A Hard Day's Bounce
Because I Needed Both Hands to Type & Was Tired of Picking Up the Damn Plastic Keys

OMG Flickr!

Baby's First Ballgame
Uploaded by Amalah on 8 May '06, 12.00pm EDT.

And with that, I relinguish my status as Last Blogger Standing, or perhaps Last Blogger Who Was Too Damn Lazy and Possibly Too Embarrassed To Admit That She Just Didn't Really Understand How Flickr Worked Because She Is A Big Stupid Dumbass Moron.





I think my ovaries just twitched. So cute! About the baby, not the ovaries.


Ooooooh! Never too many adorable Noah pictures!


Your child is almost too beautiful.

Susie Sunshine


YAY ME!!!!


Okay, normally I wouldn't comment, but I just had to today. I already knew your kid was lucky with the parents he wound up with, but getting to go to RFK to see the Nats? Luckier.

See, this blog has lots for guys to enjoy too. :)


Yay for Amy! Yay for Flickr!

And dear god, did all the spectators in the vicinity just pass out from the sheer cuteness? Cuz I know I would.


Look! He's tasting the snacky, beery goodness of ballpark air! Yum!

Heather B.

I got as far as setting up a Flickr account and then got too confused with the whole tags and whatnot. This was about 5 months ago. By the time I've figured flickr out, your child will be 8 years old.


Dude. I totally have no idea how Flickr works.


just please tell me that's a DODGER game!


Yayy, a ball game! And hotdogs!

Also, did the stadium have those $1 12 ounce beers to go with the onion and chili covered hotdog? Yummmmm! I don't like beer, but it sort of goes with the ambience of a ballgame...


So? What's so OMG about it? I have it, I use it. I'm not sure what it does differently than any other photo hosting place.

I'm doing it wrong, aren't I?


Oh, crap-- I forgot the most important part - GREAT PICTURE!


be thankful that you weaned noah already... let's just say that having to find a private place to nurse your son in yankee stadium... not so much with the fun.

we ended up in the nursing station and the nice nurse kicked out the men.

meanwhile, omg such a cute boy :)


I ignored FLickr for far too long as well. Now I can't get enough. It also has great stalking possibilites.

something blue

Love your photos! Noah is too cute not to share. The photos of him asleep in his jolly jumper are priceless!


I didn't think he could get any cuter, but he DID!


I can't get Flickr to work for me no matter what the hell I do. I just wanna post some pics, but can only seem to blog from their site and that pisses me off.

Adorable little ball fan.


That is fantabulous. I love keeping tabs on goings on with flickr. It's like my other blog. My other blog is flickr. And now I can see youre little guy on there. Rock.

yet another amy

how did he do at the game? we were thinking of taking our 7 month old, but feared major melt-downs and time in the sun or past bedtime silliness...


I love the pic! He is so cute! I didn't know how to use too and finally had to ask someone else to walk me though it! Your not the only one!


wait a minute - did Stephanie say there is a stadium on earth with $1 beers? Because where I live, a 12-oz beer is oh, $32 or so. WHERE IS THIS MAGICAL BALLPARK, Stephanie?!

And Noah in hoodie = deliciousness

Big Gay Sam

Well. You're one up on me. I still haven't figured out flickr.


How adorable. Noah is just too cute. Don't worry I had a mean fight with flickr and once I tought it whos boss, its not so bad now. Good luck.


That's why I call it "Fluckr"...

Real Girl

Uh-oh! The Nationals are in the same division as my beloved Mets. But Noah must be, without doubt, their cutest fan.



i TOLD you flickr kicked ass and that you could do it. i love the pics of noah with ceiba's big head. ;)


Love the Gap hoodie!!! Totally want one for my Will Will... God, my child has enough clothes for 6 babies! And now back to the topic which is - seriously cute baby! :)


Flikr totally rocks. And of course so does Noah with his rockin' teeny tiny mohawk. The first picture of him with the shoe is super cute too.


I don't even know what Flickr is, what it does, or why it's supposedly so wonderful.

Although now I'm wondering if maybe I SHOULD be caring???

((what's with the comments flicking to italics, anyways???))

Y from the internet

OMG! Flickr is RIGHT!

You should have seen how excited I got when I saw you on my contact list, I was like FINALLY!

It is like crack and OMG! I'm going to invite you to some awesome groups in which they hold COMPETITIONS! I know how much you LOVE competitions and haha! I'll beat you.

We should start a Meat Lovers Group in which we take pictures of BEEFLOGS!



OH! Amalah & Y - look what I stumbled across this weekend -


Her Bad Mother

Um, how *does* Flickr work? I must be doing it wrong, because I don't get what's so special...

Motherhood Uncensored

Flickr & comments in italics, what else will they think of next?



Ha! Looks like somebody tried to get all fancy and forgot to include the close tag for their italics, BIG GAY SAM COUGH COUGH.


welcome to the fold :)


Yay for flickr! Now, what I really want to know is how anyone puts more than one picture from flickr into a blog post. For the life of me, I can't figure it out.

And tags? I just don't bother. Who has the energy to tag? I consider it accomplishment when I upload something!


