Murphy's Mom's Law, Or How the Cable Guy Probably Saw Amy Naked



He really is such a beautiful baby. I can't believe how much he looks like you.


Oh Amy, that's just beautiful. I especially love the one of his profile.

Have you been reading Her Bad Mother? She's asking for posts about the physical love between a Mother and her children. You might want to get a Kleenex before you read them.


What an adorable baby! He really does look like you, at least from what I can tell from your picture on the left.


Amy - he looks just like you (Queen of Everything!). The words are hard to find but I see it.


He is so gorgeous. Just wait, you'll be batting the ladies away with a stick.


He really and truly does look exactly like you. And is it just me or does he look MONTHS younger there than he has recently? He looks so tiny there! TINY!


Eeee gads! He is just *too* cute!


He's so precious! I can't believe how much our boys look alike! Just about the same adorable face..only different colored hair. Plus, they're only 3 days apart! Creepy creepy!

Wacky Mommy

What a handsome, happy guy.


I am a perpetual lurker around your site... and I just have to de-lurk to tell you that your son is too. flippin'. adorable. I could eat him (a sentiment I know you more than share!).

He looks just like you - I think it's the eyes.

He's a doll!


He looks just like you. Oh, I've seen resemblance before, but in those pics? 2nd one, 3rd one, ALL of them - OMG does your boy look like you!!

What a cutie pie!


I'm all Raising Arizona when I see this...ILOVEHIMSOMUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Such a gorgeous little boy!

ktbug I can almost smell the baby smell on the back of his neck from here!
My "baby" turned 6 years old this past Tuesday.

Raising Arizona quote: "Dot says these 'un here gettin' too big to cuddle."


Is he really going to be an entire year old next month?! HOLY. CRAP.


He's so beautiful. And you take such great pictures of him. Enjoy - they grow up too fast.


aww, he's such an adorable little man. :D he looks JUST like you in the 3rd pic. well, all of them, but spitting image in the 3rd one. :D


He is so beautiful (in a boy way that is). I love watching im grow. Thank you for sharing!


Amen to that!




The joy of children.

You should go look at the picture of my son. I think our kids should go into modeling.

Both are beautiful!


He is just scrumptiously adorable.

Bozoette Mary



there really are no words that would do him justice. he is precious, but see? even that is an understatement...


Look at his hair! That's how I can tell your baby boy really is growing up.

And he really does look just like you.


I want to eat his chin.


Fabulous and no need to try.


I know of what you speak!

Can you believe our babies are almost ONE?

Or should I say:




Love the Noah pictures - he really does look like the perfect blend of you and Jason. I can see both of you in his face.


Darn you and your adorable baby! Every time I think that I don't want to have kids, I come here and see how freakin' cute he is and how much fun you seem to be having as a mom and my whole "life plan" is altered once again!


cute. great post :)


Beautiful chubby-chubbers! Excuse me while I find something to pinch.

Silly Hily

He is too sweet.

Heather B.

I fucking love that kid. The end.


No words needed. A mother understands exactly - the fuzzy little head, the chubby cheeks, the little nose, the smile... Yep, we understand!


I brought this page up on my screen and two of my coworkers went AWWWW audibly from their desks. We want to eat Noah's cheeks.


My little tike has those onsies too! Noah looks fabulous in them as well. He is such a gorgeous baby. Congrats!

Corn Dog

I'm actually drooling I want to eat him up so badly.


What a cutie!


I feel the same way with my little one everynight... its a wonder I ever get a damn thing done.



you don't need to say a word.

Y from the internet

I love the first picture so much.


What a sweet boy.

What a sweet post.


What a little angel you have there. He's gorgeous. And he REALLY has your eyes, I think!!


He is beautiful. Great Entry!


The CHUB the CHUB. Who can resist the cute chubby face??? What a woodgie woooo....

Amy M

Noah is adorable!

Totally understand - my son is 6 months & I swear I could cuddle and/or look at him all day.




You got it exactly, perfectly, right.



Mary Tsao

Heaven help the girl who thinks she wants to make Noah hers. I'm just sayin.


I love these pictures, especially his cute little face in that first that looks like he just woke up from a nap (or a night?).


I want one!! Or I just want him! He is soooooo gorgeous. Seriously, like all babies are cute, but some are a little scary...I think he got all their cuteness somehow. How can you not spend all day kissing those gorgeous cheeks? Honestly, I don't think I'd get any work done!


He really is such a beautiful baby. Cherish these times because before you know it, you'll be walking your precious little baby to Kindergarten like I had to do this morning. And then you'll have to cry all the way home.

Beth F.

He's really wonderful. He looks like Mama!

Watch out...soon he'll start preschool! (mine started today.)


From someone who is trying to have a baby and going through fertility treatments. Your posts like these reaffirm how much i want this to work out....


My uterus just, like, TOTALLY burped. So cute! :)


Absolutely precious!!

Vaguely Urban

That was so totally found poetry. With high-grade Noah in the interstices.



Pink Cheeks! Pink Cheeks! Pink Cheeks!

He's getting less of that "long-necked" look he had when he was younger. He was adorable then and he's adorable now, too. What a sweetie-pie!


i recommend that if we ever meet (and we're likely to what with being no where near one another and having no friends in common) you ought keep that child and his cute little face a safe distance from me and my strong inclination to kiss him in big squishy kisses. i would not be able to keep myself from it. that is a face i bet responds well to big squishy kisses.




Here's the most hypocritical statement from yourself:

I'm terrified to let Noah grow up.

When I think of sending him out in the world where other kids will be mean to him...where his feelings will get hurt and I cannot make it better...where some adults think nothing of hurting children...where I cannot protect his little heart and body from All Bad Things...


You have a very beautiful baby....
Wow... next month is his first birthday, isn't it? Time flies....
I'd like to pinch his cheek (if you don't mind).. :D



I think I have to agree with the rest when we say he is just beautiful, and perfect in every way, you and Jason are truly blessed.

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