The Nanny Bloggeries


Stupid TypePad was down for most of the day yesterday, leaving me unable to post or even to comment that I couldn't post. Trust me, I was just as sick of that nanny entry as you were. Oh, she has a nahhhhny now, a nahhhny for her one whole child, ain't life just grahhhhnd for her, the stupid spoiled whore.

(No, I don't know why I imagine y'all with bad British accents either, but I kind of do.)

(You are also prone to pinching imaginary monocles when you talk.)

Hi. Yeah, I may still be drunk. Because I was last night, obviously, because when I woke up this morning I found the following typed up in a Word document:

TypePad hass been down for hours an hours an OUR. ERS. now. Want to write a durnk post about about Soyouthinkyoucan (beat) DANCE! Boom chicka wow! Exspecially about what's her name the judge with the face that DOESN'T MOVE and you can ALWAYS SEE HER BOTTOM TEETH and when she tallks it's like her actual vocal cords are the ONLY thing not Botoxed all to hell. Can you imagine being known as the middle judge on a Simon Cowell produced show that makes Paula Abdul seem totally grounded and sober? Duddes.

Hmm. On second thought, maybe it was a good thing that TypePad was down.

Although you also missed out on the THRILLING news that Noah has an ear infection -- ear infection number two, and I can't even blame daycare this time. I will blame the pool. Or his crappy ear-related genetics. Or maybe I will rock it old school and blame my boobs.

However, Noah's infection is a pretty mild one, so we're skipping the antibiotics (thankGodthankGodthankGod) and and hoping he'll fight it on his own (pleaseGodpleaseGodpleaseGod), with some help from Motrin and Hyland's earache tablets.

And whiskey, of course. Which is how I came to be documenting my deep thoughts about Mary Murphy's teeth.

Oh my God. Ear infections are boring. This entry is boring! Why am I still typing ? I am boring!




Standing unassisted.


Opening doors.


Various, sundry plotting.


Oh, crap.


Crap. Crap!


10 whole seconds later.


Deadly, dangerous levels of cute.



So cute, and I love your kitty, too! Mary Murphy is very entertaining. I love the eccentricity on that show--and she's too much (the crying after Allison and Ivan's performance? WTF? Totally reminded me of Paula!) If I were American, I'd be voting for Allison...hint hint. She's unbelievably good. I don't know why Nigel told Nicole (or is it Natalie? can't remember) that she's doing too much sexy stuff--it's not her fault that she's being choreographed that way! Hellooo Nigel! This was her first solo! Sorry, I'm actually ranting about SYTYCD in your comments! How pathetic is that...!?


It is official. Noah is the cutest baby ever in all of the world.

And yes, this has been scientifically tested and supported by the fact I introduced at least 1 whole room full of Jordanians (in Jordan) to your blog in Jordan, and everyone sat entranced by Noah's laugh...

He is now a world celebrity.


I cannot watch that show because of the way that woman talks. It's like aural garbage! (Not so much what she says, but her pitch and speech patterns.) It drives me insane!

(The dancing is fun, though.)


Okay, so I am loving your blog here!

One question about the photo essay--why is he in just a diaper all the way up the stairs and then magically ten seconds later he has those overalls on again? LOL :)

ADORABLE kid. Hilarious blog. So glad to have stumbled over here!

Lisa V

Be careful with those stairs. My daughter learned to climb stairs 14 years ago, now she wants to drive.


Life is over. Nothing is safe. Both my kids walked/ran at 10months. I tried to hold them back..but they took over. He's freakin' CUTE!


De-lurking to tell you not to worry about the mobile child. You have magical floating kitty ears to follw him around and protect him. It's all very high tech.


All I said was I was surprised. I didn't think you were a stupid whore.

Anyway, I tagged you for BlogHer's "Blogme" today.

I still read you, I still like you.


Hi Amy,
De-lurking just for you! I stumbled upon your blog and I have been hooked ever since! I wanted you to know that your posts about battling depression etc., have been very helpful to me. I just got married, and I haven't had a bout in a couple of years. But I am so terrified that a bout could really push my husband away. I guess this is getting a little personal for the comments section, but thank you for your blogging!


Toooo cute. How can anyone resist a diaper-only toddler? I don't know how anyone could.

My son did stairs for a while before walking. Now at 2+ the world is a gigantic jungle gym to him. Must. Climb. Everything.

Have fun! and yeah, you're pretty much doomed, but you'll get used to it!

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