This Post Contains Entirely Too Much Discussion Of Nasal Cavity Secretions
HA! And Also, Shit!

The Babies Like the Bandwidth

The purpose of this post is simply to give you some goddamn baby pictures already. Because you asked. Repeatedly. Yes, you personally, because when I address my readers as YOU, I am not referring to a diverse mass of far-flung individuals, but am instead reaching out through the Internet to YOU THERE, AT THE COMPUTER, IN THE TIN FOIL HAT.



Noah is five months old now.


He is officially aware of Coach's superior materials and workmanship.


He lets you know when he wants a hug, and will return the favor with gusto.


His hair is mostly blond, with just the faintest hint of red.


His eyes continue to baffle us, because they're looking sort of green.


He never, ever stops talking. Or making the turtle face.


He finds me pretty amusing, but not nearly as funny as the dog, who is the funniest thing in the entire damn world and also fun to suck on.


People are finally starting to say he looks like me.


Which: please. I have never been this cute in my entire life.

And here's where I will be extremely self-indulgent and post a video of Noah's wicked new babbling skillz. Which I have never done before and frankly, have no idea if this will completely crash the site, finally alert Typepad to my egregious bandwidth overages, kill us all in a hot molten death, or simply be kind of annoying and stupid.

Anyway, if you are here and do not see this entry, it is probably the video's fault.

The Turtle Speaks (Featuring Cameo By Small Brown Dog)

(I swear to God, we really do take him out of the exersaucer occasionally.)

(I mean really, he's also got a perfectly nice kennel.)



woo hoo!


Love your little Noah. What a lucky family you are.


He is getting more adorable all the time.


Very cute. The exersaucer is the greatest- what bliss to have them in a secure spot. Toddlerhood (which we are in now) does not allow for that pleasure.


So adorable! Thank you for sharing!


He suddenly seems to real to me. Not that he wasn't real before. Weird. He's reeeeaaal cute. I want one!


Oh lordy! I think I rewound to the part starting at 18 seconds about one million times, the *very serious* babbling part! I cannot stop laughing! Get that kid a job as a lobbyist! That made my morning, thank you.


Couldn't get the movie to load, dammit. I remember being very distraught when the little angel outgrew her ladybug saucer, but Sybil was most upset when I gave it to Cagey to use for Arun. I hear he thinks it's the cat's meow.

Keep trying with the movie thing. That's fun.


Cutest baby ever (I feel like I've said that before). He doesn't need any other toys besides the exersaucer, that seems to be keeping him busy just fine. As we say up here in Boston, he's "wicked cute". :-)


The video is so funny. And Ceiba is just walking around all, "Whatever, I'm so used to this...what can I chew?

Thank you for sharing!!


My [almost] 7 month old was absolutely captivated by the baby and found it quite hilarious!


Cannot. Stand. the Cuteness.

Particularly the "let's hatch an evil plan to destroy the world" pose in the first photo.

But the cameo by Ceiba scared me a little - like that scene in Three Men and a Baby where that kid is standing in the window - thanks for the warning.


I almost starting doing that babytalk thing to the screen, except then I realized that Noah wasn't right there. He is insanely adorable.


Amy, thanks so much for the pictures and especially for the video. I played it numerous times for my daughter and she just babbled away with Noah and kept saying "dog!" when she'd see Ceiba.

I think of you all and especially your mom. My mom is currently battling stomach cancer and is doing well. I'm praying for your mom and that all goes well. She's as strong as you and I know she will persevere.

Please think of us as well. I'm hella nervous. I'm near the IVF egg retrieval process. It's Wednesday. Although it's the second time I've done it, I'm so scared. I know you'd understand. So happy thoughts and fertile love please?

Love love love.


Love, love, love the pictures!! Makes me miss when my kids were that little! I'm downloading the video now - and after the comments above, I'm even more curious! I'm sure it contain an overwhelming amount of cuteness though...


Unbelievable that it's 5 months already. He is just adorable and obviously as smart as his mama.

(not having much luck w/ the video - perhaps it'll connect a bit later)


Maricar - Buckets of love and happy thoughts for you, darling. Big gallon-sized buckets. Good luck.


Was I the only one who was waiting for Ceiba to jump in the swingy chair? Love the Turtle and your cute brown dog ! What kind of doggie is Ceiba?


If everyone could please just stop viewing the movie so that I can hog all the bandwidth and watch it over and over, I would REALLY appreciate it. Thanksbye.

Heather B.

Good lord, I love your son. And the hugging and drooling and the cuddling and the smiles. Just love him to bits.


What a sweet baby!


Already? 5 months? Crazy! Amazingly, little Noah is more handsome everytime you share hims with us. :)


So cute, I love that stage. My nephew, (who I live with, again, but that's another story) is a month older than Noah and in his SCREAM AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS phase. Shreik!!

