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The Nanny Bloggeries

Well, I officially have a nanny. Me!

Next I shall get a butler, or perhaps a stable boy, and then I can finally put my feet up, make some spa appointments and lament how terribly stressful managing one's domestic staff can be and honestly, if one more chambermaid gets knocked up by the gardener I may have to huff some opium and lie down, my heavens.

I actually placed an ad for a part-time "babysitter," but everyone who replied called herself a "nanny." And since I have personally seen what happens when some old businessman calls his administrative assistant a "secretary," I am going with "nanny."

(Also because I am beyond obsessive re: semantics, like this one time? We took my brother and his family out for dinner here in D.C., and they kept talking about their trip to the "Indian museum," which was really the Native American museum, which, okay, but we were at AN INDIAN RESTAURANT, where one would THINK the distinction would be at its most obvious, and aaaahhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeee.)


I now have a nanny three afternoons a week. The constant white-noise buzz of rising anxiety that I've had humming in my ears for the past two months is gone, replaced by the sound of someone else referring to my baby as her little monkey downstairs. The dog and cat are overjoyed that the computer is their only competition for my lap, because at least it doesn't pull on their ears or poke its fingers in their nostrils.

Prior to like, today, my mornings are structured around Getting the Child to Nap. And then the minute the Child does fall asleep, I morph into a whirlwhind of frenetic panic -- SHOWER! LUNCH! NO TIME FOR LUNCH! MUST WORK! MUST WRITE! SHUT UP DOG! SHUUUUT UUUUP. (Noah: waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) OH GODDAMMIT.

And then Noah is awake, and I've barely gotten anything done, but too bad, nothing else will get done until Jason gets home at 7, by which point I am drained and bleary-eyed and wondering if people will tolerate another half-assed photo essay or when my old boss asked for a certain important report by "tomorrow" if he really, REALLY meant "tomorrow" or if I could bullshit that I thought he said the "day after tomorrow" which was not my fault, it's been on HBO a lot is all.

But today? Because I knew the babysitter (nanny!) was coming at noon? And would be here ALL AFTERNOON, FOR AS LONG AS I WANTED? I ran the dishwasher. I put on eyeliner. I dusted the living room. I sprayed air freshener. I scrubbed away the Stain of Mystery that Jason and I have both been pretending to not see on the stairs.

I fucking organized our spice rack, people. And it was GLORIOUS.

When I first met Tessa (AMY: TESSA! IS IT OKAY IF I USE YOUR NAME ON TEH INTERWEB?) I kind of immediately knew she was my favorite candidate, but I remained stressed out about hiring her for DAYS, because hiring her meant having to tell the other three finalists that I wasn't hiring them. (Also, finalists? What, am I running my own reality show or something? Shut up, Amy.)

That doesn't sound like a big deal, but oh my God. Y'all. It killed me. I mean, I've rejected scores of job candidates in my day, but usually by a form letter that our team's adminstrative assistant mailed for me. And there's something different about grilling some fresh-faced college grad from behind a desk, wearing a power suit and pointy heels, with various awards and qualifications hanging behind my head, versus chatting up some super sweet young thing at Starbucks, in jeans and flip-flops, while Noah climbs over both of us in search of biscotti. Rejecting these girls felt like telling them that "after much thought and consideration, I've decided that I don't want you for a friend after all and possibly think you are a child molester."

Because I didn't think any of them were child molesters. I thought they were all lovely. But in the end, my gut said Tessa, and the most oft-repeated advice I received was to trust my gut. (AMY'S GUT: I WOULD ALSO LIKE SOME CHEESE NIPS.)

(Hilarious side-story: Tessa, like any smart person, promptly left our interview to go Google-stalk me, and stumbled upon this entry. Which she then talked about on her MySpace page, which showed up on HollowSquirrel's stats, which she then emailed to me, which I then emailed Tessa about because she seemed a little thrown by my sarcasm and thought that I thought that she was some kind of baby-shaking, balcony-dangling, bitch-slapping monster. And while she immediately assumed that she was officially out of the running for the job after writing about me on her blawwwwg, the whole crazy thing made her so crazy endearing to me that I hired her on the spot, because I have a deep affection for people who compulsively document their lives on the Internet, plus I ALREADY HAD HER BLOG URL, NO NANNY DIARIES FOR YOU, MWA HA HA.)

(But seriously. I am a cool boss. We're going to watch Dr. Phil together AND I totally intend to buy a case of Raspberry Snapple just for her.)

