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Freefalling, part two

Plot Twist

So in case anybody was wondering which diaper bag I ended up going with...

I didn't buy one.

I quit my job instead.

I quit.

My job.

Just now.

Somebody tell me how to stop shaking.

And maybe get me a paper bag to breathe into or something.

I would also accept ideas on how to get this damn Tom Petty song out of my head.

And I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...freeeelancing.




I'm sending you lots of calm, peaceful, confidence-in-your decision thoughts!

Nothing But Bonfires

Also, I think we should start a rumor about why we both quit our editing jobs this week. Like, The Rapture is coming or something. Or the whole publishing industry is about to become obsolete.


Take THAT daycare-induced mucous and vomit! Now I’ll be expecting more frequent posts. Because really, it’s all about me.

Good luck & Best wishes!


~standing ovation~


What the eff!?! That's hella-nuts! But in a cool way, I guess. But I read your blog every. day. and I've never heard you mention a desire to do this! None of your other commenters appear to be all that shocked by it, so perhaps I need to read more carefully. So, yeah, that's cool. I plan to quit my job when I have my baby, too. I'm an uber-supporter of the idea. Not to mention that, for you specifically, you can write way more entries per day and entertain me at work until I finally do quit my job! Yeaaa for me - err, oh I mean - Yeaaaa for you!!!


Oh God-now that song is rolling around my brain. It will be next week before it leaves.
All together now....


Wow. That sure takes courage, and I'm excited for you and all the possibilities that lay before you now!! You are SO incredibly talented, and now you have the freedom to be truly successful in a way YOU choose to be!


Way to go!!

The first leap is the hardest, but they get easier!!

Have fun! Try and breathe!'s gonna be all right!!

Working from home in jammies, bunny slippers and Noah should be fun!


Congratulations and good for you for making a tough decision like that (I'm not condoning or condemning the decision, I just think it's great that you had to balls to make a change in your life when you felt you needed it).

I hope you stop shaking soon and start smiling with happiness about the road ahead for you and your family.



Oh my God! What is happening here? We need details --you can't just drop this on us like this without the full scoop!

Don't be shaking -- you will never regret this
Just take each day as it comes & go from there.
Don't think too far ahead.

I am truly happy & excited for you!


Oh. My. God. That is so awesome! I am sure you thought about this for months, so hooray for having the balls to do it! You won't regret it, EVER!


WOW! I wish you nothing but the best!

Good luck!!!!


you ran out of clean clothes didn't you... j/k.
seriously though, i'm very happy for you- and your family.


Is it April Fool's Day?

I swear, you just posted that entry to get folks like me to de-lurk. So here I am, de-lurking and in total shock!

I guess you'll have to race around your own apartment in a crate now.....


wooo-hooo!!!! congrats on the courageous move!


I forgot to say that when you are published, make sure you tell us which magazine (or where to buy your book), so I can go out and buy 10 copies!!!!


Wow! That is a big change! Congratulations!!


holy plot twist indeed! congrats, amalah! that is super exciting. i did this recently too (and by "this" i just mean quitting a job, it wasn't because for my kid or anything - which is me making the assumption that you quit b/c of Noah, which could be wrong) and once i got over the shaking i became EXTREMELY excited for next phase to begin already. the shakes will pass for sure (and if not, a stiff drink always helps) and you will find out you made the right decision! way to go!


Delurking to say - Wow - what a surprise. I would love to do that myself, I have 4 month old twin boys and work f/t. I guess I will just have to live vicariously thru you. The best of luck to you and the the whole -alah clan! I'm with those that hope for more Amalah posts out of this....:)


Whoa! This is my first time commenting and I have to say congratulations!! I sort of quit my job a few months ago (only to temporarily unquit) and it is the best decision I've ever made. Go Amy!!!!


I'm never sure if people who get 100+ comments actually read them, but I cannot leave here without saying CONGRATULATIONS.

you jumped! now keep breathing and keep writing!


Good for you! You will totally have so much fun with Noah. I promise. As for freelancing, you have the drive to make it work, I have no doubt! Who wouldn't want to hire the famous AMALAH?!

Bozoette Mary

You're going to be just fine, Amy! (But please, do remember to breathe...)


You'll be fine, more than fine. In return for our support, we mant more baby pictures, every day, hell, every hour!


I can't wait to see what kind of corporate rah-rah lovefest you'll have with Noah, Ceiba and Max! Congratulations!


Okay, this is really wierd because this morning I was thinking about my friend that's on maternity leave and all the people I know that have quit their jobs shortly after having kids and thought, "I wonder if Amalah is going to quit her job soon." It was a passing thought based on the post about your job sucking the life out of you. BUT DUDE - it happened!

