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Freefalling, part two

Plot Twist

So in case anybody was wondering which diaper bag I ended up going with...

I didn't buy one.

I quit my job instead.

I quit.

My job.

Just now.

Somebody tell me how to stop shaking.

And maybe get me a paper bag to breathe into or something.

I would also accept ideas on how to get this damn Tom Petty song out of my head.

And I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...freeeelancing.




Welcome to the club... it's scarry as hell to live on one income, but SOOOO worth it. Just this morning? I slept in, cuddling w/ my little one because he's just so dadgum cute!!! Oh yeah, I'm in the DC area, so if you need to get out, let me know... Beth and I go out from time to time for lunch or next week? Reel Moms... helps us keep our sanity while staying at home...


*still laughing at the freelancing song* I remember the day I quit my job- last april to be exact when I found out I was pregnant. It was scary but damn was it the best decision ever! Go you! *doin' the running man*


YAY! I'm so excited for you, Noah, and Jason. You will rock the freelance world, absolutely, and also, maybe have more time to post. And definitely more opportunities to take pictures of Noah.


I did it when my son was 5 months old, resigned from the gov't and got hired back as a contractor, working at home unless I'm in court (Attorney). Best decision ever. You will be amazed how quickly the time flies and how much fun it is to be home.

Good luck! And don't freak out! You'll be fine.


OH How I Doubt You'll Get to Comment 203, but as a full-time freelancer, with three kids and ONE! SURPRISE! ON! THE WAY!, all I can say is...
YAY! YOU!! Whoot!
Feel free to email me for tips, or some editors' addies, or maybe some sandal suggestions! Ha! Like you'd need them!

Wacky Mommy

Okay, like it wasn't enough I was almost crushed to death yesterday, then Wacky Girl got a concussion and I was awake all night with her, and my in-laws got tornado-ed last week in Iowa City (they're fine, no worries, just the car got dented up)... now this???? What the hell is up in the universe? Universe, please take a valium.

ps -- what Frema said, re: Carrie Bradshaw, I agree.

pss -- I'm going back to bed now.

psss -- Noah will love this new plan.


I'm so jealous. I AM SO JEALOUS.

Congrats to you. I may be jealous, but I'm sincerely happy for you too.


You GO girl! Once you've adjusted to not having to leave the house every morning you will NOT regret your decision. Just think, BEDHEAD! Wearing HOUSEPANTS until lunchtime! Only wearing makeup if you WANT to! And if Noah keeps you up all night just sleep in! WOOOO!!!!


The best thing about freelancing is that you can say "No, I don't want to do that!" and work as many or as few hours as you want or need to. I'm a photographer, not a writer, but it's awesome working for yourself and you get to do as much kid stuff as you want. Congratulations!


Just like Julie said, I am so jealous myself.

Congratulations, and I wish the best for you!!


Ferris Bueller you're my hero!


Congrats on such a huge leap. I know that whatever you do will rock! You're going to be great! Good luck and breathe!

RockStar Mommy

Dude, PLEASE tell me you walked out and threw papers everywhere and screamed "WHO'S COMING WITH ME?!" ... It's always been my dream to quit a job like that.

Congratulations, though! Way to Carpe Diem. Or whatever.

You should run for President. You could be our new Decider! That would rule.


it's okay -- I remember you said once that Jason's salary - your mortage = -$1, so you only have to make $1/year now to cover that, so it'll be okay.

I'm hoping to be there in one year, myself, so I'm wishing you all the bestest of luck. And, if you need $1, email me. I'll totally send it.


Wow! I totally remember that shaky feeling.

But that feeling will turn to bliss the first morning you and Noah get to sleep in, knowing you don't have to haul him *and* half your belongings with you out of the house every day.

Enjoy! Sping is a time for new beginngings, right? Sit somewhere where you can feel the breeze and the sun, and know it's all going to work out just fine!

Hot Wife

Here is another one for you...
Time for Me to Fly by REO Speedwagon.

Mazel Tov!

kerri anne

Huzzah! You'll be grrrreat! :)

Nap Queen

You lucky dog! Congrats and good luck :)


It'll be fine, once you down a glass of wine and breathe deeeeeeeeply.