And is that you at then end of the video. Why won't us people... what? I can hear your accent, I didn't know you were from Levittown till I read the mommyblogs thing. I'm in NE philly, we'd be so close now!


That was awesome.


Uh, it's just not fair, my stupid work computer doesn't have speakers! I know what I'm doing as soon as I get home...I can't wait to hear Noah! At least I got my Noah picture fill.




Crap. Anyway.

He's damn cute.


Shit. That was fucking hysterical. And right as I was thinking, "Why arent they laughing?" You all laughed too, which is reassuring because you can NOT become immune to the humor in that babble.


I'm in love! Noah is so adorable!


Love me or hate me as I proclaim: Time for another!


he totally looks like you. totally.


See you have to be careful with pictures and the kennel because then people will be all.."BABY! KENNEL! NOT GOOD!" And its confusing because you say..."But the puppy! It was okay then! This baby shit is CONFUSING, man."

And you know...he DOES kind of look like you. Thanks for the baby picture fix. He's an angel.


When I got to the pic with his fingers in his mouth, out loud I said he was really starting to look like you, especially crazy considering the fact that I don't know you and have only seen a few pictures of you but absolutely he looks like you (even though I have never seen a picture of Jason). and damn work computer won't download video - can't wait to check it out from home.

This way too much cuteness for one post - can you spread it out over a few days next time!

Love this blog - it makes me happy!

Much love to you and yours Amalah!

Melissa F.

LOVE IT!! Especially the turtle face. It's the funniest thing ever! Love Ceiba too.


I love that in the picture with the caption about him looking like you, he's making the same face that you are in your sidebar photo. So. Freaking. Adorable.

Vaguely Urban

That oughtta shut up the daycare naysayers for a bit. We should all have such confidence and joy. And cuteness. Oh, the cuteness.


OMG posting videos is like sooooooo annoying and self indulgent. I would never personally do that.

I love the babbling turtle boy, Riley does the same BLA BA BLA BA sound (only now? his favorite is to make that noise with a giant mouthful of Gerber's "Tender Harvest". It is both cute and disgusting).


Uh - what? People are telling you *now* that he looks like you? I thought that from his first month! He totally has your nose!

Adorable pictures, by the way, and I'm cursing under my breath that I can't see the video, because blahblah "firewall/no videos allows" blahblahblah.

Silly Hily

Oh my goodness that was hilarious! I think I will probably listen to the babble at least 100 times today. I might just save it for whenever I get really pissed off and watch it to put me in a better mood and remind me of what I have to look forward to. I forgot how cute the babble stage was. You have SO much to look forward to and it all seems to fly by so enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!


Ok, I was having a reaaaaaalllly bad day. The pics & video turned it around for me...
What an angel-baby!


He's perfect.

(Since I'm done with the baby-thing, I can say that guilt-free).

He's so adorable, I might say it even if I had my own 5 month-old right now, that's how gorgeous he is.


Words to the video: Give me the keyboard, people, I have a blog post! Please, I have something to say!


"Why don't you people. . ."

WHAT? Why don't you WHAT? Aaagggh!

That was hella cute. I love Ceiba circumnavigating the bouncy seat all, "I know there are crumbs here SOMEWHERE!"


The babbling is adorable! Enjoy it for all it's worth because in about 2 years it's gonna go something like, "Noah honey, please don't take everything out of Mommy's purse right now" and he's gonna say (with this totally patronizing, sarcastic tone), "I'm juuust looking at it Mom" as the man behind you in the check out line hands you your creidt card from off the floor.

Thanks for sharing the Noah goods!


The turtle face slays me every time. He does look like you, but I thought his profile has since the very beginning.


Oh my goodness, he is a REAL LIVE person!!! The cuteness in the babbling was too much. I think I heard him say "mama, you are beautiful." Did you hear it?


When did that happen?

Hes adorable, and yes, l;ooks very much like you!


Of course he has a nice kennel! But I would guess that it's much easier to take pictures of him in his exersaucer, with all that easy face access and whatnot. Kennel pics would be so... obscured.

Love the babbling. What a cutie!


HA! My daughter is just a month older than little Noah, and she *LOVED* listening to him babble. She was sitting in my lap when it came on (there was a bit of a lag time), and became just fascinated and started waving her arms and getting all excited!

Noah is already a lady-killer. :)


I'm wicked.
I'm evil.
I'm tagging you for the three things meme. Questons on the blog:
It's about time you thought about YOURSELF instead of that incredibly adorable baby. I mean, let's not forget who MADE that fellow!