Congratulations! It's a totally big and scary and brave step. Way to go!


In response to: (I HATE DAYCARE.)

No more Daycare or ear infections, or locked keys in the car, or forgotten baby bags!

Did you put alcohol in the chocolate rabbit? Just making sure you don't have any regrets once you sober up!

I know you will be happy no matter what!


Yay! And umm, ARE YOU...well, you know....ARE YOU???? ;)


I'm sitting here at my desk, with tears in my eyes, and my arms are doing some shaking of their own. I'm so glad you were able to make this decision. By God, you've earned it. Now it's time to enjoy it.

That said, I'll be refreshing this site until you update again or I am diagnosed with carpel tunnel--whichever comes first.


whoa! Congratulations girl!

In January I was laid off from my PR job and I FREAKED b/c I've held a job for the last 10 years (my son is almost 13).

But I've been freelancing and it is SO GOOD. Best thing that ever happened to me really.

It'll all be good.


OMG! Congrats! I remember when I quit my job. It was a million different feelings wrapped into one.

Just be a lady who lunches.


yay! So excited for you! Change is good and hopefully you can swing a work from home consulting gig so mucho time with lil' Noah. Breathe deep, have a margarita and paint your toes!


Yea, for you all!

I have had the suckiest day here at home with my 3 kids.....and then I read about your news and thought, wow, my day has sailed compared to yours.

And for all you non-wahms who asked the question: NO, she probably won't have more time to post.

Congratulations. Kiss the baby.

Her Ladyship

WOW! It's scary to take that sort of change yourself (as opposed to having it thrust upon you) but also liberating too. Congrats.


Holy holy holy. Daycare does it again.

reluctant housewife


You know, dreamed about quitting my job for a while, and then one day I just walked into my boss' office and quit. I didn't even have a reason.

Then I cried.

Then I called and told my husband. I think he would have appreciated a little advance notice, but whatever.

Then I almost threw up, because I was FREE and it was terrifying.

But you'll get used to it. I wonder what's next for you!


I knew this was coming. Your situation was so daggum similar to the one I was in 4 years ago when I quit. PLEASE, email me if you need any support, ideas, or whatever.

Amy - you will be so happy and grateful that you did this. You will look at the road not taken, and you will contemplate jumping back in, but the time with Noah, the being with him all the day, it's so worth it. It's so, so worth it.

Congratulations, good luck, and go you!! Wow! :)

Just Linda

OK, Ms Freelancer... here's your first assignment should you choose to accept it: help other people to know how they can also quit their jobs. I mean my job, our jobs, THE JOBS. WE NEED TO QUIT THE JOBS!!!

I feel the fear, the excitement. I'm scared for you and yet incredibly jealous and envious and excited about The Future all at the same time. I'm way to skeered to jump off the cliff but I think I'd like it if someone would push me. Will you push me off the cliff???

YOU QUIT YOUR JOB! (am I the only one who didn't see that coming????)







WOWIE WOW WOW. And that is all.

Actually, no, that is not all. I'm happy, excited, scared, thrilled for you. This is huge but I'm confident you'll do GREAT.

Go get 'em!

Lizzie P.

I'm totally J and totally pumped for you! Now tell us more!


Congrats!! Glad the secret is out. :-)

It is scary to go it alone, but I don't think you will regret it.


Congratulations! I am so excited for you, but also SO JEALOUS! You are so lucky to be able to stay home with Noah. I would give anything to be able to stay home with my little boy. Enjoy every moment of it!



Wow, first Nothing But Bonfires quits her you... It's a publishing industry epidemic! Am insanely jealous of both of you (but in a good way). Congrats on your newfound freedom!


I totally had that one pegged after yesterday's hatred of day care post!

Anyway (as this is about you, not me), congratulations on your decision. I am sure its scary as heck (indeed, I know, as my husband alyways tells me that if I want to quit my job, its OK, yet I haven't taken him up on it (yet) due to abject fear on my part -- whoops, about me again!), but you'll be fine. More than fine, even.

Best of luck to you all!

Lisa V

Congratulations. It's scary, it's cool. It's the right decision for you. For now. I know if anyone can make a career out of freelancing, you can. And just think, you have someone to blow raspberries on all the time. My guess is that your boss didn't like it when you did it on him. Your new boss will love it.


Holy Crap! Take deep breaths!


Awesome news, I can't wait to hear how freelancing goes as I hope to do the same thing in a few months... feel free to pass any extra workload you acquire on to me!



