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Gone Beachin'

I kind of forgot to mention that we were going away for a few days.

So um...guess what! We are away. At the beach.

With this lunatic. Whee!


Mina & Noah: A Portrait in Mutual Baffled Fascination

Noah loves the Big Kids more than life itself, the Big Kids enjoy tickling the Baby (Mina, for the Three Hundredth Million Time: HI BABY! BABY, WHAT IS YOUR NAME BABY? BABY!) and the Very Big Kids enjoy chocolate donuts and tequila for breakfast.

Life is good.



So very, very good.


Silly Hily

Awww, how cute! Is this Noah's first trip to the ocean? I can't remember.
I love watching my kids together. My daughter (almost 2) is fascinated by her baby brother (2.5 months) and he is equally fascinated by his big sister's goofiness.
Have a wonderful time at the beach!


Aww. Glad to see you're so happy.


I LOVE the beach...especially with babies! He really is quite adorable!


I don't think I have seen the butt before...



As I'm from Ontario, Canada and always searching for a new 'beach' that is really 'beachy', I think I found it in your photo!!!!!!!

Where is that?????

Noah is so cute with Jason!!!


Looks and sounds positively divvy. Enjoy!


Aw look at Noah's cute nudie baby cheeks! And his face is cute too! Hee!

Amy H.

I am so jealous. I am in my office today. July 3rd. While everyone else is on vacation. I just didn't want to use a vacation day that I could use when my baby decides to finally be born. ugh. Any day now, though. I just have to keep telling myself that... ANY. DAY. NOW.
have fun for those of us that look like whales, but are no where near a beach!


Oh my goodness! Baby Butt!


Ok, how strange is it that I recognised Mina before I even saw that you'd linked to Sweetney?

Anne Glamore

I'll be having some gin with my chocolate doughnut, please. Don't forget the lime!


You got to go to Dogfish Head Brewing Co? Arrrrgh, I'm emerald with envy!


what? is that it for an entry? you didn't get really drunk and do something stupid that you wish to tell us all about? i'm imagining that with tequilla for breakfast, you have to have some great story . . .

that little butt is just too adorable.




Cute pics. Nothing like some baby booty in the ocean.


Hahahaha, baby butt! (Why is that funny? I don't know.)

Heather B.

Wow, I feel so luck to have experienced the baby butt in person.


Cute pics. Hope you guys continue to have (what looks like) a great time!


Bayyyyybeeeeeee tuuuuuuushiiieeeeee!


Oh how fun! Sand in one's diaper though, not so much. Enjoy!


HEY, why doesn't your preshus baby have a life preserver on? What, are you COUNTRY, or something? :-)

Nah - Looks fun - Have a great time on your much deserved vacation!


Aaah! Baby butt! The adorableness...too much...too too much...


A very moving post. Adorable pictures. Thanks for the experience. And keep having fun with family.


aahhh!!! Nekkid butts! Deliscc!


Oh his butt. Tooooooooo damn cute. Looks like a very lovely weekend!


I took my kids to the beach yesterday, and now I see what we did wrong. All the way home, I heard complaints of "there's sand in my bathing suit!" See, the naked bootie solves that problem!

I learn something new with every blog visit.


THE BEACH!!!! I am so jealous. Have fun and enjoy that delicious butt!


OK. While you're all there, could you round up all the other mommy bloggers between swimming and eating, to ask them there number one piece of advice for mothers recovering from childbirth is? My blog is for mothers fresh out of the birthing bed and I would love to link to your advice.


yet another ohh how cute baby bootie added to the list.


Naked baby butt at the beach!!

Way too much cuteness!


Hurray for plastic linky thingies on the stroller! We cannot leave the house without a set of damned 99-cent links (nevermind that Al has way too many overpriced, overhyped, overcomplicated toys--only the links will satisfy him) attached to the carseat, stroller, purse, my neck, what-have-you.

And that is one adorable lil' tushy.

Have a wonderful vacation!


What beach do you go to? I am at the Jersey shore for two weeks!



Vacation? VACATION? How dare you go on vacation without telling us? The nerve...!

*said with tongue in cheek to avoid being shot down in flames*

Looks like good fun! Darn you Americans and your summers.. I'm sitting here in Sydney all rugged up and dreading going outside for fear of freezing. That may be a slight exaggeration, but whatever.

Have fun!


Nothing But Bonfires

Man, I'd be raiding Mina's wardrobe if I were you. That dress is adorable.



OH! That is naked baby bottom right there on the internet! Yay for naked baby bottom!

What beach? And Hooray for vacation!

Have a blast.


Lookit that tiny hiney! I love it. I remember eldest daughter's first trip to the beach, she pooped sand for a week. Yum!

Real Girl

TUSHY!!! Squishy tushy! More!


ok ladies, it would seem that noah's bottom has set your ovaries afire - take a deep breath and step back! the family is on holiday!

Her Bad Mother

I see you baby... shakin' that ass... shakin' that ass...

Baby booty is the most beautiful thing in the world. Bar none.


Hooray for the beach. And for donuts!!

Have fun for the rest of us.

adele Richards

Ok this is a bit random but I've just remembered a dream I had last night.

In the dream I was telling you that you should create a book compiling all the Project babalah quotes you've come up with and cute pictures of Noah. You know to create one of those gift books that people buy for new mothers.

Er. So that was weird. But actually I think it's a great idea. I'd buy the book - I love your Babalah comments.

Meanwhile, I read often and comment little - but suffice to say: I like you a lot and think Noah is the most gorgeous baby in the world!


nessia the groovy_mommy

Oh, yeah...life's good with the beach...lovely summer getaway!

and...noah is sooooo cute!


My daughter is the same way. Her idea of heaven is "big kids" to play with.

RockStar Mommy

Gotta love baby butt.


Brilliant! If he "suprises" Jason, they can both just jump in the water for a rinse.

I'm definitely going to live on the beach if I have a kid. It's like a giant bathtub that you never have to clean.

Wacky Mommy

That one is a future booty dancer for sure.


that is so precious!

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