I did much the same a few years back and OH HOLY GOOD GOD did it feel good.

Good luck to you!!!


This may be getting a little redundant ;) Congratulations! I wish you all the happiness and quality Noah-time in the world! I'm sure you'll do well with freelancing; you're a talented lady. (And also, you're pretty.)




My dream job? Decruiter: telling people it is okay to quit jobs and reminding them that there are always better possibilities.

Good for you!

Go kick some ass.



You are bold, beautiful and taking that road less traveled! You GO!


desiree had me at hello. omfg (how many F bombs equal a two week notice? Ask Mr. Owl...). Hah!

Totally didn't see it coming. (I'm a total lurker, and get caught up in your archives). What I want to know is did you post after you got home, or while you were cleaning out your desk? :)


I quit my job when my first was a few months old. He is now 11 and his brother is 7.

We went into debt. And you know what? Big deal. I would do it over and over again. There is no job, no paycheck great enough to compensate for what I got to experience. I got to be with my kids instead of paying dearly for someone else to be with them. This is NOT to say that all of you who have your children in daycare are making the wrong choice. I worked in a preschool with my youngest and I can tell you that I loved those children dearly and they were very stimulated and happy. They would cry and cry when mom walked away and 2 minutes later they would be laughing and playing . It never ceased to amaze me!

All I'm saying is we all have a choice! Stay home! Don't stay home! But don't let your fears stop you from doing what you really want to do. Amy isn't "lucky". She's brave.


Whooooo! Way to go, change is good. You'll never regret not spending more time at work. Just think of all the extra baby faces you can capture when you get to spend more time with him. And more time for writing! Everyone benefits.


Amy, You are my hero. And you are a writer. You will write and you will make money writing and you will (evenutally) be fine.

Let me know when the book is on the shelves.


Sweet! Best of luck in your new endeavor.


You go girl! I have complete faith you'll knock 'em dead.

Just--could you hand a little bit of that courage my way? Damn, I wish I could do it.... I'm such a chicken shit.


Wow, so many comments!




WOW!! :) Holy crap! Never saw that one coming.

Congrats! :D

mama speak

That's it? No explanation???

I mean, I know you have plenty of time now, but DUDE????

How’d you do it?

How much fun was it?

I love quitting jobs. Do tell!!!


Yeah! Mamalah!
Congratulations, Amy, Jason, Noah and furry ones - you are all going to be so much better for this (admittedly giant) move. Pooey jeans aside, I think you'd rather be with Noah than doing crate races, etc, anyhow, wouldn't you?



Please explain what led to this! Is Jason Supportive? Of COURSE he is?? What did THAT conversation sound like?

Amy in the Twin Cities

I remember when I was pregnant the second time. I still cried every morning when I dropped my 1 1/2 year old off at daycare. My pregnancy started to show very quickly and I suspected twins right away. A coworker asked what I would do if it WAS twins and I jokingly replied, "File bankruptcy." Well, it was twins, and while I didn't file bankruptcy I quickly realized that working and paying daycare for 3 was not a fiscal option. Five months into the pregnancy I had to be hospitalized for dehydration and when I asked the Dr. when I could return to work, he laughed and told me I was NOT going back to work until the babies came. The babies came, but I never went back to work until they were older. And then, it was as a self employed real estate agent so I could still take them to school and pick them up. Welcome to 1099 world, Amy! You'll never look back!




Are you pregnant?

now that would be a plot twist


Congratulations! I felt sooooooo much better when I quit my job. Of course now I don't have much money, but I can go to the beach on a weekday!



And waiting for "the rest of the story".


Wow, never saw that one coming!
Congratulations. I'll bet it was the best fun ever quitting your job. Like, pow, take that everyone, I'm outta here.
Can't wait for the rest of the story on this one!


Yay, Amy!

(This IS a good thing, right? Because then I would feel like an ass.)


wow Amy! I cannot believe this! I think you will do great on your own. Congrats for being so brave!


