But If I Weren't Leaving You
Packing Diary IV: Live on Ice

More Deep Thoughts About Leaving

Forget missing Noah and the mommy guilt and the blah blah weepcakes. We've got bigger things to worry about...


We've got snakes! On a motherfucking plane!



I hate this movie and will never watch it ever, ever, forever and ever, Amen.


Oh Pisch....snakes...what's a few snakes on the plane?

BTW...have a great time!


Have you seen this?


Dammit! Now I understand why people have so many problems posting links. OK, broken up so you can read it, it's


Um, dammit again. You could read it before. I will shut up now.

Will work for food (but see my fake cast? please just give me money)

What is this snakes on a plane nonsense I keep hearing about?


Well eff me... I forgot to change my name from last comment I made... woopsie!


I am so going to see that. Well, not at an actual movie theater. But when it comes out on TV! Snake movies are always good...


Only pretty much the coolest Internet phenomenon to ever come from...well, really bored people on the Internet:

Wikipedia entry for SoaP


Amalah, how come you can get the links to work? Is it because you own the blog? I swear I know how to do an ahref= tag, but it didn't work.


I am very confused about Samuel L Jackson's ability to choose roles. I mean, I expect Pulp Fiction quality from that man.

Snakes? On a plane?

How many times can he scream "There are snakes on this plane, motherfucker!"?

Cause I predict it will get old after the second time.


The a href= tag should work for everybody - not sure why it seems hit or miss for some of y'all.

Meanwhile, Noah did SOMETHING to my laptop and my Interweb fonts are now all supremely huge. Like this comment is fourteen inches tall. Um. Help?


The title of this movie cracks me up every time I see it. I may have to pay the seven bucks to see the movie in the theater, it amuses me so much. Really, how uncreative can they be?


Also, I am sad that some people do not yet appreciate the hilariously awesome beauty of Snakes on a Plane.

There are snakes. And they are on a plane.

That is just gorgeous. It's poetry!


That title, it is so creative!


Every time I hear the title, I get the Cuban guy from Major League in my head. You know? The "Hats. For bats." guy?

You...yeah. I know.


I can't stand this fracking movie, and all I know about it is that there are some snakes on a goddamn plane.

Way to give the whole movie away.

By that measure, maybe Superman should've been called "Guy Flies Around in Cape and NoOne Knows Who He Is Even Though He Looks Just Like Clark Kent."

Or how about Forrest Gump: "Loveable but Slow Man Travels Through Life, While Popping Up During Great Moments In American History."

Creativity, people! Where is the creativity?

Y from the internet



"We've got snakes! On a motherfucking plane!"

WAAAAaaay better title for a movie.


Enjoy your FRIGHT!



If Samuel L Jackson played the same guy he did in Pulp Fiction, I'd already have been there. He's one BAD MUTHA FUCKER.


just become a snake whisperer and all will be well. see you there hotstuff!


Well, Amy, consider this in the first of a long line of toddler induced computer glitches. That has happened to me before, but I forget how to fix it since I was just lucky enough to strike the right combo. ( I also love finding the toolbar on the side or top.)

As for snakes in planes? Grab that bucket of raw KFC and feed them. Or perhaps a mongoose to eat them.


I did some quick looking around. If you have not fixed the fonts yet, try clicking "View", then text size. Put it on medium if it isn't already.

Hopefully, the problem lies there and you will be all better. If not, you may need to buy a new computer. ;-)

Sarah Louise

When I read your blog, I think "If only she would talk about the beauty that is Snakes on a Plane."

Lo, you then rock.


Personally I believe Snakes on a Plane is the most brilliant piece of cinematatic achievement in this century. I heard somewhere that the line "There are motherfucking snakes on the plane" wasn't in the original movie but because of the internet phenominon surrounding the whole thing they added it in because hello? Samuel L. Jackson MFers.



That looks like the stupidest movie ever. I must see it if only to make fun.