Of course, the only part of this arrangement that's killing me is that it's temporary. Tessa returns to school in the fall, and while I did have a few applicants that were available past August, they could only agree to work as long as we would still live where we do now, near the Metro, in the city.

Which. Um. We won't.


We're moving. To Virginia. Where they still grow tobacco or whatever the hell.

Virgin. Ia. To a house with a yard. That we haven't found yet, obviously, as our place isn't even close to being ready to sell yet (you know we still never officially finished our kitchen? it is true. our cabinets have no door handles and there are still large holes in the wall.), and God knows what kind of real estate market downturn nightmare we face when it is. ("My goodness, this loft is LOVELY. It's PERFECT. I will pay you FOUR DOLLARS, plus some apples.")

Anyway. I don't want to think about now. I will think about that the day after tomorrow. Today I have to go tell Tessa that our toilet doesn't really flush all the time, and that she better not write about that on MySpace.


Apropos of nothing in this post, except wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!



DC will be sad to see you go! But since VA seems to have a dearth of cool people, it could certainly use your help! Good luck with the house hunting, and yay nannies!


And Tessa will then be coming back to school in Alabama? Where I can steal her from you? Yes?

Heather B.

I had no idea that you enjoyed caregivers who write about their lives on the internet. Nope. No clue.

And Thank God for VA.


That is a lot of news for one post! Can't wait to hear all about all of it, and I'm glad you found a nanny. I can't imagine how hard that is - trying to find someone to take care of your child, no matter how much or how little.

Good luck with it all!


I wish all potential nannies had their very own blog/MySpace/whatever so I could secretly find out what they are up to because, ugh, my trust meter when it comes to my kid is so messed up. Anyway, it sounds like you found the perfect nanny for Noah - congrats!


Yay for you! I am so jealous, even though I don't do anything nearly as useful with my time as work for actual money. I'm currently sitting here at the computer, prentending my child is asleep in her crib when she's actually working on her screeching skills. Maybe she's sleep-screeching (yeah, that's the ticket). I'd meant just to ckeck my email then vaccuum the carpet that's leaving cat hair, dust and possibly asbestos on my daughter, but darn the luck, she just woke up, so might as well check amalah. :-)


Ahhhhh, the joys of (impending) moving with a young child. I do not envy you there. But! I do envy you on the nanny front. And the Virginia thing. I love Virginia. We thought about moving there when we were looking ... somehow, and I'll never really know exactly how/... we ended up in Jersey.

We gotta hang out before you move even farther away!


Virginia will WELCOME you! Virginia has infinitely more wineries than DC. It is lovely!


Wah, I want a Tessa!

Oh, wait, I have one.

I have my own female young adult type person to watch my bitty boy.

Only, since I gave birth to her, she's all 'Did you HAVE me just so I could watch your future spawn, MOTHER?', except she doesn't say it like that because I'm not real good about handing over wads of cash to smartasses, even if they are related to me and sort of take after me in the smartass department.

And she's all about the wads of cash, and also the Mall.

Anyway, congrats, on both Tessa, who will surely decide that her life's calling is to follow you to Virginia and watch Noah until he's all growned up, and also congrats on the future move!


I just got back from visiting my sister in North Carolina, and every time I drive through Virginia I think that it's lovely and daydream about living there. Except for the part of Virginia around DC where I want to ram every car because we are always on I-95 with a bunch of asswipes!


I'm a nanny. I thought I was just a babysitter until I heard the parents refer to me as their nanny. But nanny sounds so official and all. (Like I should be doing all sorts of official nanny things, of which I know nothing about.) Anyway, I keep a blog, and sometimes I hope to god the parents don't read it. But then again, maybe it wouldn't horrify them. Maybe just bore them to tears. But in case they read YOUR blog - I love those kids. (Honestly, I do. Kids - how can you not love them? Especially when you spend so much time with them and watch them grow.) Congrats on the nanny.


My gut would also like some cheese nips.


yeah moving to VA!! and yes by the way we still do grow tobacco...wait do we??
haha well down here in richmond we definitly promote it - being the Philip Morris smoke capital.
well I hope you find a house that works.
welcome to virginiay!


ps. A long time ago I went to England to be a nanny for the summer. True story, everyone always wanted to buy the nanny drinks. When I wasn't doing my official nanny-type duties of course. That was a fun summer.


So much good news in one post! Good luck househunting!

