if u loved that preshus baby u would leave him in DAYCARE u negligent monster OMG
Life, Version 3.0



I was here. And now I am not.



Sad, and happy. Congratulations on following your dreams!


congrats amy!!! :)


Best of luck!


Wow Amy, this has to be a bittersweet kind of day. Good luck!


Very bittersweet indeed!

Good luck and congrats and thinking of you :)


I remember when I quit my job of 10-12 years- i was such a bag of big mixed feelings- I hope THere lots of tears and lots of pleads for you to stay-

I bet they will miss you.

weaker vessel

From one WAHM hack to another, a piece of advice: you're gonna have to use more waaaay more adjectives than this if you really want to bring home the bacon. This kind of straight-to-the-point minimalism will NOT keep the lights on, missy.


Dude! You didnt take your name plate?


Who's going to water the plants?


Congratulations! Wishing you all the best of everything.


Dude, that one sentence wraps up the entire mishmash mess of emotions in 10 words or less. It will all be JUST FINE. Promise.


Think of Noah!!!
You get to wake up tomorrow and spend all day with Noah! I sure wish i could wake up and spend all day with my Matthew!



Best wishes, Amalah!

This reminded me of the childhood scribblings...
"Amy was here, but now she's gone. She left her name to carry on."


I gotta finish that because i so nuerotic.

Amy was here, but now she's gone,
She left her name to carry on,
Thos who knew her, knew her well,
those who didnt
can go to hell.

Whew, i feel so much better!
Never leave half a high-school bathroom wall ryme hanging!


The day I left my classroom for the last time I could hear my colleagues talking about the coming year. I was glad to be staying home with the baby...but I felt sad in a way that didn't make sense. There's a great camraderie to be found in the workplace, and leaving it requires a deep calming breath. Whatever's right for you is...right.

Sarah Says

Why do I feel like you're leaving me? I am so needy.


Yay Amy!

I know how you feel. Not that that makes a difference or anything.

You are doing what will work best for your family and that makes it the right move. Congrats!


Anne Glamore

I'm glad you've gotten to document things and make it final. I'm really in limbo. My office is still there, and so is my name, but here I am at home, taking a leave of absence. WTF??

You are smarter and braver than I am.


Bye Amy's office. You are so lucky to be doing this, the time with Noah will be totally worth it. Enjoy every second.

Real Girl

Hmmm. What does it say about Lost's role in current popular culture that my first thought was "4021. What do the numbers mean?"

Well, these numbers mean that you, lucky thing, get to do exactly what you've been dreaming of for months.

Go home and toast to yourself.


Congrats--hope you had a wonderful last day with lots of cake and heartfelt "we'll miss you"s. You deserve it.

And tomorrow, I hope you have a wonderful first day as a WAHM with lots of kisses and cuddles from Noah. 'Cause, again, you deserve it. :-) Am so excited for you and can't wait to follow BOTH of your blogs religiously.



I always found that leaving jobs was usually quite anti-climatic and not nearly as dramatic as I had hoped. Here's rooting for MORE drama for YOU.

P.S. Are you leaving the drooping plant? It looked half-dead anyway.


Your plant looked kind of sad. Maybe he is all happy now because you are a WAHM and he is perched happily in a new window at home? A WAHPlant is a happy plant indeed!


Aw, I'm sorry.

I have to admit, I remember that post you wrote a while back about all the crap in your office. I was just thinking "wow, she'll need another week to move all of THAT out!"

It's time for you to start the next adventure of your life. I wish you all the best.


PLANTS - Mad Tall Curly Bob the Plant looks just fine! Some plants are naturally droopy looking. I hope he gets to go home with you.

http://www.amalah.com/amalah/2004/11/blah_de_bloo_bl.html (one of my favorite entries of all time since my plants have names too.)

Best of luck with the new working at home adventures. May it be everything you hoped it would be.



you're not really staying home with noah this week tho -- I figured you were attending Blogher?


Congratulations! I know it's a tough decision, but everything will work out in the end.


Hi -- I? Am an idiot? Thought Blogher was this weekend. carry on. nothing to see here.


All together now: "nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey, goodbye..."


Congrats! Enjoy this new adventure.


