So It's Come to This
OMG Flickr!



Those are so precious!! I just want to scoop him up and take a nap with him.



Donovan once fell asleep in his highchair face down in his raisins.


a perfect ten on the cuteness scale!


Don't you wish those things were built for two? Lovely! As always! Thank you for sharing him with us, Amy.


Oh how you make me want one of each. He looks so cute napping! Boucing and playing is hard work!


How cute! My daughter used to fall asleep sitting up in the corner of her playpen - nothing sweeter than a sleeping little one!


Ooh, a Flickr account! I like it.

Your kid is so cute, it sickens me.


Oh heart. Cutest baby I've ever seen, that's for sure.


Amalah, I have a question from a potential mommy blogger. With all of the creeps surfing the web, do you ever worry about posting so many pictures of you, your kid, your house and your (former) place of employment in addition to details of your life? I'm setting up a blog of my own and trying to figure out where to set the boundaries.


That is just too cute!


Now THAT is the life.

erin rae

How have you not eaten him yet? Too cute.

Does he get extra points if he does a diagonal bounce and gets a foot in the pet food? Just kidding.


He is definitely adorable. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am for you. Savor every precious moment because they are fleeting. I look at my eleven year old and it seems like just yesterday I was rocking him to sleep. I try to remember at what point I could no longer cuddle him in my arms or pick him up and feel his little legs wrap around my waist and his head snuggle into my shoulder as he falls asleep. Now I can barely solicit a kiss from him. He is too big to do that. It seems like it happened over night. I look at old photos and cannot believe my little boy is turning into a little man. I then look at my six week old and cherish every moment with him because I know that one day I will wake up and he will be heading to middle school. Enjoy your time at home with Noah and hold onto each moment.


Your pictures made me go look at one of my favorite pictures of my Jadyn, now four years old...

They are awfully cute when they just konk out like that, huh???? Even more so when you don't have to use any Niquil or vodka or anything...


Oh that is too cute for words. My boy, who's about a month younger than Noah, just discovered his bouncer this week (praise the Lord!). Am just a wee bit concerned as he's such a heavy-weight and we live in a reeeeally old house - this mummy is just hoping he doesn't bring the roof down with his 22lb of rolled fat!


My twins ALWAYS fell asleep in the jolly jumper. They would jump themselves into a long slumber. It is a Mom's hidden treasure.



Too cute for words.


He is too cute. When you start missing us (sometime around Noah's college graduation), bring him by so we can oogle him....


That is way too cute. My kids never do cute stuff like that! Okay they do, just not long enough for me to find my camera.

Real Girl

Wow. A Baby Sleepinator. I'll have to remember that magical device when my time comes someday.

Hope Roth

OMG u r such a bad mom 4 putting ur preshus baby in one of those!!11!!

Just kidding! :P

So cute! I remember being insanely jealous of my little sisters when I was little and they could go in their bouncy chair and I was too big.


I'm glad you leave a little bowl of kibble for him by the doorway, just in case in wakes up and gets hungry! :)



Hey, I had a question for you. We're going to be visiting D.C. in the near future, are there any places that you, as a person who lives there, think are especially awesome?


Both of my kids have fallen asleep like that in the bouncer - awesome! Of all the baby gear crap, the "jolly jumper" and the exersaucer were by FAR the best and worth their weight in gold. Or platinum, depending on your personal style. The jumper thingy builds those leg muscles so that before you know it, they LIKE putting weight on their meaty little legs and [gasp!] start cruising and walking. Then it's a whole 'nother ballgame, my dear. Enjoy his dwindling days of confinement while you can.


He just needs a Redskins jersey and a baby beer bottle and he's set!


Maybe Alison will respond to positive peer pressure from Noah and sleep all through the night if I show her these pictures....

Then again, maybe not...


Who needs the babysitter? You've got the bouncer!


Oh my gosh!!!! What a sleepy baby!!! LOL I wonder how long he slept there..and for him it was probably so comfy.. LOL


Poor kid wore himself out. Every new way for babies to expend energy tends to wipe them out...until they get used to it. That is a sweet, sweet picture.


Awwww. Cutie pie.



Margarita Mama

You know Noah's going to force you to find a new spot for that wine rack one day real soon. We used to have one that sat on the floor too.


I wish I could just nap at my desk like that some days....


no one ever said bein' a baby was gonna be easy and brother, it ain't.


Awwwwww. Too cute. He looks far too comfortable in that extremelt uncomfortable looking position.


Awwwwww. Too cute. He looks far too comfortable in that extremely uncomfortable looking position.




That is so cute. My 2 year old would fall asleep in his bouncy chair all the time. He would be asleep and still bouncing away.


I think this treadmill crap is the obvious reason my diet isn't working. Bring on the bouncers!



That's gotta be one of the cutest things I ever did see.


He is too cute.

Did the crazies send you anything new this weekend?


That is so adorable! Thanks for sharing him with us :). My kids never fell asleep in any cute places like that!


It's funny how they can sleep anywhere when they're little :) He's adorable.


Oh! How totally cute!

Wicked Stepmom

That's one delicious kid you've got there!

I have always (secretly) lusted after those jumpers. But hubby and I have been skeptical of their safety and feared that our kids would come crashing down to the floor. Both The Boy and now The Mouse love jumping in their excersaucer, but it's just not the same!


too cute!


You must be wearing that boy out! Too cute.


I want one!


OMG u r such a bad mom 4 putting ur preshus baby in one of those!!11!!

Damn, Hope beat me to it. I would have added, though, "Why did u qut ur job if u arent gonna hold him all the time?!!!!11! U shud just take him back 2 that germy daycare! Hes 2 prshus to bounce in a boucer!!!! He shuld bounce in ur lap!!!!!@@!!


Lay off the sauce, Noah. Besides making you pass out in your bouncy chair, if you drink too much it'll make you throw up. Nobody like a spewer.


I always thought it was precious when I found my kids asleep in the middle of doing something they loved. Like their face in the macaroni and cheese because they were too tired to take another bite. ;)

Her Bad Mother

Is he exhausted from the bouncing or from the unbearable burden of cuteness?

Or did he maybe get into those nearby cat crunchies, which, duh, everybody knows are loaded with tryptophan.


He must be worn out from all the attention you've lavished on him now that you are home being a good mother, unlike us work-in-an-office types ;)

At least Noah passed out doing something athletic. My daughter just fell face first into her stuffed animal:


aww adorable! I love it when they just konk out in the weirdest (you'd think least comfortable) places.

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