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Everything to Everyone

So. It's been almost two whole weeks since I set foot in an office.

I still haven't unpacked any of the crap I dragged home with me and there are still three picture frames and two desk lamps in the trunk of my car. I still check my work email every day.

I still haven't taken the dog to the vet for a way-overdue checkup and I haven't mailed the boxes of baby clothes to my sister. I haven't taken Noah to the park once and haven't even started looking for a playgroup.

I still don't get enough sleep or drink enough water. I forget to eat lunch a lot. I still can't get Noah to eat anything besides fruit. I leave the Food Network on all day for company.

I still haven't worked out a regular schedule with a part-time nanny, and I still feel really weak admitting that I need a part-time nanny. Noah still watches Baby Einstein at least once a day.

I love writing for Alpha Mom. I love writing the ClubMom blog. I still haven't gotten used to surfing blogrolls beyond my own. I'm not used to seeing myself discussed on other blogs like a character in a book instead of a real person. I'm not accustomed to the turn my blogging fortunes have taken. About the high expectations and the fact that my words -- words which are never good enough, words which I can never bend and hammer into my exact meaning -- are all some people see. I wonder if I'll ever be okay with the speed at which some people pass judgement.

I'm overwhelmed by my unanswered emails and what those people must think of me. I'm irritated at how I can't seem to write anything substantial for this site anymore. I read other sites that blow me away with their brilliance and humor and I am too shy to email or comment because I figure they must think I'm annoying and overrated and tacky.

I'm not used to this devastating lack of confidence.

I still can't believe Noah is crawling. Or standing. That he can take a lid off of a shoebox and bang blocks together and pick up dog kibble and drink juice from a sippy cup. I can't believe I was right there when he started doing all of those things.


I'm already used to cuddling with him every morning. I don't mind banging blocks together or prying dog kibble out of his fingers. I'm okay with the most astute and pithy observation I make in a day being that Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Baa Baa Black Sheep and the ABC song have the exact same melody and how in the world did I go 28 years without ever noticing that? I'm okay with cutting myself some damn slack already.

And I'm okay with just shutting up and posting this already because I'd rather go play with my son and some plastic measuring spoons.




Aaaahhh, he is so precious. And two weeks? Is nothing. You'll get it all figured out and life will flow once again. Here's to hoping it happens sooner rather than later. Oh, and I think you're doing a fabulous job at both of your new gigs.


What a nice post. I do hate you though. Because I am jealous. Goddamn jealous!!


Blogs to write for...plus baby toes to nibble on in between. How great is that?


Side note: Mozart wrote the original tune.

Jerri Ann

Delurking to say...enjoy your days, enjoy the part-time nanny and your words paint a nice picture of you for all of us to enjoy!


Awww, isn't it fun to be so far behind and yet feel like there's so much time? I feel the same way most of the time running a home based business and mine is 4 now. Enjoy!

Mrs X

I think it's funny. The vast difference between how we see oursleves and how others see us. Because I've never thought of you as boring.


you'll forget a lot of the details over the years (My Kid is going to be 13 this summer!!) but I'll never forget that I was there the first time he pulled to standing.

He was in his crib, I turned to get some clothes out of his closet and when I turned back, he had pulled himself up and he had this HUGE grin on his face. He knew he'd done something really spectacular. I grabbed a camera off his dresser and recorded the moment.

I think I'll go pull out that photo album now.

Angela F

I think you are wonderful. And the cutting of the slack should commence immediately. You will figure it all out in due time. Enjoy that cute little baby!


I'd rather go play with your son and some plastic spoons too, so you're not alone. :)

FWIW, you described just how I feel when I read your site, and some of the others I frequent. My blog is so... not cool that I am often overwhelmed by the coolness of others. I don't know what that says, but there you go. :)


Oh holy crap - they learn how to STAND, too??