Congratulations!!! I'm leaving my job next week, and I know how exciting and sad it can seem at the same time. I'm so happy that you're able to do this!


Endings are usually sad, even if they are for amazing, new beginnings.



Oddly, last night at our "counseling training" so I can become a mentor to a teen mom (feed the baby girly, change the baby girly, get no sleep girly), our pastor said the number one place he hears the phrase "I'm worthless, I feel soooo unappreciated, no one cares about anything I do" is from SAHM or WAHM. He blames it on men who come home, eat, watch tv, and go to bed. (He had plenty other to say on that, but anyway...)

The point is, always know you're appreciated. Noah can't tell you yet, you just walked out on the crew that told you that on a daily basis, and I don't know how appreciative your hubby is or not, so anyway...

don't get depressed. And if you do, tell us, so we can cheer you up.

Bittersweet joy.


good luck amy- i know it is a little sad but soon, you will be able to say "i should have done it months ago! oh shit, where's noah, is that the toilet lid i hear? NO! don't do that!"


If today were my last day at an office job I would be thinking of how glorious it will be to stay in my pajamas all day tomorrow.


Tomorrow will be better. You'll wake up and it won't be as bad as it was today. And then in a few weeks you won't understand why it was that sad at all. But I wouldn't reccomend re-reading this until a while later, because you perfectly summed up the bittersweet and all the memories.


It is sad, but I am happy for you.


I am so extremely jealous. If you need a dose of good ol' office sittin' you can always come sit next to me.



Hope you are prepared to train Noah to Crate Race. Do you think you can let him win?


All the best and good luck!


Good luck!


Good luck as a WAHM (I know you'll be fantastic)and enjoy this newfound freedom and time with your delicious babe!


Yay, last day! But waahhhh, last day! I hope you had lots of cake and powdered donettes. Did you draw the toilets on your emergency exit map?


Green, green, green. Envy is a total bitch really. I am so pleased for you though.


oops, forgot that email address is no longer working!


Happy last day! I hope it was a great one and that tomorrow is even better.


Oh, wow. I just got excited/scared/oh-shit-what-now-feeling for you. Congratulations, and good luck!


wow--tomorrow's a new adventure!


Be sad. Cry some tears. Even though we know the seasons in our life will change, and that they have to chnge, even, that doesn't mean we aren't sad. Working-mom Amy deserves a proper mourning. It should probably involve wine.


Big day. Go have a drink. Or two. Or heck, more. :)


oh! the sadness! even the plant in the window is weeping for your departure!!

they will miss you like mad, lady!


I was going to post a clever little quip about the plant in the window, but I've been beaten to the punch. Also, you maybe a little fragile, so I'll just wish you all the best.


That's actually a very touching entry photo. Sometimes change gives us butterflies in our stomachs, but it's an exciting and good nervousness. Congratulations on the leap and visit your old office pals once in a while. Take care. :)


*weeping* I'm sorry I didn't have the presence of mind to come down to see you. How come we make such a Big Whoopin' Deal about promotions and anniversaries and such but that we did not see fit to throw a grand gala where all of us could individually bow to you and show us our worship and gratitude for all the wonderful things you have done not only at the job but for us individually? Your help changed my life, Amalah. I wouldn't be where I am without you. Your new career is going to be magnificent because you yourself are. I look forward to reading of your new adventures and hopefully getting to hear some of them in person!


Tomorrow? you will wake up and think...how the hell did I get up and go to work every day??? ENJOY girlie!

Wacky Mommy

Have decided to purchase nameplate for home office after seeing that pic. Congrats, A. May the wind always be at your back, yadda yadda bing.


Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life.

Go get 'em, tiger...


bye name on the plaque by the door!




We are sad for you. But also happy. Now you can kick some freelancing butt.


I used to have a window overlooking a parking lot, too. Now I'm in a cubicle.

And very jealous that your window just got SO MUCH BIGGER.



And tomorrow you shall work in jammies. And it shall be a good day.



I agree, all work should be done in Jammies.
With coffee.
And Noah.
That is love.


Nothing but the best to you all!

Karen Rani

Good for you.....best of luck, buttercup!!!


One question...did you empty the vending machine before leaving?


