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Who Needs Actual Writing When You've Got Very Small Shoes?



And in case shoes aren't your thing, here are some pictures of his very large head.





He is Mahir! He kiss you!

(PS. I can SO still string a complete sentence together! Nyah! Behold: the Wednesday Advice Smackdown.)

(PPS. What? I didn't say they were GOOD complete sentences.)



Regarding an earlier post, Converse are kinda on the way to punk. Cute!


God that kid is cute.

I have fallen prey to the mini Converse high tops myself. They are so cute on little boy legs.


he. Mahir.
thanks for the giggle :)


We just got son his first pair -they are too cute to resist, aren't they!

Y from the internet


(G-unit has pink ones. PINK!)

Angela F

I love it that you have matching shoes! Chucks are awesome!

Seeing how cute Noah is makes me want to meet my baby right NOW!


Is it bad that I covet his shoes?


for myself?

Heather B.

I designed my very own Chucks, remind me to show them to you when they arrive.

...And what a cute very large head he has. Better to sniff my dear.


Cute shoes! Cute face!!


I LOVE the teeny tiny Chucks. But can someone PLEASE tell me how the hell you are supposed to get the damn things on their fat little feet? On a good day, it takes me 20 minutes. And in 1-year-old time, that's about 4 days.


oh, sweet baby Jesus, he has little red Chucks.

*head explodes*


My boy's feet are too fat to fit into Converse.


Or anything that isn't sandals, for that matter.


I feel there is truly nothing better in the world than tiny shoes!!! They make me all squeally!

He is getting to be such a little man! Too cute!


Loving the Converse and still loving the site. And, ooh, thank-you-thank-you-thank-you for inspiring me to quit my job (next week) and go freelance! I too am totally into banging blocks together with my six-month-old son so the desk job can eat itself. Keep up the good work but hey, if you can't, just make sure you keep those cutesy pictures coming!

Vaguely Urban

The madras... the converse... it's great that you're home with him if only to put together such stylin ensembles.


Fabulous - Tacy has hot pink Chucks!

Chucks on the child - the mark of a truly cool mom.


Too cute for words!


oh my god i need those shoes and i don't even have a baby.


Ohmigod! Baby Chucks are absolutely adorable!


the little shoes kill me! lol


Oh my goodness! Little shoes too much for this pregnant woman to handle, I am turning to mush!

He is so adorable. I don't see how you don't want to hold him forever and kiss his cute little cheeks all the time.


Not trying to get into a my kids head is bigger then your's contest but really Noah has a sweet little proportional head compared to the basketball on my kids shoulders. We are afraid that we will have to rig up a pulley system so that he can lift it to learn to walk. Don't believe me, I have pictures of the giant melon on my blog. *See how I mention that so you have to look at my blog?*


OMG, matching shoes! BABY HIGH TOPS!

And, um, the baby belly. I'd like to blow raspberries on it now, please.

For some reason, I suspect that yours are low-top.


those are some mighty cute shoes!


I love the baby Converse!!!! They are so cute. But not cuter than Noah himself, of course! (That last picture of him takes the cake...)


Noah is a male version of little Amy, right there. So adorable.


I've been meaning to get my little guy a pair of those. There's a new Converse store in town and I must go make a visit! Seriously, can Noah get any cuter?


I love the matching Chucks! Yay!


I have always loved small shoes. A decade ago when my friends and I would hang out at the mall, I used to drag them into baby stores and shoe stores to look at baby shoes; they thought I was insane.

The tiny Converse are awesome, as is that boy's big head.

Real Girl

KILLING WITH THE CUTENESS. That shoe picture? Literally to die for.


Lovin' the tiny Converse! very cute :0)

Laura B.

Three Amalah entries on three different sites in one day! Bliss!

Noah is tooooo adorable.


So. Damn. Cute.

I don't know him, don't know you, but I sooo have enjoyed reading all about him. If he can brighten the days of so many others, I can't imagine being his mom! Lucky!

Wacky Mommy

Your words are always good and all, but today all I came here for was Noah pix. Thank you and keep up the splendid work, ie keeping Noah and the audience happy.


I had to google the Mahir reference. I must also google mini converse high tops for my niece. Your site alone stimulates the economy.



How do you NOT eat him?!

Jerri Ann

I am liking the shoes..and the baby slobber is pretty dang gorgeous if you ask me


Who needs words when you've got cuteness like that!!!!


Mini shoes are always a million times cuter than real shoes! :) He's adorable!


excuse me - *when* did he turn from a baby into a little boy?

(love the shoes!)


You know you have an adorable munchkin when he has me conceding that maybe, just maybe, he is as adorable as my own little dude. I think it's the shoes....


I have the same Chucks as Noah, ladies size 8. They are available for rental.
Amy, enjoy your Chucks NOW. Enjoy dressing Noah in madras shorts and cute shoes NOW. Your teenage son will not be seen dead with you if you are wearing Chucks.
Good luck with the new gigs. I am getting a great vibe and sensing much happiness.


I need a new pair of Chuck Taylor's. The pink ones. I love the contract.

He is too too cute.


he does not have a big head. i saw me a kid today what had a big head. this child? your child? normal head. head that doesn't make every woman go OH GOD THAT POOR MOTHER'S VAGINA!


I love the drool on his chin.


I'm still partial to the fat feet and chubby toes. More easily eaten.


Look at me...reading you with my new high speed internet. Life is good again. Hooray.

Am so in love with the first picture. Can't wait until my little guy can wear some cool new chucks.


That is some seriously weapons-grade cute.


Dear Amy

Those matching Chucks pictures have just made my day! -cuddles her silvery glittery ones-

What style you have momma.

Love, Aly


Love the first pic. So very cute.


Awww look at the tiny shoes!!!


My dad has this thing for white Converse high tops. They are his favorite shoes and for some reason he calls them "limousine shoes". I don't get that. But baby limousine shoes. So cute I may gobble them up.

I'm telling you Miss Amalah...that is one fine looking little boy you've got on your hands. And I think his head is the perfect size.


Now this is a post I can get behind! I luv the shoes. And love that you're sporting the chucks, too! And the kid. He is cute!


yeah, when he is old enough to speak, he seriously owes you and jason a big "thank you" for making him so good looking. are there baby modeling agencies in DC??

The shoes kill me. stylin and cute. Noah is baby catnip. are baby girls calling the house yet?

Bozoette Mary

I, too, have Chucks that exact shade of orange. (And the third head picture? With the drool? Best. Ever.)


Red chucks and baby drool...I'm in heaven. God that child is adorable.


Oh I love a baby's first shoes! I know that Payless gives you their first shoes for free...they are ugly..but FREE.

I didn't get to post a comment to yesterday's post, but well that whole emailing thing...that is how I feel when I email bloggers like you and Y. I feel stupid. I feel tacky. I feel annoying. I feel like maybe you are thinking..."delete." :(


Shoes not our thing? I think you have critically misjudged your readership.

Silly Hily

Cute, cute, cute is all I'm sayin'


Gawd I love that adorable little guy!!


Very sweet: matching feet.


Oh my god the cuteness is making my ovaries ache. You have a beautiful kiddo and I looove the matching Chucks. (My feet are too big to pull those off)

Big Gay Sam

ache hell. the cuteness is so intense I'm actually growing ovaries. sheesh.


And oh my goodness that belly button!


Hey, Amy. Thanks for introducing us to Cancer Baby in your other writing. I've been thinking about her and checked back on her site today. Y'all should check her site one last time.

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