That was so cute! My son makes almost the exact same noises. I have got to post a video one of these days.
And I thought I read on some post that you had a squeaky voice. That's what I was expecting and the normal sounding voice threw me off.



Can I just say...? SQUISH.

(it was like a little song) ;)


Anna Sofia says: blah, blah, blah, blah... right back! Gosh, he's cute. Love the turtle face. :)


so what were you saying at the end? you know, the sentence you began..."why won't you people...." the people want to know!


I wish I could remember what I was saying at the end of the video. I'm sure it was brilliantly witty.

I think I was doing some live-captioning of Noah and expressing his frustration at all of us for just SITTING THERE when he was CLEARLY telling us about the meaning of life, the universe and everything.

"Why won't you people grab a damn pen and write this shit down already? It's important!"


Cuteness overload! No wonder your computer crashed -- it simply cannot contain All. The. Friggin. Cuteness!


I was nursing my 7mo old Zoe, playing the clip....she cracked huge gummy grins and belly laughed like she was listening to a George Carlin stand-up or something. Hysterical!

You may have a tiny comedian on your hands!

Kym & Zoe


Maybe he's trying to quote Bono: "Rock'n'roll, doggy."

Wicked Stepmom

If I had money, I would totally send money because between the turtle face pic and that OH SO CUTE babbling monologue I had to stop myself from trying to bite those delicious little cheeks right through my puny flatscreen monitor! Seriously, your Noah is too f'ing cute for words.

Holy crap I forgot how cute they are at that age. But YAY ME! b/c The Mouse is almost 4 months old so she is not too far behind in that stage of cuteness.


Whoa, is that link porn? 'Cause my work says, "Access Denied"! I guess I'll have to wait until I get home.

And yeah, he's starting to look less like Jason.


A couple of things:

1) Do not be hating on the tin foil. Tin foil is IN this year. Plus, it makes my face look thinner. That's what the dog says, anyway.

2) The dog says you lied about the money thing, but's it's possible he's just saying that to cover his ass, especially after that little incident at Halloween.

3) I don't know what that kid's saying, but he absolutely means it. He is SERIOUS.

Big Gay Sam

awwww the cute meter just went off the scale. Now I have to go pinch soft pink skin somewhere. I mean, besides my own butt.


So weird to hear your voice and Jason's voice and see Ceiba and Noah in action! We must have more of these video thingamajigs. More!


What a little punkinhead! I just want to free him from his exersaucer and kiss his drooly face. My girl gets the same expression when she is telling us all about it, but she does it at the other end of the musical scale, in shrieks and other notes only dogs can hear. I can't wait to play this video for her when she wakes up.

I think Noah was saying, "Why can't you people just send my mom buckets of money so she can quit her job and video me all day?"


Great enunciation of vowels and excellent use of consonants. Genius!


Goodness, what an adorable little muffin. Also, your dog totally looks like a teeny tiny deer. Keep up the blogging, hes a little sunshine in my day.



Finally!!!! He is sooo cute. I love the ones of him laughing. He always looks so serious in his pictures which my baby always did too and everyone always asked me Does she ever smile? She did all the time but when I got out the camera I think she wanted to slime it so bad she wouldnt take her mind off it.


Thanks a lot. My second day in my new cube and I have asploded all over it from the cute.


Far too cute. :) Have NO idea what he was saying, but whatever it was, it was TERRIBLY important. :)


First I could only get the audio and thought, "So cute!"

Then the video came in. Um, THOSE CHEEKS ARE DEADLY!


that photo at the top may be the cutest baby picture ever. He looks so excited that his....errm....snake? is there! I would totally enter that in a cute baby photo contest if I were his mother.


Noah is so cute, my browser crashed.

Also, I think I may have exploded from his adorableness.

Hannah B.

Glad I read the comments. At first I thought I just wasn't going to be able to view the video, but after reading the comments I waited out the slow connection time. Well worth the wait. And I have to agree with those who said that the picture of Noah with his mouth open looks just like your sidebar photo.


I love turtles! Turle boys are adorable!

If you're looking for a site to host your videos, I use and post it into my journal. You get the first frame with a play button to post on your site. That's if you're looking, dude.


Jesus... I think one of my ovaries is smoking.

Where can I get one of those???

So cute...

Nicole P

A-freakin'-dorable. And I haven't even seen the video yet (gotta wait to get home away from the hallway traffic near my cube). Don't these people understand that I need an office so I can watch Noah videos all damn day?! I mean seriously!


Ahhhh, the cure for Noah-withdrawl twitching. Yippee!


Now the picture where he has his mouth open big and that what people are referring to when you say that everyone says he looks like you? So are they saying you are a big mouth?

hahaha (to myself!)