Your plants look sad.


wow, I'm so sad for you, but also so happy!! :) have fun on your new journey :D


Work from home + mobile baby = fun for all!

Congratulations again, Amy. You rock.


Yay. :)

I'm sure you'll do fine. Don't mind the people who are flaming you - they're just jealous!


Hey, by the way.. your comments are set on Eastern time, but I thought you were in California..? (I'm in California too, that's how I noticed! I'm really posting this at 7:30pm, but it's going to show up as 10:30pm)


Good luck Amy! ...and Chelsea, Amy is in DC so it really is 10:38 here.



i have a feeling your new view each day will be much cuter. ;)

Mrs X

That picture just says it all.

Here's to a new start!

Big Gay Sam

Like the saying goes, "When God closes a door He opens a window."

Preferably on the ground floor.

Change is always scary. I'm sure you'll do fine. With your intelligence wit and charm you'll go far.

When that happens can I borrow some money? :P


I can't wait to hear/see the reaction to today's announcement. I stumbled upon it this morning. :-)


Did I miss it when you told us that the Advice Smackdown was on Alpha Mom?! I was browsing the site, saw it and got super excited. Even if this is old news, just wanted to say congrats!


Change can be scary but so exciting too. Good luck!


We're really going to miss you, Amy. You made the job a more fun place to be. I guess we'll have to send you care packages from the candy corner. And when you come back for visits we'll totally treat you like a rock superstar!


How can you possibly leave behind that amazing view of the parking lot?

*envies those who can see natural light from their desks*


Girl.......just want you to be happy. I think this might do the trick.......I certainly hope so. You've been given such a blessing (which I know you know).......enjoy every second of it!


And now you get to smell Noah's head all day! How lucky you are :)


Oh my God, I was reading Dooce this morning, checking out her new column on Alpha Mom, then I clicked on the Alpha Mom home page, and Oh my God! Wednesday Advice Smackdown!!! I came back here because I thought I'd missed a big announcement, but guess not. Anyway, yea!


Good luck, Amy! I admire your courage to leave the safe and try something new and scary.

Laura B.

OK, did I call that or what, people? I could sense that there would be an official Wednesday Advice Smackdown, and it is high time!

This is just completely fantastic, Amalah! You go on with your bad self. I hope you are lounging around in the bed this morning with Noah.


Happy Self-Employment, To You!

And a tip: Ex-co-workers make GREAT lunch date buddies.


This is an exciting time....but I had to comment on those poor dead plants in the photo!! I have the same problem at my office as well.

Good luck!


Okay, so Dawn's comment made me tear up -- wow. Sounds like you made quite an impression around there. You'll be sad for a day or so, and then you'll wonder how and why you did it every day. Enjoy this new start -- I'm so envious.

Her Ladyship

Congrats on starting the next phase!


Congratulations. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, or something less cliche yet still moving and inspirational. Good luck Amy!


Hi Amy, it must be a sad day for you , but I just saw your advice smackdown being advertised at

Congratulations, how exciting! When do you start?


Hey everyone, new smackdown from Amalah, at alphamom.com , check it out!

Can I now get a cut of the proceeds for advertising? Just kidding, looks great.


Off to bigger and "blogger" things. The best of luck to you and your family!!


I'm sure this is a bittersweet feeling! Congrats! And now I guess you can babyproof, right?


Is that plant dying? The one on your windowsill? On the right?

Anyway, good luck! And hey, at least you can now spend the day with a total cutie! :)

Isabel Kallman


Sorry that many of you did not learn of Amy joining Alpha Mom, as a colummnist, directly from her weblog. Sometimes the most well-laid plans go awry. Amy was on standby all yesterday—ready to go, but we had some technical difficulties and continue to work through them today. As such, Amy’s Smackdown was posted very late last night EST. I’m happy to read some of you were pleasantly surprised and hope you will join us later today when the comments section should be working (fingers, toes and eyes-crossed).


kerri anne



I don't know if Big Gay Sam is going to read all the way down here, but I like his comments. I have back since before Noah was born.

Hope you're feeling better Sam.


YES! You are busting out of the office just in time to enjoy true spring, before it gets so hot and humid that it hurts to breathe in the District. Go on the swings! That's what I would do (if I wasn't at work...sad white walls, only NPR as my friend).

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