More Deep Thoughts About Leaving
Das Boot

Packing Diary IV: Live on Ice

Semi-real-time blogging! Right here, all day long! Get ready to refresh like you have never refreshed before! Or to get really bored, lose interest and wander off somewhere else entirely!

8:28 am: Wake up, gloriously late. Or maybe not so damn glorious, as Noah is in the evil clutches of a major sleep meltdown and pretty much howled his head off all night.

8:29: Heh. Heh. Leaving him with the in-laws. Heeeeeeeeeh.

8:32 But Noah's excitement at being retrieved from his crib? The bouncing? The smiles? The great!big!hugs? Oh man. OH MAN.

8:45 Coffee. Bottle. Everybody's happy.

8:47 Sounds of dog, puking.

8:58 Retrieve yesterday's coffee cup from random shelf on wall. Ew.

9:10 Dude. I smell.

9:13 BLUUUUUE'S CLUUUUUES! I am so damn excited.

9:14 Should really start making a packing list, or something.

9:15 OMG it's the 100th episode spectacular! Steve and Joe! Reunited! I may very well faint.

9:45 Ok, ok. Must think about packing. Must think about how to pack with a semi-toddler-type person wandering around.

9:46 More coffee is definitely required.

9:47 Hey look! The Wednesday Advice Smackdown! Still kind of crazy, that.

9:53 Ok, ok, OK! Will start with carry-on bag.

9:54 Contents are something like: laptop, two laptop batteries, charger, phone, charger, iPod, charger, wallet, charger, lip gloss, charger, compact, charger, charger, charger

10:50 Since my last update, I have: drank two more cups of coffee, eaten Noah's Cheerios, been the proud recipient of a YoBaby yogurt raspberry, emailed several people to freak out about various BlogHer freak outs, emailed this sexy mama using way, waaaay too many exclamation points and various aeeeeeeeeeiiiii! sounds, watched Noah disintegrate into some kind of exhaustified, yogurt-hating tantrum, been bitten.

10:53 Things I have not done: packed, thought about packing, showered.

11:30 please take a nap please take a nap oh my god please take a nap

12:07 You don't have to tell me I have a problem. I already know I have a problem.


12:08 I also already know that I STILL look like crap.

12:15 Nap? What? No nap! Naps suck!

12:16 *weeps*

1:21 I have just put a hysterical, punch-drunk tired baby down for a nap, despite the fact that he is not napping, or down, but is standing in his crib, furiously protesting. Now I am upstairs, ignoring the protest, and sorting through my tank tops. Please don't judge me.

1:24 *wall-rattling THUMP*

1:25 silence

1:26 Um. Shit?

1:28 Noah is sound asleep in his crib. Thumping sound was actually just Sing Along Blue, who was hurled mightily from the crib with his last ounce of tantrumstrength.

1:37 Ok, on to the MAJOR ISSUES, PEOPLE: black pointy stilettos or black strappy espadrilles? Also, is it silly to bring pink Prada sandals despite not really having any clothes that match pink Prada sandals, but what if I get out there and realize that lo, what this outfit really needs is a pair of pink Prada sandals? I mean, WHAT THEN, INTERNET??

1:53 Made real progress there for a few minutes -- carefully laid out an entire pair of jeans and one whole shirt, lined up seven pairs of shoes to stare contemplatively at -- then turned around and saw that the cat decided to make a bed on the jeans and shirt and then the dog threw up in the suitcase.

2:01 I just sewed up a ripped seam in a skirt. With a needle and thread and everything. And I did a really bad job and the thread is the wrong color. I am so freaking proud of myself.

2:14 What, you call that a NAP? THAT WAS NOT A NAP. NO NO NO NO.

2:17 Sigh.

2:18 Yesterday I had a babysitter. And so his nap was naturally three hours long and cost me $30.\

2:57 Am officially auctioning off the damn pets on eBay. Ceiba (for those of you who asked, and I'm guessing your next question will be WHY AM I READING COMMENTS INSTEAD OF PACKING) keeps eating Max's food and then promptly yakking it up. I take it away and then Max looks at me, all mournful and starving-like, so I put his bowl back down. He sniffs it and huffs away in disgust, and then Ceiba dashes in, chows down and the cycle of non-digestion goes on. Sigh. Also discovered Max ate the strap off one of my most favorite sundresses. WHOREPETS, the lot of them.

3:00 Pretty much the Worst Idea in the History of the Packing World: "Gee, I am really bored with the music on my iPod. Maybe I should just pop on over to iTunes really quick and download a couple new songs."


