Because I Needed Both Hands to Type & Was Tired of Picking Up the Damn Plastic Keys
My Moment of Triumph

I Love You Too. Now Please Go Elsewhere.

1) It's the Wednesday Advice Smackdown, bitch!

2) Hello, I am a Survey. Would you please take me? Please? I am a Very Important Survey, because I will help make Amy a goddamned millionaire. Or at least a hundredaire. Okay, how about a nickelaire? Nickels are shiny.

(Yes, it's a survey for advertising. The idea is better ads, however, not more. Targeted! High CPM! Web-based strategic synergy with out-of-the-box initiatives! PLEASE TAKE THE SURVEY. I WILL WITHHOLD BABY PICTURES IF YOU DON'T TAKE THE SURVEY, SO HELP ME GOD.)


3) Durrr...Flickr?


Sarcastic Journalist

Do you want us to take a suvey or something?


OK, I took the SURVEY! Now stop yelling (please)!

Pics are AWESOME!

Off to read the Smackdown, which I didn't dare do *before* taking the SURVEY!


Took the survey. Is it just me, or was that the most random list of job categories ever? Why does "aerospace" get its own category, but then "publishing/writing/editing/media/television/anythinghavingtodowithwords" is all lumped together?


OK, I will take the damn survey. But it is under duress I tell you! DURESS! ; )

And then I am filing a complaint with your complaints department. (Which I'm assuming is Noah.)



Stupid commerce. Please bear with me as I take a hacksaw to my sidebar now.


totally agree re: the job categories. knowing amalah, i figured it was supposed to be funny, but i guess i didnt get it. :)


Awww! I promise i didn't peek at the pictures till i took the SURVEY! In that first picture Noah looks so much like Jason it isn't funny. But other times he looks just like you. Cutie pie.

Vaguely Urban

Done and done. I love how the lumped Real Estate/Insurance/Legal together. They might as well call a spade a spade and label it "boring drudgery jobs". :)


OK, took your survey, but am clearly not as technically savvy as I claimed to be because I hit enter on one question and it finished the survey for me. So, it kicked me out about 3 or 4 questions early. Sorry!

Love your site though, so felt obliged.


Done! Had to do it for you!


SURVEY? Done. I missed that Real Estate/Insurance/Legal were together. I was looking for legal and left it blank when I couldn't find it. Sorry.

In these new photos he looks more baby than little boy. Adorable.

SURVEY?! MORE pictures, please. ;-)


Exiled to Canada

Ok, ok already I took the damn survey! You might want to cut back on the caffeine a little miss shouty pants. Pics of Noah, so, SO cute! I always did enjoy waking up to a smiling baby boy. Certainly makes the day a lot brighter.


Was it wrong to list my website as one of the top five I visit? 'Cause I do spend a good deal of time there posting...


Thank you everybody, she says sweetly and totally not yelly.

I was in a bit of a bad mood because I had to mess with code that required me to fuck with my sidebar, and I make it a point to never fuck with my sidebar.


OMG OMG look at that beautiful shiny gorgeous irridescent pretty pretty blond hair. His, not yours. Note the lack of "e" on blond. What a gorgeous kid.

Okayyy. Your hair is also pretty. Going to take survey now. Sheesh.


I took your damn survey, not show us some panty pics, Mommy.


Thank You for your time
Your feedback helps us tailor Amalah to your needs.

^heee!! :P




I took the survery and TOLD THE TRUTH. I usually lie for those things. I hope you are happy now. The internet knows where and who I am. Crap.


Just linked over to flickr. am...melting...

There is TOO much cuteness there. I will never procreate now. What is the point when perfection has already been attained?

OH! The babiness!


I'm a sucker for surveys.

Big Gay Sam

Well, that was relatively quick and painless.

I was expecting a 12 page click fest from hell.



Took the survey! Anything I can do to help the Amalah, I will!

Big Gay Sam

uhh.. Panty picks?


I took the survey, NOW SHOW ME BABY PICTURES!


go back to not doing flickr. go back to being like me. go back to fearing flickr. fear the flickr!


I took the survey and left a snotty comment in the comment section about the job catergories. I guess I'm just bitter about being a SAHM that just does mommy stuff and that's it. Don't take it personal though, I'm home alone with two small children and I haven't had caffeine in three days.


I tried being a SAHM but could not hack it. Now that Will is two, it's probably a good thing he is in daycare a few days a week. I am glad it works for you. Me? I suck. I am torn. Same shit different day. Yadda.


Done and Done.

Luuurve the new "home" of the Wednesday Advice Smackdown. Am pleased to now have TWO WHOLE websites on which to stalk you. : )


O-KAAAAAAAAAY. So no one ever tells you to make sure you use the 'tab' key rather than the 'enter' key on Amalah's very important surveys. Because, well... you know. Sigh.

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