Wacky Mommy

Virginia is for lovers, just remember that. Wowza, lots going on, bahy-bahy.


I live in VA, and it's not so bad. Promise!


My GOD. What a year you have been having! Did you ever see those Stress Level indicators which assign a point value to life events?
You, Amy, must be OFF THE CHART.
Thanks for taking us along for the ride!


That photo of Noah is the best! And my gut have had too many Cheese Nips.


nanny nany, great, toe-tally interesting...but THAT PICTURE??

oh. my. god. the cutest one i think ever.


I hope your Tessa isn't the one with the myspace headline, "She's like Harry Potter....with a vagina!!!" (capitalization courtesy of me). That would simply be horrifying on many, many levels!


Cheese Nips? ARE YOU CRAZY?


That Virginia thing? You're just trying to get further away from me, right??? (of course, I have horrible geography skills so who knows, maybe you're moving closer in which case watch out 'cause I'm on the lookout for friennnnnnds.

You got me all confused in that one paragraph about what you said and the link to what she said and then a new party was introduced altogether. I zoned out for a minute but then snapped back again.

Congrats on your new nanny (and how cool of a name is Tessa???)


VIRGINIA! YAY! Come visit me in lovely DULLES! Not too far, not so $^@$@% priey either!


'Kay -- apropos, shmaprapos!! Cutie pie!! And THAT is what this is all about right? To keep that beautiful, preshus child loved, protected, laughing and enjoying and living life!
(I may be a bit overly mushy today because I spent the weekend away from my son and I really missed him...)

Silly Hily

If you had given us the names of your Nanny finalists, I would have told you Tessa, Tessa, Tessa! I love that name. I was sooo close to having my husband agree to name our second baby that, if it was a girl. But then we found out it was a boy. The next girl I have WILL be named Tessa though.


Congrats on making the big decision. That is such a hard one, I know. And good luck with the move. We moved from D.C. to Merlind after le bebe and I guess it's good to have a yard and schools that don't make your hair stand on end and stuff like that.

Best, Lisa


Yay! We have a new person to hear about!! Also...such a cute pic of Noah!!!!!!


You will love Virginia, and not just for having a yard. We moved to Va. (Del Ray/Rosemont -- LOVE) in the fall from DC. There are no words to express the joy you feel when your streets are plowed overnight when it snows, and the people at the city hall are NICE to you, and welcome you to your new home, and you need the help of some city officials and they SHOW UP, less than an hour after you make your plea.


Hee. This post totally makes me wish I still lived in Virginia and/or worked as a nanny.


virginia looks BEAUTIFUL and everyone i know who has visited and/or moved there- has LOVED it. LOVED it i say!!!!!


Wowza -- how much can one person do in a year? Because I think you must be a finalist in that contest.

Anyway, congrats on the nanny and the impending move!


OMG amalah in the burbs. since i am in the burbs, i shout with joy. damn, you are choosing the PERFECT time to go house hunting, because there are a zillion BAJILLION of them on the market, and they are just sitting there. 2 of my neighbors' houses are on the market, and I think over a DOZEN on my block alone. You should be able to get a great bargain. You probably don't want to reveal this, but in case you do, what area are y'all interested in?


Oh you KNOW everyone is going to be looking her up! I am! :) Also, cheez-its!!!!!!! Nips taste burnt to me. To each his own, huh?! Love ya' anyway!!!!


Where I come from there are lots of Indian people and no Native Americans, so I naturally grew up thinking that the word "Indian" referred to people from actual India. Then I met my brother-in-law, who is from Idaho where there are apparently lots of Native Americans and no people from India at all, and to him the word "Indian" always means Native American. (For what it's worth, I've read in some fairly reliable sources that a lot of Native Americans actually want to be referred to as Indians. I'm not sure if that's true or not.)

Let it also be stated that BIL and I appreciate each other but have a fairly antagonistic relationship at times. Due to lots of factors, most of which, I have to say, are his fault. :)

So a while ago we're in the middle of a conversation and he refers to "Indians" whereupon I blurt out, "Don't you mean Native Americans?" Thereby insuring that: 1) He will always hereafter refer to Native Americans as Indians just to bug me, and 2) If and when I refer to Native Americans, he will pretend to have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about.

It's fun to be a person who is obsessive about semantics. It doesn't cause neuroses. Right?


Yay nanny!

Yay Cheez Nips!

But most of all,
Yay the Noah in the Swing!

Can you just send him to me for a couple weeks? You would save on nanny salary and I would totally take good care of him.