I like that the title is to the point - there's no hidden meaning behind it. Literally, there are snakes, and they on a plane. I appreciate that kind of simplicity this day and age.


I hit Ctrl and the scroll on my mouse at the same time to change the font size.


It has Samuel L. Jackson.

That's all I need.


View >Text Size> Medium

that should do it.
dont want to talk about how many times small hands have done this to my computer....


Wow. That's about all I can think of to say. I had heard someone talking about some movie that had snakes on a plane in it, but I never thought they actually called the movie Snakes on a Plane! Too too funny! Although I am still a little stuck on the whole "Enjoy the fright." That kills me! too funny!

mama kelly

ick ack screech

snakes are bad enough
but on a plane

what twisted mind thought that would be entertaining


umm... RAD.

that makes me happier than i want to admit to myself, quite honestly.


Julie -- cool!! I never knew that existed.


Yeah, snakes are pretty freaky! But how about flying on September 11th? Yeah, that's me. I HATE flying. I hate it with a passion. Valium PLEASE!? But now let's emphasize my already intense fear of flying by making me fly on this September 11th! Fun stuff!


I love how the directors went back and shot new scenes to get the bump from a PG-13 up to an R so Samuel L. could yell "There are motherfuckin' snakes on this motherfuckin' plane!"
That is pure cinematic gold.
(Okay - I admit it, I just wanted to type all those mutha-f-words - I teach summer kamp and can't cuss ALL DAY - so sue me!)


Have you heard the story about Samuel L. Jackson at the San Diego Comicon this past weekend? He was on a panel and the crowd was asking him questions, blah blah blah. Suddenly a teenage kid asks, "Mr. Jackson, is it hard being a bad motherfucker all the time?"

Crowd goes silent.

Samuel says, "Son, I'm not a bad motherfucker...ALL the time. Just MOST of the time."


Hello Miss Amalah! Long, long time reader here....Entertaining, as always! I hope you have a blast at BlogHer! Also, I hope it is okay that I linked to you on my own very NEW blog http://accidentalanecdote.blogspot.com/? (Yes, shameless plug, uhm...heh...)

Best of the very best to you!!!


Another way to change the font size is to click on a blank area of your desktop, go to Properties, Appearance, and then Font Size.

If that doesn't work, go to Theme tab, select a different theme, and then go back to the original one.

Oh yeah, and there are SNAKES! On the MOTHERFUCKING PLANE! That's all I need to know. Unless you've been to Clerks II, in which case I want to hear about that.


Great minds think alike.

See here: http://www.lateshow.org/2006/07/snakes_on_a_plane.php


Hell ya. Snakes on a plane. I didn't know what to think when I saw the promo but you know what? I'm gonna see it.


Re: Fonts, if none of the other suggestions have worked for you, hitting Ctrl and then either - or + will change the font size (at least in Firefox).

Good luck.


I can't wait to see this movie!! I love B movies with their over-the-top acting and underwhelming special effects. I am going with the same mindset that you need when watching old Godzilla movies. Fun times.


Just be sure to pay VERY close attention to the instructions on emergency exits --
using that inflatable slide can be a bitch.


In case someone hasn't already said it, you can also hit the control button on the keyboard and use your little wheel on the mouse to change the text size.

My husband is sooooo looking forward to this movie.


I am certain that this will be my favorite movie of all time, shoving Resevoir Dogs violently out of it's current position.

Liberal Banana

Ooh ooh! I know everyone else is sending you links you "have" to check out but this one totally cracked me up. Some guy made a slideshow of Snakes on a Plane SEQUELS and it's set to this cheesy Casio keyboard demo music. I think you'll love it... Check it out HERE!

Liberal Banana

By the way - if people are having problems with posting links it's because the code is and there is a space between A and HREF.

Liberal Banana

Damn comments reading my sample tags as actual tags! The above comment should say:

By the way - if people are having problems with posting links it's because the code is <a href="webaddress"> -- there is a space between A and HREF.


Um, wasn't that theme already covered in "Raiders of the Lost Ark"?

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