I Hate Moblogging
But I Was Being Totally Serious About the McGriddles



That was fun. We toured wineries in the Santa Cruz mountains. We had to buy an extra suitcase at the airport just to hold all the wine we bought, which meant we got to our gate with only 45 minutes to spare, which meant I had to buy a cocktail on the plane, because JESUS CHRIST, THAT WAS CLOSE.

I gained a heightened appreciation for both fine wine and McGriddles.

Although...what's this strange sensation going on in my brain? With the clarity? And the impulse control?

Oh! Sobriety! My old friend. Nice to see you again.

Noah is fine. He clapped his hands for the first time today, thereby assuaging my fears when NikkiZ waved at me at BlogHer and I immediately freaked out because NOAH ISN'T WAVING OH MY GOD CALL A HAND GESTURE SPECIALIST WE'RE DOOOOOMED! And then everybody threw their drinks in my face, as well they should.

His reaction at the airport when I lunged at him like a crazy person was like, "Hey. What up?" God, I missed that little chunker.

My mother-in-law seems to have fed him a LOT of prunes, however.

Oh, and I've been unreasonably exhausted, nauseated and peeing every 10 minutes since we got back. I am either going to PANIC or maybe just check into rehab.


Oh shit. Literally!



Welcome home, Amy. BlogHer wore me out too, and it was only really the two days for me. Enjoy snuggling your sweet little guy now that you're home!


Pregnant Amalah.


Yep. I've got the withdrawl symptoms here too. Welcome home -- and get yourself a cocktail, ASAP!


Welcome back! :D


Exhausted? Nauseated? PREGNANT? Wouldn't that be something to remember Blogher '06 by?!

P.S. It was really nice to meet you. I have a great photo on Flickr of you flipping me the bird, but in a NICE way.


So glad you had a good time!


pregnant? You better go pee on the stick and come right back and tell us!


Welcome home Amy, glad to see everyone survived the anxiety and separation...

and seriously. be pregnant. That? would kind of be awesome...


welcome back! you were missed.

personally, i replaced you with booze. she is a cruel misress.


He's got so much hair now! When did that happen?


Glad you're back. You were missed, but I loved the really random stream-of-consciousness postings from BlogHer!


Uh oh. Or, yippee!!!


Yup, preggers.


What, Noah isn't waving yet? He is so behind.

(I tease)

Welcome home.


OMG!!!! we are desperately anticipating the next entry!


Wow, people get excited really easily. Exhaustion and nausea are symptoms of pregnancy, but they're also symptoms of - ta-da! - a hangover. Um, seriously.

That's a cute kid; I can understand why you missed him. And hey, I recognize the outfit he's wearing!

Prunes. Mmmmm.


So, like, EVERYONE is gonna get knocked up?

Must be in the water. Good thing I don't drink water!


throws pregnancy test at amy and says, pee on this you daft cow. only does not mean daft cow. well does mean daft cow BUT in a totally hey buddy kind of way! hey buddy! we've never met tho. but still. tosses pee on a stick and says pee on a stick, you daft cow.

Heather B.

I will not presume anything, only a Welcome Home.

Margarita Mama

Uh, oh. I fell for that one too. My first child was such a happy little sweetie that I got pregnant again (on purpose) before he turn a year old. Then, when it was too late to turn back, he became a toddler and I started screaming, "What have I done??????"

Last time I got drunk, my hangover didn't include peeing every 10 minutes. So, Amalah's either hungover and suffing from a UTI, or she's pregnant.


Yeah! You're back!

melissa b.

If I stand in front of you with a handful of sticks that, say, you could pee on for fun, would you?

I would.

Loads of sweet wine has begotten more than one unexpected child in the world, and it says "Suck it!" to the general fertility odds one may typically encounter.


Hmm.. pregnant? mmmkayy.. yep, thats probably it.


Can't wait for the next entry, but the comments are fun for now! Best of luck...


oh! oh! another baby would be so damn exciting! just think of all the additional blog material.


Yet another difference between MomBloggers and Barren-On-Purpose Bitch Non-MomBloggers: the BOPBNMBs never wave their hands around yellling "Pregnant!!" when someone feels like crap.


Jeez. I think I missed that little face almost as much as you did.

Next time you take a trip, could ya maybe get your mom to start a blog with just Noah pics?

Thanks...'preciate it.


well let's hope it's not a pregnancy given all the booze that was consumed a BoozeHer... or Blogher...

Hey look over there! Something Shiny!

anne nahm

Haha Suebob! We multiple kid mom bloggers wave our hands and yell "pregnant!" too. But totally in a hazing, 'you are so totally fucked now' kind of way.


Try gingerale, girl.


Yup, preggers....