Please? How 'bout if I send you a case of Cheese Nips? No?

Okay, don't yell. Just asking. Geez.


I'm sure you'll love Virginia. I do. After all, we're not all confederate flag waving, cousin marrying, cross eyed sister kissers. Really! It's not west virginia. kidding! If you move to Richmond and need a "nanny" let me know! I know CPR!


Yee-haw! Congrats on the nanny and the yard-loving. I wish you the best with both. And I know someone in DC heavily in the market for real estate. Write me.


dude, virginia sucks.

but i will totally tolerate it, FOR YOU, such is the expansive embrace of my love.

but i can't believe you're moving even FARTHER away. sniff.


Alls I can say is you made the right decision. You know how Marylanders and Virginians feel about each other, and I am proud that you did the right thing.

Good luck with the whole "yard" thing. I thought a yard would be something I would be naturally good at. I found out I am actually just really good at having just a dirt yard. But whatever. I heard kids like dirt, so I guess I'm doing the right thing for mine.

Nicole P

There are so many times in a day where I dream of quitting the law firm assistant job and go nanny full time. It was so much fun when I did it part time in high school/college! Then I remember that I have bills to pay and am scared that I would get nanny-ed out quite quickly. But babies!! And walks with them in the stroller!! But then again I remember that any child over the age of about 3 exhausts me because I can't understand the rules to their make believe game that they insist I play or else hold their breath till they pass out.

I guess it's law firm for now...


Actually? Its called the National Museum of the American Indian (not Native American).

anne nahm

O. Mah. Gawd. Reading about getting a nanny? And having free time? It is like porn to me. Or crack. Porn crack.

Not *that* kind of porn crack. And ewww...

But please, please talk more of the deliciousness of having free time so that I may read it and fantasize that someday, I, too, will have a nanny for my damn weiner kids. Er, I mean, darling children.


I have a relative who comes from a part of Texas that has a sizeable population of both Native American Indians and Indian Subcontinent Indians. She says they always differentiated between the two in conversation by saying "Indians with dots not feathers" or vice versa.

C'mon, you know you want to laugh.

Well, ok, so it's Texas, what do you expect?


I love the way you write, love it!


I managed to become a nanny by accident this summer... a woman at church needed a babysitter and I was meantioned, and then she referred me... and now they all call me a nanny, not a babysitter. Who am I to argue? :-) This is the best job I've ever had. I hope I keep it forever and ever and ever. They even feed me lunch!! Dude! And it's healthy!! Yippee!

seriously. I can't think what the best perk is. Taking kids to the pool so I can get tan? free food? spending money my husband can't track? An excuse to act like a kid and play in the mud?

free food. definatly.


I got held up mentally by the paragraph that starts "Virgin. Ia." because I read it as "VIRGIN. LA." and got sidetracked by a whole different train of thought.


oh ye gods. i am doubled over laughing. i'm reading this as my kid naps when i know i should be doing a million other things (like laundry, eat, poo, the dishes, etc... you get it).


Virginny? Isn't that the South? :)

I guess I have a nanny too, just 2 mornings a week. But it is glorious - and for some ridiculous reason, my child falls asleep for her with no rocking, cajoling, payment, or bribe. So, I make sure I don't come home until AFTER nap time.



Northern Virginia is a whole different animal from the tobacco-growing areas. Really. You'll love it (as someone above said: responsive government, streets that get cleared, bureaucracy that generally works quite well, great schools). And if you can stay pretty close in (hey, some places are even walking distance to the Metro), there will be many fun, cool things to do and it will be easy to get to the city when you want to. And there are lots of terrific restaurants, if Jason wants to start novafoodies.com.


The wonders of Google allow me to learn that your new nanny is in my extended network.

Serenity Now

Yes, lots of news for you this post. Is it bad that I am excited to hear about the hillarity that will ensure as you and Jason go house-hunting? Yes, I am very excited about that.


You make me laugh till I pee. Really.


I feel you on the Virginia thing. I moved out to Ballston after living in Eastern Market and it seemed like selling out. However, northern Virginia has a wonderful abundance of strip malls with every possible convenience you can imagine. Including Dunkin Donuts. Which to me was a huge selling point.


YES! Another one moves to Virginia. I just moved across the river in May and the first thing my fiancee did when we came out of the moving truck was yell "Wow! Grass!"

I live near all kinds of shopping and restaurants, close to the Metro, and on top of it all I discovered something called a "free garage parking spot" which is a very rare animal only found in certain rural states.