I always have so many things I "meant to do" until I actually have time to do them and I end up doing none of the. Go easy on yourself. You'll figure out what works for you. And also, I think you're a wonderful writer and that what you write isn't boring and that...and that...and I could go on and on.


I think you are doing a fabulous job in the midst of a considerable amount of change! (Don't feel guilty for needing a part-time nanny and admitting it; it is both awesome and frustrating to work from home. My company now dictates that you must have child care, such as a nanny or babysitter, if you are telecommuting.) And how cool is it that you are there for Noah's newfound mobility!

Dad Gone Mad

As someone who has recently gone through an existential struggle of his own, let me tell you something, Storch: I think you're incredible and tough and that no day is complete for me until I've read every word you've written on all 625 of the sites to which you contribute. Be proud. Be confident.

Oh, and I won't be hurt if you don't respond to my e-mails. I'll just blog about what a horrible bitch you are.


Noah is such a cutie. It's amazing how fast they grow. Don't feel guilty for needing a part-time nanny. Even though you work from home you still work. And even if you didn't, everyone deserves some time to themselves now and again. Little Einstein is my shameful secret as well. But I can't argue with something that allows me to take a shower.

adele Richards

Well I've been reading you and your smackdown and daily doses thingys for a few weeks now...and I think you are great. You make me smile. I love your turn of phrase. In fact just now before I clicked on your link I was reflecting on how I'm starting to enjoy reading your blog (and a few select others) as much as my friends' blogs and how I am already feeling part of your community.

Anyway, even though we have 'known' each other for such a short time, I am delighted at your blogger success. You can't make these kind of things happen. It is divine favour. And you deserve it.

Have a great cuddle with Noah. (Could he be the most beautiful babe in the world?)


I think you're terrific--and that your blog is all those things you see in the blogs that "blow [you] away with their brilliance," etc. Don't worry about what "we" think--it's always going to be better than what you think we think, anyway....Does that make sense? Enjoy your success! Don't feel guilty about it or afraid of it or anything like that....


"I read other sites that blow me away with their brilliance and humor and I am too shy to email or comment" - it's funny, I've generally been a lurker on your blog because I feel that way about yours. Your blog is incredible and I look forward to reading your posts and seeing pictures of adorable Noah! Enjoy your afternoon with your son and the plastic spoons.


Hey, Amy? I'm going to assume that mine is a site whose brilliance and humor intimidate you, mostly 'cause my EGO needs it today. LOL So you just let me have my little illusion, alright?? Pleeeeze? hahaha Just kidding.

I wrote a post awhile back when my company issued a Q4 travel ban. I was SO excited about all I would accomplish if I didn't have to freaking travel. In the end, I didn't do any of it. I didn't cure cancer or stop world hunger. I didn't even clean out my freaking CLOSET. I suck. We all suck.

But let's just call each other brilliant and funny and live under a big happy umbrella if delusion, ok??? I'm in if you are...

reluctant housewife

I love reading you. Even when you think you aren't being brilliant.


Aw, Amalah... I wish I could tell you that the devastating lack of confidence goes away, but I'd be lying if I did. Just when you think you've got a handle on one stage, those rascally chilluns up and grow into another, for which you are completely unprepared.

Some stages are more amusing than others though, like the Tripping Over Their Insanely Large Feet Stage, which mine is in right now. :-)


When I was in labor with my firstborn, I freaked out. Someone said the baby would be born in another hour, and I lost it. Quietly, but I lost it. I called my mom over, gripped her arm like a vice, and hissed in her ear, "I CANNOT DO THIS FOR ANOTHER HOUR."
What she said has echoed through my years as a mother. Every so often I lose it again, wonder what I'm doing to these children, and think about running away/getting drunk/tying up my little bundles of joy in tidy packages with twine and leaving them on the doorstep.
Then I remember what Mom said, and now I pass it on to you:
"You can do it. You ARE doing it."