That is awesome! Congrats :)


It's going to be better than okay; it's going to be great!

It'll take adjusting, but everyone I know that's done it has been thankful.

So now - more time to blog, right? Hee hee!


Holy freelancer batman!
Congratulations on the big change.

But who's going to fix my diaper bag problem now?
(JK. I'm just very jealous!)



I guess all those emails begging you to stop buying expensive purses and stay home finally broke you, huh? ;-)

I honestly don't know how you did it so long. The story about the driving back to DC to get the diaper bag and the keys in the car and made me tired just reading it. Congratulations to you!

Bethany Coffey

Freelancing, holy shit REALLY?!?!?!? Awesome. Are you so excited and freaked out? NO more sick baby, nomore daycare. All day Noah!!!!! Wait is that good or bad. Definitly good scary!


I find that things always work out in the end no matter how scary they seem at the time. Good luck!

Average jane

Holy schnikes! Congratulations - quitting a job is always wonderfully satisfying, I find.


Welcome to our world! Freelance writing and editing was the absolute best thing I ever decided to do. You. Will. Love. It. Don't forget to add on 10% for Noah's design consultant fee.


Wishing you all the best!! xoxxo Can't wait to hear what kind of pieces you want to write!


Dude, you totally have to take pictures for us of all the crap in your desk as you're cleaning out your office. EEEE!

Yay for you!


Wow. Way to go, Amalah :)

p.s. I'm a long-time reader here and first time commenter!


Yeah!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!! You will NEVER regret it. It's the best decision I EVER made, and I can almost guarantee you'll feel the same. Welcome to the world of SAHM's!


and WAHM's!


If you're happy and your baby is loved and cared for, that's more important than any job.

This is the age of equality and choice, and if your choice is to quit your job and be happy freelancing, then you should be applauded.



Congratulations Amy! How exciting will it be to edit things other than financial articles?!


Congratulations Amy! How exciting will it be to edit things other than financial articles?!


Oh. My. God. FABULOUS!

Deep breaths. Focus.

The Queen of Everything can do EVERYTHING.


does this mean we have to start paying to read your blog? because, we totally will.


Woo hoo! Have fun :)

Amber McNaught

I did exactly the same thing (well, maybe not exactly the same - I just up and walked out one day, and I'm guessing you've probably given some notice at least!) and as everyone else has been saying, Best. Descision.Ever. I've been free-freeeelaaaancing for two years now, and yeah it
can be scary but SO worth it. Also: there's always eBay for all of the pretty bags and shoes!

the kim half of glamorouse



P.P.S., and then I'll shut up.

This is the Big and Exciting Thing you were talking about in the comments section a while back, isn't it? The joys of foreshadowing!


Good for you! And Noah!


YAY!!! You can do it, girl. How exciting!


Holy crap!



Delurking to say that I've been reading/enjoying for a year and shrieked when I read this post. My husband thought someone had been murdered, but he was so wrong. You are being saved from death (or at least the pain of business attire) and being extra brave for something extra important. Congratulations! In a completely cheesy homage...We stand alone together. Thanks for standing.



Ever since I had my daughter, I've dreamed of working out of my home. Only I don't have the guts to follow through........but you did it! I'm so proud. So very, very proud.

Now I'm waiting for the update. Who said what about this, and are you in fact pg again?? I saw that questioned many times while scrolling through the comments.

You can do this. With all the writing talent you have, you can do anything!


THIS is what I get for missing one day! Congratulations! Best of Luck. Remember: breathe in, breathe out.


whoa, congrats on making the big move :) I'm looking to do that in a few months... eeek! Good luck!!!!


atta girl! best damned decision you will ever make!


This might be my new favorite post ever. If anyone is going to be fine - it's going to be you. Good luck!


Woo hoo!! No more daycare!! I went from being a fast talking lawyer to staying at home with my new baby 9 months ago. Of course, I can't string a sentence together now, but woo hoo! No daycare!!


Dude, that takes some gigantic balls!!

It is an amazingly hard decision. I wish I could do it.

And now, more time with Noah! And more time for bloggin'! Yay!!