Wow, congratulation! (I wrote the letter for Advice Smackdown about crib mattresses, which is funny because we bought a middle-of-the-road mattress, and the baby has NEVER slept in his crib because that is way too far away from where I sleep!) If you wrote a book, I would definitely buy it, and buy copies for all my cool friends! I am so envious of you not having to use day care anymore - I hate leaving my little boy every day.

And P.S. My child was 10 pounds 7 ounces. Ha! (I wasn't laughing when I couldn't walk right for 6 weeks afterwards, but now I can laugh because he is 3 months old next week.)


I am theoretically going to do the same thing in 10.5 weeks and it makes me hyperventilate, too, even though it's the plan and not a plot twist.

Good luck! Love that I get to read how it works for you before I do the same thing!!


It's all been said - just adding my wishes that it's everything you hope for, and more!


Congrats, Amy! I am working on doing the same thing... only in a much wussier way than you; I am keeping my job for now.

Good luck--I know you'll be great! Hugs to Noah!


Oh my goodness!! Didn't see that one coming! Good luck sweetie! :)


Holy Shit!



The decision has been made. Respect your decision. You know in your heart why you did it, whether it be because Noah or because you just hated your job or you were sick of the view from your desk. For whatever reason, you felt the need to do it. Trust yourself. You'll be just fine. Also, enjoy your freedom!!!

Melissa F.

Holy Moly! Good for you!


Oh congratulations Amy!!! You will be a wonderful, prolific freelancer... I just know it!


OH MY GOD!!!!!! Was it spur of the moment or where you planning this all along in secret from the internet?

In any case, I am thinking that congratulations are in order. And please for the love of GOD tell us that you are writing a book so that we may all rush out and buy and skyrocket you to #1 on the bestseller list and you will reward us all with daily Noah videos.

Also? Am quite excited and thrilled for you.


Congratulations Amy! That's wonderful! A tough decision, but one I'm sure you won't regret. :0)


O-M-FREAKING-G!!! WASN'T expecting that one, girl. But it's all that the shock has worn will be the best and most rewarding decision you've ever made...only after deciding to marry your sweet Jason & have your sweet Noah!

All the props and good wishes in the world to you...just as long as you don't take away our blog!!! :)


Good for you, Amy! I think it's great and I bet Noah is totally going to dig it!!!


good for you girl! I know it's scary right now but you won't regret it.


you are gonna be great!! fantastic even!! tomorrow will be the scariest, but you will love being at home with noah more!! good for you, you are gonna do just great!!


Wow, wow, wow. That's big news. Congratulations! Even if it may feel like the biggest holyshitwhatthehellhaveIdone moment right now, that will pass. It will be excellent. More scrumptious baby time!

bad penguin

Wow. You'll be a fabulous freelancer, I'm sure. Still, I'm sorry to see you go.


WOW! You are a brave woman, that's so great!! I (Yes, me. Who's never met you. Not once.) know that you will be GREAT at whatever you do. You are a wonderful writer, I am just waiting for your memoirs, so I can read like 300 pages at once instead of a column a day! And just think of all the Noahlah time you'll have, and how much time you'll have to post pictures of him in all his cuteness for us random readers of the Amalah blog. :-) Best of luck (not that you need it)!


Wow, your bandwidth is gonna be like GONE in no time. I've never seen so many comments so fast. I bet this was crazy scary to do, but you did the right thing. You are far too talented to not be doing awesome freelancing. My fiance does the same thing now and although he gets worried about bills sometimes, I tell him not to. We'll be married soon and then we'll have one household instead of 2 and I can pitch in. He's so much happier now that I wouldn't trade this Thom for the old Thom EVER! So congrats!

oh and if things get really tight you can always sell your chewed up coach shoes on ebay. cuz you're like a quasi celebrity and I bet there are some fans who would actually pay top dollar for your old shoes... just saying...


P.S. Remember how Carrie Bradshaw got a book deal to publish nothing but previously written material? That could SO be you! You can be the Carrie Bradshaw of the Internet!

Aaaand...there's your new tagline. :)


Lucky Noah! Lucky Jason! And mostly, Lucky YOU! Congrats. Now deep breaths...deep breaths!

Real Girl

Totally didn't see that coming! It's like a twist ending--total M. Night Shamalyan!

Except, of course, this is a twist beginning too, isn't it.

Good luck!


holy shit.

wow. you certainly know how to keep your readers engaged.

i hear Noah throwing a party right now.


Wow, a plot twist indeed. Congratulations and best best best of luck!