I've been meaning to stop by forever to congratulate you on both gigs -- I've been reading both, and YOU. ARE. GREAT. Seriously. You're a breath of fresh air on both sites.

Congratulations, but I won't wish you best of luck -- because clearly, you don't need it. You're one talented writer, and the world's better for your sharing your gift.



Has it been two weeks already? When you left your job was the same time that I began reading your site.

Aren't you so lucky? Lose a job, gain a reader?

At any rate, a new lifestyle takes adjustment. And apparently, people still like them some Amalah.

So play with Noah, and run your errands, and we'll be waiting.


You are still super witty. You are still super lucky to stay home. It will all work itself out in time. Nothing at all wrong with enjoying Noah and a slower pace of life - after all it's been super busy since he was born.

I am faithful, even if I have to wait for a "witty" post, I cannot deny I am addicted to AMALAH!


I love you more every time I stop in here. Or maybe it's just the boy.


what?!?! i fucking love you and if you DID ME THE HONOR of actually reading my blog- for cripes sake woman- at least let me know. cause then i would feel like a fucking rockstar- OH YEAH! lol


Um...I had to sing all three songs outloud to test that they have the same melody.

And low and behold..they do!!

(So I went 31 years without knowing that. Geez....)

I can't believe that Noah's getting so old. Man, I swear he was *just* born!


I read your blog but never comment. I like what you have written here. It's honest and it's real and it's what a lot of us feel a lot of the time.


"Honey, I don't know how you're holding up on the inside but on the outside, you look beautiful."

(or something like that -- I haven't watched that movie in for-evah)

Tackily quoting Steel Magnolias to tell you that you're doing fab. Better than fab. Don't let a few bad apples ruin the bunch.

Keep on keeping on, Amy!


I have a wonderful playgroup. Meets fri mornings in montgomery county. We would love to have you!


Breatheeeeeee,....it's all good.

It's funny how I went thru the same thing when I quit my job "Great! time to get to the dentist!" or "I can finally finish that project in the bathroom!"

I think the first week I just slept I was so exhausted, let alone keep up with my then 7-year-old.

I'm sad I missed my son's first stand and regret not playing plastic cups with him more often.

The confidence it took you to just quit your job and take this chance speaks volumes. Give yourself a break :)


Dude, lay off the ultra-self critisizm. Relax girl.


Sounds like you're having a wonderful time despite all the business and semi-craziness. I am very jealous, but since I have no baby, I have no excuse to stay home, no matter how much I may want to.


1) I think that's one of the loveliest posts you've ever written.

2) I think people enjoy being recognized and commented on (snark and assvice aside), so go ahead and comment!


If it makes youfeel any better, I went closer to 30 years without realizing those songs had the same tune, and even then someone had to tell me and I sang them all just to make sure.

I find it hard enough just commenting and wondering if I sound like a dork. So for what it's worth, I sympathize. It really must be hard to live your life -- at least certain parts -- in a fish bowl for everyone to watch and form opinions on.

While I enjoy your other site and think you are doing an awesome job (seriously), I like this blog the most because it is where Amy gets to be Amy. And I heart Amy!!

Exiled to Canada

I just assumed the only reason you hadn't posted to my blog to tell me how sucktacular my writing is was because the comments are broken at the moment....or at least that's the story I'm sticking to....
Great post, you'll get it all figured out eventually and wow he is figuring out this standing thing quickly!


Ok I just have to say that I started reading your blog around the time you quit your job and started with Clubmom and I always love what you have to say. Keep writing because you CAN.

And, can I say that I, too, am a teeny bit jealous? YOU. ROCK.


huh... took ME 32 years to figure out the "same melody" thing. Good on ya!


Hi Amy! I've been lurking for quite a while now and didn't feel it was my business to say hi until I had read your entire blog. Yep, the whole damn thing! It made me laugh, cry...I was home the other night, hubby out of town, and somehow it ended up being 4am and I was STILL up, reading you! I was laughing out loud, which just sounds strange in a quiet, empty house...