I think we all feel like the amazed co-workers in Officer and a Gentleman, standing around applauding as you push Noah in his stoller out of our factory...

"Way to go Amalah...way to go!" (Cue music)


i have a lot of admiration for you right now. and, at the risk of sounding like a bad inscription on a greeting card:

I wish you every happiness!


I will miss you writing about the daycare/home/work carousel. But for purely selfish reasons. All my girlfriends quit their jobs when they had kids, and I always liked reading your blog because it was the voice of someone in my own situation.


Well, we'll miss you here at the job. But I can't help but be happy for you. Congratulations and I hope everything goes really well.


Are you going to write your book now? :)


Wow. I know you will be a success at freelancing. I am cheering you on from the sidelines down here in South Carolina!

Laura B.

Holy God, we are dying for an update!! :)

Several years ago, I up and quit my law firm job to go out on my own, and it was the best thing I ever did. You'll will love your life as a freelancer!



Good for you. Why not? Shake off the dust of the old and embrace a new project...a new chapter in your life. I know you will succeed.

Ooh, I LOVE that song...

suzanna danna

Congratulations Amy... this is a Big Leap! I know that you and your little family will be fantastic. Let me know when (and if) you get used to the idea.
Much love and writing ideas,

Beck's mom in Vail

WELCOME.... I knew you could do it! It is the best decision you will ever make. Now.... You really ARE queen of everything.


This comment is about to get lost amongst all the others. I'm just a stranger standing in line with her two cents to share. My comments won't be any different from anyone else's. What you did took guts. It's scary. It's liberating. It will be wonderful and it will be difficult. You'll survive. Congratulations.

Lisa Ann

Personally I'd like to be able to say "Take This Job & Shove It".

This means you'll have way more time for blogging right?


This comment is an attempt to get you 300 comments.

While I'm at it, good luck with the free lancing. You are obviously a talented writer, so I think you have a great chance of succeeding.


Did you use a Monk-E-Mail to quit? That would have been too dang funny!


I am making a third, yes THIRD comment so that it pushes this toward the 300 mark in hopes that the almighty queen of everything is waiting for that number before updating.




I'm with desiree, could really use an update here. Not to be pushy or anything.


Lindt chocolate with raspberry truffle centers and a nice glass of Godiva choclate liqueur on the rocks will help with the gahgahgahgah's.

I *know* that I am not even in the same league of writer that you are. But I have faith that if anyone can make the freelancing thing look like a naptime on a hammock in Hawaii, you, Amalah- the Queen of Every-damned-Thing can!

Besides, if I can parlay a freelancing gig into a full-time work-from-home job and you can't? well...then, i got nothin'.

Tell you what, you turn on the wireless internet and I'll come over and work with you. We can jet over to Chevy Chase and stare at the Jimmy Choos during our "lunch hour." Then, we can take turns kissing beutiful baby feet and laughing at turtle faces. Um, as long as Ceiba doens't like to chew on Coach bags, too. I saw what happened to the shoes. That is like seven different kinds of wrong...



Can't wait to hear how this all came about almost as much as I can't wait to see what comes next. How exciting!

Also wondering whether you had a Take This Job and Shove It! walk-out or if you gave respectable notice...

Jen with 3

Peter Gabriel's Solsbury Hill is my quit-my-job-to-freelance theme song. It's funny because I just heard it again this morning on the radio.

I've been working at home for a year now and I absolutely love it. It's the best thing I ever did. You are so incredibly talented that you won't have any problem getting work. Good for you!


Wow! That took guts, but you'll do great with the freelancing. Good luck and keep us updated! I'm dying here! :)


I think you have more comments now then when Noah was born!

Congrats and good luck! You will be great at whatever you do!!!!


Amalah, one more comment - I heard that Tom Petty song yesterday on my way home from work, AND this morning on my way to work, to a job I need (but really, really hate).

Each time I heard it, I thought of you, and how you made this huge jump. I thought of my own life, and how much I hate my job. I think I've been pushed in a new direction, and it's all for the better.

Thank you!


And 300 it is! I'm waiting anxiously to hear the rest of the story.

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