I Heart Flickr! Love those pics below of him asleep! How adorable! Mine would do that in the Exersaucer.

Lisa Ann

From today's NY Times:

LIKE neglectful sons, Internet executives seem to pay attention to mothers only in May, when they can milk the Mother's Day holiday for short-term gains.

This year, though, their best May behavior might actually stick. Web sites aimed at mothers of school-age children are popping up quickly, while existing sites are adding features they hope will draw new users interested in connecting with one another. Most of these sites earn money from advertisers selling minivans, children's medications, school supplies and such, although some are selling goods directly to their users.

ClubMom, a company previously focused on offline rewards programs for mothers, will introduce an online social networking service next week, after finding quick success earlier this year with a blogging site of sorts. JotSpot, a site started by the founders of Excite.com, recently introduced a free Web site-building service aimed largely at mothers. And earlier this year, LillianVernon.com, the housewares site, spun off Lilly's Kids, a site marketed to mothers who want to buy children's gifts.

But Web sites and advertisers should step carefully, analysts said.

"It's a good time to reach moms, but it's not a good time to pretend to be their friend," said Clay Shirky, an Internet analyst and adviser to MeetUp Inc., a social networking business with a Web site that helps groups organize offline events. "Marketers often tell themselves that moms want a relationship with them, when in fact all moms want to do is buy their products."

Mr. Shirky said he first became aware of the trend at a recent advisory board meeting at MeetUp, when executives reported that stay-at-home mothers composed the most active group on the Web site. The company said that more than 50,000 mothers had joined groups through the site since its inception. "We all just sat bolt upright," Mr. Shirky said.

Groups of stay-at-home mothers are especially active, with nearly 34,000 members. Many of those are in sprawling cities like Houston and San Diego.

"They're using the Internet to reconstitute the social capital that would come from physical interaction in a dense urban environment," Mr. Shirky said. "These are busy, busy people who don't adopt any technology unless it makes their lives materially better in the short term."

A spokesman for MeetUp.com, Myles Weissleder, said the company had not done anything to court mothers. "They've played around with other social networking services, and here's one opportunity to actually meet people, not screen names," he said.

ClubMom executives see plenty of demand for on-screen relationships as well. The company is using the mommy-tech wave to revamp a business that until last year was devoted to grocery rewards programs.

"Moms have always looked to other moms for advice and tips," said Michael Sanchez, ClubMom's chief executive. "It occurred to us 9 or 10 months ago that that mom-to-mom information hadn't been aggregated anyplace on the Internet."

The site started by inviting some of its two million rewards program members to submit stories and tips about topics like parenting and shopping in exchange for points that could be redeemed for gift cards. So far this year, the company has compiled more than 20,000 articles, editing them down to about 500 words each.

The company said that on Mother's Day it would introduce the MomNetwork, in which users post anonymous profiles, including their biggest challenges as mothers. Users will be able to connect with others who are experiencing similar challenges. Over the last month the company tested the network with about 5,000 users. The feedback has so far been extremely positive, Mr. Sanchez said.

Advertisers, including Johnson & Johnson and Home Depot, are involved as well. "Moms are their key customers, and they're extremely interested in figuring out an authentic way to fit into social networks and sites with user-generated content," he said.

Advertiser interest in mothers does not stop at networking sites, of course. Be Jane (www.be-jane.com), a home improvement site for women, announced an agreement last week to license its content to MSN, starting in July. Eden Jarrin, Be Jane's chief executive, said that starting in July she would also devote a section specifically to mothers, and that she had several well-known advertisers already lined up. And last week, Kaboose, a Toronto-based company that runs a collection of Web sites focused on mothers, announced plans to buy the parenting site BabyZone.com for an undisclosed sum.

Oddly enough, while media sites are expecting more interest from mothers, most commerce sites have seen little, if any, increase in traffic from this group in the last year. In March, traffic to retail sites among women 25 to 54 years old was nearly flat or down in every category compared with a year ago, according to comScore Networks, an Internet research firm, which does not track the Web visits of mothers specifically.

There are some exceptions, of course. Pejman Hanafi Sr., marketing manager for Direct Holdings Worldwide, which owns Lillian Vernon, said the company started the Lilly's Kids site because it found that most of its online sales were from mothers buying gifts for children. Mr. Hanafi would not disclose sales of the new site, but he deemed it a success. "This is the direction our customers are pushing us," he said.

Many industry executives said the growing proportion of Internet users with high-speed connections at home, currently 69 percent according to Nielsen/NetRatings, had done much to connect mothers more firmly to the Internet than in the past. But Joe Kraus, chief executive of JotSpot, based in Palo Alto, Calif., said technology companies had taken a backward approach to marketing their services to mothers in the past.

Mr. Kraus said that, like a car company that talked about horsepower no matter who it was advertising to, Silicon Valley had approached all consumers as if they cared about the technology behind their services. So when JotSpot recently introduced a free site-building tool, at FamilySite.Jot.com, the word "wiki," which refers to the technology that allows users to edit and add to a Web page, was omitted from the site, although the technology is central to the service.