Anyway, LOVE this site! Now that I'm caught up I have no idea how I will spend all my time! I live in the area, so if I see you out, I'll try to not be all fan-like and just say hi!

Noah is the cutest thing ever! Congratulations on all that! We are going to try to start a family this summer, and seeing how great you looked during your pregnancy and how great your version of motherhood seems, I can't wait!

Okay, I've babbled enough. Thanks for this blog. You're really good and all the opportunities this has provided you has been awesome! I am amazed!


May your transition continue to open your eyes and let you see new things. Don't be too hard on yourself. We all like to read what you write, no matter what. Pictures of Noah don't hurt either. ;-)


Don't worry about it. Write what you feel/like and just go with the flow. The house won't always be clean, stuff won't always get done on time, that's the way it is. Crap happens. I thinking your writing is great and I don't know how many times I read it before I actually made a comment. I think most of us feel that way, who wants to look like a dork? I am a dork so I don't mind.


my nephew and i sing the baby einstein song everyday. BLAST OFF! BLAST OFF!


i realized that abc, twinkle-twinkle thing only a few years ago myself, so don't feel bad.

i'm sorry, honey. i just know i'm one of those bloggers whose brilliance and funny-nes is making you feel sad. i mean, of course i am. right? so don't be afraid to email me, because we'll both feel better. ;)


god, please know i'm joking.

Magistra Omnium Domina Nihili

I realized the relationship between "Twinkle, Twinkle" and "ABC" many years ago, but didn't make the connection with "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep" until I started singing them all to my son--just shy of my 30th birthday. Once he could request songs, he liked to have those three back-to-back.

Now at 3 he's singing them himself, though it's sometimes hard to hear the melody.


God, two weeks is nothing! I didn't even shower regularly for the first six months I was home with my daughter. The stay at home thing is HARD. It'll get better once you get a routine going, but there will always be those days. I may even have had a month when my daughter was a certain age *cough*six months* cough* when she watched Baby Einstein for an hour every morning at 4:30 a.m. in the exersaucer while I slept on the couch next to her.


never apologise for spending time with your child. You will get used to your new pace!

Lisa B

Read the Smackdown. And thanks for the tip on the bra straps.I've spent my whole life (after puberty) with the strap falling off problem... Thanks for the tips!


i am sure you already know this, but a Coach outlet just opened in the Leesburg Outlets.
they have coach dog collars.


screw tha haters, yo.

Ha! me being gangsta. Almost as funny as you thinking you're overrated. Really, there are minions of jealous women out there (myself included) who wish we could be doing what you're doing! Really! Enjoy yourself and that little squishy nibblenums with the standing and plastic spoons.



I have SO felt how you are feeling! Not about my blog as I am absolutely aware that it is mindless drivel and always will be, but about other stuff. Stuff I'm supposed to be just brilliant at and everyone else thinks I'm brilliant at but I don't think I am. You are GREAT! I am LOVING all of the blogs! I even have my mom reading them now. How's that for a diverse audience. You rock.


Welcome to the SAHM/PT WAHM schedule. . . which is basically unscheduled on a regular basis. I was reading your blog this week and saw Noah standing in his crib. I thought, THANK GOD my little one (born 10.4.05) isn't doing that yet. . . and then yesterday, there she was standing in her crib. Now I have to find my IKEA tool and get down to business. You're doing great! Who wouldn't rather play with measuring spoons?


I recently became a new blogger. I am addicted. I check out your site every day and almost feel like giving up because you are amazing. I could only wish to work part time from home and see my kids ALL day long. In my life I have to work right now and would give my right arm to stay home. Forget the losers out there that talk the trash and enjoy your time with your son. It will pass by so fast, my oldest will be 6 on thursday. And congrats on everything going on for you right now. I can only hope one day I am given a chance to write for another blog like you. MAD PROPS TO YOU AMALAH!!


