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I have no need for anger with intimate strangers

Live! From New York!

It's me!


Redefining the phrase "OMFG!"

So there I was, in a conference room at ClubMom, with my back to the door, yakking about blogs and bloggers and blawwwgs and out-of-the-box synergistic capstones, and when I finished talking I realized everyone was staring at me. So I thought, "I have enraptured them! I will KEEP TALKING."

So I did, and then I kind of realized that they were actually staring at a point just behind my head. I turned around and BWAH. Andrew Shue was right there.

I SHRIEKED, people. And it was not a cool shriek. It was a spastic, flip-out kind of shriek, like I had just in that very moment realized just how influential Melrose Place was in my young life, and I had to like, TAKE A MOMENT to put my head down on the table to breathe and get my burning red face back to a normal fleshy color.

And then he sat next to me, and we talked about blogs, and...I don't know...stuff, and I kept stealing glances at him because photos will never prepare you for just how good-looking this man is in person, with the smoldering eyes and the cheekbones, and every time I stole a glance at him he was LOOKING AT ME and SMILING, and I would giggle. And then when he asked me questions I couldn't look directly at him, his life force was just too much to bear, so I would answer while looking off in random directions in the room.

Don't you just love the camera phone photo? Don't you just love the fact that I showed up with a camera with no battery? And I stood there for agonizing seconds trying to turn on this camera, while Andrew politely tried to excuse himself to watch World Cup soccer and I tried not to panic and bellow YOU WILL NOT LEAVE WITHOUT A PHOTO YOU WHO ARE TOO GORGEOUS IN PERSON TO BE REAL, IN FACT, GET BACK TO MADAME TUSSAUDS, AHHHHHHHHHHHH, I WILL CRY NOW.

I did not yell that. I pulled out my camera phone and shoved it at some poor pregnant woman, and tried to console myself with the fact that a camera phone shot would mask my flat, stringy hair, since I left my curling iron and most of my hair products at my parents' house in Pennsylvania after the reunion.


(And I also consoled myself with the fact that at least today I was actually wearing underwear, UNLIKE THE REUNION.)

(Yes, clearly there is an entry coming about the reunion.)

Anyway. That's what happened when I met Andrew Shue. Let the mocking commence, but at least I did not call anyone a whore and I didn't say the F-word once, which are exactly how I have blown more than one job interview.

I'll be leaving New York tomorrow, a thought that is making me increasingly sad, because hot fucking whores on a platter, I adore this city.

P.S. Noah fell off the bed in our hotel room approximately 15 minutes after we arrived, and he fell on his nose and his nose started BLEEDING and I ran around the hotel hallways looking for the damn ice machine and I couldn't find the ice machine and MY BABY WAS BLEEDING and then we ended up using a Diet Coke from the minibar and did I mention the BLEEDING?  It was super awesome.


RockStar Mommy

Obviously, I meant SANDALS.


did you orgasm at his touch? like i would if paul bettany even just walked into a room i happened to be in or even NEAR?


I've just woken up after passing out from the demon storm of envy that swallowed me. Andrew Shue!

Katie Kat

Oh, and "hot fucking whores on a platter" is a magical, mystical, completely all encompassing new part of my vocab... FAB-U-LOUS!!!


tell about the reunion. now. please. for the love. can't stand the suspense.


"hot fucking whores on a platter", that's awesome.

Mama Kelly

a cutie and a blog lover
the sheer awesomeness of Andrew Shue

LOL I wouldve shrieked too Im sure

also sorry to hear about the little ones boo boo ---- quick thinking though using the cold cola can


Yesterday I wore two pair of underwear. That is the only way to keep the Thermacare for girl cramps in place without burning my skin. I think it is fitting that while I sported two (I am wicked awesome) you sported none.

Now, enough suspense. Where is the reunion post? Or atleast pictures of the shoes you wore?

Different Laura

*refresh* *refresh* *refresh*


I don't know, I think you might be hotter than Andrew Shue. ; ) Great! picture of the both of you, camera phone or no.


You are soooo lucky! And he looks great! (As do you--and darned happy, too!) He isn't that tall, BUT he is adorable and is aging beautifully!!! And it's a camera phone pic, people! He's a nice guy, a family guy, and a hot guy, so let's just enjoy him, shall we? So glad you had fun and can't wait for the reunion tales!


I am so jealous - and that just made me realize how much I miss watching Melrose Place...

Hope the nose has stopped bleeding - but good thinking with ths soda can!

Sarah Louise

I was like Andrew wha? The hell? So i googled him.

then i ogled him.


Glad you like my fair city. We like ya too, lady.

My baby has fallen off many beds, couches, and more beds. We're going on 8 times. So far no permanent damage, except to me. I feel you.


I am getting carpel tunnel over here hitting refresh, desperately seeking "no panties at the reunion" news.

if anyone sees my life, please let me know, i seem not to have one at the present time.


Hey Y'all - she's got picturs up at Flickr!!


Awesome pic! You both look great and he is still HOT as ever!!

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