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BlogHer: Night Two

BlogHer: Night One

Please. People. STOP CALLING ME and asking me WHERE I AM, WHY AM I NOT DOWNSTAIRS, WHY AM I MISSING THE OFFICIAL CONFERENCE KICK-OFF. I got about 20 minutes of sleep, I am hungover, jet-lagged, there is some jackass HAMMERING OUTSIDE MY ROOM and I still don't understand how to work the shower.

This is pretty much the most I can say right now:


All things considered, it's probably the best we could hope for.



you look like you could use some bacon. and some coffee. and maybe a Big Gulp.

Wacky Mommy

You're pretty in that shirt.


What the hell is with the tile in the bathroom?

Teacher Lady

Perhaps some Starbucks via an IV drip would help?


Awwww yeah. She got the party on.

How's Y holding up?


I need that shirt. I don't want to go on the cart!

Coffee - stat!



You look like Jennie McCarthy!


Ohh man you look like you had fun!


get a cheeseburger & a diet coke. right away. or a little hair o' the dog...


You look great in that shirt; where did you get it? As for the shower, call the front desk and ask the nice people how the **** it works. Sometimes I think they ought to post directions with those things, because they're all different. Then for God's sake, woman, go EAT.

Have a great time at BlogHer. We all look forward to your posts.


Where did you get that shirt? I neeeeeeed it!


Yowzers, Amy. Try to get some rest. VERY sorry to hear your first night was a rough one (I think that's a common theme here...) and hope we get to see ya soon! :)


You are GORGEOUS! Although, you do look tired. Get some rest, woman!


This one's probably obvious, but it wasn't to me until recently:

Gatorade. By the gallon.


Take your time, girl. I'm on the podcasting team, which is the only reason why I was downstairs, half-conscious, at 8 a.m.. I'm from the DC area too and I'm here at the Hyatt - a little overwhelmed by all the new faces but I hope to get a chance to say hello to you while I'm here. Have fun!


BlogHer! Fun! Wish I were there. :)

Kris H.

That is my FAVORITE Monty Python line!!! Where did you get the shirt???? I want one!!!

Hope you are having fun!


Oh man, y'all. Y'all.

I am dying right now. I am sitting here, listening to my darling, darling Zoot give a presentation while I quietly die at a table near the back.

But still! Not dead yet! I don't want to go on the caaaart!

(The shirt is from when we saw the Monty Python Spamalot musical. You know me and the Pythons.)

exiled to canada

Forget Gatorade. Choke down some Pedialyte--no joke, it works like a charm. Enojy the party, um I mean conference!


Not dead yet! is good.

Go Zoot!


Amy, you are so pretty, but it looks like the dawgs done got you under the porch.
You need protein. And a hot shower. And massive infusions of caffeine.
Call Noah. Maybe it'll help.


As soon as Zoot is done, I suggest you hit the bar. While you probably will still die, you'll have a second wind before you do. With which you can impress everyone there with your coolness. Yeah!




You missed free cheese danishes. I know you're regretting it.


Yay! You made it downstairs.
Wait, there were free cheese danishes? That's it. Sign me up for next year.

Silly Hily

I'm loving this! I feel like I'm there (almost). Zoot is kicking ass and people are telling her that in her comments on her blog while they sit at her presentation. You feel like ass but are being a trooper. Mom101 is leaving you comments on your blog even though she is in the same building.
I guess I just didn't expect you all to still blog and check each other's blogs now that you are together and not 1000's miles away.
And I second the cheeseburger and diet coke suggestion. Works wonders for a hangover.
Have fun!


i like free cheese danishes! damn! if i'd known about the free cheese danishes, well, i woulda, still not come to blogher. but i remain fond of free cheese danishes.


Well, the changing table amy make you sad, but you can be happy that you don't have to maneuver in one of those tiny bathrooms!

Also, perhaps a nap? That way you can be up late. Because there is only so much you can do to pretend you aren't sleepy. Although my mom once bought a bottle of Sparks (or something like that) because it sounded good and she was WIDE awake for a full 24 hours, on top of the 12 she had been up for prior to drinking it.


wish wish wish wish wish I was there. Hope you get some sleep!

Magistra Omnium Domina Nihili

We just got our tickets for Spamalot and are so excited that we can manage to see the wonder that is Monty Python without springing for a babysitter--2 pm weekday matinee while the kid's at daycare! I so want one of those shirts and will most likely spend more on goodies than the tickets.


Get. Some. Sleep. NOW!! You look like a mirror reflection of me, and I got my working weekend, 40 hours straight on..Sleep. Inject coffe. Eat coffe beans. Drink beer. Flirt!! Gives energy..;)


Cue the Berocca. PRONTO!



Fuck. You look like how I feel


Take a picture of the shower knob and one of us can talk you through it!

Hang in there. We're rooting for you.


There, there. At least there weren't any motherfuckin' snakes on your motherfuckin' plane.


But doesn't "jet lagged" only work when you lose hours of sleep? Shouldn't you have GAINED some? Not that I haven't used that excuse before...I'm just sayin'...


Big Mac. Time-tested hangover cure. Or a large fry with a Wendy's frosty. You look like you are having waaaay too good a time already, and therefore I will go weep in bitter self-pity in my corner.

Don't sweat das boot. Wanna know what I did after racking up 2k in D.C. Parking tickets? (for unrelated reasons, but it worked like a charm) -- move and sell the car. See, you have something to look forward to!

Now stop making excuses and go SCHMOOZE! I demand good stories of horrible and entertaining things that everyone did/said/etc. Because I'm missing it. And I'm bitter. And I'll give you a donut. Don't you WANT the donut?!?


did you and mel gibson go on a bender together?


Sarah Louise

My dad wore a pin like that at his 60th birthday party. Sense of humor is always so valuable...hang in there. hangovers are a bitch.

Y from the internet



Y, you are killing me. Too funny.


Whoa. Is that one of those "boutique" (read: waaaaay funky) hotels in San Francisco? With, uh, "charm"?


was there, i wonder, a night two of blogher? and did amy survive?


Jeez woman, get yourself some more sleep. Then, consume a Snicker's bar and wash it down with a Pepsi. That should wake you up, shower or no shower.


Love the shirt! Love your expression even more! :)


Amy, I didn't really get to spend a lot of time with you, but I'm glad I got to meet you. When Chase was just about peeing her pants over you in the shuttle on the way to the hotel, I knew you must be big. Big in the online sense of the word, not big in the big ass sense of the word. :)

I'm adding you to my Bloglines because Chase says you're really "hot" and "cool." I don't know how you can be hot and cool at the same time, but apparently you're breaking the laws of physics all over the place.

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