Aww! I am so glad you found a nanny/babysitter/Noah-companion. Tis fabulous! She sounds like a sweetheart.

And a move! Wow! This year has been all about change, good for you Amalah.



Hiring nannies, moving to the suburbs... you'll do anything to be more like me, won't you?


It may be apropos of nothing, but dang he looks like he's having fun! Makes me want to go play on the swings myself. :-)


It is probably not wise to admit that I see the name Tess and I immediately think of Melanie Griffith in Working Girls.

I have a head for business and a bod for sin. Is there anything wrong with that?


Congrats on the new nanny-- and the new digs, eventually. I always wanted to live in Virginia because it sounds so pretty. I passed through once from NJ to FL (then once more from FL to NJ! DUH) but really have not much memory except of the horrible sunburn I got.


I was totally looking for a link to Tessa's myspace. Come on now, do share! Imagine how high her stats will go!

VA is lovely. You'll enjoy it. Although I've no interest to live in a real live house anymore. Too much work and I'm lazy. I want another 1/1 condo.


Glad the whole nanny thing worked out! Whew. And Virginia? Very nice...I'm sure a whole bunch of moms in Virigina are praying you move into their neighborhoods! But won't you miss the random, abandoned shopping carts filled with shoes? Oh right...big yard, finished kitchen.


I used to live in VA. I still think it's totally overrated.

My son has that same outfit. Yay for Carters!!

Jacob's Mom

All I can say is this: Barbara Bermpohl is nicer to work with (or have coffee with, or live next door to), but Tina Macaya? Always gets the highest prices. Always. Without exception. But she's not nearly as nice.

Laura Lou

How about "Slurpee Indian not Casino Indian". Totally insensitive, and not that I find it funny. Not at all.

BTW, congrats on the move, and best of luck finding a great place.

Nothing But Bonfires

I will give you SIX dollars for the loft. Also, I will make sure that the apples are the really crunchy fresh kind. None of this mushy Golden Delicious bullshit.


You are so hilarious, Amalah! Congrats on the great nanny!

Black Belt Mama

That's an adorable picture of Noah!


First... Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Swings are good.

As are opionions from the net, ... when.. they have something positive to contribute!!

Otherwise, SCREW! (sorry, lesson recently learned... it's on the blog, really...

Another Tessa

I've never commented, despite having become completely addicted to your site. But it was just too damn strange to keep reading my name over and over and over without saying something.

Anyway, I will vouch for this Other Tessa, and say she is awesome (even though I have never laid eyes on her) because we must stick together! We are outnumbered by all those Amys and Jennifers out there!

Good luck with your house hunting.


Like someone mentioned earlier, we call ourselves nannies because it sounds like a real live job. If you're over 17 and/or it's a full-time gig, it's nanny. Otherwise people think you're a loser who couldn't get a job. Which is obviously not the case. But still - who doesn't love an importantish sounding title?


I can't get over how much Noah has changed in the last couple of months! I know you probably don't want to hear this, but he looks more like a little boy now and less like a baby. But he is still the most adorable little thing I've ever laid eyes on.


Why VA and not MD? Not southern VA I hope!


Congrats on your decision to move out of the city. I'm sure it wasn't easy.

I grew up outside the beltway as well, I liked it. I'm sure Noah will too.

Amy also

I'll say it: don't move to Virginia! Move to Silver Spring! (You may have heard how we born and bred Marylanders feel about that state across the river.) How the heck is Jason going to commute to Largo if you live in Virginia?


Yeah for the nanny!

Happy house hunting.




I think it would be cool if you were moving to the Tidewater area where I reside or even Richmond, but I would never wish something like that on you. I have a friend that just moved to Northern VA and she loves it. I hope that's where your headed. Good luck house hunting!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I'm also in Virginia. I'm in Northern Virginia and love LOVE my neighborhood (even though I am technically outside the beltway). There are some great houses out here and luckily for you the market is terrible for selling houses so things are cheaper than they were 8 months ago.

I don't know if we have anything around here that you can get in your price range, but maybe for six dollars and an apple...


And of course The Post had an article front page this morning about how property values in Northern VA are expected to hold steady and start dropping. It made me think of you.

Promise me that just because your car will now have a VA license plate you'll continue to drive like you live in DC? Don't give in to the dark side that is the "Virgina driver"!!