4:09 laptop battery dying packed the charger already am dumbass shit

4:51 Also a Really Good Use of My Preshus Time: Uploaded about seventy dozen new pictures to Flickr.


6:27 All is lost. I hate all my clothes. I am tired of doing laundry. I finally got the suitcase to zip and then realized the massive bag o' cosmetics is still down in the bathroom.

6:28 And excuse me, did someone say something about having to go to the AIRPORT tomorrow? And get on a PLANE? And FLY? On a PLANE?

6:29 Motherfucking snakes. Motherfucking planes!




I love the timeline posts!



I'm leaving this comment on everyone's site who's leaving for BlogHer without me. Bitches.


Thanks for doing your part!
You sure are smart!

(You just got a letter, you just got a letter, wonder who it's from?)

(ME, silly! It's from ME!)


this is such a good idea i'm stealing it. SUE. ME.


woo! i'll be refreshing all day (in a non-stalker way of course)

the blues clues anniversary blew my mind, because i really believed all those rumors that steve committed suicide/died of a drug overdose/etc, but no! he's alive!


Ahhhh! Refreshing? During the day? While at work? Definately!! Oh, a happy day!

Jessica Myers-Schecter

Oh, you're going to have so much fun. And Noah will be fine.


Don't forget your camera.


I would love to create a timeline like this, but I'm at work. All day long. So it would look precisely like this:

8:36: got to work

8:45: working (okay, i'm not working. i'm reading blogs. but it's almost like working, because i'm doing it AT work.

9:19: still working. or, um, see above.

and that would go on all day long.

but! tomorrow i am staying home. so perhaps i will steal it then.


Oh thats the worst part of going away, all THE DAMN CHARGERS!


I'm just glad you have your carry-on priorities in order. Clothes are easy to replace!

Suzy Q

Hey, Amy? Don't forget your charger! Oh, and your panties.

Dr. Johnny Fever

Don't forget to pack your handy, dandy... notebook!


Hey maybe you can Blue-skedo to San Jose?

OK, well, I had to keep with the Blues theme...


After your experience with the "homeless" gentleman in Georgetown the other night, I had a counterpoint experience to it last night. I wrote about it here. It was quite heartening, actually.

Good luck with the packing. And don't so anything silly like take an extra sweater in July but forget underwear. Because that would just be crazy and I would have never done that myself.


How about a photo diary of packing? I am envisioning Noah looking cute sitting in your suitcase among cute clothes.


Sleep meltdowns always make going away easier.

Also, Steve and Joe?!?!

(I love the timelines, too.)


I am such a fricking stalker... I'm all like, wow... Amalah was on the internet and updating at the SAME time as I was reading. Woooow.

It's like learning that your teacher has a real life outside of school.

Lovin' the updating all day long!

Real Girl

The in-laws must be thrilled to have the little one! Have a GREAT time!

AND my pregnant friend JUST had her tiny (ok, not so tiny, almost 10 lbs) baby boy by unplanned c-section this weekend.

I have already explained to her that I cannot buy her the pee-pee teepee she wanted because of the rocket propulsion factor.


I love the packing posts. :)


how did the transition from steve to joe pan out in the first place? it all takes place in the same house right? did blue kick steve out and put an ad in the paper for a new roomie?


Would it help if *I* took a nap? I'm willing to give it a go.


i will nap, also.
i will send good napping vibes in a south-easterly direction.
noah should be asleep soon.


Fun stuff!

Who bit you Ceiba or Noah?


Don't forget the THONGS!


I'm with RSM. I hate everyone going to BlogHer. I hate everyone qualified to go to BlogHer.


it looks like bumble & bumble exploded in your bathroom.


No email for me? Not even to answer the two that I sent you? I officially know "my place."



Hey! Is that a LORAC blush pot? I totally wear the same kind. In "Soul" - I think.


Oh man, can't you beg your nanny to come over and keep an eye on Noah while you freak out about the packing?


Love the Bumble. Love it. Even with my hair cut really short, I still use (including shampoo) 6 products, maybe 7. And I'm sure you look great, even if you are smelly.


Hey whatever you forget you can always worries......


good god- are those all hair products?!?!! lol


Dude! I think you need a toiletries bag made out of spandex.


You're not still crying are you?


Dude, pack lightly-it's been hotter than hell around here for the last two weeks! Plus, forgetting things *cough* like shoes *cough* means you'll just HAVE to go buy a new pair... Shucks =)

Just don't forget the chargers.


Are Steve & Joe related?


I believe I spot some Tarte cheek stain there... Love it!


are you packing?
or blogging?

