This Post Contains Entirely Too Much Discussion Of Nasal Cavity Secretions
HA! And Also, Shit!

The Babies Like the Bandwidth

The purpose of this post is simply to give you some goddamn baby pictures already. Because you asked. Repeatedly. Yes, you personally, because when I address my readers as YOU, I am not referring to a diverse mass of far-flung individuals, but am instead reaching out through the Internet to YOU THERE, AT THE COMPUTER, IN THE TIN FOIL HAT.



Noah is five months old now.


He is officially aware of Coach's superior materials and workmanship.


He lets you know when he wants a hug, and will return the favor with gusto.


His hair is mostly blond, with just the faintest hint of red.


His eyes continue to baffle us, because they're looking sort of green.


He never, ever stops talking. Or making the turtle face.


He finds me pretty amusing, but not nearly as funny as the dog, who is the funniest thing in the entire damn world and also fun to suck on.


People are finally starting to say he looks like me.


Which: please. I have never been this cute in my entire life.

And here's where I will be extremely self-indulgent and post a video of Noah's wicked new babbling skillz. Which I have never done before and frankly, have no idea if this will completely crash the site, finally alert Typepad to my egregious bandwidth overages, kill us all in a hot molten death, or simply be kind of annoying and stupid.

Anyway, if you are here and do not see this entry, it is probably the video's fault.

The Turtle Speaks (Featuring Cameo By Small Brown Dog)

(I swear to God, we really do take him out of the exersaucer occasionally.)

(I mean really, he's also got a perfectly nice kennel.)



Does anyone else think the fourth pic up from the bottom looks like, "Whatchu talkin 'bout, Willis?"

the kim half of glamorouse

The exersaucer is the Noah what the BabyBjorn bouncer is to Jasper. Noah has a kennel, Jasper has the floor. Every fails to realise the only reason he is crawling is because he spends so much time on the ground he might as well explore it.

Humor Girl

Could he not be the most incredibly cutest baby of history!!! SERIOUSLY!! That baby chest! That face! He is so damn cute!

the kim half of glamorouse

Dear GOD I just realised how bad that comment was on so many levels. TO Noah, not the. EveryONE, not every.
Oh who cares. I know you know what I mean.




You know what you've done, don't you? After coming face-to-face (via computer, of course) (via Media Player, of course) with The Cuteness, you'll now be hounded for pictures AND video clips. :)


I'm a longtime lurker who must finally comment on how adorable Noah is! My 7 month old daughter has a bit of a crush, actually. She watched his video and kinda sighed with a soft smile on her face. A bit disturbing really....


I want more Noah babble!! That is my favorite age, you can tell they are trying so hard to communicate, the words just won't come out!


I love how in almost every picture he's touching, or about to touch, the kermit-green fuzzy dinosaur head. In the turtle face pic he almost looks like he's about to regulate on someone for coming too close to kermit-dino.


wOOt!! You finally got him to smile for the camera!

Great pictures. Really. My son is 5 months old now too and STILL I can't get that smile captured on film (er..digitally!) But he laughed his butt off watching Noah in the video!

p.s. what brand is your exersaucer? Baby Einstien? We are searching for one now.


Oh, Noah's just adorable!

My seven month old, Conner, enjoyed seeing the footage. He's always looking for "the other baby" (in the mirror) so he was greatly amused.

I need to find our recorder; he's got the funniest crawl that cannot be captured by stills alone!'

Ack, now I must rescue my breakfast sandwhich! Best of luck with Noah!

Random aside: Don't you just love it when people look at your baby and tell you, "Oh, you did SUCH A GOOD JOB!"

I always think, "What, at having sex? Thanks, the hubby rather thinks so, too."


I can't believe that people are just now telling you that Noah looks like you. I have always thought he did.

I had a friend whose daughter at 6 mths started "reading" the tags on her toys and clothes. She would get very serious holding the tags and talk endlessly. It is a hoot to see them get so serious when they talk, makes you wonder what their thinking even more.

RockStar Mommy

I can't even imagine how you much you must exceed your bandwidth on Typepad. I had to go to MT because I was going over every month - and I didn't have a quarter of your readers.

If your site does crash, though, it was more than worth it! These are the things that make us lose our minds and decide to have more.


Loved the video. He sounds just like my kiddo right now. Also loved all the pics and the turtle face. :)


Dear Noah,


Love, Katie

p.s. he is so cute!!


I you think Noah will have a big ego when he grows up? I mean at less than a year old he has grown women swooning!

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