Holy freelancer, Batman! Looking forward to hearing the stories to come (oh, the stories to come). :)


I've never commented before, but WOW! Good for you for following your heart! Not that I think it's wrong for some moms who need to work AND be a mom, I just think that all this time, reading your journey through daycare, etc. this was just exactly what you needed to do!
I work part time still... and even with the two days a week, I could relate to every one of your feelings about dropping your child off for someone else to enjoy...but I haven't been as brave as you... yet.


Oh my God! You're my new hero. I wish I could quit my job and I'm not even back from maternity leave yet.


Congrats! Incredibly scary, but so exciting!!!

Mrs X

Wow! And..... wow!

Congratulations! Now we need details. You know, as soon as the paramedics are done giving you oxygen.


Delurking to offer you congratulations! It won't be so terribly bad, will it? :o)



Hit me up for the ins and outs when you're ready!


That's great! Congratulations,Amy. :-)








You did this for the site stats, didn't you?

Nicole P

You are totally going to break a comments record today!


Wow. Good for you, but best of all, GOOD FOR NOAH! As a mom who worked all through her first baby's first five years and is now staying home for her second baby's first years, I can tell you that it is totally worth it. Is it scary? Hooo, yeah. When the bills come due and there's precious little money in the check book? Yep, definite freakin out. Are you going to get sick of being home with a bald drooling pooping machine who cries alot? Most certainly. Will it be the most rewarding best thing ever? Yepper.

You will find your creative side really comes out when you are trying to scale down your wants and needs, make the one income stretch farther, while trying to keep Nomeister occupied and happy and not jump all over Jason the minute he gets home because you need adult conversation. Don't let anyone give you any crap over this.

Okay, I could go on and on, and I didn't read all onegazillion comments before mine, but good luck to you. If you need to talk to one who's been there, gimme a holler.


Wow! Good for you for shaking things up. I feel locked into my job right now and it is somewhat depressing. It's kind of liberating to see somone take the leap.
Don't freak out, just enjoy!


Congratulations on the scaryWONDERFUL move! I know you'll be super happy and successful!


Does the combination of illness and dark chocolate bunnies help one grow large gonads?

If so, I need to talk to my huz (heh). Just kidding.



I just found yor site over the weekend. I really enjoy it. Consider yourself lucky. I wish I could quit and stay home with my kids. Good Luck!


My sister made a similar decision that seemed to come completely out of the blue. Her husband was living in London, she in Detroit, he an engineer-geek, she a professor, they trying to get pregnant. She finally said ENOUGH with professoring, subletted her apartment, put everything in storage and moved to London in under 4 weeks. She's just had her second baby and couldn't be happier. Sometimes those "out of the blue" decisions are the very very best ones.

Much happiness to you and yours.


You go girl! I knew it was coming - you are a great mom and Noah deserves to have you around all the time :) I am both happy for you and incredibly jealous of you.


Hey, good for you. The kiddo needs you for awhile.

Welcome to the land of - Women. We Just Can't Have It All. But sometimes, that's okay.



Even though I don't have a child, I can totally relate! 2 weeks ago tomorrow my boss fired me for some bullshit reason. But it's good that I'm still in school, have bills, unemployed? no. So I feel the mixed yet fear at the same time. I'm sure you'll be fine :)





Congrats. You and Noah are going to have so much fun. And freelancing will be great. You'll see!

Y from The Internet

And I'm freeeeeeeeee. Free laaaancing. Ha! Ha! I just now got that. Now I can't stop singing it.


Yay! My favorite saga throws me a hugely unexpected twist!

I have read every single page in the archives and didn't see this one coming, unless the damn toilet seat cover taker/putter-backer finally pushed you over the edge. Starbuck mentioned that you had probably discussed this at length with Jason. Whereas this scenario sounds likely, I prefer to picture you, hopped up on chocolate and antibiotics, stumbling into your bosses office where you precede to blurt out obcenities until the combined weight of your words equates quitting (how many F bombs equal a two week notice? Ask Mr. Owl...). You then dispersed your internet named plants to your coworkers and set fire to your office because if you aren't going to have the view of the parking garage no-one can. Hah!


Yay! 200! (probably not really, I just wanted to see what it felt like to be one of those people.)

Also, if I were you I would *so* be drinking right now - not really depressed drinking, but not full-on celebratory drinking either...more like stunned, yet slightly excited drinking. I trust you know the difference. ;)


!!!! Congratulations on being job-free and having more time to spend w/Noah!!!! I'm SO JEALOUS!


I was wondering what bag you ended up with; this is much better. I hope this is great news. By the way, try the OkkaTots shoulder bag...I LOVE it! Best of luck.

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