I'm thinking you're just blogging about packing - ie another avoidance tactic ??
just wondering


I bet the pink Prada sandals don't actually take up that much room.


Hey, I'm de-lurking as a long-time reader of your blog to let you know I was in San Jose for work for the past month (just got back to DC last week). Anyway, I know you and your husband are foodies and I, too am of the foodie inclination...if you're interested, I've posted my reviews of various San Jose restaurants on Just an FYI...have a GREAT time!


Black and strappy! Black and strappy!
The pink prada are the reason to go shopping with Jason out in Cali, so of course they need to make the trip.


have you re painted you toe nails if so go strappy- and bring a sexy black dinner dress and match it with pink prada sandlas.


Take the pink Prada sandles!


You do not need the pink pradas, unless you plan on shopping for something to match them in the next few hours!

Black, strappy espadrilles, definitely. Pointy toe shoes-can we say OWWWWWWW?


espadrilles. it's summer in california!

and take the sandals. they sound beautiful.


The HEAT she will kill you, so black, strappy espadrilles.

Yes on the pink Prada sandals because it will give you an excuse to shop.

And way to go on the seam sewing.


What is it with the animals and the puking? That only happens when you are in such a hurry you don't really have time to clean it up!!

Pssh, animals. They totally ignore you until you are about to leave somewhere, then they throw up and leave gobs of hair all over your stuff like they are going to pine away for you or something!


Love the inner monologue!

Pink Prada sandals and strappy black dress.

No worries on the dog harf - clean with paper towel and place dryer sheet (clean smelling and fresh and also will keep suitcase from wrinkling) over the wet spot.

All is solved.

p.s. harf is barf -- its just more accurate based on the sounds that accompany said act.


I love this minute by minute b;log. It reminds me of how I think about my baby's day at daycare. He is napping now! Why do they nap there and not at home?

Anyway I came across this:

Thought is was a joke but they tell you how to pack for a trip about anywhere. Probably more of a help if it was a joke.


your dog vomits way more than any other dog i "know"


Can we have pics to accompany the packing decision making questions or am I pushing it? Perhaps I'm just looking for excuse to covet your shoe collection . . .

If you were me, you would take 3 pairs of shoes for every outfit, run out of room in the suitcase, begin removing clothes until the suitcase could close and arrive at destination with a bag of beautiful shoes, perhaps a tank top or two and nothing else.


I do not have a back up battery for my laptop, so I'm bringing a backup laptop (my husbands') - I'm all sorts of fun.


The puking dog kills me! I'm pretty sure that she has channeled all of your packing stress and is controlling the one thing she can....her weight. I don't want you to be alarmed, but I think Ceiba may be bulimic.

Silly Hily

Dude, it's been 18 minutes! What the hell are you doing? We need to know.
You're calling Tessa aren't you?


Black strappy espadrilles! Beacause heat=sweat=blisters. Also? lay the pink Prada sandals off to the side, knowing full well you will pack them. After you have packed, showve them in the appropriate place where they will fit, and then say to yourself, "well, I had the room.." (I travel internationally this way. I will in no way admit to having 2 suitcases that were over 50lbs each though).

Also! reminder! If you have not traveled recently (like in the past few months) the planes have changed their weight limits! Check again, it varies according to carrier as well.

Mrs. Flinger

Aint that the truth. Babysitter = four hour nap and Mommy is blessed with hours of tantrums. Whee!

Have fun at Blogher. I'd like to say I hate you for going but really I'm just totally jealous. :-)


OMG I hate packing. And packing while trying to get a pissed off baby to nap sucks even more. Oy.

One more thing: Blue's Clue's Reunion?!!!! WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME?!


I know I'm posting again, but what on earth is Ceiba eating to make her puke so much? Is it maybe vengeful-puking? Is she also jealous of your trip?


re: naps - I hear ya. My own Little Judas takes long, leisurely, EXPENSIVE naps for our babysitter, too.

I vote for the Prada sandals.


You can't bring too many shoes. Really.

Also, put your cat's food up so Ceiba can't get to it. We used to put our cat's food on the dryer, now we put it in the mud room on a dresser. Cats like the privacy anyway.


a black strappy dress? like a fancy one? like a nice out for the evening type of dress???
hi- i'll be the one in jeans. look for me. lol


Which one hit wonders did you pack? ;-)


are you going to continue the blow-by-blow until you get on the plane???
just wondering, 'cause as a Reality TV addict with all shows on summer hiatus, this is like CRACK!!