"In targeting this to moms, we focused on the benefits to the family exclusively," Mr. Kraus said. "We never mentioned the technology used to collaborate. Even using the word 'collaborate' was forbidden. It's just a little nerdy."


He is such a preshus baby.


Hey! We went to a ballgame yesterday, too! NY Yankees blew us out of the water. Welcome to Flickr.


i think i beat you to finally sucking it up and figuring out flickr by just a nose, so don't feel too bad. i understand the confusion.


Dude. Y's pictures on Flickr make me feel very inferior. I almost submitted on of my photos to one of the groups/competitions she's talking about until I saw hers and then I was all, "Damn. Hers is way better. I'm going home now."



LMAO! Dork! ;)


Ok, so is it bad I have no idea how Flickr works? =/ -goes back under her rock-



Well That Is Just Too Stupid For Words That You Never Knew How To Use Flickr.


Too cute!!


That is one cute baby...what is flikr?
--dumbass reader of your blog


No, I am offically the last dumb-ass standing. I barely understand this thing I'm typing on much less the whole picture thing!


I'm on flickr. But my icon is that smiley face with no smile because I don't even know how to upload a photo. I just know how to log on and steal...er, post other people's photos on my site. But I think you've just inspired me to learn more. If Amy can do it, I can do it!

(Okay, that came out different than it sounded in my head.)


Is Noah doing a rolling stones impression?

He is too cute. ;)

Motherhood Uncensored

Damnit. I liked the italics. It was like I was really talking to someone other than the voices in my head.

Oh wait. That's my 2-year old. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.


Dude. You know your box-away-from-the-Dooce-box box? That animated silhouette with the perky ta-dah? It reminds me of a Merry Maids commercial, and if they don't have those where you are, well, then, good for you because it ain't good. That said, you are lovely. Not Merry Maid at all.


Flickr rules almost as much as cute baby baseball fans.


I thought Flickr was a horse.


Cute picture there!
Could someone explain this flickr-thing to me???
Is it something I can find on the world wide web dot internet???
Don't have a blog meself though, just a baby.

Wacky Mommy

Totally do not even know how to upload pix from my dig camera yet, much less use Flickr. Also do not know how to plug camcorder into dealie attached to computer to play small tiny tapes on big screen of PC. Don't tell anyone. Noah is cute, have I said that lately?


Ewww, did anyone else notice that L.O.N.G. 5000 word comment spam posted by Lisa Ann? That's just not right. Damn Spam.

And the "remember me" button never remembers me. What's up with that!?


After reading your sidebar, I am demanding (very nicely and politely) that you expand on Ceiba's last exploits with prunes.
thank you.
Also, Stephanie, I think Lisa Ann's comment was all about CLubMom which is Amalah's new blogging for money thing-- while long, i don't think is was spam.


Oh, yeah, I was just making sure you were awake! And you are, obviously! :-)

Sorry Lisa Ann-- GOSH! I'm such a dork! If it helps, I did think it was well written comment spam. Informative comment spam. Interesting and cool ClubMom comment spam!

(Inserting big foot in mouth)


Cuter and cuter all the live long day he gets.
(why am I talking like a cross between a hillbilly and Yoda?)

If you are looking for a nice girl for Noah to grow up and marry, click on my blog. :)


i just do NOT get flickr. It makes no sense at all to me.

I love Noah and his 'i'm so cool, i'll just stick out my tongue like i hang out here everyday' kinda attitude.

that baby rocks.


um, how did you do that?

not the baby (although i dont know how to make one on my own), but the flikr thing.

cute kid!


I have about 40 gazillion pics on Flickr, but I started using it way before I figured out the cool notes and tags and such. Now? To go back and add tags and notes and reorganize the photos will take my ENTIRE summer vacation. *sigh*

You were smart to wait until you knew how to use the features.

Noah is delicious cuteness.

Anne Glamore

It took me along time to figure out flickr and only last week did I figure out the flickr uploadr which will AUTOMATICALLY resize your pix so you don't use all your free bandwidth. I'm a computer moron, but I'm getting better.

Play ball!


flickr is stoopid and hard. but the boy is cute and smiley.


Flickr is better than peanut butter and completely addictive. More pictures, please.


I haven't had the patience to go find out about Flickr yet. Someday, maybe a few years from now. . .

Those are adorable pictures. There's nothing cuter than when they fall asleep in some silly place. My daughter almost fell asleep in her high chair the other night. It was so cute.


Dude, babies and baseball are awesome. Good job. The sooner he learns to despise the DH the better!


Super cute. Someone already mentioned the wine rack but I wanted to point out the electrical sockets need those thingies. Unless of course you subscribe to my dad's method of parenting called "they'll figure out not to do it."


too friggin cute!

Lisa Ann

sorry for the ginormously long post yesterday, i thought the club mom article was worth mentioning. now that amy has figured out flickr maybe i can figure out how to post a link!!


I haven't tried Flickr yet. I can't figure out how to install blogrolling. There world, have a go at me!


OMG! Thank you for telling me about flickr! I just redesigned A Girl's Gotta Spa around it. I'm so excited about using it! Thank you!!!!


He is SO adorable....does he have his first leather baseball glove yet? We have four boys and their dad got them started young :)

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