YEA! Virginia! I love my neighborhood (in Falls Church). It's perfect - not as pricey as Arlington, yet not crazy far-out with a long-ass commute either. :-)

And a yard! Noah will LOVE a yard!


I laughed and then snorted my coffee when I read this. You see, I'm an "Executive Assistant" thankyouverymuch. There are secretaries at my work and I'm not one of them. Bitch. Bad attitude to have, and I'm sorry. But when I saw that paragrah. Really. Wanna buy me a new keyboard? :)


Yes! C'mon out to Virginia. It's for lovers, you know.


Welocme to Virginia. The home of confederacy and numerous battlefields and plantations. It will be a bette place once you move over the river and through the woods. Hey, the house next store is for sale.


Don't give into NOVA. It sucks out your sould and replaces it with mindless conformity. Have you been to Ballston?!?! I kind of wanted you guys to stay the cool city parents. At least until Noah started school and you would have to move because DC public schools are death traps.


This post made me smile. When you buy your new house don't forget to get one with a pool so you can hire a pool boy too.


Virginia is beautiful; I'm happy for you! Yayyy--Noah gets a yard, perhaps his very own tree swing, and maybe Momma will be able to keep her bicycle from being stollen!? Awesome!

The photo of Noah is too cute. He's growing so much. Isn't it crazy how fast it happens? I look at my tiny 5 pound Noah and I can't imagine him ever being a stinky, mouthy, know-it-all teenager. Uggghh. Let's not go there yet, huh?


Heh, apropos of nothing in your post, are those Robeez shoes Noah is wearing in the photograph? My baby (ack! toddler, I mean) is barely 3 weeks older than Noah, and I've been considering getting him sandals from Robeez or JackandLily, so, do you mind giving me your opinion on them? Or if they aren't Robeez, mind telling me where you got them?

And by the way, yay for you the Nanny Tessa! I'm green.


Okay, so I move OUT of VA and closer to DC so that we can go drink a bunch of wine and now you're moving to VA? Good god, woman. We're never going on a date, are we?


A) I am posting this before I read all the other comments

B) Don't you just lurve Hollowsquirrel?

C) I like how you slipped in that whole MOVING TO VIRGINIA stuff in the middle of the nanny post like we wouldn't notice

D) I don't want to scare you but I never trust anyone with a myspace account, especially with a preshus baby you sefush person you

E) Hee hee hee D cracks me up


oooh...nannies are the best!!!


Ok, I kind of want to be Tessa a little bit, not in the creepy way, but because I think it would super fun to hang out with the World's Cutest Baby and watch Dr. Phil with you.

But not in the creepy way.


so excited that you are moving across the river! please move into my neighbrhood (clarendon) we have a lovely starbucks & some cute, cute parks! plus, only minutes to the city...

with all this spare time you have, how about you come over & organize the spice rack in my un-finished kitchen...


As a city girl (New Orleans) who moved to the North Carolina mountains (five years ago), it's not so bad. I promise. You will find creative ways to entertain yourself. You will sniff out the closest cities like a hungry dog. (If you are anywhere near the NC mountains, Asheville is THE SHIT). You may (like me) enjoy the silence. And the weather in dees parts is PHENOMENAL.


Oh AMY, Huzzah and Hooray! It's really coming together for you.... why does this make ME feel giddy?

My only question is when is Sephora going to sponsor the Smackdown, or at least fork over buckets of free samples? I think that would be the least they could do for you considering I live in Utah, have never heard of the place before and yet my fingers are starting to inch toward my credit card and their website... just sayin'...


Virginia rocks, which is a statement this little California/Yankee girl never thought she'd make. But we moved out to Centreville, and I love it so much more than I ever thought possible. There is so much out here that is kid-friendly, plus you are very close to lots of nice wineries!


Also, you totally want to be in Fairfax County so Noah can go to FCPS. They are one of the best school districts in the country.

Mama C-ta

Glad to see some babies enjoy the swing! Silly Cricket, I thought he'd love it and he so didn't. Very cool on the nanny...she sounds like a great find. We often contemplate leaving the city for the Baltimore burbs but just can't do it..yet.

Real Girl

Suburbs! Real Boy's brother lives in northern virginia with the yard and 2 young kids and 2 mortgages. It's a tough market there, but I have no doubt we'll be reading about the PERFECT house very soon. Can't wait!

Real Girl

(Wow, that comment read as quite stressful upon second read. What I meant was: YARD!!!!! YAY!!!!!!) And the Metro totally goes there, right?

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