There is brilliance in being a real person, dude, and you've got it. So give yourself a farging break, please?

For example, I relate to what you are saying here, and though you could not have known it, like many blog posts I read on any given day/mood, it turned out to be just what I needed today. Because since I quit my Big, Hairy, Hideous job, I thought I would be 3/4 through writing my (brilliant) novel, making gourmet meals every night, learning a new language and volunteering for various and sundry important causes (I get an 'F' in all four of these items).

Turns out, even with my free time, I can't even send WEDDING GIFTS out on time, much less learn Spanish. But I sure am a lot happier, and I laugh a little more each day than I did before.

I think with a big change like the one you made, sometimes we expect too much of ourselves, and forget that what we were really missing wasn't the ability to multitask until our eyeballs bled (after all, we were already DOING that) and ACCOMPLISH ACCOMPLISH ACCOMPLISH. Rather, we were missing out on the little things that make up our lives - the things that make life important and that's NEVER the big stuff, or the errands, or the emails - it's lounging in front of the Food Network, and morning cuddling and laughing at something you never would have noticed before because you were TOO GODDAMN BUSY.

And really, does anything take precedence over Baa Baa Black Sheep or seeing Noah stand? No.
That's life. And it's pretty damn good. And there really isn't anything more substantial than that, in real life, or bloggy-life.


Oh, and I meant quit my job and get a new one that requires less than 90 hours a week, lest I get hate mail for being a SAHWife who eats bon bons all day. You know.


Hey Ive been a long time reader and occasional commenter, if that's even a word. I love the changes and I think that what you did was really brave. Screw what everyone else thinks you are doing whats right for you, Jason and Noah.

Also as someone who doesn't have any children yet I love that you have a very real portrayal of pregnancy and motherhood. I am pretty much at the point in my life where I desperately want a child but haven't had one yet and I secretly fear that I wont ever have one. Reading your site has shown me that everything does happen for a reason and sometimes having to wait just makes it that much sweeter.

Keep up the good work because you are great!


And the connundrum? You are exactly perfect for what you're doing right now because of those things.

Rock on, Amalah. You make the rest of *us* feel normal.


I never noticed that either, and I have a music degree


Dear Amy,

If it makes you feel any better, we all go through that.

Heck. I feel a bit weird everytime I leave you a comment - seeing as you're someone who lives a million miles away from me and that I peek into your private life all the time.

But you know. It happens. Life goes on and it goes on fast. Just enjoy the time you have with Noah now and try not to let the insecurities get you down.

-hug from a virtual stranger-

Love, Aly

the kim half of glamorouse

Dude, you're just doing what the rest of us are doing - trying to get by.
Trying to be a good mum, trying to be a productive worker, trying to work out if the kid wearing an outfit that fights is contributing to the night waking or what it is you're doing wrong as to why he's decided 3am is party! hour - when really, he's probably just having a growth spurt and is hungry.
Trying to make a difference.
We all LOVE you ahve the same anxieties and concerns, the same neuroses as the rest of us.
The difference is you say it so well. You tell it in a way that can make us laugh. Sure, sometimes it's at you but normally right along beside you.
Just take a deep breath, chill, go bang a plastic cup on an upturned takeaway container and knock yourself out with just how many songs do fit into the baabaa black sheep tune.
Why? Because we all love you and you make our days of oblivion, be they domestically focused or otherwise, a lot easier to get through.


