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I'm Out

So I haven't written about breastfeeding for awhile. I bet whole dozens of you are wondering how that's going. Behold! The contents of my garbage bin! I find it always makes trash day EXTRA SPECIAL to toss out several hundred dollars worth of breastfeeding paraphernalia in one grand, sweeping gesture. (Okay, maybe I saved the unopened breastmilk storage containers.) (And the Avent pump.) (And maybe I have not actually thrown any of this stuff out yet, but simply moved it out of my kitchen cabinets and into a box, a box that is now sitting in our foyer, where it... Read more →

Casa de Suck

Noah is sick. Diarrhea. Vomiting. Screaming. Hair-pulling. He's on outfit number seven so far and I've taken three showers to get vomit out of my hair, cleavage and/or ear canals. I also watched Starting Over. I know. I am deeply ashamed. But you know, I was kind of hoping for more spinospools, or some of the crazy sadistic shit y'all told me about, like grown women being dressed as babies and sent on playdates while their housemates throw cupcakes at them and their Life Coaches berate them for not taking ownership of their poor life choices, which certainly include appearing... Read more →

Not Ha Ha Funny, But I Tried

Part the First! In case you missed the edit to yesterday's post, you can purchase a Save the Boobies onesie of your very very own at the BoobieBrigade CafePress shop. All proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Part the Second! In case you are tired of all the whining and the sad and the puke around here, perhaps a visit to the Gallery of Disturbing Baby Clothes would be a nice diversion? No, seriously. This is what I do with my life on the weekends. Well, this and change poopy diapers. And drinking, but...that's...probably pretty obvious. Enter the... Read more →

In the Pink. Again.

So I called my mom last night, mostly to bore someone besides Jason with a very long diatribe about work, about daycare, about staying home, about money, about spending the majority of my precious moments with Noah getting crapped on, and about whatever else was bugging me out yesterday. I took a breath after 20 minutes or so, and finally got around to asking how she was doing. I figured we'd talk some more about Amber, our sweet old dog, who was put to sleep last week after a long battle with Everything, and I didn't tell you guys about... Read more →

She's Come Undone and Also Unhinged

Yes, I'd love to post an entry too. Would LOVE it. Would find it DELIGHTFUL. But it's kind of hard, what with all the sobbing helplessly at my desk and the stress and the let's-not-get-fired nonsense and also, I found out this morning that my daycare center requires a doctor's note for Pedialyte. PEDIALYTE, WHICH IS FUCKING GATORADE. YOU BUY IT AT THE GROCERY STORE. SHOULD I PROVIDE A NOTE FOR FORMULA TOO NOW? I AM NOT DRAGGING MY CHILD TO THE DOCTOR OVER EVERY CASE OF THE RUNS WHAT WITH A $20 CO-PAY AND A $15 FORM FEE AND... Read more →

The Vomitorium Strikes Back

OH HELL NO. HELLLLLLLLLLLL NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Except yes! Jason and I are sick as very sick dogs again. With the puking all night and whining all day. When I posted about the Food Poisoning Adventure, a couple smart people suggested that it was maybe not food poisoning at all, but a stomach virus Noah brought home from daycare. I read their suggestions and nodded and filed that away as a likely cause, but for narrative simplicity I stuck with the food poisoning story online, because I am lazy and it was just deliciously poetic that the foodies got food poisoning and... Read more →


Guess what! I am not posting today. At all! In fact, this post you are reading right now is nothing more than a crazy hallucination and you should probably call a doctor about that. I'd have a really clever photo caption here if my dog's name was Tyler Durden, but it's not so I have nothing. So it's doubly good that I am not actually posting any photos. However! The good news is that I am the featured blogger over at, and you can go over there and read a 100% original interview with me today and a 100%... Read more →

From the It-Was-Bound-To-Happen-Sooner-Or-Later File:

(Y'all! Thank you so much for all the awesome diaper tote suggestions. I want about ten of them. At least. Oh wait, did I see that one before? Shit. Now I want eleven. And because together we've pretty much covered the Entire Universe of Cool Diaper Bags for the Non-Frumpy Mama, I'm going to pool all the suggestions and create a shopping guide. Because I have ALWAYS wanted to create a shopping guide of some sort, but have been too lazy to actually research it my damn self. So...thank you for doing all the work. Suckers.) Last night we went... Read more →

Wednesday Advice Smackdown Special Thursday Edition

Reason #47549234 Why IKEA Is Out To Destroy Me: This morning, as I went to retrieve my keys from our adorable PAVO cabinet (I painted it purple! I am so craftsy!), the little dowel-like knob thing went flying through the air and landed in places unknown. After crawling around on the floor for some time, cursing IKEA and dust bunnies and this job that makes me leaving the fucking house in the first place, like do they not understand what a damn challenge that is, I gave up and attempted to open the key cabinet without the knob. MOTHER OF... Read more →

When Cheesiness & Corniness Combine...

...You get reruns, apparently. One year ago today, we saw this for the first time: And we heard this for the first time. And I was relieved. And I cried. And then Jason gave me this while I tried not to vomit: It's been a really good year. Happy Valentine's Day, y'all. I would send you cards and flowers but I am way too cynical and jaded to get mushy over a stupid Hallmark holiday or whatever. *is totally blubbering over here with the mush, oh my god* Read more →