Really though, he is lovely. :)


This has nothing to do with the Cuteness of Noah and his wonderful video monologue (quite aptly discussed above, and am in total agreement) but does anyone else find the sound of their own voice alarming on video?
I can't get enough of videoing (is that a word? looks funny...) my own little stinkerbean, but it's hard to do without egging him along...then when I watch the video I'm usually so horrified at the sound of my own voice that I'm too mortified to let anyone else see/hear it. Not that there's anything wrong with Amy's voice! I'm just saying, that's why any speaking of mine is usually abruptly cut off of any clips I'd show...
ok, i'll shut up now.


I have come out of lurking because that first photo, where Noah is clasping his hands together and grinning with delight at the little green dinosaur thing - *that* is the cutest picture in the world.





I agree that it was cool to see Noah in action and to hear your voices. I've always thought that Noah looked just like you, but with Jason's hairline maybe?
When my babe babbles like that my mom always says he sounds like he's swearing like a sailor under his breath. Same for Noah (goddamn mumble, mumble).
Thanks for the fun post!


Very cute!

Every time I start the video my cat runs under the computer table like she's trying to find the baby.

Ali G

very, very cute.

better that they say he looks like you than say, the mailman, right? because that would just be awkward.


If Noah already recognizes the superior quality and craftsmanship of Coach, he will so be ahead of the game 25 years from now when his girlfriend is rattling on and on about Coach and he knows why.

Such a beautiful fun boy!

Nicole P

Can we start some sort of Noah Share program (like time share)?? I call first dibs!!! Ship that gorgeous boy on out to Chicago to me!!! I'll totally give him to the next person on time, ahem, maybe. Ok, who am I kidding I wouldn't share him, but people could totally look at him while I held him and smiled (damn I'm generous).


"Bwahbwahbwahbwahbwah ..."



holy shit, that's beyond adorable.


Photo #8 (where Noah's mouth is wide open)- looks just like lil' Amy in the "amalah"- Queen of Everything picture. No doubt about the family resemblence- cheers to the both of you!


I love how the video ends as Noah is making the funniest face ever! He's too cute! And you and Jason have great voices! Just as I pictured them!


Back in the day (non age identifying time period) we had a device called the baby walker. Very handy, the babies loved them, they SEEMED safe enough but then apparently babies in droves were hurling themselves down flights of stairs and incurring head injuries and broken bones and they were whisked off the market in short order. Only to return as the "excersaucer" with design (and name) changes and safety upgrades to ease the fears of modern mommy consumers. So to re-instill the fears where they rightly belong: Just how many flights of stairs are in your house? And for how many seconds how many times a day do you unwittingly turn your back? Call me curious and slightly sadistic but only in the funnest way. SOMEONE has to think of Noah and his little baby noggin!!!


aawwwww. I can't wait until Christmas when my little man will be 5 months old. I started laughing while watching the video and he started kicking and kicking and kicking. I think he was responding to Noah - maybe trying to tell me the secret in morse code? Look at this foot and tell me you don't want to bite it:


lol...i laughed my butt off.

also? what the H E double hockey sticks were you saying? lol. you sound all...Harijuku. lol.


He is just so Jason all over the place!!! He's such a strong sturdy looking little guy, no chub at all.

Her Bad Mother

Um, Liz-up-on-the-exersaucers? You're harshing the mellow here.

And anyways, who would leave their kid in an exersaucer near a flight of stairs? I put mine out in the driveway. Lotsa room there.

Back to Noah: congrats on getting the smiley pics! Cuz, yep, as advertised, that's one helluva smile!


Ok, I'll admit I've watched the video like, 367 times today, and tonight? After a few glasses of wine, I'm watching it again and I've got serious belly-ache going on here from laughing so hard! I think I've been known to chatter like that after downing a bottle (or few?) of two-buck-Chuck. Keep the cute vids coming. That one was priceless. I'm rambling. It's the vino. Goodnight already, jesus!


I've got the baby-jonesing bad (no thanks to Noah pics) so I called my so-not-ready-to-be-a-dad husband over to look at Noah and even he said, "wow that is one cute baby." noah might get me my baby yet!

theresa again

also, for no reason, your voice surprised me. It actually sounded like my own!


Okay, so I happily just spent like 35 minutes downloading the video. Damn dial up.

Totally worth it. Because that kid is cute. And it just reminds me how excited I am for my own little boy.


OMG the picture with the puppy in the pocket!!

I definitely see you in him. That babbling was adorable. And I have to say, it was really cool, and cute to hear you and Jason laughing and marveling over him. You did good, you two!

Best of luck and a lot of fertile dancing goddesses sent your way, Maricar!


Loved the video, now you all seem like real people, not just internet characters!! I put some money in my tinfoil hat for you, let me know if you receive it.

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