I Love You Too. Now Please Go Elsewhere.

My Moment of Triumph

Or more accurately, My Moment of Dork.

A film crew from some kind of Internet news channel Internet television Internet thing (on the Internet) came to my house today for a piece about ClubMom. I think I did okay. I think my bangs did that stupid thing they do sometimes. Noah only threw up on camera once but they said they could edit that out.

Look at me! I am typing on my blog! My blawwwwwg. Oh dear, this is very very awkward-like typing and I keep hitting the backspace key. Can they tell that I am hitting the backspace key? Will someone be watching this and go, oh my god, the girl can't type for shit? Shit. Can I type shit while on television? Shiiiiit. Ha. I just typed shit on international internet television!

Now they are filming a close up of my veiny veiny hands. Oh God. Better not type any bad words or people will know. THEY WILL KNOW.

I feel sweaty. Oh god, I am sweating. Pit stains. Pit. Shit. Git.

Please let me stop typing now please please please.


Nicole P

Nerd. :)


You did great I'm sure!

Susie Sunshine

I'm sure you are absolutely fabulous. Where and when can the rest of us see watch your pits sweat on international television?!


lol. You must tell us where we can see that.


I think they will be sending me a link to the segment within the next couple days...Friday? Perhaps?

Noah TOTALLY upstaged me, I can tell that already.


Survey says...

I took the survey and then when I linked back there was this new post and I got all freaked out thinking "whoa, she really did mean you had to fill it out to see baby pictures" but then realized, duh, I just caught an update.

Sure your pit stains look fab-u-lous.


Can't wait to see the clip!

I had to do one of those 'pretend you're working for a newsclip' things when I was in college. I got a bit excited over being!on!tv! that I spilled a cup of (HOT!) coffee on my lap.

I'm sure you were just fine. :)


I'm assuming you will be letting us know what online news outlet this is so that we can all go and watch it? Because we are all full of moments of dork? Yes? Would you like another question mark?


Have you checked out Google Trends? Your name doesnt have enough queries yet to show trends, but Zoot does - http://www.google.com/trends?q=zoot%2C+scoble&ctab=0&date=all&geo=all


LMFAO- what the fuck. this cracks me up! make sure they zoom in on my comment with the word FUCK in it!


Can't wait to see it. Should we send sympathy because Noah upstaged you?


Dude! Dooce was on ABC news? I wish I caught that!

Lisa B

Can't wait to see if they really did edit out the pukey scene. heehee.


You are such a rebel for saying shit. Go Amalah! What fabulous typing skills!


Heather B.

"A film crew from some kind of Internet news channel Internet television Internet thing (on the Internet)"

Oh. Ok. Now I get it.


Who better to have upstaged you then Noah! Good boy!


This is better than my average post to which I have given my diatribe days of thought!

weaker vessel

Holy shit, dude, that's a lot of pressure. Now that you're a Certified Internet Phenomenon you're going to have to keep your house tidy at all times in case like Barbara Walters wants to pop by. In a pinch, you could always try to talk them into doing "walking purposefully with a pensive expression on your face whilst studiously avoiding the camera" footage outside on the street.

You know what I think what may represent the Dork Nadir, though? Being forced to make "authentic typing noises" for the soundtrack of one of those All Things Considered reports.

Dad Gone Mad

Hey, TV. Over here! Fuckshitasswhorecrapballs! Amalah told me to say that!


That was way too funny!! Congrats on the interview.


You're such a goof. Good to know the fame isn't going to your head. heh.

Just Linda

hahahah You're a nut. But I mean that in the best possible way. Like a lightly salted cashew or a pistachio but not the kind with all that artificial red dye, just a comfortable-in-its-own-skin type of pistachio.

Y from the internet

Ha. I remember when Dooce was being filmed for something and she kept typing "DORK". This reminded me of that.

No wonder you hardly answer my emails anymore. you're all famous and shit.


Y from the internet



Geez, I find it hard to type with my boss watching, and you were doing it with THE ENTIRE WORLD watching.

I do remember once, a very long time ago, when I was a teenager working at a pizza joint, for some reason or another they had a film crew in and had me PRETENDING to answer the phone and help a customer.

This was when I knew I would never be on stage. I was totally not believeable as someone who took pizza orders over the phone.

If it helps, I had to have looked like a bigger dork than you. And since most people can lipread enough to know if someone is mouthing the word 'shit', I couldn't even have that solace.


Glad to know that I'm not the only dork with a computer.

(Also glad to know that nobody will be filming me, hence my dorkness be caught on film and shared with the entire Internet. That would not be pretty.)

Can't wait to see you IN PERSON (you know, on film). Holy cow...


Heh. You said shit on camera. Well, you typed it at least.

Real Girl

Noah. Let's chat. Mommy's outpacing you by droves. How 'bout after you learn that whole "walking" thing, you learn to type so you can internet curse on NETWORK TV, okay? You know every Mom wants their kid to out-shine them. Baby's got some catching up to do.


OMG. You are famous and shit.


You've made me nervous just typing this.

I'm sure you did great. We'll all be watching closely to see if we can see you typing the word "shit". I can't wait!


But when will it air? When can we watch your veiny veiny hands typing shit?


Literally rolling on the floor laughing here.


Pit stains are the absolute worst. The more you realize you have pit stains, the more you sweat because you are totally getting uptight about it. Next thing you know, they are like crazy huge and totally visible from space.


At my work a couple of months ago they filmed a training video and asked me to be in it. I was like sure its just a training video noone will see me. Then my work decided to have a big "premire" party afterwards. Yeah now everytime I have to call another dept, they're like Tasha, can I have your autograph. To top it off I was prego in the video so I look like I have a nice BIG potbelly. Want to talk about being a dork?


Pity we won't get to see you on TV over here in New Zealand, because I'd know what you were typing and my husband would have no clue why I was giggling and falling off the couch.


When can we see this mesmerizing TV moment with you typing your blog?
You've hit the big time...


Damn. I want my comment to be on TV!

kerri anne

Shit is totally acceptable. If you ever stop saying shit, I am totally leaving. ;)

(Congrats babe!)


hi, dork.

first off, i should probably tell you i've been reading you quite a while and find you amazing and fun/enlightning to read. next off, i want to ask/beg to know where you left Noah when you worked away from home since my wonderous babysitter is having a rather difficult time with my monster these days and i uh, need options, and possibly, quickly. i think you might live sorta kinda in my area and i'm a loser in finding/gahi'mgoing nutso good kidlet care and i just need options. preferably spilled in my lap. with vodka. if you had any information, it'd be much appreciated. fer reals. oh (!) and grats on the filming thingy, i hope i get to see you blaaaaaawwing away on teeveeee...


Noah always upstages you. As it should be. :D


Ah, the face of ClubMom in action! Did you follow the script?


I'm a big dork too.

In fact, we've dubbed my family "the dork family"

Wanna join?

I'm sure its gonna be great! I love reading club mom.


what the HELL is up with all the amalah press coverage? ;)

do you have an official fan club? i bet one is forming in a basement somewhere right. now.


Queen's song "Under Pressure" began playing in my head when I read this.



Hi Amy,
I know that this is totally unrelated to the post but I just wanted to let you know that your blog inspired me to finally start my own after years of lurking. I just wanted to thank you for a great blog. You kick ass!

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