I Never Told You This, But the Photographer Asked If I Was Sort Of Like JenniCam
Wednesday Advice Smackdown Special Thursday Edition

When Cheesiness & Corniness Combine...

...You get reruns, apparently.

One year ago today, we saw this for the first time:


And we heard this for the first time.

And I was relieved.

And I cried.

And then Jason gave me this while I tried not to vomit:


It's been a really good year.


Happy Valentine's Day, y'all. I would send you cards and flowers but I am way too cynical and jaded to get mushy over a stupid Hallmark holiday or whatever.

*is totally blubbering over here with the mush, oh my god*



Aww, Happy VDay to you and your family, too...



(oh you know i love.) xo


damn, so close to first...Happy Valentine's Day, hugs and kisses to all the Storch fam.


Happy Valentine's Day!


Oh, happy Valentine's Day! So happy for you and Jason and Noahlah. :)


Oh happy hallmark V. D. Ewwwww, you know, I've NEVER made that connection before.


Happy Valentines Day hun!
Oh and Matthias has that exact same outfit as Noah! Too cute, I love babies in green.

Heather B.

oh the mush...

Happy VDay Amy. And lots of kisses for Mr. Noah over there.


I love how he is gnawing on the tiffany teether. What a perfect way to bring it all together. :)

Happy Valentines Day!


What a wonderful, special memory. And might I say that you have one of the best husbands out there. This post makes me want a kid right now! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family...


Aww... how sweet! Nothing says "I love you" like refraining to vomit on that person, huh?

I think tonight I'll commit not to vomit AND not to drool. Boy, it'll be a special treat for Mr. Linda (who would really, really resent being called Mr. Linda hahaha).

Happy Made Up Mushy Sweet Holiday to you too!


Bless you all. What a wonderful ride. Thank you for allowing us to sit in the backseat.


Yay! Happy Valentine's Day and congratulations on a GREAT year!

I'm gonna live vicariously through your fabulous V-Day as my boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me last night! I hope yours is fabulous, and I can't wait to hear about your day, as always.

Vaguely Urban

He is even cute enough to get away with slobbering up Baby's First Tiffany.

Happy V-Day to you and your family!


Happy Valentine's Day! I'm a big sap over the holiday, too, considering I was married two years ago today. So awesome that this day is also so special for you!


Awwww...he's playing with the rattle. Like Oprah would say (ha) it's a full circle moment. Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!


What a perfect Valentine's Day gift! I never remember dates of things but this day will always be one that is extra special for you and Jason.

And, that teething ring is way too cute, not to mention the teether himself!!


Happy VD!

Okay, so we no what a super awesome husband Jason is...what'd you get this year?


Aw. :)

Wacky Mommy

Happy Valentine's Day, Storch family!


Boozie - Jason got me some roses. I'd mention my other present, but that would mean I would have to speak of The Dress We Will Never Speak Of Again.


OMG! When the page first popped up I totally thought you were pregnant again! (AGH!)
Happy Valentine's! He's so cute!


Happy Vday girlie! Notifylist? still sucks, btw.

Kate The Great

Mr. Noah totally has your eyes! He's adorable =D Happy Valentine's Day!


It has been a great year. Happy Valentine's Day to all, my baby was born 32 years ago today.

Big Gay Sam

Happy STD! I mean Happy VD! :P


Happy Valentine's Day!


You think you invented ultrasounds!

Bozoette Mary

Happy Valentine's Day to the entire famalah! (BTW, my journal's moved over to "http://bozoette.typepad.com" since Diary-X shit the bed.)


Happy Valentines Day!!

(hey...does this mean my husbands needs to get me a rattle from Tiffany? Because I think I NEED one! Or rather..the baby needs one!)


When I first read NattyChick’s comment, I was all, “What’s so Ewwww about Valentine’s Day? Besides, of course, the fact that it was created by the evil card companies to sucker men out of buckets of money and make single women feel utterly miserable?” But now… my innocent, naïve mind finally gets it. Thanks, Big Gay Sam, for clearing that up for me. :)


happy valentines to you and your sweet family, amalah. we've had a lovely valentines. hope you do as well.