OR heat stroke.


Oh, Amalah. I'm delurking to wish you well if you are hungover...and wish you lots of stamina if you are pregs.

Trust me on this one though, if you are pregs, you won't have such a hard time leaving for BlogHer next year.


When are people going to learn to take precautions if they don't want to get preggos?

Wine and no baby--definite way to get preggo.

Welcome Home.


Fine wine and McGriddles.

You are GOOD PEOPLE, Amy Amalah! My kind of people. Anyone who can use "fine wine" and "McGriddles" in the same sentence is someone I could hang with.

Are there baby hand gesture specialists? You might have just invented a new niche. I say GO FOR IT.


Well, I kind of hope you're pregnant because the world needs more cuteness like Noah.


But if you're not then I'm totally not looking forward to my first hangover.


It's obvious by now: we all want you to be pregnant! Again! Please get right on that. I'm sure Jason won't mind it.


Welcome back! I can't wait to learn about all the hugging and sharing and drinking and such. The pictures of you and Zoot on Mom's Daily Dose are adorable.


Pregnant? :)

C'mon.. write an entry and end the speculation!

Sarah Louise

Bring back the pee sticks!


That picture of Noah? Having now seen both you and Jason, it is uncanny how he is such a mixture of you both.

(I say that as a mom who still can't figure out who either of my girls look like. Although when quizzed about her big blue eyes, Tacy dutifully answers, "I got them from the mailman.")

And wineries? And Santa Cruz? Can you see the hateful, jealous face I'm making?


Amy, I'm so glad I met you at Blogher. You are such an adorable little thing! I'll bet you're happy to be home...

PLEASE go pee on the stick and let us know how this turns out! Pronto!


Of course, it may still be too early to pee on a stick. I remember that my first indication that I was pregnant, in hindsight, happened in yoga class. We were doing a forward bend (forget the name of that asana), and I got really dizzy when we came back up. "That's never happened before," I thought to myself. I didn't take a pregnancy test for a few more days after that--and I took one of those early response types the very first day it claimed it would work.

There's always the chance it's some awful combination of drinking, flying, jet lag, and the heat...


Of course, it may still be too early to pee on a stick. I remember that my first indication that I was pregnant, in hindsight, happened in yoga class. We were doing a forward bend (forget the name of that asana), and I got really dizzy when we came back up. "That's never happened before," I thought to myself. I didn't take a pregnancy test for a few more days after that--and I took one of those early response types the very first day it claimed it would work.

There's always the chance it's some awful combination of drinking, flying, jet lag, and the heat...


Stupid connection. Tells me it's timed out and then posts twice for me anyway.


Sounds like time for a pee stick (or three or five).


This reminds me of just how much I freaking need a vacation.

Also, I put in my vote for the stick-peeing.


Dude, pee on a stick already! I have a babe 2 months ahead of Noah and just found out I'm knocked up....we can like start a club


Pee on like 15 sticks, please and get back to us in the morning.


In the week and a half that you didn't post a Noah picture, I think I forgot how cute he was because that picture killed me dead.


You AND Julia pregnant after Blogher? Must have been something in the water. Or the wine.


Oh yay! I am glad you are back safely.


go pee on the stick, 50 other posters can't be wrong. As soon as you linked three words together (nauseous, tired, peeing) it became crystal clear. I'd bet if you google those three words, the first thing that came up was a pregnancy site-or your blog!

la dolce vita

Oh, Santa Cruz...homesick sighs. I hope you went to Bonny Doon Winery, their Cardinal Zin is one of my faves.

I hope you are preggers, Noah will thank you, you'll see. My guys are 13 months apart and I HIGHLY recommend it (once the initial shock wears off that is...).


Oh, Amy, you are KILLING US with the suspense! Talk about cute overload if you are ++ - the world may not be able to contain the cute. Best wishes on whatever YOU want.


I can't believe you're just getting home. You must be pooped!

I keep hearing your cute voice in my head.


Welcome back, Amy!

These comments are so funny.


Hah! Be sure to share both the rehab experience and/or the panic experience with us. You know we're all waitin..



How can you leave us with that and just disappear??? Get back here!


So pushy, the commentors, with the pee stick suggestions. I assume, that the exhaustion and nausea are from the heat, dehydration and jet lag. The peeing is from trying to counteract the dehydration. Haven't the rest of you ever had to Gatorade and water yourself silly post bender? Here's to rehydration! Cheers!


that is so weird-- maybe it is detox but I had the CLEAREST dream you were pregnant last night-- and I have never dreamed about you before-- I kinda flipped when I saw your post.


Sounds like a great time, and a great return. I have yet to succumb to the lure of the McGriddles, although my husband calls them McCrack because he craves them all the time. I think I'll abstain so that I don't get the cravings.


