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Enough Talking. Let's See Some Hot Multimedia Action

Baby! Laughing!*

Like a total crazy drunk person!

Noah Laughing on Vimeo

Who knew? Baby dolls repeatedly plummeting to their deaths are the FUNNIEST THING EVER.

I mean, it's funny, right? He's not going to be sticking their heads on pikes tomorrow or something, right? Should I maybe hide the Nirvana CDs?

*Also! My bra strap!

Like a total crazy homeless person!



I found it hilarious. Baby nursing on my lap? Not so much. I had the sound on. He stopped, turned his head toward the sound, the lower lip came out a-quivering and then he sobbed. And I laughed harder.


Can't stop watching...can't stop laughing!

Nicole P

Noah is the hit with the office ladies today. Baby belly laughs sure brighten the day!


I like that you provide entertainment AND company in the baby jail.

YOUR laugh was nearly as cute as his. :-)


Awesome. This proves that laughter is contagious.



Wicked Stepmom


Aside from my own kids, no baby makes me as INSANE by their cuteness as Noah!


I have that same doll from when I was a little girl. My daughter has renamed it "Georgia" That is so funny.


I was having such a crap day. I visit Amalah daily for a smile and I was hoping, wishing, praying for something good today (as usual) but this was absolutely friggin' perfect. There is nothing like baby laughter to tickle your soul and make you feel that life is good. Thanks for sharing...much needed! This is my first comment, I've been popped after being a faithful visitor for about 8 months. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me - much appreciation and respect.


cannot stop laughing!! how cute is that??!!


Happy Birthday Jason.

Now share some of that cake with the rest of us....


Man, I LOVE the sound of baby laughter. I cannot wait for my 3-month-old to start laughing. Of course, as long as I keep sticking my face in hers shouting, "Laugh for mommy!" like a psycho it probably won't happen. :)

And I totally didn't notice your bra strap!


I have never commented before, but I have to chime in on the doll. I had that doll, whom I called Honey Baby, and I went everywhere with it. Then, when I was 8, I took it to drama club for use as a prop. I showed everyone how you could squish Honey Baby's head in, and some girl got carried away and cracked Honey Baby's head! A part of me died, but I was 8 and had to pretend I was cool and it didn't bother me. Moral: Not quite indestructable.


OMG, this just reminded me of a similar episode when my guy was about Noah's age. The fact that you were able to recreate the laughing after you discovered that the situation made him laugh is amazing. We had several minutes of laughing like that then he wouldn't do it again.

I'm with Patchie, it made my ovaries ache.


A bajillion comments later, but here goes:

My stomach actually hurts from giggling too. He sounds rather demented but in a lovely babyish way. That doll is sort of scary, Amalah.

-Aly :)


I was totally expecting him to hiccup and barf after laughing that hard! He is a cutie!


They seriously need to make a ring tone out of Noah's laugh. I would totally call myself just to hear that.


That laugh cannot be coming out of that tiny human. That was adorably funny. It just got progressivly deranged sounding but in a cute baby way y'know. Oh, I just might let myself get knocked up soon...don't worry, I got a husband and good health plan!


oh. my. lord. i will be back in early august. and when i am back, i will repeatedly drop the doll for 2 or 3 hours while you write stuff.

he is even cuter than when i left. if that is possible. hope all is well with you!


There's nothing like a good baby belly laugh!


Okay, you're kid has the cutest, most hilarious laugh ever!


What a great clip! Thanks for making me laugh and for sharing the humor. You are so creative, and good at sharing the FUN in life!


Noah, Noah, Noah. Will you please marry into mu future family someday? We NEED you.


I'm yet another person who has that doll! I turned 30 last Wednesday so 1976 must have been a banner year for that model.

If my memory is correct, that was my first doll and I named him "Honey." He is a little dirty, but totally intact. What is that he's wearing? Pajamas or a leisure suit?

Love Noah's laugh! It made my day. I can't wait until his maniacal laughter when he sees you crash his toy cars. Toy violence = funny.

Happy Birthday to Jason.


No way could I watch that without getting a huge stupid smile on my face.


I'm laughing like a crazy drunk person right along with him!! :) how CUTE :)


Sorry to post again, but I can't believe so many of us named him "Honey" (or a variation of)!! I imagine hearing a whole readership of "Gasp! Honey!" this morning when we saw the clip.


The cutest laugh in the world...EVER!!!


ohmigawd....i'm sitting here giggling like a school girl.

i LOVE the sound of a baby laughing like that.

thank you


I totally watched twice ... just so I could laugh with him.

So cute ...


That is so stinking funny. I love baby laughs and especially good ole belly laughs.

He is so cute!!


I totally watched it twice, and I might go back later! Whenever I find something that tickles mine like that, I do it until it no longer works.


As I've stated before, I'm not much of a baby person but this little guy is adorable. And that laugh? HILARIOUS! Very contagious. I couldn't help but laugh with him...especially towards the end when he really let it out. What a funny kid.


Oh, man, just when I thought Noah couldn't get any cuter...

I showed this clip to my husband, and he is now totally smitten with Noah. Thanks for sharing this video.


The most precious sound in the world. He is an absolute doll!!

Nothing But Bonfires

I'm wondering if I could cultivate that laugh for myself. I need a new one, and that one's fabulous. I'd add a few snorts though.


Oh my goodness. I am going to sound like a total weirdo, but I watched that twice. He has the cutest little deep man-baby laugh. And I just looooovvvvveed how he kept reaching for you. So sweet. Good lord, I gots to get myself knocked up.


Um, yeah... totally watched it again. Laughter is addictive. Was he slapping his knee????


He is too cute! That laugh is contagious!

I have a question about the doll... I have one just like it that I've had since I was younger. Where did you find Noah's?


I think he was laughing so hard at one point that his abs were hurting.

Or, maybe that was just me.

(Happy Birthday to Jason!)


Ours was the stack of empty margarine containers that just kept falling out of the cupboard onto the counter. There's always something to make them cuter than you ever thought possible!


SOOOO ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing!


So freaking cute! My Honey Baby was lost in a horrible incident - I left him on an airplane and was inconsolable for weeks.


I love how at times his laugh gets so deep it resembles a PeeWee Herman belly laugh. At first I actually thought your husband had started in, too. :)

Jennifer Horowitz

OMG! Noah is the CUTEST THING EVER and I'm totally in love with his laugh!

Cindy and the Four Horsemen

Precious baby giggles! I miss that age so much. And you have so much yet to look forward to - like, Noah using the demo toilet in Home Depot, or learning how to use scissors all by himself...

I love reading all about him. Although the Four Horsemen ( my own collection of boys)are no longer tiny babies, that baby belly laugh reminds me of when they didn't want their own credit cards, and I am all weepy. Thanks!



I'm sure everyone else has said the same thing, BUT THAT IS THE CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. Baby laughter is the BEST. And Noah's laugh is so unique!

What a sweet, special boy he is! :)


I watched it twice. The second time I watched it my boyfriend got a little nervous (we don't have kids).
Noah's got the best laugh, ever. The best part is when he realizes you're laughing too and tries to crawl over to you...so sweet.


Happy birthday, Jason!


You know that that is total baby torture, right? His side MUST have been hurting after that! How did you ever figure that one out? that would make him laugh so? Absolutely adorable!


What a cute laugh!! Anyone would be willing to repeatedly plunge a doll to its untimely death just to hear that laugh again and again. :-)

Thanks for sharing!

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