I was pretty sure you were going to announce your pregnancy.

I tend to jump the gun like that.

or I'm stupid -- it's hard to tell.

Amanda Brown

You make-uh me laugh! I am 18 weeks pregnant and I love coming to your site and hearing all about motherhood and what your pregnancy was like. You looked amazing through it all (and still do)! Keep writing. I'll be back. :)


Oh God, I forgot about the rattle. I have an excellent husband, but if you two ever need some extra income, I think Jason could give lessons.


This holiday is such a fun one when you have kids. I can't wait until my boys are a little bit older, and I can bake them little heart-shaped cakes!


jade - it's all about the babies once they're here...

maybe one day you'll understand :)


Aw, loved that.


Happy Valentine's Day! Isn't it great to have such a fantastic memory to look back on? :) My son was ...er... conceived on Valentine's Day (seven years ago...dear GOD) so I know how it goes. Hope youre having a great one this year as well. :)

And all the cynics and twerps can just go leap off a cliff. :D


Happy Valentines Day to you, Mr. Amy, and Noahlah.


Baby's first tiffany. Absolutely Brilliant.

Is it bad that listening to the heartbeat made me want to go out and jump a man so I could have that for myself?


Four years ago today, I got married and knocked up all in the span of about five hours. Is that time management or what?

We didn't plan the little booger, but we can't imagine how boring life would be without him.

So, HallMark holiday or not, for a couple of very good reasons, Valentine's will always rank very high on my list of favorite days.

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all! I hope everyone had a good one.


happy v day to you and all your loves!


Hallmark or not...he's gorgeous!


what a difference a year makes...
is it to early to say that i'm ready for noah's sisterlah or brotherlah to arrive?
ok, i'll shut up now, for i am sure you are aiming a large shotgun straight at the copmuter screen right now.

still, the world could definitely use some more of the cuteness that you are apparently able to create.


Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family!! I have been a regular reader for some time now, but I figured, hey, on this special holiday why not leave a comment. I may have left one before, who knows. Anways, I lo-o-o-o-ve to hear all about Noah and what is going on in your life. He is just the most handsome boy! Thanks!


Wow, who knew that a boy could have a gift from Tiffany's? I thought Tiffany's was soley reserved for us. However, bravo Jason for teaching Noah that he needs to buy beautiful expensive things for the people he loves. ;) Amy, that will work in Noah's favor when he is older and swooning all the girls.

V. Day is our wedding anniversary--married on this day not because it is the day of love, but because my husband would've forgotten the date otherwise.


Aw, too cute! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.


One year ago is how far I've gotten in my attempt to read all your archives in chronological order. :-) I think when I get to now, I'm going to cry.

Happy Valentines Day!


He. Is. Just. So. Damned. Yummy.


You and your family make me happy just about every single day. . . all y'all are just a little sunbeam into the cube farm that is my life.

Wacky Mommy

Sssssssssssayyy bahhhyy! How is Ceiba-woof lately?


Happy day after VD!! That is such a nice story. But I *do* want to know what you got for a gift... I got an engagement ring. hooray!!


Happy Valentines Day. I love reading your blog!


Happy Valentine's Day from somone who just had to use Google to figure out why everyone kept making reference to baby's first "Tiffany" and I was thinking that was a fancy name for "rattle" or "teething ring."



Isn't amazing how fast it all goes...

Nothing But Bonfires

I read "you get reruns, apparently" as "you get the runs, apparently."

I'm so sorry. For all the mental images you now have in your head.


Amy, did you get rid of Jade the troll? Good for you. Your boy is scrumptious as usual.

Dr. Johnny Fever

Your mom is rad, Noah.

Erin O'Brien

I don't know. The unmentionable lace undergarment my dearly beloved gave me was awfully nice too.

hm ...

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