OK, the last paragraph sounds a lot like either PMS approaching, or you're pregnant. The peeing every 10 mins. is the key ya know.....I'm glad to see I'm not alone in my thinking.


maybe you just have a UTI? that's what i tell myself when i get pregnancy paranoia...


It was only 2 days between posts? Only 2 days??? Do you have any idea how many times I checked back to see the Noah-Amalah reunion recap?! Your site is like crack.


I'm glad you had a good time. We left the littel angel when she was around eight months old and went skiing for four days. I panicked and called my mother five times a day, but in the end, it was REALLY good for my marriage to have some time alone without having to use the mommy ears all the time. Since then, I've left her for a night or two about five times, and if nothing else, it makes us SQUEEEE! to see each other again, and it makes me appreciate her all the much more.

She didn't even notice I had gone to BlogHer. My beloved took her to two movies, where she got to eat popcorn with butter and Raisonets (oh, the choking! But he does not care) and burp to her heart's content. When I got back, she just looked up and said, "Oh! I found you." As if I had been temporarily misplaced. ha.


Oh, and by the way - I don't think you are pregnant.

Silly Hily

You are like the cliffhanger queen. Dude! Have you peed on a damn stick yet? Seriously. Inquiring minds want to know.

Katie Kat

Mmmmmmmm... McGriddles..... Hold on a sec...
(drives quickly to McD's to quench her craving)

Mmmmmm... McGriddles...


Pregnant? Now that would be one *heck* of a BlogHer souvenir!


I'm not a blogger from blogher, but *I* just got a BFP so maybe now you'll get one too! Good luck with that. Noah needs a cute little sibling to add to the dearth of StorchCuteness.


Man, I missed being commenter #69. I mean, #70 is okay, but #69 is SO.MUCH.BETTER.

It was nice meeting you at the MM blogger panel. I sat behind you and , along with VeryMom, asked 6x how to pronounce amalah.

So ... uh ... I'm watching for test results.


Please be pregnant. I'm seven weeks and I need someone I "know" to be pregnant too!!!!


Have I ever mentioned how effing crazy your comments section sometimes makes me?


Holy crap with how many times the word "pee" is mentioned! It kinda makes my bladder twitch.

I'm exhausted and nauseated since I got back too. But there's not a snowball's chance of the preggers thing.


Y'all, think about it. If she'd gotten pregnant while on vacation it would be way too early to test now. And if there had been a chance she was pregnant before (which she most likely would have known, after dealing with a few years of infertility) it's very doubtful she would have gone on a several-day-long binge. Which means if she is pregnant, it's a surprise and totally unplanned, which means it's going to freak her out, and we should mind our own business and leave her alone to do that.

Dontcha think?




Black Belt Mama

How dare you end a post like that without a pee stick result!?! The nerve of you!!!

I must say I read that and felt slightly nauseous myself at the idea of two in diapers and so close together.

But any baby, no matter the timing is a blessing and as Tim from Project Runway would say, you'll "make it work."

Refresh, refresh, refresh.

Wacky Mommy

Well, I guess we're all ready for you to have another baby. Or adopt a black Lab, one or the other. I don't know who to nibble on first, the boy or the dog!


PANIC is much more fun and way cheaper than rehab. And wine goes well with PANIC. Therefore, more WINE!


Bonny Doon is my most favoritest winery. I lurve it so much that I have them mail me wine 4x a year to Colorado.

All hail the Doon!

Wacky Mommy

Next time you're out this way, http://www.hipchicksdowine.com/home.php

Hips Chicks do Whine, too. Heh heh.


are you people idiots? she's been drinking like a fish all weekend; i hope for the baby's sake she's not pregnant.


This has nothing to do with your above post, I was just checking out your pictures in Flickr and saw some really lovely vineyards in Virginia and I'm wondering where you guys went. My friends and I really want to get out of the city and do a wine tour this fall but I'm not sure where to start.


Seriously - no one ends a post with that particular list of symptoms unless you think you're pregnant or else want US to think you're pregnant. Personally, I don't think you're that evil, so pee on a damn stick already!


Ack! I was pregnant at Blogher last year and didn't know it...

April baby for you!


Hmmm, the peeing can also be related to your body flushing out tons of excess wine in manner of leaking winebag. So I wouldn't panic yet. It's most likely a hangover.

And even if you are pregnant, the baby is most likely fine. I drank quite a bit of Guinness in Ireland before I knew I was pregnant (was probably about a week along, most likely), and that Irish souvenir is six years old, bright and healthy and fine.

So relax, wait a while to pee on the stick if you must pee on a stick.

And welcome home!

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