Amy - I love reading your stuff on this and the other sites. You may not have unpacked or gone to the park since leaving your office, but it seems like you are happy being a full-time mom, so who cares? You are a buoy to all your readers on the various sites. And honestly? I love it when I see a new post on Amalah, I wish there would be one every time I load the page, but you have introduced us to the wider world of mommy/daddy/life blogging through your other endeavors. So thank you.


also? love the reference to BNL.


i read in your archives a wednesday advice smackdown answer where you give advice to a wannabe blogger. you said something like 'act like you don't care if anyone's reading and crack yourself up.' basically, fake the confidence. i took that advice, along with the 'buy the sephora foundation brush' advice, and both turned out well.

for some reason you're not feelin it? fake it.

but i just might have to pray for you to get a little revelation about playgroups. they are from hell. do. not. go. the mommies are stupid and they think their kids are cuter than yours, and duh. that's not true. just don't go there. save noah from such a plight!


i read in your archives a wednesday advice smackdown answer where you give advice to a wannabe blogger. you said something like 'act like you don't care if anyone's reading and crack yourself up.' basically, fake the confidence. i took that advice, along with the 'buy the sephora foundation brush' advice, and both turned out well.

for some reason you're not feelin it? fake it.

but i just might have to pray for you to get a little revelation about playgroups. they are from hell. do. not. go. the mommies are stupid and they think their kids are cuter than yours, and duh. that's not true. just don't go there. save noah from such a plight!


You are doing great. I love reading the part of this entry where you describe seeing Noah meet those "milestones." I feel lucky to be with my daughter as she develops, even as I know I will eventually move on into my another, new career. But I will always be her mom. (And just wait until he starts telling you he loves you! This has been one of my favorite parts so far.)

Beth F.

You mean you're not a perfect work at home Mom yet? And it's been two weeks already? Geeze, lady. Get off of your duff and get to work.
Okay, I'm totally kidding. You need to get of off YOUR back and realize that staying at home and creating a system/schedule and doing all of the Mommy things you think you are supposed to be doing isn't going to happen over night. Or in two weeks or in two months. You have a total schedule adjustment and ALL of you have to adjust to it. It takes ALOT OF TIME. Here is what is important, and it's right in your blog:

"I can't believe I was right there when he started doing all of those things." You were there. You will be there. You're creating memories for yourself and your child.

"I'm already used to cuddling with him every morning. I don't mind banging blocks together or prying dog kibble out of his fingers. I'm okay with the most astute and pithy observation I make in a day being that Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Baa Baa Black Sheep and the ABC song have the exact same melody and how in the world did I go 28 years without ever noticing that?" What you are doing with your time is becoming an amazing mother. The most important role there is. Revel in that.


Hopped on to clubmom today and, omg, blogs!

But there you were. If one thing stands out on that blog (besides Meridith Viera and coupons) it's you.

Congrats on the much deserved success!


FINALLY. I have been lurking for so long it's ridiculous, but just like Jenn I wanted to read everything before I outed myself.

Sometimes I cried and sometimes I just snorted some tea out my nose (Dude. HURTS if it is hot)

I am also a big fan of feet photos (mine, preferably in an exotic location) so it was nice to find out I am not alone.

Your family (including the animals) are just a bunch of blossoms.


Ditto everything that has been said about how wonderful your writing is. "We're our own worst critics." Right?

You rock!


How marvelous to be there for his new achievments!
By the way, the dimples on his legs are absolutely delicious!!!!! :)


Eek. Forgot to comment on the nanny thing. Even though, I am only Staying Home (as opposed to Working.. hee hee) and I still have a babysitter come in for 9 hours a week. I use that time to Get $hit Done that would take twice as long if I were hauling Ye Olde Precious around.

Get a Nanny. Seriously.


I can relate to the whole feeling too shy to comment or e-mail thing, but I urge you to plunge in and do it. We all need support and to support each other, and what writer out there wouldn't love to have someone tell them that they're doing a good/funny/important thing?

I can speak only for myself - I don't always comment or e-mail due to shyness and awkward feelings, but if I'm really moved or thought it was hilarious, I make myself do it. And, as a blogger, it's my hope that others would do the same for me!


Your new daily routine is what I fall asleep dreaming about every day.

Really? The same tune? (Singing to herself at her desk as quiet as possible to avoid being committed before 9 AM) Huh. Look at that. Who knew?

