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Farmer's market

Harry's Hofbrau

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Home of the sexy go-go dancing turkeys.



It's time for you to come home, Amy.


Is that Harry's? Because if it is, you're either a quarter mile from my office or three miles from my house...


This scares me a little! ;-)


Yeah, that's a bit creepy...


I am laughing my ass off here.


Harry's????? I live .8 miles from one, and used to live 1.5 miles from the other. Roast beef sandwiches for which to kill!


So is Harry the one who teaches all these sexy turkeys to dance?

And since we are talking distances, you are only 22 hours from me. Are you on your way to visit? We are having lovely weather -- low to mid 80's, zero humidity and no wind at the moment.


I was thinking Harry's as well. If it's the RC one, I grew up about 3 miles from there and went to high school even closer to the dancing meat products.


Ahh, Harry's. Screaming macaroni salad there too.

Though I think that's the same turkey that's been hanging since when I was 7 years old, and I saw a drunk man shove a hot dog in his pocket.

Good 'ole Harry's!


go-go dancing turkeys? Seriously?

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