferably With Your Credit Card Handy.


Noah likes the boobs! You give money now!


Don't make me break out the baby toes, people.


Save the Boobies. And Nanalah.



In addition to donating at the 3-day site, here's a link to some "Save the Boobies" merchandise. If this isn't the right site, someone please provide the correct link. I found it through a search.


I am so sorry. I will say you really know how to tug at the heart strings putting cute little Noah in that onesie and posting pictures of him. I will keep Namalah and you in my prayers.


Also, I know this should be about your mom and all, but those are the cutest damn pictures of Noah ever. He's smiling! It's like he knows he needed to smile to the peeps for Nanalah!

Jackie Joy

My prayers, thoughts, and best wishes are with all of you!

Big Gay Sam

monkey toes!!! :)

I don't think there could be a better representative for the cause than Noah. Especially with those cute little toes. :P

I'll keep you and your family in my prayers.


Geez... what sucky news! I'm SO sorry. I hope and pray everything turns out for the best and that your mom has the strength to fight this again. We need our moms... especially now that WE'RE moms.

I'm also sorry about your dog. They really become family, don't they?


So sorry to hear of the new lump- prayers and dnonations are zooming through the airwaves as we speak.


Sending good thoughts to you and Nanalah. There's really nothing else I can say except that we're sending good, healthy thoughts. Hang in.


So, so sorry to hear this news but sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.


I have no words. I'll pray for all of you.


oh God, Amy. I'm so sorry to hear this. My thoughts will be with you and your mom.


Your moms a strong lady, I will be praying for her and all of you.


Rough week, girl. Hang in there. I'm so sorry you're going through all this.

Prayers and good vibes coming your way. Stay strong.

(And little Noah? Could raise eleventy million dollars for the cause if the powers that be put his cute little self in that seriously cute little onesie on billboards everywhere. He is too precious!)


Hooray for 3-Day walkers!
We're going through the same thing in our house (with the cancer) and it sucks the big one. Keeping you and your mom in my thoughts.


I'm so sorry. I'll be praying for your mom.


What is WITH this week? My sister got a cancer diagnosis today, as well.

Many prayers heading your way, Amy.


My thoughts and prayers are with Nanalah. And the rest of you all, also. =)

wordgirl minute you have me laughing and the next, I'm crying. Good thoughts for you, Amber, Nanalah. I want that shirt!


I'm so sorry. How frightening - again. That onesie is classic - who could say no to THAT?

Amber was beautiful. My parents had to put our dog to sleep, and I literally could not afford to come home to say goodbye. Heartwrenching.


That's just crappy beyond words. I don't know what to say except that you guys have overcome so much, there's no doubt you'll get through this.

Big hugs and kisses to the three of you and Nanalah. I'm sending great vibes to all of you!

Real Girl

Oh Lord. But is there hope it's a harmless lump? You've got gagillions of people pulling for her quickest recovery. Words fail, alas...

(Also, the dear dog looks so sweet! A long, good life is best ended painlessly, but still how sad.)


{many hugs}

Thinking of you all and hoping for the best.


Nanalah and the entire family will be in my prayers. (((HUGS)))


Ah, Amy, I'm so sorry. You have my prayers and thoughts for strength for all of you. I've been reading through your stuff, and I have a feeling that brains, ferocity, wisdom, wit, and strength run deep from mom on through to daughter.

(and cuteness on through to baby!)

She'll do it again. You'll all kick ass.

Thinking of you.


My mother was just diagnosed with a recurrence of breast cancer after 12 years. We're currently waiting for a bunch of test results -- it's excruciating. I'm scared - I'm not ready to lose my mom. Fucking cancer.

Your family is in my thoughts.


I am soo sorry to hear this!
Another package will be posted on Monday for the Momalah/Nanalah with lots of good thoughts and wishes!


((HUGS)) Wishing your mom a speedy recovery... and wishing for a break for you! Hope better days are ahead.


:( that's crummy. i hope things turn out okay. *hugs*


Sending you all positive thoughts and prayers, Amy and family. The very best wishes coming your way.


I visit your website all the time, but am not generally the type to leave comments. This seems a better time than any, to speak up and say that I am very impressed with how well you handle yourself and anything life deals you. Although I don't know you and your family, you will be in my prayers. I hope that everything turns out for the best!

Bozoette Mary

Lots of prayers and hope and love to Nanalah. Oh, and money too.


Good thoughts to the Nanalah, Amalah.


Delurking to say how sorry I am for all that you are going through. Prayers and vibes and good energy your way. Here's praying your mom will be held gently until this too passes. Hang in there and be sure to be good to yourself through this too. She needs you....hell...everyone needs you!


Amy, I'm so sorry. Every time I hear about one more woman having to go through this (you and your mom both) I cry. I'm going to go through chemo soon and even though I'm a young mom and otherwise healthy, I've seen what power positive thinking has on things like this.

Help keep your mom thinking positively and you do the same!! You're both fighters - you'll get through this.

Wicked Stepmom

So sorry to hear about Nanalah... I'm sending good thoughts her way.


i commented the last time your mom started treatment, and i'll say the same thing: my mom and 3 of my aunts have survived breast cancer - one of them with it reoccurring like your mom, so keep your chin up! good things happen to good people, even if it's a struggle to get there :)


So sorry about your Mum, Amy. I'm thinking about you both and hoping for the best.


Many many many prayers for you and your mom. If you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to vent to,(and you didn't want it public for us all to share in ha ha) feel free to drop a line. Its a rough road to walk alone.

We're really praying for ya'll.


Hi Amy,

So sorry that I have been out of touch. I often think of you and check out your website for an update. I am praying for you and your family.


Hi Amy, my college roommate's mom had The BC twice and the second time just had a double mastectomy... got herself a boob job... and now walks around without a bra showing the rest of us up. Her boobs are way nicer than any of us in our mid-twenties, no doubt. We all do the walk together every year and it is so meaningful to know how many people are out there supporting this cause! Lots of postive thoughts and wishes for good things to come soon!

(PS Noah = delicious.)


Prayers and thoughts of you and yours abound. Also: I miss onesies.


Geez, Amy...there are no words. The pics of Noah did make me smile, however. I'll be sending prayers up for all of you.

God, what an adorable kid...


My heart goes out to you and my prayers are with you.


no words to say how sorry I am. i am not sure about god and prayers and all that, but i send you goodness from NYC. hang in there.


delurking to be #144 to wish your mom all the best.


I love those. I'm doing some shirts (for mamas) as well - donating them to the American Cancer Society. It's a great cause - and we need a cure.


So, you already have a million comments saying this, but I am so sorry about your mom and dog. It's horribly unfair and awful...I will be praying and sending you all my best thoughts.


Praying for your Mom, that is just not fair to have to go through it all again.

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