Jessi B.

On the up side, your carpet looks really clean! I am a stay at home mom, no, I don't even work part-time from home, and my carpet is a disaster. I pawned the vet visit off on my husband claiming extreme baby-fussiness. Eeeeeeeevvvvviiiillllll;-)


I went through a similar adjustment back in December, going from a full-time job to working from home when my baby was 8 months old. It's so hard. I had college students coming over to watch him, and I would take my laptop and go other places (Panera, the university campus nearby) to work. Just recently, I gave in and started taking him back to daycare part time so I could actually WORK from HOME, as I had set out to do. I feel like I'm cheating. It's a constant state of adjustment. Oh, and I still haven't unpacked most of my office boxes.

Just started reading you here and at Club Mom over the last few weeks, and I'm totally enjoying your stuff.


All I want to know is--how is it that Noah, who is only about three weeks older than my daughter, is crawling AND standing while my girl can't yet sit up unassisted for longer than 30 seconds without doing the slo-mo fall to the side? It must be my horrible mothering skills...or it might just be that your son is a BEHEMOTH! ;)

Also, working at home with a baby WITHOUT help is next to impossible--just ask my husband, who had about 20 projects lined up for his six weeks home with the baby...he got, oh, about ZERO accomplished. He just wouldn't believe me that taking care of a baby, even one who takes 3 naps (at the time), is a full-time job!!


I honestly appreciate what you're writing because I wonder what I would feel if I hypothetically quit my job. My husband is considering a job overseas (in Africa) and that's exactly what would happen -- I'd have my dream of a whole new, non-office, non political (politics/govt has been my career so far) world with new things and people who actually have some hardcore problems that are more than my vet bills, worrying about family health probs. that don't exist, expensive Subaru parts or stress while watching "Hardball." I've also thought about blogging, very much inspired by your style, honesty, and day-to-day being a human being and coping. Even on your self-professed "slow days" I check in and always manage a smile. At least with blogging you're never really "alone;" it's like journaling without having seventeen crates of diaries in your closet. You can bet I'll be reading you from Africa if we make it there, wondering if I did the right thing, can ever go back to my full career, and like you with Noah, knowing deep down that you're doing the best thing for yurself and those you care about.

Her Bad Mother


Someone said above that there is brilliance in being a real person. You embody that brilliance in writerly form. You were one of my inspirations for blogging, because of the brilliance of that realness. And I come here to visit as often as I can because I love your voice and I comment - even though I've often thought you'll probably never read my comment, you get so many, you're so popular, you're Amalah - because I always feel, when I read you, that we're having a conversation. That's a gift.

And it's rare gift, I think. My blogger voice often tends to be wordy and pedantic (see?) and so I cut it with cursing and cute baby photos, hoping that I'll be liked. Having that immediately likable voice, the voice that you have, is something that many of us strive for, that most of us never achieve, and that few of us (maybe I'm wrong on this) would begrudge.

And, dude? Not only have you demonstrated that you are not some cyborg creation of the Disney Corporation by admitting that you worry about how you're doing with this whole blog/writer/momma thing but you have fully proven your blogger humanity by telling us that YOU VISIT OUR BLOGS. You just injected a whole lotta warmth into this whole cluster-hug.

So, there's my ode to you. I CAN KISSA THE ASS! But it's worth kissin'. Thanks for being Amalah.


Okay, not reading the 97million comments before mine, but just wanted to say you are doing the most important thing in the world, and I don't mean blogging, even though we all like you very much. One day, when Noah is a pre-teen and asking you why he can't do whatever for the 85th time and you are considering selling him to the first set of gypsies you spot, you will remember the baby toes and the plastic spoons and the kibble and be reminded why you thought motherhood was such a hot idea.

And about the commenting and writing and other people's blogness? Same feeling here. I read yours, Y's, and others, then go back to mine and am all, "duh. I have baby. Baby poopy. Got lots of laundry...Duh, huh." You are doing a great job at all three convenient read-Amalah locations. We likey. And my baby just blew you a raspberry, which means she likey too.