I am going to California tomorrow, too, although it's for a friend's wedding, not BlogHer. I have not begun packing yet. I still have laundry to do before I can pack. I still have to find the battery charger so that I can turn on my camera. I am still crossing my fingers that there is a Zappos box waiting for me when I get home so that I have cute new shoes to wear with my cute new dress.

You know what I'm going to do right after work? I'm going to go see the baseball game. Because the Giants are here. Packing can wait until afterwards, right? I mean, I don't have to leave for Dulles until 7:00.


your making it real hard for me to work today- but then agian I hate Wensesdays anyway.


What, you're not going to tell us what you downloaded? Meanie.


Love it. Now, should I get house work done or refresh? Oh, the inner struggle.


LOVE the play-by-play. LOVE it.

And what IS up with the nap thing, anyway? When it really doesn't matter, they'll sleep for HOURS, but when you really need some free time, they refuse to sleep at all. Ornery little fuckers.

Can't wait to read what comes next. . . thanks for the great entertainment today!

Melissa F.

I'll bid on the furballs right now!!


When you sell your current pets you can use the money you make to buy some snakes...
cause don't forget to pack your
mothafuckin' SNAKES to take on the mothafuckin' PLANE!


I put the cat food up on the counter in the bathroom so the cat can get to it and the dogs can't. My tip of the day.


I'm guessing Max can jump higher than Ceiba can, yes? Try putting his food on a countertop or somewhere else out of her reach. It's probably easier, at least short term, to deal with catfood on the counter than puke.

(We used to have to hide the cat's litterbox from the golden retriever by putting the box on a utility room shelf, but that's too much information, I know.)


I saw the pics a few minutes ago and found myself thinking 'shouldn't she be packing?'. It seems I've turned into my mother.

Silly Hily

Oh, I love on-hit wonders. Which ones did you download?

Silly Hily



this is exactly how i pack.
and do homework.


espadrilles, sandals, plenty o' deodorant and tank tops. Unless of course this bay area heat wave it truly coming to an end but you never can trust those weather people.


did you give up?

are you on hiatus??

come-on, we still have 2 hours of work on the west coast, we need the distraction!


Don't worry, I was just on a plane today and there were no snakes to be seen, I promise. I even kept an eye out for the sneaky ones...Have a great trip!


How can you leave us with a cliffhanger like that?!

( I mean like, seriously, how dare you have a life!)


I know it's wrong to delight in others misery, but I'm laughing my arse off here.

Can't wait for the next update (there WILL be one, WON'T THERE??) to see what happens with booted car.

Also? Have NO clothes to wear to BlogHer. Don't think I can go naked. Maybe I should just stay home?


Boot on car = major unpaid parking/traffic tickets = you're screwed

Classic Post!

Wacky Mommy

Having some issues there? I hate packing, too. Oh yeah, definitely remember the panties this time. Cuz inquiring minds will want to know.

I looked at all 70 bazillion pix you posted. (I'm lying -- only made it through the first page. Cute preshus baby/mama/papa. Do you guys get stopped by strangers on the street, like, 15 times every time you're out?) I see how happy you all look with that black lab -- you're going to move to the 'burbs and get a black lab, aren't you? And have that whole big dog/little dog thing going on?


Laughing my butt off... And Will only takes long naps on days when I have a million errands to run. If I have work to do he sleeps for 25 minutes! Love the timeline...


I left my girl overnight for the first time when she was about 17 mos old. I was a wreck. She on the other hand, slept blissfully, drank one bottle during the night, and was happy as a fucking clam when I got home. She was all 'Oh, look, the crazy bitch brought the boobs back with her, woohoo'. That was all. Noah will be fine and so will you.


No wonder you have such pretty hair! I only use like THREE products in my hair. If the California heat makes my hair frizz up, mind if I borrow whatever that stuff is? There must be some kind of de-frizzifier in one of those bottles.

See you soon!


now, blue skidoo to california before the purse dog pukes on your luggage again!

kerri anne

I haven't even begun to pack. Sigh.

Here's to hoping flops and tees never look out of style. ; )

And I know what you mean about the freak out calls. I've made a few myself. And, also! freak out! emails. Bonus!


But what could be more fun than snakes on a plane?? ~.^

There's too many motherfuckin snakes on the motherfuckin plane!


Those pics of Noah are so cute! Look at those teeth! You havent updated us on the teeth. It looks like has a few already.
Have fun in California. Be ready for the heat wave.
Loving your blog
Cali Girl


Damn, you use expensive product! I'm jealous. :(


i just found your blog through jennsylvania, and i love it so far! have fun out there, man what i'd give to be there!

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