For what it's worth, I started reading your blog because of your Clubmom round up blog - and I keep coming back... so you must be worth something. :) Thank you for being real!

As for Noah only eating fruit - that's not necessarily a bad thing. I would encourage that as much as I can. Just my 2 cheap cents... spend as you wish.

Have a great day cuddling with your son and writing!


Amy, please come visit. I wrote nice stuff about you in honor of Mother's Day. It's on the May 12 post. You don't have to comment or e-mail - just read the nice stuff.

I also wrote about Alpha Mom a few posts prior to that. I truly love your column on the site. I hope your influence spreads to the rest of the site and the network.

I think you are doing wonderfully, and I'm sincerely happy for you.


I don't comment often, due to the shyness and/or not wanting to sound well durfy.

You are doing an awesome job, both with your blog and with your son. I check in on the daily because I find you so funny and we had our babies so close together (Joey was born 10-6-05)So I like seeing what Noah is doing, since Joey isn't far behind. Anyway Happy belated Mother's Day and keep on rockin'!


I only recently noticed that those tunes were all the same myself, and I am a lot older than 28. Sometimes, it takes having little ones to see the world a little more clearly.

Love your blog, and the pictures of your son. And I'm glad to hear that you were there for some important "firsts." It makes the SAH thing all worthwhile.

Ruth Dynamite

I just wanted to chime in and congratulate you. Look forward to reading more...


as someone who is dilligently stalking you in all your glorious incarnations, i say cut yourself a break, lady-lurve.

am now off to purchase cocoa butter serum and coach bag;-)

Real Girl

It is always, always the people who think they're most open minded who judge the most. Oh fine, not always, but it seems like it! If you remember that you're the one who's accepting of multiple view-points, who understands that people can disagree with each other, etc. etc., then I hope you can take solace in knowing that the judgey wudgeys are small-minded and narrow-thinking. And who wants to be that?

(Erm...Of course, if someone does want to be small-minded, who are we to judge?!)

And where is all this talking about you and judging going on!? I've got some other blog catching up to do, clearly.


I am so with you, girl. And its good to know that I'm not the only one, so thanks.


It's okay, you can tell us:

How much dog kibble did he eat before you caught him?

We're still not sure how much our boy got. All I can remember is the dog coming up and looking at me very sadly, a kibble crunching noise in the middle distance, and the sisters squealing with horror and delight.


What's your excuse for not commenting on MY posts, because I KNOW it aint because you're worried I'll think you're tacky, or because you're intimidated by my brilliance.


The internet has a way of making one feel insecure, but please don't ever doubt your Awesomeness. Seriously, you're awesome. Like, "BEEFLOG" awesome.


I think you are the complete opposite of boring. I am no where in the realm of mommy, but I check this site and ClubMom religiously (which is probably amusing to the IT department here if they are tracking my webusage... ClubMom? AlphaMom?).


You're going through such a transition right now so it's easy to understand why things feel all out of whack. I hope you are cutting yourself some slack. Soon, I hope, you'll realize that your good fortune is not a result of luck; you deserve it.


It took me almost a year of being a SAHM before I got into a regular schedule. Don't sweat it!


I once had a friend tell me, "Rita, we already knew you weren't really fabulous."

It was the most freeing thing anyone had ever said to me, because she said it with such love.

The identity crisis, it is so hard and draining. The little angel is two, and I'm still flailing against it every morning.

Write through the confusion. Write through the fear. Remember it so you can tell Noah about it when he calls you with his baby's issues. Remember it so you can truly appreciate how hard you worked when it gets easier later. Remember it so you can be proud of yourself.


Girl, stop putting so much pressure on yourself. Besides, everyone knows that annoying and overrated and tacky make for an excellent blog. Keep those posts coming!!

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